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    Not to mention that everyone acts like Japanese stuff is superior just because it's japanese.

    How are your pattern welded knives holding up? Are they picking up a patina? (I've always wondered about this...)

    People are still enamored with the mythology, and miss the point their metal was garbage and you had to fold it. On the Global knives though, take away the Japanese part, and it's still perfect.

    On the pattern welded ones, no patina, still a mirror finish. They look exactly like when I got them. I use the 8" chef & butcher knives quite a bit, but not the smaller ones that came with the set. I love the butcher knife. The blade could be bigger, but the weight is exactly what you'd want.

    I think my problem was that I assumed that since everyone eats food, it'd be easy to sell good kitchen knives.

    That's a tough market. You can get a Japanese made Global G-2 8" for $100, same-day Amazon Prime shipped. Cromova 18 stainless. It's common in commercial kitchens and lasts for years at home. It feels flawless when you pick it up. My custom damascus stuff feels much more handmade, not as good as the Global, but quite a bit more expensive. They're a hell of a lot prettier to look at though.

    I do.

    Most of the people i know do keep serious amounts of money in cash. I don't use cash, but still have ~$2k in a safe place.

    You guys can't imagine how advanced our banking system is. Even buying something on (Russian craiglist, but better) it's convenient to open a bank app and send the money to seller with a couple of clicks. Once i managed to pay a Tajic Jihad-Taxi driver with Sberbank app, because he didn't have change from 5000rub bill.

    We can't? That's pretty much the entire world at this point. I don't know of a country that doesn't have app based transactions. Why would Russia not?

    I feel like I could print my own stick for the Cougar base. It's just a barrel connector in the center. I think a better modern way to do it would be give each stick its own usb controller and use a similar pass-through connection at the base, put the gimbals and any other switches/buttons/whatevers on its own usb controller with a small powered usb hub integrated for a single pedal/throttle/avoinics stack connection point. iirc, the HOTAS throttle was just a 9 pin connection back to the stick.

    This is the projector we went with, mainly because it was a good deal @ $2k CAD open box from our local dealer we use for this sort of thing. I'm not an expert on TV/s etc, not even an amateur, but this unit was a big step up from our 1080p which was similar to the one you have now, but only 3000 lumens IIRC.

    Considered a dual or tri projector dome setup yet and a SimPit Avenger or other curved setup yet?

    The "sticktion"in particular and other gimbal related issues have struck 3 of my 4 WH sticks.

    What happened on the Cougar HOTAS when Thrustmaster moved production to China, was they stopped greasing the gimbals. I went through a couple sets playing AH. The hard metal stick base ate the roll axis gimbal. You had to take it apart, install new gimbals, bag the electronics, and grease it thoroughly.

    That led to a big rise in popularity in aftermarket Cougar gimbals for the Falcon 4 crowd. Glad to see that market is even bigger now.

    Yeah... I get that. What were they computing? and for what?

    They're decypting an algorithm that becomes progressively difficult. The more people decrypting, the more difficult it is. The more coins issued, the more difficult it is. The "coins" are rewards for spending the time mining. It's a conversion of energy into algorithm people agree has value. It's incredibly libertarian.

    When XMR was trading for $350/coin, most of my friends used their gaming PCs and relatively cheap power ($0.09 per kWh vs say Germany at $0.34 per kWh) to mine XMR. They traded XMR for BTC, traded the BTC for Amazon gift cards, and their cost for a new gaming PC every year became dirt cheap. Now they bounce from coin to coin depending on where the "difficulty" is low at the time, but have sold off the mining rigs as it was more profitable to sell the Vega 64s on ebay.

    The "other" why for crypto currency is important. It's for anonymity. Anonymous coins like XMR get traded for Bitcoin, which gets traded for cash. That lets you much more easily launder it for black market purposes, nation state gun running, hide from oppressive governments, etc.

    Why is that? And why are video cards so important to the mining process?

    Power consumption and speed. To mine fast you have to throw a huge amount of electricity at it, which is why most mines are located in China coal country. A quad core CPU pulls 140 watts. A high end graphics card can pull 425 watts. Mining mobos can support 6, 8, or more video cards each. Once you're into it, you're running racks of mining "rigs" with 8 vega 64s each and pulling 15 kilowatts per rack.

    Click on the far right. $1690 for a Kingpin model. Mining really fucked up video card prices.

    You can get a RX 580 for $160 today though. XFX Radeons are down to $550ish.

    Don't even think about buying anything knew for MS Flight Simulator til we at least have a release date.

    I'm buying new anyways. If it turns into vaporware I'll go to X-Plane 11, or 12 if it's out. I'm a second projector from getting to build a 270 dome screen setup and starting to ease my way back into procedural sims.

    What does that mean for us mere mortals?

    It's probably worth buying new shit for if you really like flight sims. Mid-tier ryzen, $300ish vid card, lots of ram, a stupid fast nvme drive. Get some cheap tablets to connect as instrument panels. I've got to get a new yoke/throttle/pedal setup.

    This new version is fucking nuts. 2 petabytes of Azure cloud streamed terrain with single digit centimeter resolution. Rendering down to every blade of grass. Real time weather. Multi-mode real time air traffic. You can fly with real traffic going on around you using simulated AI conversation you can interact with, or you can fly with real traffic going on around you using real world, live air traffic coms, but you don't get to communicate back, just get in where you fit in. Built for easy 3rd party developments. This is a real showcase for Microsoft.

    What I find funny, besides the 1981 shape, is the quad with it is supposed to be available as the Cyberquad. ATV as a truck accessory. The one in the demo though is a Yamaha Raptor with a body kit. Most of the actual presentation is stage magic, which isn't surprising at all. Musk did the same thing with the battery swap scam. Nobody independent was allowed to review the swap, nobody could see under the cars, and Tesla was awarded many millions in credits. They dropped the program completely, it was fake to begin with, and never paid back a dime. We know for certain from depositions the solar tiles were a scam to cover the purchase of Solar City to bail out a failed venture bankrolled by NY, which he had a major stake in but hid from shareholders. Shady shit going on over there. He showed up on stage with a piece of painted plastic and absolutely no clue how to solve what's been a long time solar industry issue because it's not a new idea and there aren't any connectors you can design to make it viable.

    There's some nice info in that interview on the production problems Tesla had with the Model 3, and the pros and cons of humans vs. robots on the factory floor.

    People are shocked when they find out how much human interaction there is during the assembly process for manufacturers with reputations for quality. People really bought into Alien Dreadnought and legacy oems being corrupted dinosaurs. Should have had a little more skepticism on that one. Kanban reigns supreme.

    Only rich celebrities and collectors will buy one.

    154k pre-orders to the tune of $8 billion. Too bad it'll cost them $10 billion to build and sell them.

    They aren't that expensive. Three models starting at about $39K.

    The ghetto base models. People don't really buy those in any meaningful numbers from Tesla's reporting. Model 3 is down at $35k stripped, but average sales price is $58k. ASP for this truck should push $70k. I wouldn't expect to see it on many work sites.

    In this case it's not about being the world police. The Kurds have been our buddies since the beginning of Dubya's Fuckup. Now I don't know shit about Kurds. They're probably just as shitty as your average muhammedan. But that's beside the point. The point is, how does this reflect of Amurica's credibility regarding its allies? How will our current allies see it, and more importantly how will our potential allies that we WILL need at some point in the future see it. We're abandoning our loyal allies. Have you no honor, sir???

    Nobody cares about the Kurds.