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    Bit of a Russian bias in the meta, but the core economic mechanics are slot machine psychology. Trash weighted containers, premium account extensions with impeccable timing, collection systems, doubloon treadmill power creep, flashy reward screens with slow unlock animations..

    Old AF too. Big World servers. World of Tanks moved away from this engine. Other games based on it have switched to Unity3D+SmartFoxServer builds which is interesting since I use that combo to make World AR mmo games. Easy game to make, but time consuming to get in all the features to milk people of money.

    this ship is like a #metoo. Great for adding DPS to something under fire. Loses brawls to lower tier Alaska. eats DDs, mangles light cruisers, but you have to hide really well from bigger stuff and there's no torps for that big 1 shot. play islands or suck, not many options lol.

    Yeah. Akizuki definitely my favorite and sitting at 52% wins. It feels OP for its tier in a gunfight, but you have to manage the concealment gap carefully or shit goes sideways fast.

    I like Cruisers the least. I'd probably change my tune if I drove a supercruiser but I'm not there yet. CV is fun but it's a lot of pressure to do well. I hate to admit I like the Chacalot sub. Almost to rank 10 captain on it...

    Ships Win Rate, Session stats, Spotted Indicator, Radar-Timer, Numbergress, Assistant, Detection Timer, Running LIghts, Damage Meter, Smoke Timer, Navigator Mini, Sector Collision Red.

    Nomogram Stiv327 dynamic crosshair + Max Speed of Target

    Wow, I don't think I've EVER cracked 100k

    Go down the IJN torpedo line. Glass hammers. Hit 200k running down a flank and sinking 2 tier 10 bb in Shima. 15 of the 12km torps hurt. The 8km torps are faaast but with radar you just get murdered instantly.

    I have 1 prem boat I bought, Graf Spee. It's really good, 58.33% in 24 games. Not a big enough sample yet but promising.

    52% on Akizuki in 138 games, 58.33% in Mogami with 72 games. My numbers decline in T9 then fall off a cliff in T10 but I'm still getting used to it. I'm definitely playing Ibuki wrong.

    NO but when you hit T9 slot 6.

    concealment and fire prevention are big. I am sure you are finding out about HE spam.

    SO this guy is telling me I do not know how to play and stats are meaningless... feel free to have a chuckle.…32001127,DontHearYouChat/

    I am the HE spam lol. Ahh I'm not total trash at this apparently either. I see jokes in chat about 42% players. Sitting on 48%. I'd probably do better if I played with friends, but I casually, sporadically play through lunch and afternoon.,TorpedoJunky/

    well I use soap n a very hot... water rinse first... get it and every thing involved clean as possible... then I hit it with sanitizer before I start brewing/fermenting mead so???

    am I missing something???

    No soap. Any soap residue at all that's anti-bacterial is very bad for your yeast. Scents and other residue contaminate your product.

    Use PBW, then StarSan. Most brew shops will let you bring back empty containers and refill them cheaply. I also use the steam cycle in my dishwasher to sterilize bottles, again without any dish soap, and I run a cycle first to clean out any residual soap. People that do use soap, still go a round of PBW cleaning after before the StarSan.…cts/powdered-brewery-wash

    fify ethanol is what you drink,methanol is the poison. It evaporates at a slightly lower temp so is the first stuff to distill.

    I cool trick is to use some air to blow a string up the copper coil,this speeds up the "drips". The best I've distilled is around 95% pure,takes too long and is too much work to get a higher percent and just not worth it for my experiments.

    ty, ya backwards. it's not common to distill bad beer, but the results are pretty decent.