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    That's not a real background check, which is why they were sued and cities drafted laws against them. They use a limited DB and only go back 7 years. Uber acknowledged hiring sex offenders, murderers, etc that their system passed. The real background check to be a taxi driver requires being finger printed and a lifetime criminal records check. Uber refuses to do that under the logic "every system is flawed". Uber is now launching programs specifically hire people that can't pass background checks at all. By the time Steve gets off of probation and house arrest, he'll be eligible, hook your bro up!

    You can't even come up with different insults. It's like your brain is caught in a loop. Still expecting it to not be the rapists fault, which is defending him. Still slut shaming.

    You have managed to make yourself more of a douche than Beetle. That is a hell of an accomplishment. Where do you want me to mail the trophy to?

    That's really the best you've got?

    You defended a convicted child rapist and slut shamed the victim in your first post, and have been trying to stuff the shit back into the horse since. You have no doubt, while doing nothing but expressing doubt the entire time.

    When Steve gets out you should coach your pedo friend on how to setup an Uber gig. They don't background check, it's why they were banned in Austin.

    He isn't getting the benefit of the doubt from me. Just because I point out

    You didn't point out anything. You immediately expressed doubt he did anything bad and pointed the finger at the girl. It was your very first post on the entire thread.


    That said, I find it hard to believe that Steve would have coerced this girl in any way. I suspect that for the girl, this was a case of buyers remorse.

    You're not walking that one back, no matter how hard you try.

    Laz what rights did they take away from me exactly?

    You know next to nothing about my country,you likely think we still have the queen on our money...Doh!

    Canada took to trial and fined a comedian for telling a joke that hurt somebody's feelings.

    Canadians don't have free speech. That is pathetic.

    Here's what the report is saying more or less. The transfer rate used to remove the DNC data matches the transfer rate used copying something to a USB thumb drive, and that speed is allegedly faster than available Internet connections. It's a false premise, faster internet connections are available, the "study" authors don't even have access to the data to provide complete forensics and never have. It's not really a study, it's not proof of anything, it's a hypothesis. The data to validate it is in the hands of intelligence agencies whom are not giving it out.