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    I'm not faulting you. I just don't buy into the cycle. I have a credit card and a debit card.

    Jack, what's funny is when I needed credit I couldn't get any... then when I didn't need it I got it. I got used to paying COD and now my suppliers have my credit card on file so I continue to pay COD. It's convenience now- all my monthly bills are on auto pay, but the bottom line is we have a positive cash flow and a low overhead... which works as long as I keep working. I could never afford to retire and make my mortgage in California, not even close- but I CAN afford to cash out here and move next door to Wrag or MNN and campaign for liberal causes like coed bathrooms, gun control and sanctuary cities.

    Aaaaand..... my buddy and I were working on my truck....well... he was.... steering column wiring is not my thing. Sooo... getting late.... we are hungry. we want fast food and I go to McDees..... get burgers. at the pay window I see a help wanted sign. Big fucker.... start at $15 an hour START... managers get started at $17 Medical paid.... they offer paid holidays and vacation.


    I was going to apply but who wants Razer as your shift manager?

    I have two credit cards- a business visa and a personal visa. I put a a lot on the business card and it'll usually have a balance of 8-9 grand, sometimes much more, but it's a high limit and it's low interest so it's basically a line of credit. My personal card is also a rewards card and I get 3% cash back on gas purchases... unfortunately most gas stations charge three percent to use a credit card, so I don't use it too often. Steph has two cards but we've paid those down to 10%-15% of their available credit, and that looks good on her credit score...

    But frankly I'm taking the advice of Herr Storch, Kommendant of Camp Everglades, and going more cash but just in case I ever have to go on the lam I'll need my credit cards.

    Well enough class D will smother it. There isn't enough internal oxygen to fuel it perpetually.

    If it was a team of well trained and kitted responders that fire would be out quickly.

    When the Kitty Hawk had its engineering space fire the fire itself extinguished quickly but it generated so much heat it took six hours before the space was cool enough to enter.

    how can you justify that? LOL.

    Slow the pandemic... I have a cousin who's homeless in San Francisco- actually he's a predator with a lengthy criminal record, but the City pays for his motel room and gives him 12 meals a week from Meals on Wheels. The logic is we prevent the spread.

    Understand that the 1%, the oligarchy benefits from the current division. The end game is here. You will be proles. They mean to dispense with that pesky nationalism and the notion of American exceptionalism.

    Me? I'm ok with eliminating leftists but I weep.

    Tears of joy maybe, ya liar. :D

    I love these dems that think they could karate-kick knives out of people hands lol.

    Slam, I'm going to open a self defense school for liberals, and I need instructors. Do you have a man bun? Can you cry on command? Are you willing to disrupt the meals of anyone wearing a red ball cap?

    Today...Woke up at 6, checked the Air and Rotated both vehicles tires, Washed and Vacuumed the Wifes car. Now I sit in front of the puter. I don't slow down.

    I rolled out of the rack at 9:30 and did a big bong rip- then I poured a Vodka Cran and tore up the HOA notice warning me to mow my lawn. I had three or four emails to answer but I'm so cynical I tell most perspective clients to go fuck themselves.

    Then I watched The View- is Whoopie cool or what?- and then I had to answer a couple more emails and I bound up a couple of orders for shipping and frankly I am tired of working like this. I want to retire.

    No way I’ll wait that long to walk away. No way. 7 more, tops.

    It's different if you own the company... the thing is California will be ending the program we work with on Jan. 1st of 2022 so I'll have to reinvent myself. I have a couple of ideas but it takes so long to build something profitable retiring is a better option financially.

    He certainly has a Bakersfield world view

    Yeah, I'd have a beer with him.... then again some of the company I keep is unsavory.

    Anyway we're winding down... I'm still doing rat jobs for cash but I'm closing in at 69 and maybe it's time to retire... it's tough to stop though. I've always made money, ever since I was a kid. Other kids would offer to cut a lawn for a dollar, but if you had English walnut trees I'd cut it for free and English walnuts sold at Tri Co Nut Company for eleven dollars a gunny sack, a tidy sum in 1963.

    I refurbished bicycles and sold them- I'd buy butterfly handlebars and a banana seat and get discarded bikes at the dump, paint them and I had a Schwinn style bike for sale that was- better than a Schwinn.

    I made a deal with the guy that flew the printing press at the Chico Enterprise Record- it was a daily paper, and they printed at 1:30 PM- and he'd sell me the first copies off the press for six cents each, out behind the press room... street price was ten cents. I'd sell papers in downtown Chico at barber shops, bars, different businesses- I had a regular route, and the bartender at the Silver Dollar Club would pretend he didn't see me until I'd hawked my papers, and then he'd pour me a soda from his well and I'd comp him a paper, and when I finished the soda he'd make a big deal out of kicking me out- it was a fun game.

    I've always worked and I've never minded working but face it- the reason we work is for the money, right? If I hadn't of spent 99.999% of all the money I've ever made I'd have retired long ago but spending money is a hell of a lot more fun than making money... ask my wife.

    But I am going to take a break, travel a bit, and chill. I mean, physically I'm not tired- but I am unchaining myself.