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    This is great. Nationalist identity politics vs racial identity politics.

    It's the only thing that's going to get public funding away from the NFL.

    It's true, there is affirmative action involved, having 2 female Starfleet humans fighting hand to hand with 2 Klingons, and winning 2 to 1 is complete BS, but every show does this now, women defeating men who weigh 2x as much and are 300% stronger. Ridic, but that's TV now.

    that was deep space nine. pregnant lady beats the shit out of 3 Klingons at the same time. there's suspension of disbelief, then there is full blown retarded.

    The carbon footprint of that BMW is quite small - 60 miles per imperial gallon.

    It's bigger than cars of the same model year. On average bikes put out 30% less co2, but 8000% more co, 416% more hydrocarbons, 3200% more oxides. That's without even getting into the deep dive on particulate emissions.

    What are they armed with, BBs?

    yeah, .177 caliber smoothbore. fiberglass hulls with windows cut in them, then balsa paneled. They can take a few below the water line before the bilge pumps can't keep up. Then you re-float it, patch the hulls, and fight again. Extremely niche hobby, probably less than a hundred guys in the US do this.

    It's an all around good aircraft. It fits in the car without taking off the wings, but still qualifies as giant scale. It's almost silent with the electric setup, easy to fly, easy to land, very stable, & can perform mild aerobatics. The only problem with the build was the elevator/stab setup, it sucked and broke, so I drew a new one in CAD and will have it cut, assembled, covered, & installed in a few weeks.

    Stuff I flew to death. Crack Pitts, Crack Pitts Mini, VH Yak, DJI flame wheel frame quad with Ardupilot brains.

    My yak, shortly before I ripped part of the tail off.

    Penguin, after a power failure induced crash into a southern live oak tree.

    Se5a, shortly after I ripped part of the tail off. It's undergoing repairs and will fly again in about 3 weeks.

    Twisted Hobbies Beaver

    3DHS 70" Velox

    Night flying cap232 profile

    Scratch designed & built P3 Revolution night flyer

    My brewery sponsored 50cc AeroWorks Extra 260, with a friends 50% scale, 200cc clipped-wing Hempel Cub.

    Extra 260 photo op with Debbie Rihn-Harvey @ Wings Over Houston 2015.

    AIM-54C for level 1 high powered rocketry certification.

    baby jets

    batman restoration project

    cub day

    Extra "60 class" profile I did the wing's CAD work on

    GeeBee R2, my first store bought plane (not recommended as a first plane, at all)

    C-47 work in progress. I just added more sheeting and a lot of wood filler yesterday.

    Honda scheme Stralis XT prototype

    That was a Primo 15 build. Shit. Still mad about that one.

    Maiden flight of my Mojo

    Top Flite C-47 work in progress

    A year and a half ago a couple with a little kid moved in down the street. Everything he owned and ever wore was red. He almost never left the house except on a crotch rocket Saturday nights, and would come back in at very late hours. He said he moved every 6 months because of his job. You could hear the domestic violence going on in the house regularly. That was also the only time I ever saw actual bloods in Katy, TX, driving down the street flying the flag. The police had fun with them, they never came back. The guess on the street is gang officer running coke into the city. Whenever he left, he was in shiny new red helmet, full leathers all brand new, etc.

    Anyways, about 5 months, the guy leaves his house. He's in full go-fast-riding-outfit. He wasn't on his crotch rocket. He was on a Yahama Alpha 110. A motherfucking scooter. Who the fuck wears full crotch rocket gear riding this?

    Weird day.