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    You can have at it. I'm still waiting on The Great Disruption of manufacturing. Turns out Kanban is a better way to make cars than Alien Dreadnaught.

    You can follow the Tesla forums. Service is in the toilet. Quality is in the toilet.

    Killing people left & right is a little hyperbole. The official death count is 76 so far, 6 suspected AP, 4 of those confirmed. Tesla doesn't release data. That granular data is what drives their non-exist insurance offering.

    The S uses an older style motor they simply can't manage the heat. Not a ludacris mode issue. They optimize for 0-60 across the throttle map, far from ideal on a track but the fanbois love it.

    Stock now at 220 3 hours ago, -14.32 today. There are 3 Qs when Tesla turned a profit. One was from environmental credits awarded for the idea of the battery swap program that was never implemented and only existed as vaporware. The other 2 Qs were the quarters where the legal and financial teams quit. Incoming $TSLAQ without another bailout.

    Time for a quick necro thread 3 months later.

    Tesla is now structurally bankrupt, losing $7k per car built and sold. The Alien Dreadnaught pumped full of nitrogen because the robots are so fast, is just a tent in a parking lot. Depreciation has hit over 40% in 3 months (now worse than Masarati. should not even be possible). S & X sales are tanking and there is no refresh coming. Model S is subject to ongoing lemon lawsuits from screen yellowing because in a "luxury vehicle" they used a laptop screen that does not meet automotive spec. A Leaf beat an S in a 14 lap race because the S/X is an old design motor design that overheats. The Leaf & 3 use the same type of motor.

    Model 3 demand was pulled forward, still posted a loss for Q2, and Q3 sales are very, very bad. A Leaf beat an S in a 14 lap race because the S/X is an old design motor design that overheats. The Leaf & 3 use the same type of motor. Capex guidance is now below depreciation. Service and parts backlogs are well over 3 months in many places. The paint quality on Model 3 along with fit and finish is worst in class. Cars shipped to ice countries that salt roads are rapidly falling apart from corrosion. Now the pivot is to Full Self Driving while claiming all Teslas are really $250,000 appreciating assets, not just regular cars (the used car market says he's full of shit). In the meantime, that is slamming people into fire trucks, tow trucks, and has a stunning death toll for how few Teslas are actually on the road.

    The only question that remains is will outside capital keep bailing them out now that the unlimited demand narrative has collapsed and executive turnover is 4x higher than every other corporation (and those make money). The Taycan is almost on the market and has sustained performance that blows away Teslas on a track and vastly superior luxury car tech at similar price points. E-Tron sales are on pace to rapidly outpace the X. A 400 mile range Escalade is coming. An electric F-150 is coming.

    I just looked it up. The Quicksilver MX has a glide ratio of 6.5/1

    They don't publish the glide on their site for the MX Sport or MX Sprint. The MX II Sprint is 4.5/1. The Quicksilver Sport 2S uses a strut braced wing like a Cessna & Cub, it's a lot cleaner and gets 5.5/1

    As a mere subject, you are not used to having rights. Here is how things are going for gun bans in reality.

    10,000 of at minimum 1.5 million arms in New Zealand were turned in.

    Australian compliance has clocked in at less than 8%

    American compliance in New York is less than 1%

    There is no way to know where to look. Authorities would have to go house to house and inspect. We have this pesky thing called a Constitution that forbids those types of government abuses.

    My point is that they come here because our government encourages them and supports them.

    Yeah, it's our culture reflected through our government.

    “Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore."

    It's a bit dated at 5 years old. Is this thing supposed to be an MMO or small game round based like WT? UT4 Engine It doesn't have MMO scale network code native it's optimized for lower player count FPS. They'd have to license code from HTC or use an existing MMO network engine like SpatialOS or SFS2X

    You'd see douchebags downloading Harley sounds are blasting them on speakers.

    It won't be optional. External sound is required for electric vehicles in most states, if not federally already.

    Those knives have to sell north of $350 for me to consider making one for profit

    Serenity Knives is a very, very good knife maker. His paring knives go $250 to $350 on average. His really nice chef knives go $350 to $500. The high end, oversized, damascus chef knives for showing off get $1500 - $5000 depending on the materials.