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    So rigid panels are that bad of an idea.

    Yes. The ones Tesla are selling look like shit and the installs are terrible. There are other solar tiles on the market not from Tesla that look much better and aren't trying to mimic shingle roofs. The different approach gives a much better aesthetic. However, still stupid.

    Ever stop to think it's a solution to a non-existent problem? Large PV panels cost less, the install is faster and cleaner, and it's optimized to your roof facings. Placing panels everywhere means all of the very inefficient locations and your system won't pay for itself due to all the negative ROI roof areas. All of the problems of shingle roofs and all the bad aspects of solar rolled into one.

    Ha, so do I. It's hilarious when a destroyer thinks he's caught you out and all of a sudden he has 128 and 150mm secondaries battering him and maybe some torpedoes.

    I have a secondary build Nagato. It's hilarious for the coop missions. Hundreds of hits in minutes.

    Only Germany ship I'm digging is Graf Spee. It does really well.

    I've been playing a bit lately. Tier 8 everything IJN. The DD gun line doesn't get fun until t8 Akizuki, but the DD line gets fun at t7 shiratsuyu with it's 16 torp volley on the reload booster & concealment down to like 5.7km. Cruiser line gets fun around the Aoba, but the Mogami with the 155s and HE Inertia Fuse is turning into one of my favorites.

    No shiner will do.

    As with any new product, there is a ramp up period. When drywall started to replace lath and plaster, I'm sure the first few years of drywall had some pretty bad workmanship as installers learned to work with it.

    The installer can't make it flexible. It's a rigid panel. It's part of why this idea has been around decades before Tesla and nobody bothered to produce it.

    Musk can dust off any old idea and sell it to anybody as something shiny and new though, so it's got that going for it.

    Depends on how many Teslas you have in the garage I guess...

    If you have a garage, which most Californians don't. It's a bit of conundrum for charging an apartment building worth of EVs instead of having a half dozen luxury parking spaces. You also have Power Wall depreciation. Best off just charging with a combustion engine burning natural gas to charge it if you are trying to save money. but nobody is buying an average sale price $55k car to save money on gas lol.

    Way more hilarious for Battery Day was Newsom declaring a state with rolling power outages is going all electric passenger vehicles within 15 years. Completely plausible, please pay not attention to the * at the bottom that says the EO is in no way binding nor enforceable.

    He did lay the ground work for Tesla subsidies forever though.

    That was the "we hate you and we want you gone, so here's your fuck off fight to devalue you at the end of your contract" for Tyrone Woodley. In his last 3 fights he's lost 15 rounds. Dana White has always hated him because his fights are really boring and don't bring in viewers even in his brief stint as champ.

    Covington is all an act. It's a wrestler bad guy gimmick to drive PPV sales. He can fight though. He kicked it off by beating down a brazilian in Brazil and called the fans in the arena animals and Buenos Ares a filthy dump and started a small riot. Funny but he's already broken "kayfabe" and said in interviews its all an act.

    This is a bit different. This is an all out balls to the walls push to inflate the Q3 report. I've never seen it like this before.

    It probably feels a little different because this EoQ push comes with a major fundraising drive. The best time to order your Tesla is EoQ so you can take advantage of the price cuts they implement, then remove after EoQ. Faux wood trim as condensor retainer brackets under a metal strap on the Model Y screams desperation to fill quotas. When Tesla has to fund everything and play catch up we get those quarters where they lose over half a billion.

    Those non-shipped items won't pass muster under an audit.

    Doesn't matter. Financial Reality Tesla, and Tesla Stock, are so completely divorced it's irrelevant. People take seriously valuations of SpaceX that include it replacing the Internet connection for every person and business on the planet.

    Definitely real. Tesla continues to be one of the wildest stock rides in history. It was $2,230, now down to $446 on the split from Aug 31. It's been fluctuating a bit as millenials and shorts pour money in.

    It was already decoupled from their fiscal performance, but being the #1 stock of millenials they believe it's worth more than BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Toyota, Nissan, Honda, etc, combined and it will save the planet. Nothing else like it out there. The financial reports though, they're -$300 million GAAP without credits per Qtr. Credits, while also minimizing R&D, service/parts expansion, etc. Without fed subsidies every car continues to be sold at a loss. They had to split the stock to fund raise because that runway has an end eventually.

    Dead on. "Low Cost Attritable Aircraft". Designed from the ground up for F-22 and F-35 to use them as extended range weapons platforms and expendable shields to lemming into incoming missiles.

    The F-35 DAS can see an ICBM launch from 600 miles away and it uses all of its sensors perfectly all of the time. Humans have no chance of keeping up.

    In the near future even a simple radar blip of an AWACS or tanker could be hiding multiple, stealth LOYAL WINGMAN drones that will smoke you easily.