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    Internet providers. hell.... certainly more than a couple would not mind being billionaires over the vacuum created by big tech.

    These dipshits in silicone valley did it. it can't be that hard. Greed will always win out. Twat is half right... I think it will take time and money. But I think it is a great investment strategy... no... the best investment available strategy.

    You do not need 'apps' to use your smarter than you phone to go onto the internet. I sense a lack of will and brains and ambition here.


    I was hoping for a bit more of an explanation. Walmart and mom and pop? not the same imo These platforms are free for the users. It costs no more to go to parler than twitter... the money comes from advertisement right?

    Sooo.. say you built or contracted for a server that would handle... what? couple hundred thousand.... you could shut down new membership till you got bigger. Ads... those who wanted to reach conservatives or Trump people would advertise. Then it would grow.

    What am I missing?


    I think most of us who don't need the checks would agree that the money would be best spent on people who really were affected and need it.

    My renter works in the restaurant industry. She is management but with stuff closing all the time she has switched jobs like 4 times... she also works two jobs part time for about half what she used to get.


    She also said that regular masks are a joke and that every covid patient they have wore masks religiously. She also said that covid patients mostly were around dozens of family members and friends but only they got it.

    Testing. They test there. She said someone will test positive... they will do another test and it will be negative. they count that as another case of covid. She confirmed that the hospitals get extra money for covid patients.

    She also said that almost none of the new patients need o2


    At my buddies and his wife's house. He has my old job basically and she is a head nurse at the hospital. They live in a 5k sq foot home and are very well off. They made prime rib and tri tip.

    Short history... they were living at his parents house when I hired him. He worked at 'vatozone' and she did not work. He put her through nursing school and I promoted him a couple times and he got in just as wages were rising. Their home is worth maybe $900k She drives a new BMW and he drives a lifted new jeep. They do lots of fun stuff as they are young.

    They have two great kids.

    I was asking her about her job and the covid.... She is one who is first in line for the vaccine. she did not take it. She said that every nurse except one got really sick... like the flu who took the vaccine.


    In the days of the brown dumbo and the biden.... everyone was afraid to leave their current job no matter how badly they were treated because there was no where to go.


    Milo said that Trump is not and will not simply be a billionaire.... he will be a mega billionaire. Milo wishes him even more sucess.


    Fake indian.... you hated Trump for reasons not related to politics? Yet.... every political move he made you opposed based on the politics of it? Based on nothing but politics Trump was the greatest (for the American people) POTUS we have ever had.

    Sooo... while you are welcome to not like his personality.... it was his politics that you were upset with every time... that means... your politics suck big time.


    Sooo... you computer tech geeks.... what is the deal with servers? is every server on the planet controlled by lefties in California?

    Why can't these sites use a smaller server that is eager for their business? why can't some guy who has money just build some servers? I don't get it.


    Old mitch actually was right on this one. I got no problem with $2K stimulus checks but they need to be sent out to people who actually need em... People who through no fault of their own have lost everything due to the wuflu hoax. I get a check. My income has not changed ... well... actually it has because my renters can't pay so I am subsidizing them... but you know what I mean.


    The social media outlets are protected by 230 because.... they are not a publisher. Their selective censorship makes em a publisher. How will it work out? I doubt anyone has the clout to beat their clout in court. They will remain... they will continue to do the disgusting things they do in the name of 'social justlce'

    What will happen tho is a vacuum will be created. Someone wants those 100 million customers. They may have to start relatively small... using not the best servers but they will grow. Populism is unstoppable. They have a giant ready for the taking market.


    Notice the examples that Twat showed? There were only 60 posts that were questionable violence wise. Parler removed em all and then got the boot. The TOS was that they remove ones and they did. Amazon broke the contract with 30 day notice turning into 24 hours. They could not allow a place for those who speak of the election fraud for the next few weeks.

    There are 4 or 5 vids of people taking 20 minutes or less to find violent or illegal posts on twitter by the hundreds. The most trending post now is 'hang mike pense'

    Censorship is evil. Unless it is illegal activity like child porn.


    He really did not go into detail of the loads or chokes sooo... I have #1 buck and 00 buck loads but rarely shoot shotguns. I also have hi base #4 birdshot that in a home situation? would most likely be way more than enough.

    I was shocked at how tight a pattern the black powder shotgun has. At 25 yards it had about at 12" pattern with #4 shot and with buckshot all the pellets were on target. We set a pack of 4 sodas out around 30 yards and every one of em was toast.


    Naa... The 'zone'? Choice of firearms? Not sure any AK variant would be my one rifle. The clumsy mag changes.. no bolt hold back on the last round... shitty optics options. The pistol? will do in a pinch.

    If I have to have accuracy and knockdown with a pistol at 25 yards (which is what he was shooting at) I will either use one of my 1911 in 45 acp Or a revolver in .357 or 44 mag.

    He kept going on about how hard ammo was to find. One bullet mold in .357 or 44 or 45 I can make all the bullets I need over the campfire. All of those guns are the most accurate handguns I own.