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    I like major sports because I appreciate the skillset required. Working with the offseason Raiders and Niners players when they played police and fire associations at basketball for fundraisers and the competitive nature of these guys was incredible- we'd stay at motels with rec rooms and the pool table was like the Super Bowl.

    I can't stand my mother... she's a toxic, hateful old bitch. I have one brother I'd like to kill, and another one I ignore because I'm benevolent. My mother's husband is an insufferable asshole who has burned me several times, and I'm glad they're old and won't be wasting space on our planet much longer. I also have three cousins who don't deserve to live but that's just my opinion.

    Black Elvis is a special kinda cat... he was feral and he got captured and his nuts were cut off and his ear was notched. In spite of these indignities he loves people.

    Steph could never go for it, but I could- When I was stationed at Nha Be in 1971 I had a "mama san" that took care of business. I rented a hooch and it was one of half a dozen and we all shit in a ditch, and there was one faucet for all of us and I was the only GI there... yeah man, I could go back.

    I wear my seatbelt when a passenger in other peoples cars cause it freaks em out if I don't


    It's not your lack of wearing a seatbelt that is disconcerting- it's the constant "beep beep beep" of the seatbelt alarm that drives people nuts. Being mostly deaf you don't hear it.

    We stopped at Applebee's for a beer last night... Before the pandemic we went out a lot, mostly to restaurants- then when they closed everything down we found out how much money we were saving by not going out. Now we'll still go out occasionally but generally we're old stay at home people now.

    How is this measured?

    Does he walk down a beach, make an assessment and that walk over to some babe and blatantly ask her, "Hey babe, are those plastic? Can I see your medical records to judge my assessment?"

    I doubt it.

    Holden, some people have an eye for horse flesh and Storch has an eye for female flesh. He always gets it right- he is never wrong. You should ask him to mentor you.

    Damn straight... boat ramp be damned!

    Boat ramps are racist. LOL but that was fucked up... when they winched it out a crowd had formed and a member of the press wanted to talk to me... I declined. I mean if I'm going to confess to being a dipshit then I want cameras, damn it. I want to be on World's Dumbest.

    Fuck that self driving shit- if I want to run some asshole off the road or run over a panhandler on a street corner it's my fucking car, right? I reserve the right to drive it however I want.

    The old brasero programs were the best. The farmers provided housing. Men and women had separate barracks and no children were allowed to do the seasonal work. They would go home with enough money to live in style the rest of the year.


    It's not really seasonal now- ag work is year round. The irony is I can look at it as indentured servitude but those migrants lucky enough to make it here are the most fortunate...

    The old saying- "Hate the game, not the players"- still applies.

    Around here the farmland is all being converted to orchards. Orchards take enormous amounts of water to grow. I bet they have doubled demand in rural areas.


    Over here they're converting from pear orchards to grapes. Of course our local politicians, Democrats all, declined to support a livable wage for migrant farm workers, so we have our knee firmly on the neck of migrants and we keep them in labor camps, bus them to and from the fields, deny their children a basic education and the kids start working the fields at 12 years old.