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    When I was ready to get out of the service I applied for, and got, a 90 day school cut to attend college. Because I was overseas in Manila and was going to deploy to Kenya before my enlistment was up it was cheaper for them to fly me home from Manila so they granted my 90 day school cut and I came home... but when I was on my way to enroll at college I saw this really cool looking ski boat for sale, so I decided to buy the boat and spend my summer hanging out at various lakes (think Berryessa, Lazs) and blow off college for the summer semester.

    I had a blast, too- it was great. But then the dreams started.

    They had warned me my 90 day school cut was to- wait for it- attend school, and if I didn't they'd recall me to active duty and make me do the 90 days plus extend my enlistment six months. Of course I blew them off, and I started dreaming they found out I'd skipped school and called me back to active duty and made me go back to boot camp.

    I had that dream for years... what was odd was the older I was in real life I was just as old in my dream, and I was a relatively old man out there on the obstacle course in my dream. It was fucked up.

    If that happened to me I'd I'd give that boat captain a really bad Yelp review.

    Time flies... You have my sympathy because nothing will make you older than a teenage daughter who is convinced she is smarter than you.

    We're getting an exit strategy- it sucks here. Politically, weatherwise, economy- it all sucks. You're lucky you fled when you did.

    Nightmares can be caused by watching Pauly Shore movies.

    Heya Eric!! I hope life is good? It's been terrible out here...sun never did come out today. My uncle had to evacuate from the Susanville area, my brother had to flee the Oak fire in Brooktrails, a niece was evacuated from Middleton, a good friend lost her house and all she owned, Hwy 101 is closed and travelers are parked in cars everywhere cause there's no rooms to let, and now we have an arsonist starting fires...

    The only good thing

    about getting choked out is the lack of sunshine keeps the temps down, but other than that it sucks.

    You still in the Breaking Bad house?

    Thats a high pressure airgun,you can see the pressure gauge below the barrel. You need a high pressure compressor to fill those up,your run of the mill air compressor wont have the PSI require to fill it up.IIRC they require something like 5000 psi.

    A few years back I wanted to get a high pressure air rifle,they make some nice ones in 357,44/45 and 50 cal and you can actually take big game with them. The problem is they are treated just like a firearm up here as the MV exceeds the limit of 495fps.

    Here's some history.…ifle-of-meriwether-lewis/

    112 yesterday- one brother got evacuated, a niece got evacuated, Hwy 101 is closed, and a good friend lost their home and possessions. It's so volatile we're staying close to home- if we leave and a fire starts they won't let us back in. Crazy shit-

    Raised by Wolves - Ridley Scott directed new TV show, it's on HBO though, so you have to subscribe or pirate it.

    First 3 episodes are out, just found it today, really good IMO. Travis Fimmel from "Vikings" (Ragnar) acts in it.

    It seems to be a little darker than the Three Little Pigs my Mom read to me.

    I'm starting to hate it here... it's so smoky from the fires we can't see the sun and my leaf blower blows the soot and ash off my cars. It'll be 110 this weekend, and the economy is mostly shut down and we wonder every time we leave if we'll get burned out.

    Politics are shit, and taxes are oppressive and Steph wants to stay because of the kids and I'm like fuck this, we could get the fuck out of here and go someplace normal. Maybe sell out, find a place with two homes and move with the kids.

    This week's video and I shot it w/o the camera woman. She got pissed when she found out but that isn't my problem. I've suggested several times that maybe she could watch some videos on how to shoot videos but she never did. Then I get a comment on one of my videos to get rid of the camera person, when I pointed that out and asked if she'd watched any videos she got mad and stormed out of my office. Again, her anger and refusal to improve are not my problem.

    I have a few things to improve on with this method of videography, but I'll get there soon enough.

    Hmmm... Not to be an asshole here, but I have a You-Tube account, and I'm good at commenting....

    OK guys- I hate to be the bearer of bad news but Trump will lose. Believe me, I'm sorry- but it is what it is. We are entering a political era of rule by party. It'll be an Animal Farm world.