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    Yes. The mandate was what I said. Big companies can't push what they want on you as of "Now", yet they want to do away with what is at present and let companies decide what you see and what can be bundled with the internet service. If they do away with the present "Net Neutrality", we as consumers will be fucked.

    This is false. Per the OIO issued during the Obama administration, it was built with loopholes that allow both traffic prioritization and a practice called "zero rating". The loopholes were lobbied in by Time Warner and other big telecom as part of the OIO. Federal appeals court upheld the loopholes in 2015.

    Wheeler, Obama's FCC appointee, pointed out what was going down and the problem with the loopholes. Democrats decried him as a former telecom lobbyist hack and the White House rammed it down the FCC's throats.

    They called the whole thing "Net Neutrality". It was a lie.

    For $40 more you can get it in .177, licensed by Dan Wesson, and without the gay orange tip.

    It's a dressed up game of tag evolved into a hobby designed for the 10 year old to 23 year old male demographic.

    My software platform works better for airsoft than it does paintball, because airsoft is so much less physically demanding and has so much less kinetic energy involved you can actually carry a cell phone as part of your normal gear. Materials tech hasn't intersected with cell phone technology well enough to allow you to use anything but a disposable burner as your computer/radio on a paintball field.

    Translation... You are not throwing enough field paint down range.

    Yeah pretty much. Figuring out how to keep the other team from even stepping on the field is really bad for a business built on paint consumption.

    The flip side, with all my acquired paintball business knowledge over the years, I was able to build from scratch a complete event management tool that harvests metadata and allows tuning to increase paint consumption, which increases aggregate consumer satisfaction within their spending abilities. More contact = more dopamine. The big data model forms the basis for a complete game content management system with built in force tracking. I've so far chosen not to bring it to market.

    You haven't played paintball until you've suckered 300 people on the other team into a drinking party, while you're whole side is drinking water out of vodka bottles. They took a 26 hour long beating for that stupidity.

    I played thousands of hours of paintball. Normal to drop $500+ on a good event weekend between the game/travel/lodging. I grew out of the 15 to 23 year old demographic it's made for, but still have my masterpiece of a marker hanging up in the garage.

    Loved "scenario" paintball, but it followed the same devolution as video games. Strategic thinking was punished because it's bad for the promoter's pocketbook and effectively outlawed through rule changes. The people that used actual military strategic concepts in their grand strategy got banned for being too good, and replaced with cosplaying larpers building youtube channels.

    At least you're out of the house playing pretend. It's somewhat healthy. Not as healthy as actual exercise, but better than sitting on your ass.

    You're not a cop. You're not a solider. You are storming no houses with a coordinated team of soldiers, whom ditch the toys and practice the exact same thing with real firearms because the toys are only good to hold as cosplayer props while practicing something you could do without holding anything.


    If airsoft was a useful training tool, the military would be the #1 customer of the companies that sell them. They're not. I know the owners. The #1 customer are cosplaying tools.

    you literally posted an article by a guy with no experience to know if it's an actual useful training tool or not.


    You focused on the source? Read the article, respond to that.

    okay. it was stupid too. it wrote an entire article, then had to point out how it's not realistic. written by a guy that doesn't even have a CHL.

    The Art of Maniless. Page 1, "How to wear a cardigan sweater with style."

    I don't throw this word around often.. but wow, what faggots.

    Paintball makes you worse at gunfights too. It has all of the same problems as airsoft, complete and total lack of realism.

    It's a lot more likely than ever being in a gun fight.

    Unless you're a black teenage gangmember and haven't told us?