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    Yeah but we also have the highest rates that we get it for. right now in my area it is 31 cents a KWH. It goes up about 5% a year.

    my loan terms do not change. This is one instance where financing is a pretty good idea in that you start saving the first year... as in loan payment vs energy bill. Depending... if you pay cash for a system you won't pay off your investment for 6-7 years


    Russia should concern us all but they are by no means as big a threat as china. Even fishbaum should be able to see the difference based on easy to verify numbers on sizes of economies and how big a trading partner they are.

    Next you will be telling me that Iran doesn't like us much either. One of us is getting our talking points pounded into us and I believe that is you.. Plus? the places you get yours from tend to run off the rails . The 6% I gave you was from a poll nothing more.


    I took math and science courses for wastewater/water and it was pretty brutal 3 hours of classes at night almost every night.. Plus we worked 9 hour days at the plant. Pretty much get off work... take a shower and change .... do the 3 hours of school and then come home and go to bed.

    good news was that all the classes were being taught by pros in the field pretty much a trade school at the JC.


    Right now my panels are making juice at the rate of 3.5 kwh My area is one of the better for solar efficiency

    Even on a day like today I will have made 30 or so KWH. I need a bit under 600 kwh a month to run the place. but.. there is also gas. It can run 40% of my total energy bill. How do I pay for gas?

    Well... all the energy I send back to the provider is metered and at the end of the year I am paid 20 cents a KWH for it. Obviously I will produce way more electric than I will use. Any of this excess goes toward paying the gas portion

    69.. I don't know what corporations pay or the why of it but when I worked for the city the power bill ran about $8k a month. It was a lot lower KWH rate but it was also 3 phase which is far easier for the provider.


    Mini... your story made my point in several areas.... Not the least of which is that it is obvious that the fed and the blue states don't care if their mandates cause more harm than good.

    But what you did is give a very good cost/benefit breakdown along with the pros and cons.. for most people what you said and the fact that EV's are out of their price range is a double whammy.

    When I put solar on my roof... it was strictly a cost/benefit thing. $100 a month payment on the things but if I conserve? My average power bill is around $200 a month. I got a 125% of what I use system...l My buddy with his system had a energy bill of zero last year... I am also guessing that power is gonna get more expensive per month rather than less.. we shall see.

    Solar is actually required here on new construction for single family residences.

    Soooo we all make these cost/benefit evaluations in our lives all the time. We of course throw in fun factor which often ends badly... Like saying buying a boat...

    The government (and Trump said he was going to do this) should have televised debate on a national level about this before we squander many trillions on this one trick pony they are calling 'renuables'

    Get expert scientists and economists from both sides and do a real breakdown of say... best/worst case if we do nothing and of course how many trillions should we spend and how much will it move the needle in say 50 years. right now we have synthetic fuels that have zero negative footprint (they use carbon capture to get the carbon) why not invest in that?


    The getting old memory thing... So I took the creamer out of the fridge and put a little in my coffee cup.. do this first to save on stirring..

    What was I talking about? Oh yeah... the coffee/creamer thing... so I pour a little in the cup and then take the coffee cup and put it in the fridge where the creamer usually goes.


    Far as I know no currency is inflation proof be it real or digital. what I do know tho is you should carry at least a couple three hundred bucks on your person and have a couple grand or so stashed at home.

    Actually? there is an inflation proof currency... That would be postage stamps with 'forever' on em. couple grand worth should do it.


    Don' know if I got it month ago or not... never tested but couple of folks who got it at the same time being around the same people tested positive.

    It really was the flu from hell. fever... zero energy... nothing tasted right and I developed a cough that is still lingering