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    Frankieonpcin1080p put out some great DayZ videos on YouTube back in the day. If you have a boring afternoon planned I recommend binging some of his old content.

    Yeah, I know him- he was a PvP guy but he was cool in that he wouldn't murder you outright and he played fair. I never cared for the murdering, unless they deserved it- I preferred building a cool base and doing missions against AI and I was never a griefer.

    We could go in breezers FwonFiddy

    Hey you'd love this truck- I have a camper shell that'll fit it but after removing a tree yesterday and taking it to the dump I need the bed open. It doesn't have 4x4, or a slider back window- it's clean. We'll find out today how it pulls a boat... we're driving up the Coast in early June to Oregon, and Steph wants to take the Corolla cause it gets 37MPG but I want to take Fiddy but- then again- windy hiway in my Corolla go kart?

    Too many hacks

    Yeah, on PvP servers- they sucked. My server was PvE and it was mostly special events- we'd set up sand berms to make an arena, arm about 3 guys with chainsaws and spawn a hundred zombies and last man standing won a Hind helicopter. We had a race track, missions, bad ass AI so you'd be in the middle of a race and AI would shoot at you.

    Anyway it was fun- we thought outside the box.

    Responding to him never ends well Mike.


    Doran, that time the retard plunged his hands into my chalupa in the mall food court it wasn't his fault- it was his 90 lb. hippie caregiver lady's fault who had him on leash but he wasn't leash trained.

    Finger can be leash trained- and even crate trained. But first we have to house train him. :)

    Not really related but I'm driving to an installation and my fucking chest is itching like crazy. I looked down into my shirt thinking it's hair or something like that because I cut my hair. My bra is on inside out and the little bow is running against my sternum then it's killing me

    Don't you hate it when that happens?

    You already have that. Remember the woman who got killed in San Francisco by those two Canary Island fighting dogs? Those owners went to prison.

    spaz said there is no lack of water in Kali.

    There isn't for irrigation and drinking but the reservoirs are fed by snow melt, and there hasn't been much snow this year. We could pull for two hours to the river, but that's where every boater in NoCa will be so... I'll pass.

    My son-in-law paid much of his tuition at Boise State selling Beanie Babies. He still has a collection, many once valuable, he was stuck with when the popularity died.

    They'll come back- tell him your financial expert (that's me) advises he holds on to his Beanie Babies and should gold ever collapse Beanie Babies will be the most dominant world currency.

    BTW, where did you go in Oregon? We're going to Florence in June- what'd you think?

    I've invested heavily in Beanie Babies... it makes more sense than BitCoin, IMO. Frankly Dred you're stupid for investing in oil stocks- it's a new green world. How have they done? My Hissy the Snake Beanie Baby is worth sixty bucks, and I paid five dollars for it three years ago.

    I think you don't know how to play the markets, fella.