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    I don't see the problem really... if 52 is a guy.... why not just go to a gay bar? I mean there should be no problem with a gay person who wants to get fucked having all the sex they want right?


    Pretty sure they are not gonna go over countless thousands of hours of vid just to verify purchases.... and.... mostly that shit is wiped every few days. no one is storing years worth.


    That is a bridge too far for me storch but...... I have no problem believing that Baldwin hated her guts and his angry lefty emotions got the best of him and he threw safety out the window to fuck with her.

    Even if it was a blank firing gun you don't point it at someone. Blanks can cause serious injury up to and including death.


    Storch is correct.... also... the director who is very small time.... the guy who also got shot..... is making all the excuses at this point.

    I mean.. why would he do that? does the expression "you will never work in this town again" mean anything?


    Why is it bullshit? Why is everyone besides Baldwin to blame? The armorer... She allowed real guns and real ammo to be stored in the same place and then compounded it by not checking which was which before she set em out on a cart for the next scene or whatever.

    Did she fuck up? yes.

    The guy who was the one who brought the gun onto the shooting (so to speak) area and called it cold. It was not his responsibility to check...

    did he fuck up? no/maybe. He was supposed to wait for the armorer or assistant to then check the gun on the scene before the handoff to Baldwin.

    Baldwin. He absolutely knew that someone was supposed to check the gun in front of him before handing it too him. He was impatient and angry and just skipped that part.

    Baldwin... his cross draw excuse is not valid. He did not shoot someone he was not pointing the gun at. He was indeed pointing the gun at her when he pulled the trigger.

    Baldwin...... why point a gun at someone who is not even in the movie?

    in my opinion.... Baldwin committed a negligent homicide.


    Ok.... they are spinning this like crazy but they know someone has to be blamed if they want to get that fuckwad Baldwin off.

    Soooo.... now the narrative is that real guns were on the set in.... .the storage with the prop guns and live ammo was just 'mixed in' with the blanks. And.... that somehow a live gun fully loaded that was used by the crew for target practice got put on a cart with prop guns.... the guy who handed Baldwin the gun said it was a cold gun.

    Next.... Baldwin was 'practicing' before the real shooting (so to speak) of the scene. He was pissed at the directors tho.... and did say something about shooting them.

    Soooo... Baldwin is using a cross draw holster. Historically many did. At 'Cowboy action' events where people dress historically and shoot 1800's firearms for speed and accuracy with real ammo... they have pretty much banned cross draw holsters. Why? Anyone in a ninety degree arc from the draw to fire is in danger.

    This is the plausible deniability defense they will use.


    Ok... I used to hike in the redwoods. Some main trails are pretty well marked but.... shit... there are forks and trails heading off every hundred feet. You can't see the sun. I got a tad nervous more than a few times. You can get lost in the redwoods in 20 minutes or so.


    I think calling him storchita is hurtful. I can't imagine how anyone would have coined that.

    But yes. I do appreciate the fans in the stands of college football a lot more these days