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    so, basically gas stations will pay you to take the gas? 🤷🏼‍♂️

    You still have to refine the oil to make gasoline and pay for the logistics. Lowest price I've seen so far is around 80 cents. It's down to $1.10 in Houston, prices from the mid 90s.

    Don't they make scale radials in 1/4 scale?

    The most common is a 250cc 7 cylinder from a company called Moki. It's a lot more common than this flat 4 setup. A company called Composite ARF makes a 1/4 jug. That's what the model in the pictuer is. When combined with a Moki radial and the 4 blade prop, it's one of the best scale competition planes you can own. Top Gun is Apr 29 to May 3 if you want to see a lot of them up close in your neck of the woods.

    As Germany? Four Year Plan + Army Innovation trees, rush medium tank research and you'll have your 1940 medium tank in 1938. Use a couple divisions min-maxed for the Breakthrough stat to poke a hole in a line and encircle with horse cav and motor infantry. Once you've got an army encircled it dies almost instantly. I caught a 40 stack of Russian infantry as Romania in a pocket in a multiplayer game and killed them 5 to 1.

    The opposite, stopping Germany, the trick seems to be "Space Mehreens". It's 4 marine units with a Heavy Tank Destroyer, filled out with infantry, a couple artillery units, and AA support unit. 20 wide. The german light/medium rush hasn't have the Piercing state to pop the heavies and you can check their blitz.

    Modelo is ok. Corona is watery

    Modelo Negra is a Munich Dunkel Lager. It's made with Munich & Pilsner malts and yeasts from Munich/Southern Germany. Mexico/Texas has a lot of German/Czeck/Polish/etc immigrants that brought the traditions with them.

    Regular Modelo & Corona are much more like Bud. Pilsner malt & rice, add some flaked corn for flavor. Mexican & American lager yeast strains. The light versions are the same beer with water added to bring the abv and flavor down.

    Big rally today. People say virus... but it's the same day every "moderate" Democrat dropped out to sandbang Bernie the day before Super Tuesday. Dude's about to find out, again, what the DNC really thinks of him lol. Good news for the market at least.

    #7 is correct... the market has never been about reality. it is about perception. Which... turns into reality... much like consumer and business confidence.

    People perceived Theranos was insanely valuable.

    It was a genius marketing strategy. She wore a black turtleneck and talked to people like they were stupid. It peaked at $10 billion valuation. Currently facing 11 counts of wire fraud...

    I found a supplier in India that is willing to tool up the part for free. I informed the customer and they told me to get it rolling.

    I hope you can get some containers in transit. We're over here planning for a 2 week shutdown. Good thing I work from home.

    So the short version is that Elon is setting the bar and proving it can be done. Everyone else is playing catch up and benefiting from his work, again.

    Hmm, sounds familiar.

    A guy spinning up an old idea that was floated and tested but previously has never been considered financially viable sounds much more familiar.

    It was proved 24 years ago. Clipper. Some engineers went from that to SpaceX, others went to Blue Origin to build New Shepard. Most of them went through the 2000s where many self landing VTOL rockets were developed for all of the X Prize competitions. The underlying problem hasn't changed. You need a hell of a lot of flights and extremely low refurb costs for the parallel supply chain to pay off. It's not even planned to happen with Block 5. Starship has to achieve all of it. It's so far off that the funding/valuation bet is on a complete replacement of Internet infrastructure with Starlink. Alphabet (Google) poured in money to support the burn rate early, they underbid early flights to get market share then raised the price. Brilliant strategy, it put $10 billion in flights on the books. That doesn't mean a positive cash flow though, and unfortunately they couldn't afford a new fairing design with a larger diameter to compete for the USAF contracts and lost them, hence 3 fundraising rounds in 2019 to fund the first 5% of Starlink. They have to have Starlink because there's not enough projected demand for decades without it for dual supply chains to pay off. The FCC published Starlink satellite specs don't have the technology being promised to be faster than fiber despite being 300km away, but it is theoretically possible. I had somebody that buys launch explain this to me. After a bit they broke out the crayons.

    2020 and 2021 are going to be awesome for space flight, even if some things don't live up to expectations.