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    Every loan I ever took out I paid back. I just don't see why these sniveling snots should have their loan forgiven. I didn't make them borrow money for the sororities, football tickets, basketball tickets, going to bars most nights, etc, etc. They just wanted the "College Experience". Why should I have to pay for that?

    I do not have a college education, instead I went to a technical school and learned how to repair televisions and radios and a certain amount of house wiring. I had an FCC third class radio license, but let that expire. That education didn't cost much because it was regional and our county paid a large share of it, and house rent was cheap, living with three other guys in some old lady's basement.

    We could not afford at the time to pay for each of our kids a full ride to college. We borrowed money for student loans, and so did they. Our oldest daughter went on and got a masters degree, and of course a fair pile of student debt. She turned democrat since she got married and went to the big city. Social worker at several hospitals and of course she thinks the government needs to be in control of us. Also, she and her Dr. husband have hundreds of thousands in student loans and are really hoping their debt is forgiven. Husband makes huge money and spends huge money. They are making minimum payments. Our son, republican, has paid his way through nursing degrees at the speed of cash, and now is a DON. He is also head nurse on helicopter medical emergency flights in southwest Oklahoma. He does not have any student loans and is doing very well for his family. He doesn't want to pay for the deadbeat dumbfucks that want a free ride either.

    So I have no sympathy for any student with huge debt. They did it themselves. I think if students get loans forgiven, then the government needs to write me a check for the amount that is forgiven, ie 10,000 to 50,000. But still, some one has to pay for all this horseshit. And that is us, the everyday worker trying to make a living. If these dumbfucks can't be bothered to make a loan payment, why would they want to go to work? After all, Biden is going to keep giving them subsidies.

    My 2 cents. Ron

    I have one of those 40v Ryobi trimmer with a blower, cultivator, and sidewalk edger. I make motor noises like a 2 year old while I use it.

    I put a little more than the recommended dose of Seafoam fuel treatment in all of my small engines. I mix it in my gas containers, that way it is always, always treated. This way the carburetor is not getting gunked up and fuel stays fresher. Arrow, get yourself a little charger like a Battery Tender brand... something made for the small batteries such as motorcycle, mower, etc. I keep my Bad Boy mower battery charged all winter long. I just make sure to charge it 2-3 times in winter and before I go to use it to make sure it is fully charged.

    My little battery tender charger will do maintenance such as desulfate the battery plates after fully charging. It keeps the battery in good shape.

    ah wow my pics came out sideways. Oh well, thats kinda how I cooked em anyway lol. Whoo, that last 2 fingsrs of neat whisky I maybe shouldn't have had. It tasted great.

    I will say that out of all the grills I have ever grilled on, the egg grill keeps meat the moistest.

    My wife and I wish to extend our condolences also. My mother is gone, wife’s step father is gone also. Wife’s mother is in rest home with severe dementia and is 96. My dad is 86 and doing well.

    It's our taco version of what Drediock posted. I kind of did it a little meatloaf style on the meat, mixing an egg, wooster sauce, crackers and some oatmeal and a packet of taco seasoning. Baked it as suggested, and we finely diced a red pepper, onion, fresh mozzarella and some shredded sharp cheddar, and baked it. It was very good. Oh, and wife insisted on about a 1/4 cup of pizza sauce mixed in the veggies and cheese. It made her happy and subsequently me too :stir

    I might have to concoct a dish like that. Looks good and my wife right now is on a no bread kick, and she is not overweight or anything, just eating healthier. We discussed even doing taco seasoning on the meat and leaving the pepperoni off of it, and when it is done baking, add lettuce and tomato.