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    Dead on. "Low Cost Attritable Aircraft". Designed from the ground up for F-22 and F-35 to use them as extended range weapons platforms and expendable shields to lemming into incoming missiles.

    The F-35 DAS can see an ICBM launch from 600 miles away and it uses all of its sensors perfectly all of the time. Humans have no chance of keeping up.

    In the near future even a simple radar blip of an AWACS or tanker could be hiding multiple, stealth LOYAL WINGMAN drones that will smoke you easily.

    AI does very well in a controlled environment (like a chess program or video game). I would like to see a drone car compete in NASCAR or some such shit - that would be a good test.

    A WAYMO cup car would be cool, but it'd be a mofo to fit the LIDAR on it and still have the same aero as other cars.

    It's meaningless unless they give the AI realistic plane interfaces. I.E. If the AI "knows" where the enemy is at all times just because it's in the same program, then this proves nothing.

    Not sure that's the case here. In Starcraft, there's basic AI with skill modes, then there is AlphaStar from DeepMind. AlphaStar doesn't get godlike knowledge. It doesn't "just know". It gets a human's view of the game. It interacts with a virtual mouse interface like a human. It runs at a lower average Actions Per Second than Starcraft II pros and routinely beats them. When they nerfed it's extreme micro control ability, it still kicked the shit out of pros.

    They botched the release but it's still pretty damn good.

    If you spawn at "Pea Patch" Hempstead, TX you end up on my RC field's runway. Our grass parking lot behind the buildings is a registered runway the owner flew crop dusters off of. The AI recognizes our club's paved runway as the airstrip. Pretty nifty, you can get Cubs out of it but not much else.

    I'm not supposed to talk about it but with the release imminent I'll mention a couple of things. There are occasional very brief pauses. Just enough to kill the immersion. And the trees don't necessarily match the area.

    iirc, the trees are generated by AI and are supposed to automatically improve over time as the satellite mapping resolution increases and tree detection part of the algorithm learns more

    Tesloop is now shuttered indefinitely.


    "Along the way to 400,000 miles, the Model S has also had its high-voltage battery replaced twice under warranty, at 194,000 miles (312,212 km) and 324,000 miles (521,427 km). On the first battery, Tesloop experienced 6% battery degradation. Curiously, though, it experienced 22% degradation on the second battery. "

    Current Model S battery warranty is 150,000 miles, so for everybody not a Tesla subsidized 1 way rental company, that's two out of warranty failures. Ouch.

    Oh yeah if you get an S with software add-ons, make sure you have a good Reddit account. If Tesla decides to disable them on you and solicit you to purchase them again. They've already begun disabling free supercharging on used Model S cars, and pulled their launch mode from others which is the most fun thing in the entire car. $10,000 just for a temporary throttle re-mapping. You'll have to go online and make a virtual scene in Tesla groups to get it undone.

    I can see the concept, but I agree it's a pipe dream.

    Depreciation is horrid on all vehicles, a new vehicle is one of the worst investments anyone can make. Now the Tesla's are the only car in the US if not the world that are "designed" to last 1 million miles. Time will tell if that holds true.

    It's not just a pipe dream. It's knowingly pumping up something that can't happen to investors to fund raise. Expectations for Level 5 FSD have been rolled back a decade. Tesla refuses to use LIDAR, and that adds another $30k or so to the vehicles and makes them ugly.

    On the million miles. There's a monstrous * on that. A Model 3 battery warranty ends at 120,000 miles. It's the single most expensive item in the entire vehicle. It's a massive brick of Panasonic 18650 lipo battery cells. Out of warranty it's at least $15k + labor. They hope they'll only cost $7k one day.

    It's just crazy shit that comes out of Musk that makes me pause. Alien Dreadnaught, appreciating robot-taxis, battery swap scam, boring company fraud, solar city fraud. I can't wait for the next thing but he seems to have slowed down finally.

    but since you yourself are looking at good prices on Model S, it means they have depreciated. The only time they didn't depreciate like hell was when the used market was so small Tesla had almost all of them and could price them as they pleased. The Model 3 undid that. They hold value better than a POS like a Jag XJ, but nowadays can hit 37% to a gas car's average 25% depreciation in year 1. At least you're looking at an S. Better quality. The 3 keeps leaking in car washes from defecting seals, defective lamp housings fogging, paint still failing import inspections, etc.

    $250,000? What the fuck are you smoking?

    Smokin' that Musk. The pump & dumps do make you feel like you're on drugs.

    "I feel very confident predicting 1 million autonomous robo-taxis for Tesla next year," Musk told a room of investors and Wall Street analysts at the company's Palo Alto, California, headquarters.

    Tesla estimates the cost of running a robo-taxi on the "Tesla Network," onto which the company says all Tesla owners will be able to add their cars, to be less than $0.18 a mile. Tesla went on to predict that a sample fare of $1 a mile would translate to $30,000 in annual profit for a single car. That would add up to $30 billion for the 1 million cars Musk predicted would soon be running.

    but as far as saving gas and the convenience of supercharging. You should never supercharge, it murders your battery. You should never charge to 100%, 90% only, and never drop under 20% or you damage the 18650 cells.

    Plus, who is driving anywhere that's not a trucker? There's no traffic in Houston anymore. I'm getting gas maybe once a month. You don't buy Teslas to save money, you'd just buy a cheaper car.