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    Actually Goat is right about one thing- Sonoma County housing is damn expensive. It's also a great place to hang out- beautiful coast lines and great wineries, and Santa Rosa has fantastic restaurants.

    If you like West Coast history Sonoma is a fun place- General Vallejo's adobe inland and Fort Ross on the coast. Between the Spanish and the Russians the natives never had a chance- then the Americans got here, liberated them and let them build casinos.

    Expecting non manipulative reporting from the Left is futile. Resistance isn't. Don't be assimilated.

    Expecting a lack of bias from anyone with a political agenda is futile... That's why I was vocal in the Twitter thread. Let people make statements

    without editing... if you're a modern day social platform like Twitter you have an obligation to the public to support free speech. Even if your intent is pure any editing, or fact checking, will appear as bias.

    Are these rise in new case numbers from testing or hospital admissions?

    Testing I believe. As testing is more available you'll get more cases- makes sense. Hospital admissions, I'm not sure. We just diagnosed our thirtieth case up here, and one cluster were several members of a church.

    Nobody is denying this disease is brutal; the question for me is how effective is a lockdown in fighting it, and are using it as a political football? Of course I'm suspicious of all politicians... I mean, you know.

    Thanks Gina... right now my guts feel like they were attacked with an electric mixer. I'll go to bed and lay awake for a couple more hours... I hate evenings like this because I'm always shot the next day. My prognosis isn't too bad- I should survive it, but that's like surviving a fight with Mike Tyson... it'll leave a mark.

    Shit sucks man- it's especially tough for me because I've always been in good health, and everything I enjoy doing requires strength and stamina and youth I no longer have. It's making me old.

    Cool day... went to the mountain and checked out my bro's shit, hung out with two nephews, picked up some seeds for a guy I know, and BBQ'd some chuck eyes. It's great that they're in my corner... this is about three thousand feet elevation, lots of trees, a pond with ducks in it, a chicken coop, and ten thousand feet of pot. He also has a view of the ocean, about thirty miles away, when the fog isn't low. He just spent twelve grand for dirt- man o man, the county is hosing him- a mandatory five grand a year fee to be allowed to grow, payable even if his crop fails or he gets ripped off. We're more like Mexico than Mexico.

    I guess Oklahoma legalized cultivation without the regulations we have, and they're talking about relocating. Can't say I blame him- California is a shit hole with more restrictions and regulations than a prison in most other states.

    Two points- As testing ramps up there will be more confirmed cases. If we didn't test, or tested a minimal amount of people, there would be less confirmed cases of Covid19. This doesn't mean the disease is spreading as much as it means the testing is spreading.

    Also Sonoma County has been under a strict lockdown and other places haven't, yet they all have roughly the same infection rates. Is a lockdown order really preventing the spread?

    Before you start bleating please know that I'm taking no chances- well, I went to lazs' place last weekend- but bars and restaurants just reopened up here and I have no intention of going out. We're creatures of habit, and I've had more money by not going out... I don't know if the hospitality business will ever recover.

    Twitter is a private company. They can censor whatever the fuck they want in any fucking way they want. Don't like it? Start your own bible thumping koch sucking social network platform.

    I could make the case Twitter is a media platform quite easily. Because of its size it has a responsibility to be fair and balanced, and any "fact check" of anyone compromises their fairness. It has nothing to do with Trump- I don't read his tweets- but editorializing any post, from anyone, makes them look biased.

    Twitter and Facebook are nationwide- FW or HTC is not.

    No comment on Teflon Donnie`s Tweet?

    You are capable but there are 10s of 1000s out there that can`t, and believe any and everything Teflon Donnie says. Look at spaz.

    OMG... "People are stupid. They need us to tell them what is the truth, avoid risky behavior, and even be supported financially. And who better to make decisions for them than- us?" Jesus, Milo- Listen to yourself OK?

    C'mon Milo- you'd be surprised at just how capable and resilient people are. We walked out of Africa and populated the planet- sure, there was a sabre tooth tiger chasing the first African who hopped on a log and paddled to Europe, but damn man, humans have been the dominant species on this planet for half a million years. It's only fairly recently we've decided to depend on the Government for our welfare.

    Is the cancer making you tired or is it the treatment?

    They were giving me too strong of a dose, which was making me sick... thanks to Memorial Day I got a week off, but some days are good and some days not so good. Today I feel pretty good, but in all candor it's probably the Vodka that makes me tired more than anything.

