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    what kind of delay on the read for the cloud? Because your plots are turnt down if they take longer than 30 seconds to read. I've ready of folks not farming successful due to this delay.

    It depends on your storage options. On Google Cloud you can hang 24 SSD partitions for 9 TB per VM instance @ 2.4 million reads & 1.2 million writes per second with 9gb/sec throughput. Host the farmer on Google App Engine and latency is negligible. As you want to scale just duplicate the instance (by that I mean spin up new empty ones, not dupe your plots).

    Goddam, aren't you just the negative Nancy.

    By the way, I made a bit off the whole GameStop fiasco you said was too late to get into...

    I'm just over here trying to play a video game now and again without some shitty miners running off with all the new cards.

    Good for you. Not into Reddit based gambling but that was a fun one to watch.

    Whether possible or not to farm your plots in the cloud we're talking terabytes and no small number. Too early for me to say but 20-30 terabytes may be too small to see significant money.

    Intrigued me so I did some reading and phoned a friend who's very into crypto. First words out of his mouth were that HD manufacturers were changing their warranties because of this. Too funny. If you need a shitload of turn-key space, definitely the cloud, and since this is write-based and writing the plots burns out your drives, put them on somebody else's drive and scale-by-click. People already do cloud based mining, even on MS Azure, this seems very ideal for it until they catch on and make pricing adjustments if it has a big enough impact.

    Lane assist requires not only "hands on the wheel" but actual "input". At least with the cruise control on.

    Also I'm pretty sure Tesla says you are supposed to keep your hand on the wheel and in full control of the vehicle with autopilot on.

    But not on a Tesla, the setting to apply corrective steering during a lane departure is on by default iirc.

    In 2016 Tesla said it would drive itself from coast to coast in 2017. In 2019 it was that it would find you in a parking lot, pick you up, and take you all the way to your destination with an intervention by the end of the year. If you bullshit less of your customers, fewer of them will die in a fire. Just sayin'.


    Chia requires drive space, not processing power. Though there is some initial processing in creating the plots a GPU is not used.

    Then why aren't you using a cloud provider? Storage is the cheapest shit their is and it scales on a button click.

    Pulsar and other companies embed wifi now in their nvg so you can stream to a phone or tablet. It would be very easy to render that display translucent overlaid or picture in picture straight into Hololens 2 just using Unity3D as a dev environment. Last I checked they were deploying S20 Tactical phones wired to tactical radio sets to go further with live uplinks and integrate ATAC. I make a gamified version of ATAC for people that want to livestream airsoft and paintball events.

    It's the 3x markup video cards that get you on the rig building lol.

    Plenty of cheap coins though, and Musk is PumperInChief. Just follow the Doge to victory.

    Star Wars fans were largely outraged at the agendizing of the franchise. I've never been a big fan but found them entertaining until Disney butchered them.

    The last trilogy was complete trash and still the last movie made a billion.

    Then everybody happily marched on to Mandalorian and subscriptions will surge when the next season drops, like people buying HBO seasonally for GoT. Those viewers will resub too for the prequels, even though the last season was a dumpster fire.

    It's a modified Hololens 2. Microsoft landed the contract awhile back. Practical for field use? Not if it's humid.

    Still love that MS won the contract, I have an app that competes with a company called Advanced Research Associates whom lost that competition with a much inferior product.


    Nobody else is riding the Dogefather's blatant pump & dumps to victory? It's at 0.43 from less than a penny. To the moon with this one! Farming is stupid unless you live next to a Chinese coal mine or Icelandic geothermal. Just buy the coin.

    Intelligence committee finds “grave counterintelligence threat” but Trump’s 2020 campaign continues to claim “no collusion” and to call the investigations “a hoax.

    Also told us that aluminum tubes being bought by Iraq meant they were building centrifuges for a nuclear program.

    Russians trolled echo chambers. Trump didn't collude. Anybody that saw the ads were voting for him anyways. Republicans should have put Guliani down 5 years ago, the guy is clearly a hanger on trying to cash in with loads of dirty baggage.

    For as hype as Tesla is on using cameras and machine vision for everything, there's not one making sure somebody is in the driver seat. No front seat weight check either. In the pic attached you can see that the user defeated Tesla's technology by simply buckling his seatbelt behind him and jumping in the back seat.

    I don't blame the car. It's just a machine.

    It's part user, part company culture. Tesla has been pushed for years to stop overplaying their capabilities. Like I said before, they're like Icon. People thought it could do what it could not based on company marketing, followed shortly by Controlled Flight Into Terrain.


    Also, you don't have lane assist? It's been on the F150 for awhile. No hands on wheel required.

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    Ford and Ford drivers are a different culture thankfully and don't try it from the backseat. Yet. We'll see how that goes as the older users age out and the Mach E comes to the forefront.