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    Sooo... cause of eggs? or mentioning em . sarcastically too... should have said a gallon of gas or your 401k or any of the other doom and gloom... so cause of the egg comment you are gonna ignore what I am trying to tell you?

    And yes when you boil it down? you may not get the reason dear to your heart but.... yeah.. it is simple.

    Except for a select few? Everyone is out to get me and you.. and that guy next to you. Who cares? Still gotta buy eggs. That guy out to get us? well.. he seen a window to gouge us a bit more. he is not some international jew cabal. Just a guy getting what he can while he can.

    Sure.. steer the country in one way and... if it is the right way? you get good results. Wrong way? well... that is what we are living it.


    Him getting mad is how we see it. It is us ascribing human characteristics on god.

    Not getting your point here. do you somehow think you are playing chess with god? And you are winning?


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    jeezus 69... If you can't be less doom and gloom at least be more pragmatic. It was working.. business was coming home. Let me ask you this.... Was china for or against those tariffs? Biden wants to go solar. All that shit is made in china.

    Not saying that there is not some deep dark plot that I am too stupid to get but.... I kinda like to look at 'is this working or not/' first... Then.... when I can catch my breath ... at my leisure... I can peruse the dark web rabbit hole of 'all is lost' Show me it isn't? And I will point to websites by really smart people who will affirm that there is no solution.

    Think about it... what are these people actually doing to lower the cost of eggs? meaning... realistically they are worthless and quite possibly a distraction from any solution.. Are they ever right? Sure... even a stopped watch is right 2 times a day.

    Do I want to dig through all their shit to find that kernel of corn? Digging through shit is depressing and you still have to buy eggs.

    Sorry if I seem dismissive and short.... just in one of those moods.


    Yeah... generally things are much less complex than people would make of em. Biden is all in on abortion for all... he is catholic. What is stronger than a politicians faith? When you get 98% of a group to contribute to you staying in office forever.


    Fishbaum. No... you do not 'answer anything' That answering a question with a question thing is best left to monks up on a mountain range somewhere. Also... an impossible answer or very unrealistic... is not really an answer it is what politicians do to defelct.

    Examples that come to mind might be.."we can just get rid of all the jews and niggers and it would solve the problem you pointed out"

    One might say something like "vochers are the answer' And you would reply with something like.. "no they are not jews and niggers would still be here"


    69... LOL.... Yeah... The fact that I know these things is proof that I am a slow learner.

    Scroat and fishbaum are also but at their age I would think they would be getting an inkling of this stuff..... Starts with agnostic.


    'you'? sorry fishbaum... at first I thought you were talking to me? But none of what you said applies to me.

    And saying that freewill depends on no one including god knowing where it will lead? That is the cop out to me. He could stop you from doing it. basically? that is all that matters. As is the case most of the time? you are overthinking it.


    Faith and observation. It's pretty simple really. god allows you to make really bad decisions. But he is always there to help you get over said bad decisions.


    Actually scroat is not wrong in that God allowed free will. Condensed down that would mean that even tho he knows where it is headed he still allows man the free will to do it. also...the phrase 'god works in mysterious ways' can not be ignored....

    Except..... by really really really smart guys who know more than god.


    Big pharma loves them some expensively mutilated kids... Biden loves him some big pharma money.