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    I mean to say that if your system were marginal for your area or your rates were not great? could be a problem. In fact my utility company just got a bill passed that says that new customers (next month) will still buy power at 38 cents but only get 4 cents for the excess they make.


    I probly should have known all this going in but researching solar for homes is murky. Good news is that with 8 days last month that it ran it cut $100 from my utility bill.. Those were not sunny days. Today it is raining but the panels are making almost 1 KWH anyway

    for instance how does the bill with your utility company work? Well..... they sell you electricity if you need it and they buy back electricity that you produdce. Simple huh? Kinda.. What they do is sell you power at 38 cents a KWH and buy it from you at 20 cents. If you produce more that month than you used they put that excess 'in the bank' for you for end of the year. So during peak hours you are producing more than you are using. Great.... meter runs backwards... they are buying the excess at 20 cents a KWH from you. Soon as the sun goes down or you are producing less than you are using? They supplement your needs at 38 cents a KWH So basically.... Do stuff like cooling the house or washing clothes or charging (EV) or whatever during the day when the sun is out cause that electricity is.. 'free' When there is no sun like at night... you are buying power at the 38 cent per kwh rate

    I have a program that came with the system that tells me how much I am producing right I can even see what each panel is making... But my buddies app is better. His tells what he is producing and it also tells him real time how much he is using.

    being in California with good sun... It is clear tho that by the end of the year my costs will be zero. Even these last rainy/overcast days I produce more than I use but shorter days mean i am still paying for supplemental juice.


    To be fair.. . the old Jumbo Omega uses a leather band (bracelet) they dont last long doubt you will ever find an original.

    So I splurged... Speidel came out with their expanding stretch metal (later called twist of flex) band right at the same time as the watch came out

    most were gold.. "golden Knight" and came in presentation cases. most were for smaller lugs A narrow gold band on my stainless steel jumbo would looks ridiculous... not to mention they are about $300 in good conditon now

    But they did make a small quantity in 'white gold'... so that is what I bought.


    LOL fishbaum. It never ceases to amaze me how you are unable to get the point... And then? you state the obvious like you are throwing pearls before swine.

    Of course women do it as a fashion statement sheesh When was the last time you saw a girdle tho?

    I got a lot of watches. You might be surprised at how small mens watches were at the time

    I have what I consider a 'break out' watch made in 1949... Omega mans watch with the last Omega mechanical movement (best of the best)

    They called it the 'jumbo' it is a 38 mm watch.. huge for the day and even today the 38 mm is considered a good size and this one has very little case around it.

    The old 'jumbo' has a 34.5 mm dial (the thing you look at) and is less than 11 mm thick Keeps really good time.

    Contrast that with a giant modern watch. I have a gorgeous new Bulova dive watch... devil diver (666') that is the current 'big watch'

    The new watch? new Vs old? New... case size 44 mm old 36 mm dial size.. New.. 31 mm Old.. 34.5 mm thickness.. New...almost 15 mm Old 10.5 mm. The old jumbo kicks asson modern watches so far as size vs size that matters is concerned

    Last is weight.... the new watch weighs in at 5.5 ounces The old? at 1.5 ounces HUGE difference.

    To contrast? womans watch of the 50's 0.4 ounces.


    I just watched 'Babylon' being born in Lost Angels makes me always makes me watch anything set in the early/mid 20th century and put on screen... Also... got a firestick and hooked it up to my old plasma TV in my bedroom.. This TV typically will go almost a year without even being turned on LOL... I also have a 5g network. The TV? Panasonic with HDMI ports but no Wifi... .. also.. came with a 30 w amplifier and 'surround sound' thing. think it is 47, 50 inch? thing kicks ass on modern TV's Firestick? It is the hot setup. voice commands.. even switch inputs by voice.

    Anyway... Babylon is fantastic.. it is a comedy... mostly... Hedonism on display as only 20's and 30's studios directors and actors could do... 'Great Gatsby' parties fueled by mountains of cocaine and people too rich to give a shit lots of nudity and gratuities sex also touches on what it was like for the folks who moved to California for the dream... course... the end was inevitable and depressing.


    Hero... I already did wait 10 years.. IMO? things have not gotten any more advanced on the solar roof panels for at least the last 5 years.

    What the ones I bought right now do in relationship to what they cost me and how reliable they are? and the rising energy costs? And the threat of incentives going away in a few months or years?

    To me it was time to bite the bullet... or pull the trigger or.. well... I did not go off half cocked


    My dad told me a long time ago that it was better to be lucky than smart. Now.. he did bust his ass working 2 jobs sometimes to support a family with 5 boys but he is not wrong.

    I have to say that I am lucky. Luck and a good basic family upbringing trumps smart almost always


    You should check out the Blaire White channel. I will watch her shorter vids if the title is something that catches my eye


    Yeah... Janice and I treated ourselves to a getaway on the coast. Individual luxury cabins etc.. with a 100 year old restaurant that served brreakfast and lunch. To this day I am unable to say whether I was fooled or that really was the best $20 omelet I have ever had .


    Wrag... a lot of the submachine guns of the WW2 era were just basically plumbing supplies. They were made because there were huge demands that gun makers could not meet


    Storch... I like dark coffee too unless it tastes burnt like that starbucks undrinkable shit. Want to save some money starbucks fans? Find out what time of the day your local gas and go station changes out their coffee. Get the old stuff. Or just get a 'mr coffee' and don't drink any of it until it has had at least 6 hrs on the hot plate.. I mean... so it can 'breathe'

    Women? Janice is as white as me. my mexican was not I think that for me that is my level of acceptability


    Holden... ever been camping and thought... this is really good food! Turns out it was a so so freeze dried bag of edible but not great survival and camping food... Most of which is pretty good (mountain house) And I have about 9 months of the stuff on hand.


    Ok... I have to have my coffee and if it is light or something like that? I can tell. and if it has that starbucks burnt taste? I can tell.

    That being said... Most reputable 'dark' coffee is to close to call Dark or strong K cups cost more because... they actually have more coffee in em... duh!

    Refillable K cups... used em for a couple of years... pain in the ass. I am all about saving money but to go through all that to save maybe a buck a day tops? No Unless it is some specialty coffee I rarely will drink.

    BR guy did admit they were totally wrong about saint Kyle... Someone finds out I got a jew in my company? LOL go fuck yourself idiot. Gay guy or women accusing you of stuff? Well next time you think of hiring one?