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    That's all that is required, although a good brine soak does justice in its own way.

    Phone app.... pshaw.


    Oh, fuck phone aps- I took an IQ test and found out I'm between an electric can opener and a toaster oven so my smart phone is way beyond my comprehension. The fucker won't even talk to me.

    I just want to smoke a Bratwurst, OK?

    I got my booster shot today so I'm done- no more masks. My papers have been stamped and they even gave me a six pointed star armband I must wear in public to prove I am vaccinated- but I am free.

    Yeah well,

    WAS thinking of taking a ride to the coast..

    $3.00 gas, hotels at premium pricing, too many obligations,..and now a traffic jam in Memphis...

    Fuck it.

    3.00 gas??? I haven't seen 3 dollar a gallon gas since 2019. It's 3.87 here- If I could get three dollar a gallon gas I'd sell Molotov cocktails to the Antifa freedom fighters who are working tirelessly in Portland and Seattle to throw off the yoke of police oppression and administer righteous justice.

    That, and I'd drive to the store and pick up a six pack of Coors Light.

    Yeah, I think I did a saute once that called for a teaspoon of it or something. I really have no idea what it actually is, I just know that it exists.

    Denial is not a river in Egypt... It is living a lie. You, sir, are a Liquid Smoker.

    And the Repugs are 100% against Biden's infrastructure bill.

    Donald Trump campaigned on a $1 trillion infrastructure plan. “We are going to fix our inner cities and rebuild our highways, bridges, tunnels, airports, schools, hospitals,” he said in his 2016 election night victory speech. “And we will put millions of our people to work as we rebuild it.”

    What happened to that?

    I'm guessing there was too much pork attached.

    I'm here to tell ya... that shit was gnarly. I had just come home from a trip to the sand mine down in Wisconsin when some mystery weed showed up on my door. So... I mean... it looked and smelled good, so I rolled up a big ol cannon that the Wife and I smoked.

    Well... we were just fucked right up. At one point we had the doors and windows open with a fan running to get the stink out of the house before the kids got home... it was December. I couldn't tell you how long the high lasted, because time was completely irrelevant. I think I still have a little shake in a baggie around the house somewhere... that was three or four years ago.

    I don't like the dispensary stuff at all- by the time they're done with all the bureaucratic paperwork and get it on the shelves it's dry, harsh and bland. Anyway I'm going to visit my brother this weekend- he sent in his meat order last night.

    Here's what bugs me- I'm only allowed one ounce in possession, yet when the pandemic started I had to rent a storage shed to store all the toilet paper I was hoarding and nobody said a word.

    We'd like to have one that can smoke a brisket, but we don't want to spend over a grand. I couldn't see a price for Rec Tec but they do look spendy.

    I had a Maine coon named Bob- he lived for 16 years. He loved it out here because it's semi rural and there was lots of hunting opportunities out there. At first he'd just bring them in and crunch their heads, but then he discovered it was much more fun to bring the rodents or birds or once a big fucking lizard in, release them alive, and I could enjoy the fun of capturing a rodent, or a bird, or a big fucking lizard at three in the morning too.

    That was the coolest cat I've had- once a flock of wild turkeys attacked him in the front yard and we had to rescue him.

    Airhead's weed will cripple you.

    That's my brother's. I haven't been up there for several months- I need to pay him a visit. I print sandwich tickets for a local meat market/ deli- my cost is twenty five dollars, their cost is 125.00. I trade that for really high quality beef and pork- at any given moment I have about 300 in available trade. Then my SIL will give me a list of what they want, and it's about 2-300 retail, and I swap that for weed. My steaks cost me two dollars a pound and my weed costs about twenty five dollars an ounce.

    Now if I could hook up with a good distillery and get my booze at a discount I'd be all set. :)

    We talked about the most boring sports but I nominate horse racing as one of the most brutal sports. They've selective bred thoroughbreds to have a higher lung capacity but the extra weight of their bodies causes them to break down, so horses die on the track almost daily.

    Too bad- horse racing is exciting especially when you're betting more than you can afford to lose.