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    You may wonder what sense it makes to drive around a 75kW battery charged by coal or natural gas plants with 33% to 37% thermal efficiency averages and run through 85% efficient electric motors when you could just run a 40%+ efficient piston engine that's already with your car and drive around with a 7.5kW battery. The answer is, politicians don't care, big batteries are cool.

    It's a 20% weight difference on the same tire formulas that shit plastic everywhere that's much worse than the minor co2 gains that occur after 160,000 miles.

    First, it becomes something else like a house battery, built by an industry that doesn't really exist yet but pols want. At the end of that useful life it's hazmat that has to be disassembled to get the electrolyte and what's left of the anode and cathode out so you can you get up to 50% of the metals back that went into it, which are reprocessed into viable components for new battery construction. The rest is hazardous waste that winds up in landfills.

    Hydrogen is a better battery than Lipos. Using a hybrid with a small battery is a fuck of a lot more sustainable than remote generation and a big battery. We recycle 20,000 batteries are year but politics wants 54,000,000 on the road within 18 years. Just doing that consumes 7% of the world Cobalt supply. The point where you could emit less co2 (but far more microplastics) in EV vs PHEV doesn't happen until 160,000 miles which is 60k past the battery warranty and the replacement battery resets that. It's all horse shit that happened because Tesla got popular and rich people bought them, and were subsidized, and it became a status symbol for the AOCs of the world.

    So I ask you.... what if they are a dead end (battery disposal etc) ? The government has painted us into a corner on this.

    I'm in the middle of an extensive research project on this exact subject.

    Short answer: We're all fucked, people don't want to drive small battery hybrids with high thermal efficiency because giant batteries are cooler. This is a country that puts makes a 6,000 pound vehicle weigh 9,500 pounds, then subsidize it as environmentally friendly.

    They at least relaxed the recurring training a lot before the big change. Numbers supported that the class stuck and doing it over wasn't even necessary after 10 years. Going to be wiped though, still odd even if constitutional carry is all the rage now.

    If they force it on guns, they need to force it on Elections. There is no Right to Vote, so make everyone take an Intelligence Test and make em pay $50 and show ID/get photographed/get finger printed.

    Great idea, but Robert Francis? Nah. He got a lot of new and women voters though. That's who's going to end up voting a Dem into office here. I wonder what they're pissed off about. It's not guns.

    They'll be out of season. Yellowfin Tuna is open but offshore. Flounder probably already left for deep water. Storch is right about the redfish. Spring you chase them on kayaks, flat boats, or in waders. When it's cold without a boat & fish finder and time to map holes or local knowledge you need a guide that can take you to one to drop a line in.

    So your issue isn’t so much with the new rules as much as it is with ‘people of color’ being armed.


    No. They'll just shoot each other. I'm not the one posting about minorities getting dropped off in the burbs for armed robbery sprees lol. That's other posters. Throwing away a success story though, it'll be awhile before there's evidence that was a good idea. The program produced people educated on firearms, self defense law, and orders of magnitude less likely to commit violent crimes. Seeing it devalued is odd. Wheels devaluing it to appease people who'd vote for him no matter what isn't odd at all though.

    why are you so fearful/anxious of regular people in Texas carrying concealed LOL.

    I'm not. Most likely they'll just shoot a family member and that's not my problem. We Texans used to make people take a really good class though and at least 1 trip to the range so you're not completely retarded and produced positive results used to support concealed carry politically. You must not have been here for that. Weird to see Republicans shit can it so every hood rat can be strapped but they don't come out here either.

    I just use It's like Airbnb for finding guides. The reviews are pretty accurate in my experience. If you want to get picky with it find the guides you like on it and look them up on youtube. Somebody has probably fished with them and filmed it.

    Nice that you think there's somebody worth voting for in Texas though. Been here awhile. It's criminals in charge, criminals trying to replace them. Dems run as Republicans, Republicans run as Dems, DNC pays for the wackiest Republican campaigns they can find to make the rest look like assholes, Fort Bend County RNC mails out Dem Party campaign flyers to try and shape the Houston city Dem primaries. Scumbags everywhere. At least one of the worst finally had a heart attack and died not long after having 8 machine guns stolen from his car in a Chili's parking lot.

    You are replying to people that do. Why is that?

    Always curious how many of you regularly commit felonies carrying where you can't. Also, to poke fun at the political horseshoe where people who own an EDC and gun grabbers converge: Thinking you may get shot at getting a taco.

    You need therapy

    Yeah... it's definitely me that needs to talk to somebody. For feelings safe lol. Not you the tactical faggot with PTSD.

    Storch knows it well. January gulf coast fishing not great, maximize odds with a guide and they provide the rod, reel, bait, boat and put you on fish quick.

    All that and you still haven't come up with a reason people shouldn't be allowed to conceal carry. I will point out that citing gun violence stats are irrelevant on the subject. There's simply no reason not to allow it.

    Karen, I never said don't allow it. I said it's pointless so I dont. Can't legally carry most places without being the armed criminal yourself. I am not a drug dealer and live where I can leave doors unlocked. This is America, it's not a violent gunfight everywhere you go as gun grabbers would have you believe.

    Texas is such a bastion of freedom you can sell me a gun with no background check and I can concealed carry it with no permit required. Also pointless unless you're a school teacher because the heavily armed police aren't coming to save you or live in a real shithole part of the state.

    Ask the Swiss. The freest of you people.

    I did. CHL there is may issue and rare. Guns stay home. Semi-automatics not for hunting, collecting, or specifically for the range have to be registered. Liberals would cream if they could get that level of regulation in Texas. You're more Free in Florida last I checked.

    Until it does come there . Don’t kid yourself.

    Fantasies from bear country. Here you are more likely to win powerball. Hood rats don't drive from Third Ward to rob people at the taco trucks in the burbs. They just rob each other in Third Ward. If they are at your house in the burbs it's because you are a drug dealer that somebody snitched on.