    It's good, but it's missing a line about the Cz'ers being sheep shaggers.

    No kidding man- I shot down some Azs and felt kinda bad about it, but Czs? I enjoyed blasting them out of the sky. I always thought of them as "The Hills Have Eyes" types. Inbred hillbillies, missing half their teeth, all crosseyed sister fuckers.

    Twitter didn't censor, edit, or delete the tweet; it simply brought additional accurate information to users' attention, so as to prevent public confusion about an important topic Trump is eager to lie about.

    In November 2014, Trump published a tweet that began, "Obama's attack on the internet is another top down power grab." I'm going to assume he no longer remembers this.

    Milo, it gives censorship powers to private individuals who may have an agenda. "Fact checking" is simply one persons' opinion... Also this isn't a "top down power grab," not in the least; it's an attempt to protect our first amendment rights. Most people can read something and decide for themselves if it's factual or not... I don't need Twitter to censor what I read, or Facebook. Due their size and vast membership they've become the modern day soap box, and they should have no right to interject their opinions into others' comments.

    Ya know what's odd? Not directing this at you Milo because I can disagree with you and still respect and even like you, but the more liberal areas have the most restrictive laws. More conservative areas celebrate human rights and freedoms... Look at gun control. Look at bans on cigarettes. Look at what is loosely defined as "hate speech," which is basically conjecture. All of this is strictly regulated in blue shitholes. Look at NY's stop and frisk- that shit wouldn't fly in Texas. Look at San Francisco's bans on just about everything- from plastic bags and straws to tobacco products.

    We used to worry about Big Brother, because Big Brother was watching us- so we swung the other way and now we have Big Liberal Mama taking care of us cause- hey- it's for our own good.

    Seriously bro- I can do my own fact checking, and on a social media platform as significant as Twitter I don't need them telling me their version of the truth. I'm capable of doing my own fact checking.

    A couple of points here- Does social media afford its users first amendment rights? IMO it does because social media is simply the evolution of communication, and we've gone from standing on a soap box on a corner to Twitter. As Twitter makes ad revenue they have no right to censor, fact check, or otherwise interfere with your 1st amendment rights. There are law enforcement organizations responsible for quelling "hate speech," and Twitter, or Facebook, has no authority to interfere with our 1st amendment rights.

    The second point is as Twitter is a free service and such a large part of communication, who makes these decisions? We're opening the door to censorship by foreign actors- ask Disney about the influence China exercises over their movies. Is our 1st amendment guarantees subject to the whim of whoever has their finger on the delete button?

    Plenty of dope... and the only one in my family who hasn't walked away from me. That's what gets me the most... two brothers and a sister who are too uncomfortable to be around me. It ain't Covid19, man- it's not a contagious disease. Once I beat this we'll be moving out of California and I doubt I'll ever speak to any of them again.

    If I can stay awake. This fucking cancer is kicking my ass. Lazs called me and I woke up but other than that I slept all day. I have no energy- I have one more treatment on Monday and then we'll decide how bad it's gotten, and then we'll decide what we can do.

    Steph cried today... she looked at me with pity in her eyes and fuck man, I can't take that. I can't do this... I'm going up tomorrow to say goodbye. I'm not going to melt... I just can't. I want my grand kids to remember us in the boat, having fun. I don't want them to see me wasting away and dying badly.

    LOL, Iron- you need to chill. Rule One of Flamewarriors is you don't get pissed off. Finger is what he is and he does what he does-- don't get spun out bud. He's on your back bumper and he's going to do a Pit maneuver on you and put you in the wall. He spun me one time but I recovered and only lost half a lap.... he's on your bumper and grinding on you and he'll wreck you in two more laps. Grip that fucking steering wheel and stay low on the track and don't let him get underneath you man... just.... focus.

    Avid was cool... he was a drummer in a jazz group, and he flew his Jug and averaged about six kills per flight, all of them landed. The Jug required SA.... we'd talk on Vox and I flew cover for him, and saved him once or twice when he got caught low and slow.

    You're kidding, right? You're holding a black thug to the same standard you're holding a police officer? Like I said- thousands of police interactions with the public every day.. maybe what, one killing every few months? And frankly you could make a case this was accidental... The cop didn't pull out a gun and shoot the guy.

    This vilification of all police for the actions of one bad cop is no better than the vilification of all African Americans for the actions of one thug. I refuse to generalize.... you can't file away shit like this in a convenient little folder and announce it as a typical behavior for an entire group. Life is more complicated than that.