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    You're full of shit.

    That's Cory Smith, 29, from Two Rivers Wisconsin.

    if whot you say is true than maybe this is a ambush situation. She lied to me before to try to get my money and some dick meat. I might go anyways and see what she looking like these days. But if shes gonna ambush I don't know

    Just found I got a son. Hes 14 and his name is Pastel. Hes a artist or something is what Im told. His old lady send me his picture and wants me to be part of his life now. I do remember one chick I was nailing had a baby that lived with us for a couple years and she said ya that's Pastel.

    Now Im going to tale a buss up to Oregon and chill out with him and probably start being his dad.

    Sounds like it was a spy ship and someone got doublecrossed. I seen a show once when a ship went and got a sank Russia sub and pulled it up the bottom. The sub was running a skeleton crew because that's what the ship found inside. Then it broke in halve like a water logged turd and fell back down in the ocean so the ship sailed away again.

    okay nobody made it out of round one with a right guess. the big reveal!

    niggerface = murderface

    BsMom = tx mom

    Red ding a ling = Redwing7

    Mr no nuts - mr no game

    Shithead = airhead

    those are all funny but I have even mode sidesplitting ones coming your way.

    Here's round two of extra funny ones.





    Been awhile peeps.

    I wanna start watching movies. I'm at my uncle's house and he has cabel

    Things I know I like. Pussy violence adventure zombies and war. I like destruction and fire too. Let me know okay?

    Happened this morning. Looking out the window this morn with my coffee and a joint. Already done my shit and shave. I seen the lady across the street leaving for work. Got in her car and then I see a dark cat dart out from under the car. She got out and I seen her go over to where the thing went under her house. I seen her fat ass as she bent over trying to get the fukin cat out she was crying.

    I yelled out my door "what the hell is going on Rosaritta?" She came running over with her big tits slamming up and down all crying and carrying on. "I started my car and my cat was in the engine. I heard a awful noise! I think he's dead!" I almost blurted out thank god cuz that fukin cat is always walking around outside.

    Anywayz. She said she could see it under the house and thought it was dead.

    I went over and had a look. I crawled a little under the house and my legs were outside. I seen the cat. It was dead. Broken neck. I yelled back. " He's in here! He's just sleeping! He's fine. I hear him purring and for a second he licked my finger." She wanted me to get him out but I said it's best to let him sleep and recover from her trying to kill it with gross negligence. I told her to run along to work sweetie and I'll get him out after he rests. She took off for work.

    Now I was thinking how fucked I was. That cat was dead as shit. Then I remembered there was another black cat around the hood. I put some tuna all around my place. Sure as shit after a hour I obserbed a feline cat eating out one of the cans. It was a black little shit. I grabbed it broke it's back by stomping on it.

    I took the thing over and crawled under the house grabbed the dead cat and put the crippled cat in there. It was crying like a bitch. I called my neighbor and told her new developments went on with her cat and she needs to get over here. I ran home and tossed the dead cat over my neighbors fence.

    Fat bitch gets home. I go over and tell her that I think her cat got hurt after all. I pulled the crippled cat out and started to show her real fast she so couldn't see too much but to see it was alive. I turned around with my back to her and acted like I was cradling the crippled cat. Se tried to run around to see but I kept turning my back to her. I said he don't look like he's gonna make it and hes suffering. This aint right to let him suffer. If you weren't so selfish you'd let him go. Then I smashed it on the ground and stomped on his head till it was unrecognizable. She thanked me for caring and for all I went through trying to help her dumb cat.

    I gave her hope and I let her say goodbye to "her" cat. She wouldn't have had that goodbye and closure without my good deed. I feelt really good about what I did.

    If I was Trump Id start launching cruise missiles at Putin and if he said anything Id act like I didn't know who launched them and say maybe it was Israel but we cant be sure but we'll get back to you when we learn more. Meantime keep launching them on over.