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    My brother represents the workers at that prison- he's American Federation of Government Employees, in litigation. One issue is understaffing- Trump put a freeze on hiring, so to fill positions they use "augmentation," which means they have cooks, social workers, janitors, whoever fill in as guards.

    The issue is we have more prisoners than we do guards to watch them. When you have a cook armed with a spatula watching over career criminals that's a real detriment to commit a felony- I would not feel safe with a cook armed with a spatula to protect me should I run afoul of the Ayrian Brotherhood. I mean, is it too much to ask that if I'm in a maximum security prison they can at least lock the doors? It is a prison, right? Uh... Lock the

    doors? The prison is crawling with bad people, and you can't lock the doors? People can come into my cell to kill me, rape me, rob me- because you can't lock the doors? It's a MAXIMUM SECURITY PRISON, and you can't lock the fucking doors?

    What a shitty prison man.

    Speaking of rockfish, here's our coast and a video of two guys camping on their 110cc Hondas. I would like to do this with Finger- we could go camping, and who knows? We might pitch a tent.

    You guys are lucky- out there you can go sport diving in warm, crystal clear water... and you can drive to the beach. Here we have to wear a wet suit, weight belt, all of it- plus the coastline is rugged so if you go to the best places you will have to climb up and down a cliff. Now that there's no more abalone I have no desire whatsoever to enter the ocean, just because I'd probably die.

    What suits me now is buying it FOB when they come in- that way I can sit in a cafe bar and drink a Bloody Mary and eat Calamari instead of struggling in the water. Much better.

    Me too Storch. We're 45 minutes from Fort Bragg and its ice cold ocean and there's nothing more fun than going out on a party boat, catching a limit of Rockfish, bringing them home and dipping them in a special beer batter and deep fat frying them.

    were those projects toward the southwestern are of Richmond?

    Think they were old military housing from WW2?

    Not Virginia- it was California. My Dad had a habit of disappearing on payday until he drank up his paycheck and his money was gone so yeah, we were on welfare, subsidized housing, all of it. We were also in subsidized housing in Sacramento. Richmond was all black- Sacramento was half black- Chico was poor whites and Hispanics. Anyway it's never much mattered to me what color people are because I'm not better than them and they're not better than me.

    Airhead likes Diaphanus Dave. That's fine Airhead is a center leftist as well. I'll venture to say their experience with blacks isn't anywhere near an urban environment leftism nourished and enabled negro that is programmed into believing its entitled to whatever impulse enters its limited cranium.

    They're savages. They understand one thing and only one....force.

    You'd lose that bet. We grew up dirt poor- I didn't even see a flush toilet until I started school. We had an outhouse. From there we moved to the projects in Richmond, and from there to Chico, to Chapman Town.

    I'm just like anyone else- if I hear footsteps coming up behind me I'm relieved if it's a white person- there are so many variables in poverty, starting with a sub standard education, that it's hard to classify people by race. My best friend is black, and he's sharper than I am- maybe he's the exception that proves the rule, or maybe he grew up with good opportunities.

    Anyway we can discuss this, come to a conclusion, and never discuss why this is or how to make change and we all agree, change is needed. People living in ghettos without hope and opportunity are the issue we should be addressing- we should be discussing the Government caste system that mires people into helplessness and trapped on the Government plantation.

    It's easy to label people without looking at the whys and wherefores. I just think it's more than that.

    Actually MiniD made a good point- the guy that killed the Jews said things in posts that were similar to what's said here. I doubt any of us would ever do this, but the hatefulness is out there at times and makes me uncomfortable. I mean, my friends are my friends and I don't have to agree with them and still I consider them friends, but there's uncomfortable pauses out there.

    I can't believe anyone cares what the political leaning of these nut jobs committing these crimes are; anyone that believes violence is ok in the name of politics is certifiably nuts and might just as well kill a person over a Walmart parking spot as over politics.

    Yup. When we do "whatever it takes" to make other cultures conform to our way of life this is what happens.

    In defense of MiniD I don't believe he's a left wing or right wing guy- he's someone who works for a living, has a home, and he's a sharp, sharp guy- I've met him and I respect him.

    Actually though there's a lot of diviseviness

    Wow... you guys never seem to make the point you think you're making.

    Dave, don't come here looking for deep intellectual conversation. This place is like bubble gum for the brain.

    The whole thing is fucked up. The whole divisiveness and unwillingness to accept each other- I don't care if someone is Jewish, or black, or Muslim, or gay, or whatever- as long as they aren't Cubans. Cubans are nasty.

    When you visit Lazs the beer is always cold- the door is open and people pop in and out, usually on motorcycles and hot rods. Shit Doran- come to think of it no wonder the cops think you're dealing. Lots of traffic.

    You're not a very good asshole.

    Way too likeable.

    Keep trying though.

    We can be likeable assholes Ted. It's kinda like the Wizard of Oz- when they asked Dorothy if she was a good witch or a bad witch. Think of me as the good asshole who flies about on gossamer wings. or the bad asshole.

    God Damn man- this weed I smoked will make me crawl to bed, seriously. I'm gonna limp off here- what's funny is my dog usually will go to bed with me but if I smoke weed he won't come to bed with me.