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    I don't know why you're saying such mean things about my friends

    Your friends are all whores. Their garden is barren and their weed is spindly- plus they don't practice hygiene. Could you imagine the stench emulating from their home once they all start cycling together?

    OK, I watched the video and the first thing I noticed was the time of year- judging by their dress it had to be June. The second thing I noticed was the deplorable condition of their garden- they weren't raising enough produce to feed a jackrabbit. I mean, by that time of year they should have had a thriving garden, and it looked like most of it had been fallow for over a year.

    Oh, and the skinny hippie pushing the wheelbarrow of dirt? For the amount of unkept raised beds they had it would take about a thousand wheelbarrows of dirt to fill them all. You telling me that skinny ass hippie filled those beds one wheelbarrows load of dirt at a time? You got pickups man- fill those up and drive it up that hill.

    Then- livestock. Horses are useless on a farm. I had horses- four of them at once- and they are expensive to keep unless they're in a pasture, and their horses were in a corral. That means hay, and nobody was riding one so- what's the point of having horses as pets on a farm?

    And that pig- that is not a meat pig... well, unless you're a ravenous black bear and their garbage can was empty- that is a pot bellied pig and if you ate a pork chop off that sucker you'd suffer a heart attack right away. You don't eat meat off an animal that looks like that.

    Goats? Great for weed abatement and if prepared right pretty tasty. I'd like to see a video of the girls shooting one of their goats with an AR and then field dressing it- that'd impress me.

    Chickens- We saw the eggs but never saw the chickens. If you have a garden with raised beds the way to do it is have what they call a chicken tractor.

    Here's an example-…PgtJIvEbOVa0aAr4zEALw_wcB

    The way it works is as you weed your raised beds and work down the rows you toss weeds, bugs, whatever in the path of the chicken tractor and you pull the chicken tractor between the raided beds over the weeds, bugs or whatever and the chickens eat it. They go nuts- pull the tractor down once a half hour or so.

    In closing I must say they look like typical wake and bake people to me. Roll out of their rack at ten AM. get baked, and accomplish nothing all day. I've seen this shit all the time- just not on the Intardnet.

    you guys didn't read the article. Everything is there. They hire seasonal workers, they work 15 hour days to maintain the farm, the county no longer allows commercial cultivation of pot, but they did that until late last year

    They've had bears half eat animals and twice found them alive the next day and had to put them down. Can't you boys read none? Jesus

    Those women are awesome.

    Just because you can read something doesn't mean it's true. English walnuts require constant water- in fact almonds and English walnuts require more water than any other crop. Also look at their pics- those are foothills, not mountains. Ain't no bears there.

    BTW- we have bears up in Laytonville. They get into garbage, and one stole a flat of catfood and we found empty cans for half a mile but a bear has never, EVER attacked any livestock. We have raccoons too, and they'll fuck up our cats, but the bears are harmless.

    Mike probably got all butt-puckered because the older gal said she didn't allow the seasonal pot workers to smoke on the job because potheads fuck everything up.

    LOL, I quit smoking weed back in June, Gina- once they legalized it the buzz was removed. That's also a BS clue though- first of all, with the small amount they had and the girls they have they could handle the manicuring themselves- no trimmigants required.

    Generally speaking the guys working at grows dig dirt, cut brush, and all the outdoor stuff and the girls do the trimming... this time of year it's mostly all done but if you go to a farm and check it out you'll see half a dozen Humboldt Hunnies trimming indoors and three or four guys doing pick and shovel work outside.

    Geeze ninny.....when I got to the part about the aliens I said... that's enough of this whack job crap. And that seems to be your MO.... if no one praises you on your whack job shit you get bitchy. We are all suddenly too old and feeble minded to get the wisdom and teachings of ninny?

    We watch 25 minute vids all the time here ... Curly posts a few.... they are not crap tho.... and yeah... we are getting older but you aint no spring chicken yourself hun.


    Well, when you get abducted and probed by aliens don't come back here crying to Ninster.

    Yup- my brother is legal and he has to hire a licensed security guard. He makes a good point- the location of his farm is public knowledge, and the rip offs have access to that information and they know he's unarmed. My opinion is if he were growing watermelons or tomatos commercially he could own a gun- the law, as it was voted in, made no mention of suspending your second amendment rights.

