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    up to 10 machineguns? he had to have deep, deep pockets, his brother said he only owned one long gun when he moved him to mesquite, nv and also had no military background

    The guy allegedly owned 2 aircraft, and NFA are cheap.

    These two are contradictory. The fact that he was able to acquire an automatic weapon is a big red flag. In the US, there are hundreds of millions of red flags like these.

    They are not. There's a thing called Due Process. You're probably not familiar with it, given that you live in a country with royalty and terrifying history as some of the biggest genocidal maniacs in the world.

    Well lets see...

    #1 - Firing from Mandalay Bay into a music festival. Both are gun free zones

    #2 - From 1200 feet? Nope, duck & cover. On the same floor? Yes, he won't even hear it coming.

    #3 - Yes, a person was operating the gun.

    #4 - So far, zero red flags

    #5 - Automatic weapons are the most highly regulated items in America

    Even Euros are turning the corner. Going from disarmed police, to increasing levels of firepower to combat terrorism. The joys of the 21st Century.

    The can helps with hogs. Subsonic .300 blackout + can = lots of dead hogs in a short time frame. They don't scatter nearly as fast.

    and that's the Aircraft Carrier. Hoping to get it CNC cut for christmas, but other projects keep jumping in the way. Built for fighting games & classic 90s party games like Simpsons, Blitz, NBA Jam, TMNT, etc.

    Last thing the protesters will ever admit, but Trump is their savior. The protests were dying. Athletes cowered in fear of their owners after Kaepernick's blacklisting. A few tweets and boom, entire teams are out there kneeling, arms locked with the owners. Without Trump, there is no protest viability.

    I had a 2500HD with the Allison diesel, crew cab, long bed.

    It was a bit overkill for somebody with a 3 mile daily commute just to pick up the kids from daycare.

    This is great. Nationalist identity politics vs racial identity politics.

    It's the only thing that's going to get public funding away from the NFL.

    It's true, there is affirmative action involved, having 2 female Starfleet humans fighting hand to hand with 2 Klingons, and winning 2 to 1 is complete BS, but every show does this now, women defeating men who weigh 2x as much and are 300% stronger. Ridic, but that's TV now.

    that was deep space nine. pregnant lady beats the shit out of 3 Klingons at the same time. there's suspension of disbelief, then there is full blown retarded.