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    One of my most frequent quick brunches: Buttered bread, a small beef burger, two pan fried (with the burger) onion rings, one fried egg on top with seasoning, a dash of crispy fried onions and chili sauce. 10 minutes max. About 500 kcal.

    That's so Hanz and Franz. :)

    Sales taxes and other bullshit fees are designed to hit working people much harder on a percentage basis than billionaires. That's why cuntservatives love sales taxes and hate capital gainz taxes. You fucking retards are bitching about the very policies that you fight for.

    LOL, WAT??? Taxes are much higher in blue shitholes. Especially sales taxes.

    $825 year property tax for house 35 acres.... I’m about ready to take up arms. Who’s with me?

    3600 per year up here for 1/4 acre. I mean, I'd take up arms but I can't afford to take the time off from work to go out and revolt.

    You know what Bronk I honestly believe there's a test going on by the Government to see just how much juice they can squeeze out of us before we do stand.

    Here a boat tag is about $35

    Yeah, tags here are cheap but the luxury tax is a County accessed tax based upon where you park your boat. It's yearly, of course- between taxes and license I've paid about 4600 in fees on it since I've owned it, rather it's been parked in the driveway or not. If I sell it I'll have to give about 8-9% of the sell price to the State- so when it's all said and done I'll have paid more on that boat in taxes, fees, permits and other bullshit than I ever paid to buy the boat in the first place.

    If people realized how much money they pay for bullshit then maybe this theft of YOUR dollars might end, but as long as people pay a 230 a month power bill without reading the statement on the back to see you're paying for a nuclear decommissioning, a dam demolition and a protection for a three toed speckled tree frog then shit won't change-

    Read the back of your phone bill- part of your charges are to provide free phones to poor people.

    Read your paycheck stub- and you'll see how much money is being funneled from you to Government programs in existence to enrich political cronies.

    Sales tax on used vehicles? How does that make sense? They've already been paid sales tax on when they were new.

    Right.... but when you SALE em you TAX em. If Doran sells you a motorcycle he has to pay sales tax. This is California- the Government is in your pocket.

    Fuck man- I've paid over 200 a year for 23 years for a luxury tax on an old 19 foot boat.

    And more people losing their homes. Between our insanely liberal Government and the created by man made fire rife conditions this place is becoming, literally, hell- transfer tax and license for an 11k used vehicle was 2500, and that's just nuts- meanwhile we have few first responders on the fire lines and rolling blackouts and we're getting the ash rainfall, so we're inside with the air conditioner on and I'm getting tired of California- it's starting to suck.

    Does Barb know you're using the kitchen? Seriously, man- If Biden wins and FW members get rounded up and sent to Camp Everglades I hope they don't put you to work in the kitchen. I'd rather eat my boogers than that bland, tasteless egg served on a piece of uninspired toast.

    Will you make your own pizzas from scratch?

    Don't know if they have Papa Murphy's there but that's all we buy anymore. Far better than Pizza Hut. You bake them yourself. 14 mins at 425 with an extra min with the included "pan" removed. Perfection.

    Yeah, we get that Pop-N-Fresh thin crust, then we roll it out even thinner and then we perforate it with a fork so it looks like a Saltine cracker. This allows the heat to penetrate the dough and makes an extra crispy crust. We cook the crust first, then put on our toppings- brush the crust with olive oil, Marinara sauce, fresh grated Mozarella, then thinly sliced garlic stuffed olives and pepperoni- the stick, skinny type, cut thin. Don't put on too much- it'll make your pizza soggy. Put it under the broiler and your pepperoni will curl up into Pepperoni Flowers, filled with Pepperoni nectar, interspread with green olive slices on a sea of yellow cheese.

    If Picasso were a chef he'd make pizza- it is the perfect food.

    If women werent insecure there's no way most of you would get laid even with $200 in each paw.

    True that, but then again 400.00 will buy me the pizza oven I want.

    LOL, Steph got on my case on the way home- "Why did you tell Gina her hair is fucked up? It looked good." "Because she's a girl. She needs to catch up and develop all the self doubts and insecurities now." "Oh. So you're an asshole." "Yup."

    He's an awesome cat. Never seen a cat so relaxed.

    Especially since he was a feral at one point- usually a feral cat will always have his guard up, but not Elvis- he's chill.

    I got the 5 dollar bill back from the FBI. It looks legit, so I can settle that bill now.

    Hey, I'm relieved... I found it on Lazs' desk and I'd hate that he'd have a counterfeit one.