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    Most news organizations are owned by just a few people. 'Russian collusion' LOL.... for a year. I don't believe any news source that does the 'science is settled' mantra. I thought the science was never settled? I thought you can't tell if there is voter fraud if you don't investigate.

    The organizations that only want one party investigated are at best? Worthless. The other thing is that most should notice... the all use the same word or phrase to describe something. it is like they get a memo on what to say..... OH wait... they do get a memo on what to say.


    I have no idea if the number is what they say it is or higher. You would not think that countries would put it on 'pause' for such a small number.

    One thing is they think it is worse for people who already have antibodies. which is a pretty big number. You typically do not give vaccinations to people who are immune.


    LOl.. this is getting better and better.. the only person on here who is well off cause he 'made coin' is the fake indian with the russian bride . The rest of us are dumb hicks who have never made a dime in our lives?

    Sooo... I am hearing this from someone who had parents who were well off.. is using his fake indian status to get advantages and married someone who ran his financial life? Excuse me if I am not impressed. Guy who never missed a meal in his life.. clawed his way to a home run all the way from third base.


    pretty much sluggo.. The guy is living in a world I don't even want to visit much less live in. Caring about your family and fellow Americans are different things but. my long sighted opinion is that what is good for America is good for my family. They are still looking for a home thanks for asking.

    Everyone here knows which of us is upset and selfish. you need to read the posts you made again and compare em to the ones I made. I know you have no friends but maybe someone in your family could give you a clue?


    Mostly peaceful.. Arrow is correct. Play stupid games... Soooooo..... you want to protest? cool... there are hundreds of different protests out there... I have been to more than a few like second Amendment ones.

    But................ if you want to attend a protest that is for a 'cause' that has a history of 99% of em turning into violence.... and then you get injured.... what the actual fuck is wrong with you? say you don't care if you get injured... cool.... but dont fucking complain when your testicle explodes... you are the one that put your testicle in danger. If you want to show support for riots and looting then go where there is rioting and looting and ...... well..........wear a cup.



    But... back on topic... we all know you are an ignorant selfish fuck but that is not the point.

    The JJ vaccine.. causing blood clots etc. just the JJ one? maybe not. It may be that those who have had the wuflu and recovered have antibodies and the vaccine is not good for them. Since more than half those who get the wuflu never show any symptoms and it is difficult to test for the antibodies.... we are putting a shit ton of people at extreme risk.


    Wow.... I have read some stupid short sighted selfish shit in my time here on FW but that is almost too much to unpack.

    You don't get a haircut so you don't care if anyone else can and/or if the small business of barbers/salons are devestated. All the important stuff to you as someone who does not work is 'open' soo... it is all good. fuck the people who used to work in places that are no longer open. you can still go to the stuff you want/need. You seem to be saying that if small business is closed and driven out that it is no big deal cause we can still get what we want from the big corporations and that fuck us anyway cause we spend too much money so this is good for us?

    I thought you were this big money guru... but now you are saying that all these restrictions are fine since all it means is that the cost of curbside or whatever gets passed on to the customer and those who were almost failing anyway will now for sure not be able to compete.

    And while I like beer and you like weed.... I tend to think it is a lot more serious to people not retired like us than your or my selfish shit.


    I no longer work but all the city workers are still going to work every day. They were never on any kind of a lockdown. None of them have died but... Anyway... the answer is lockdowns.... over a year later from the day we were told we needed 2 weeks to flatten the curve.