    Anyway the whole thing with these girls smells exactly like Lazs says- bullshit. Especially the part about black bears attacking pigs. Oh, and that weed crop is a joke- they don't know what they're doing.

    Long John's and a flannel... that's the best way to beat the cold.

    Or you could just move to California and wear shorts, t shirt and sandals... that's a better way to beat the cold.

    90%? I'd say 99%. Sheeesh, where to start? Their Cannabis crop is weak- VERY weak. The greenhouse pic they posted isn't theirs- OK, ARs- That's called a felony enhancement that'll get you ten years mandatory in the pen if you're cultivating illegally. Their county not allowing cultivation? Uh... no. Get permitted, jump through the hoops and you can grow. (You notice they didn't say exactly where in CA they live.)

    Fighting off bears? A California black bear is extremely timid, and they'll run from you- they're interested in your garbage cans, not your livestock. I've raised pigs and steers and have never, ever heard of a black bear attacking livestock... my neighbors were more concerned with dogs attacking sheep than bears.

    The pics of the terrain they claim they live in are foothills- not mountains.I'm guessing they're in the Sierra foothills around Paradise- the pic of the one girl with the nice ass looks like Butte Creek Canyon, but that area is hardly wilderness. Could be up Highway 50 maybe, but they aren't in the woods. Not even close.

    Oh, their harvesting techniques on their spindly ass little plants? 1980s man. Looks to me like they're stealing a neighbor's weed.

    I watched it and one thing that does make sense is our Bible is based upon stories that predate when the Old Testament was written. That's just human nature... we're curious by nature and look for the whys and wherefores of why we're here and there's been humans here far before the Old Testament was written.

    But aliens ruling for 10,000 years? Somebody got a decimal point messed up- I agree there's a lot of unexplained phenomena throughout ancient history, and I believe there's life on other planets just based upon the odds of there's several trillion other planets and also because life can thrive here in extremely harsh environments, which shows me life is universal and able to adapt.

    But I don't think aliens formed us- otherwise why aren't they still here? Although I do suspect Assi is an alien.

    Sheeesh... fat and old man. If aging happened all at once instead of gradually there'd be more suicides.

    Funny, Doran was talking about my anger management, and how I'm in denial- and on the way home we stopped at Railroad Square in Cloverdale to see the end of the Ravens game. I like the place because the owner is a former Sherpa guide with several Everest climbs to his credit, and he comps me a drink. So we stopped, and set at a pub table and got a beer and watched the Ravens game and there was a guy there who was obviously developmentally disabled.... he was drinking Pepsi, and he kept getting up and going outside.

    There were two couples sitting at the last four stools next to the door, and they were wearing Niners gear so it was obvious they'd been there for several hours.

    Steph leaned in, and said "Those people at the end of the bar just locked that guy out." I hadn't seen it- but I looked, and here's this poor retard trying to open the door and these four assholes are laughing and I came unglued- I got up, went to the door and unlocked it, and opened it and looked at the assholes and asked "What the hell is the matter with you people? You think that shit's funny?"

    The woman who'd locked the door didn't say shit, and her boyfriend or husband or whatever he was buried his face in his hands in embarrassment, and the other couple chilled immediately and took a great interest in staring at something not by me, and I returned to our table that was directly behind them and they glanced at me a couple of times over their shoulders but they became subdued, and they finished their drinks and left.

    Doran would have been proud of me. Yes I'll be angry but I'll handle it just fine... I don't know, I had a brother in special ed and when you use people like that as your amusement it makes me angry. But I handled it. No threats, no offers to take it outside- just a "WTF" and Steph appreciated I stood up for the guy who got locked out without violence.

    The point is I handled it well... yes I was angry, because there's no reason to treat a mentally deficient person that badly and even less of a reason to use them as fodder for your entertainment, but I handled it well.

    They are right to resist vouchers in that youth indoctrination is essential to their end game.

    Two points on that- Vouchers will promote an agenda, as parents opting out of public schools will seek out a private school promoting their values, and it'll eliminate an indoctrination of students the public schools currently promote a parent may not agree with. So, which is worse?