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    The dev system is nuts. The Bridge integration is great.

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    I agree with a lot of Libertarian stuff, but Libertarians are fucking retards when it comes to any kind of foreign policy, be it trade or wars.

    Libertarians said don't go occupy it in the first place and use any other option.

    20 years later, prescient. All we got for it was near 2500 troops, nearly 4000 contractors, 66,000 afghans national army troops killed, $2 trillion in debt, and 120 pages of US government failure.

    Yep.... as indy says.... any Americans left behind wanted to be left behind.


    You are free to fly over there and go rescue those students that decided to fly into an active warzone to visit relatives. Every US military member still in Kabul should get on the next jet and fuck off home.

    But with the ISIS vs Taliban war spinning up, we're about to send troops back in and fight alongside the Taliban. The forever war continues! AMERICANS REJOICE!

    Hop on that pedojoe cock more indy.

    So mad because it's time to call it quits on a mission that never had any chance of success and was one of the largest wastes of lives and money in US military history.

    Sorry Trump couldn't suck it up to rip off the bandaid. He campaigned on drawdowns but never really delivered. Joe is such a douche he's only doing it because it's a cold blooded calculation that it's not really a voting issue come 2024.

    Those living there very likely were not warned this might happen. Why? Because the team in charge did not anticipate it happening. Why? because they are idiots.

    Read the tea leaves, but that's probably forbidden by the Taliban.

    If you couldn't figure out the ANA was incompetent after 20 years, and the Taliban making rapid progress for the last year in overrunning provinces, you are like a Cajun on a rooftop that watched the storm coming but decided to stay.

    trumps withdrawal was conditions based. When team Biden came in they ignored the original deal, declared a date of withdrawal and did so all the while telling everyone the Afgan army would do fine without them despite knowing otherwise.

    Even better. Fuck Afghanistan and the people in it.

    I agree- but I don't think we should fuck the Afghan allies we've left behind, or the Americans who got stranded, or the memory of 2500 American KIAs.

    Other than that I'm amazed to see history repeat itself in such a short amount of time.

    Nothing amazing about it. Trump planned a withdrawl after he won his second term. He lost, Biden reversed his own, opposite campaign promises and went with the Trump timeline as much as is feasible.

    Any Americans left at this point don't want to leave.

    Yeah, kids I grew up with are part of that KIA tally. The US government wasted their lives trying a nation building exercise in the graveyard of empires. That's far worse than any withdrawl.

    About my Country being a shithole - look around. Your trailer park isn't a place to live. I dwell in a modern city where I can travel all the way on public transport, watching a bus to arrive on my phone screen. And with free wifi in metro. Not like Queensland Railways (an only place i have seen public wifi) with a limit, people watch Youtube or TV on their gadgets.

    You have to take a bus. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Compared to Russians you are no one and your name is nothing. A "nation" that payed ransom to Tunisian pirates for decades. ROFLMAO! Meanwhile Russians burnt Imperial Turkish Navy several times.

    Your country is such a backwards shit hole the Berlin Wall collapsed because a spokesman read a sheet of paper wrong. That's how much it's hated by the people subjected to it.

    Screw the whole lib vs conservative angle.

    The entire fucking world doesn't believe in Climate Change. If it did, land would depreciate.

    I didn't have time to change that part.

    I wasn't expecting anyone to catch any of that. ^^

    8/10 for the photochop.

    I'm a little let down you really didn't get on the ballot though. :D You could have attacked everybody not voting for you as transphobes. It'd have been glorious.

    Razers always wear out the left click switch. Most good gaming mice are running 19k/20k sensors so there's no significant difference in resolution. Wired beats wireless cuz latency. Your precision has a lot more to do with your sensitivity setting in game. The lower it is the more precise you will be.