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    Excellent read KdF. When I moved to Mendo I worked at a sawmill. The idea our politicians can use this for fodder is disgusting- California regulated the timber industry out of business.

    You'll notice in the article how it mentions the lowest branches on the pine trees were 20 feet high? Back then fires were brush fires that helped Nature. Now they're death traps.

    Any of you know anything about Biomass? I was always opposed to it because of its pollution potential but damn man, the air has been choked with smoke all summer so as far as I'm concerned if the shit's gonna burn it should be in a furnace that produces electricity.

    she is the kind you wake up with and spend the next 3 hours wondering how to get rid of her.


    lazs, when you first woke up and you gazed at her, and her eyes were closed and she was sleeping, you'd think "Aww, how pretty-" So you'd kiss her, gently, on the cheek. And she'd wake up with a start, freaking out,screaming and flailing about, and you'd see those crazy eyes and huge Herbivore teeth and it'd take you about three seconds to figure out how to get rid of her- you'd smother her with a pillow.

    There's more than enough blame for this- it's not all lib vs. normal. Areas were clear cut, allowing brush and scrub oaks- more susceptible to a fire- to proliferate. Back in the 70s-80s there was no requirement for timber companies to reforest the land, and I remember one old logger saying that if he had to replant a tree he'd be broke by the time he stood back up.

    Then the hippies came in, and it was like Woodstock meets Deliverance. Then the hippies got political power and, that which displeased them, they regulated to death. So- that was the end of logging in California, even on private land. The rules limit you to so many board feet before you have to have a logging plan, and a logging plan requires inspections from several different regulatory agencies- including a Native American "expert" to look for Native American artifacts- and you have to pay for the inspections. By the time you've been feed to death it's not worth harvesting six or seven Douglas Fir trees that are mature and should come out.

    I don't understand enough about how forests are managed to know anything about how this could have been prevented..

    Fires are a part of nature, and in fact if left to their own devices a forest will manage itself. However, after years of logging and then stopping cold turkey we've left lots of fuel on the ground- years' worth. We've also clear cut areas that are now choked with dry brush, so instead of a normal forest fire where few trees are destroyed, and those are mostly sick or diseased, there's so much fuel on the ground and dead trees left standing then this is what you get- we never cleaned up our mess.

    Gina, I just can't believe we could lose an entire community like that- plus historic sites like Honey Run Bridge and the Centerville school house. My cousin in Magalia got out OK- Trivia for ya Gina. Magalia was where they found a gold nugget that, at the time, was the largest ever found. How much did it weigh? It's why they have Gold Nugget Days. It was an Apple Blossom day, then they changed the name. My Mom won the queen title in 1948 or so- we have pics of her riding in a convertible in the parade.

    I don't know man- I don't understand how we can allow ourselves to be subject to this. 134 year old bridge- I am sick.

    KdF posted his picture- anyone know how to repost it? Anyway he looks like an asshole to me. He looks like the kind of guy that if you crowded his car in the parking lot he'd leave his grocery cart against your door.

    I like him- definite assholiness material.

    Is it the state forest management or federal forest management?

    It's the inability of private land owners to harvest their own timber as much as anything. We have mature fir trees that should be harvested up North that we can't get a harvest plan on- too bad, but it is what it is. The State and the Feds have made it so difficult to comply with the terms and conditions to get a timber harvest plan logging companies can't compete with Canadian imported timber. We still have a Redwood market, but it's a fraction of what it was up here.

    Another issue with no logging is there's no skid roads- that forest grows back quick. Without skid roads there's no fire breaks and no access.

    I think the part I can't get my head around is the Honey Run covered bridge. When I ran that was a great destination because it had an incline over 12-15 miles, so it was a great run. It was built in the 1880s, is like 134 years old. Or was- from the time people put out fires with a bucket brigade that bridge has stood, and now with all we know we lose treasures like that?

    Makes me sick.

    Mike I am sure that you have been looking at your options for at least a year. choose wisely. Basically they are chasing a business owner out of California with regulations. I mean... yeah... I get the buggy whip thing but you are small and niche.... shit... there are small places right now that make buggy whips... course... not in California cause it sucks to make anything here.


    This is really no surprise Doran- remember when the State back in the 80s demanded all gas stations be retrofitted with new underground tanks at 125k? Ran out what independents were left after having to spend to put new pumps in that supposedly keep vapors from the air. The latest was making the independent truck drivers have to buy new, less polluting diesel motors for their trucks.

    Hell, going way back every new regulation we get is because some lobbyist is greasing the right palms. I was hoping to get another two to four years out of this, but like I said, dealing with the State is worse than dealing with drug dealers.