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    Fishbaum.. you realize that what you quoted in no way talks about god given inherent rights? It does hint that if the powers that be do take em away from you? that they will seek guidance from the creator. About as useful as if you had said it... and as believable.


    hero... Ok.. climates change. everything 'contributes to it' A candle burning in a church is making the church 'hotter'

    The fly in the ointment is.... how much are we contributing? And... .what can reasonably be done about whatever contribution we are making?

    Before we spend trillions we should have that shit all laid out for us. more polar bears now than ever. more trees than ever. hell.. more ice than ever... And Obummer from an aerial view has no solar on his roof... and his mansion is on the beach at sea level.... Kerry jet sets around the planet in a private jet. They don't seem worried. We replaced all the buffalo with cows... but the buff were here for a very long time in herds with countless numbers. Maybe we should ask the survivors for reparations? Might as well as china to stop building a few coal fired plants a week

    I say that in the scheme of things our contribution to the planet warming or cooling is insignificant.

    Unless I see some hard cold data that not only says otherwise but does the math on how much it would cost to change our evil ways?

    How many trillions of dollars would it take to move the global thermostat half a degree in 50 years say. It is not a trivial question given that the money they want would put us all back in the stone age.


    When I busted my noggin a few weeks ago the ER people were asking if I had been abused. Think it is a standard question They also asked if there were guns in the house. I said are there guns in this ER room? He said no there were not. I said that yes there were.

    Wrag... I don't really have problems with females lately.. Just friends and relatives. Janice is a gem... not being around me much helps also.

    I am a slow learner but finally learned to not be around unreasonable people especially women. Two reasons they are being unreasonable. They are either stupid as a stump and as fucked up as a soup sandwich. Or they are lying. Scamming to get their way because they know they got no case.

    But then... I am a shallow and insensitive man.


    That being said... I have gotten into a lot of these things over the years. What I think is valuable you may not. some goes out of favor or usefulness fairly quickly. What I do is take the whole lot so as not to offend. but first I have to know if there is enough 'good stuff' to make taking the rest worthwhile Sadly... usually more than half is nothing too useful I generally give that stuff away and hope the new owner enjoys it.

    I have been given Redding powder measures because some modern handloader thinks they are old and useless... in truth they are the most accurate and easy to use.

    Another thing that happens is... And I am most guilty of this... incomplete sets of stuff. due to lack of organization or in my case mostly.... modification/fabrication. Cut down dies used for some weird wildcat thing I come up with say.

    I have a fairly new lube sizer with dozens of dies I might have spent a grand total on the stuff With me coating my own bullets? I will most likely never use the thing again. It has become an expensive and complex solution to a nonexistent problem at this point.

    Powder... always questionable unless unopened and often obsolete in any case.. lead.... buy it commercially and you paid 4 times what it is worth... Same for a lot of stuff not bought in bulk.


    In nature animals with flaws are attacked and driven out or killed. You do not want them breeding. With people it is slightly different.

    As fishbaum points out... those on the left or on most extremes are unstable... But.. so are the best and brightest. the more intelligent someone is the closer he gets to bat shit crazy. Often dangerously so.

    intelligent and street wise are a rare alloy... they often rise to the top but they don't get there by showing everyone around em how smart they are.


    I think that up until say prohibition most people did not realize how crazy women were. it was mostly kept at home and not talked about.

    Giving women the right to vote changed everything The crazy got loose.


    Scroat.. Can you name one benefit that people I vote for are trying to take away from my kids and grand kids? Nope drama queen... It is your ilk doing that. The people you vote for want everything to cost more while at the same time destroying ancestral wealth so that the kids start with nothing but an education in social justice.

    Not to mention it is your ilk who want to mutilate childrens genital's if they somehow survive your attempt to kill em in the womb.


    yep... culture is taught. But different natural traits make it easy to predict.

    I mean... if you take the dumbest and most violent race on the planet? not too difficult to see where that will go culture wise.

    Sorta like a race that could not use the wheel or a written language.


    Actually no constitution is like ours. none of em recognize god given inherent rights. You do not have the rights you were born with. You only have the ones governments give you and more importantly? they can nullify any rights god gave you with a simple stroke of the pen.

    Sooo no. not a copy of ours


    What got me going was... My solar array is up and working. there is program came with it that gives me real time info on what it is producing

    Sooo... I did this for cost/benefit reasons only. My payments on it are $100 a month. My power bill runs from that to well over $300 month and I was conserving... Also...payments are not gonna go up but my power bill seems to every other month. Also... I will be getting a $6k tax credit I can use over two years. That is fed... not state.

    Which brings me full circle. Far as the grid is concerned the biggest strain on our power grids is in the daytime trying to get single phase juice to housing. Imagine when folks are plugging in their cars at night.

    When gas was $2 gallon... both fed and state offered all kinds of valuable incentives to go solar on your house or business. Which made sense back then given all of the above but now makes even more sense with EV's soon to put a HUGE strain on things.... not to mention....trying to outlaw natural gas and fireplaces How are they ignoring this?

    if they really believed that solar was so great they would be offering even more incentives than ever. And California... With all our virtue signaling? Nada... in fact new regulations make it more expensive to put planet saving panels on the roof! Not to mention... They just gave the power companies a huge gift... We buy their power for about 31 cents a kw... All the power I send back to them goes into a bank they check quarterly to show where I am at. I 'sell' this power to em for around 20 cents a kw. We do not use the power we are making it simply goes back to them where they keep track of how much My buddy has a huge place with an Olympic pool etc... his year end bill for all of his energy for the year was $28 They use that 'bank' to pay your gas portion too.

    Sooo what is this gift California gave the power companies? They reduced the amount the company pays for power you produce and sell back to 4 cents a kw from the 20 cents I get now.. This for systems put in from this date forward. If you put up a system now... you would only see your power bill reduced maybe 10-15% Person would be stupid to do it.