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    Holy crap. this smacks of MSN getting a look at reality. Something I for one never saw coming.

    The despair throughout the left and the left wing media at this point rivals election night.

    And the pain is just starting.... as John Goodman would say in Lebowski.... you are about to enter a world of pain... The Barr report. Durham... The senate hammering em. The realization that they really really really fucked up having shifty shiff have anything to do with any of this.


    They were constantly saying nice things about me. My fan club president KdF said that almost all of applied to be in my fan club.


    Curly.. I owned a couple of 100/4 and a couple 100/6 The last was a 100/4 with the Chevy drive train that I put in.

    All the 'stock' cars had the electric overdrive.. It really worked well... they were not dogs but the Chevy one? LOL... That fucker was flat out scary. I belonged to a modified Healey club. almost all V8 mods. several were modified somewhat like the one in the vid to look more 'cobra' like.


    Yeah... but it makes mine hurt... how do you stand the pain? And the snickering behind your back? I am a long ways off I guess still.

    Iron... yes. what the real goal seems to be... is find a gun company barely hanging on and kill em with legal fees. Also the article said that they were going to show all the bloody carnage.... they will smear that shit all over the tube.


    yep... the welfare state from LBJ.... if you are gonna get welfare might as well live where the weather is nice right? and you sure as hell are not gonna vote against any free stuff.

    Also the environmental movement put a lot of dems in power here. we passed our CARB and EPA shit to every state.

    In the old days we led too.... things like normal civil rights and insurance reform... good stuff.... Now? nothing but bad.


    Yeah... it looks like the state supremes are letting this go through. the biggest hint was the decision was 4-3 that is only seven justices.

    What they did by letting it go through was violate a federal law. I don't think this is going anywhere.

    I am gonna go full Darth here..........has anyone noticed that while the dems are so busy with impeachment that there haven't been many mass shootings?


    Twat.... I believe that fauxahontis base is like 7% of the country. The DNC know that she would lose spectacularly once the debates start and she starts falling apart. she literally went into a funk when asked about health care for illegals the other day.

    Blumenthal is actually getting in cause he sees how hopelessly unelectable the dem field is. They seem stupid and humorless. and... like really bad actors. None of em has any charisma and it is too late to buy some.