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    Condolences from the Rondar family. Lost my mom to pneumonia and just general bad health not quite a year ago. She always knew how to fix something and had more common sense on things than anyone I know. I really miss that.

    I started this thread mid November. We have pretty much decided to not get in debt again right now with a vehicle loan. Our house is paid for and it will be nice to shuck a buck away for a rainy day.

    Out here in Kansas those cattle prods are called hot shots. First thing I thought of and also I have used them when we had cattle.

    Only time I need a hotshot is when I'm in Walmart and the dumbfuck people turn their shopping cart sideways then read the fucking labels, thus blocking the whole isle. I'd like to attach it to the end of my cart with a foot of it sticking out.

    Magrath Hot Shot Prod Yellow Handle Cattle Animal NEW 34" Shaft Move Livestock Effective

    Using Razor's post from the Meme's, as I didn't want to pollute that up, was a chart of problems per 100 vehicles. We are looking for another vehicle and some of what we want are at the top and some are at the bottom.

    We are going to live 90 miles from a dealer. So any warranty problem is a drive for us, whether it be wipers or transmission.

    What problems does this list take into account? Major or minor or maybe any problem? Not trying to trash anything, but have had a ford focus in the past and currently have a 2004 f150 that has had its share of problems, mainly rear end whine and has been rebuilt 5 times so far. Focus had a lot of electric issues. But man I love the looks of the new explorers.


    How long can a person expect mre's to last and be fresh upon opening? I have some that were packaged by sopakco and I bought them in sept of 2011. I saw somewhere online a time of 5 years. I don't have any idea and they were stored in my basement all that time.

    Yeah, txmon, that's a good consideration. While we are not bothered too much yet, will be 60 this next month. I know things have been creeping up health wise.

    Where we live, Jeep has a reputation of a lot of expensive maintenance. Anyone know if this is true or is it on par with other suv's?

    BTW, we are still looking. Ran into a classmate who had a Highlander and recently traded it for a Pathfinder. She said the Toyota was fine, but never did the gas mileage it was advertised at. Her Pathfinder did 26 mpg on the highway most of the time.

    I enjoyed watching several of his videos. My favorite was 9mm vs .40 Smith and Wesson. When I bought my M&P .40 years ago, I didn't have a clue really what caliber I wanted. I had just heard bad about 9mm.

    After watching videos on 9mm vs others, I came to the conclusion that a 9mm is not that bad of a round. It had less power than others, but still got the job done, sometimes barely. There are others that get the job done better. It may boil down to which ever one is a personal preference. I also, right or wrong, if I pick a caliber, other handguns I buy tend to be in the same caliber so I don't have to have a whole bunch of different caliber ammo.

    We are (ahem, she is) looking for a vehicle with 3 rows seating. I'm probably a little stingy here, but, ever since we had kids, we always had to be the one with a suburban or van so we could haul kids and their friends all over. Now she wants to haul grandkids. I'm like, let em ride with their parents, and we will follow them in our smaller, fuel efficient vehicle :thumbsup But no, the grandkids for some reason like us and want to ride with us.

    I know who wears the pants in the family. And once in a great while she takes em off for me :biggrin. But this coming summer will have been married for 40 years. If I know whats good for me, she be happy.

    She kind of wanted another van but I did talk her into looking at suv's and she likes the explorer and highlander. Looked at some buick enclaves, but she decided against them. I'm not sure if they are a van or suv or just what they are. anyway, we are in the looking stage.

    Wife and I have had mini vans for 25+ years, what with hauling our kids around and stuff. Now they are all gone and have been for years. We tend to keep a vehicle for a long time, so we don't trade often. Currently we have a 2007 Honda Odyssey with 180,000 miles. And really, mostly trouble free miles other than a/c condenser picked up a rock and we had to replace that, and voluntarily did the timing belt/waterpump kit thing. Never left us stranded anywhere.

    We don't want a car. I have a 2008 bmw 328 that has 42000 miles on it. Its just too low to the ground and wife hates to ride in it.

    Now we are thinking of an SUV. What we have narrowed it down to is a Ford Explorer or Toyota Highlander. I'm temped towards the Toyota for the reliability of Japanese makes. However the Explorer to us is better looking.

    We will probably do something this winter. And we are still open to other things too.

    So, I would like some of your fine opinion of things if any of you all have experience with SUV's.