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    does anybody have any suggestions?

    Yeah- let it play out. Ignore it. People will either get bored with it and stop or they'll get bored with it and leave- either way works for me. I've already admitted to my less than welcoming attitude and apologized for it and I'm over this shit- I want to go back to talking about hot rods we've owned or pussy we've rented.

    Mom, chill- I can see the look on your face over the Internet even. I'm just going about my business as usual and talking about the things that I like and I'm glad so many of us are friends we share our lives through this place. I'm going to keep on doing so, and if the noobs want to have pointless video threads whatever- we know who the OPs are and we know not to look. Ignore the bitches.

    She got taken for a ride.

    Never go for any of those monthly payment deals offered by installers.

    You'd be much better off getting a personal loan to pay for it if you're going to do it on credit

    Tell me man- not to mention the contract is such the payment is added to her mortgage. My math was off though- after factoring in the power savings she's only doubled her price for ten years, not tripled it. Still fucked up though.

    My kids listen to the boat stereo when they board- it's pretty loud. Me, I like the quiet. I like the sound of the water, and the nature.... I like idling around a bend and feeling a rush of apprehension. If we hit our local lake we'll anchor out n the middle, sit on floats and listen to it- but for cruising, I have to be able to hear my environment.

    My sister got solar panels for her roof- her former electricity bill of 100 dollars a month went down to zero but the cost of her panels is 300 a month for 10 years. So her break even is 30 years before she saves a nickel- she'll be 92 years old before it breaks even.

    I tried to explain this to her, but she's fiscally stupid.

    In the immortal words of that great icon of brotherhood, Rodney King- Can't we all just get along?

    But... no DL. You've gone from number 17 on my list to number 11 and the eight people you passed all left in tears. Just since yesterday.

    No Mike... The only way to make them happy is to lay back and let them take over the board. It's what Gina wants.

    I think Gina just wants people to get along. I think she tried to counter balance the hostility shown to the noobs, but as long as we keep saying it's "us" vs "them" we all lose. IDK man- let them have their threads of stupid videos or whatever, we can still communicate with each other.

    Blood atonement- we need a human sacrifice to the God of Civility. I recommend we crucify Escapegoat on a cross- he'll hate that.

    Much as most of us would like to be special we're all really pretty much the same. Same needs and desires. I'm getting way too tolerant in my old age.

    Me too man... me too.

    What GScholz says- I'm over it. People come, people go- it's your own call. I've got friends here so I'll stick around in spite of the general insipidness of a couple of the noob trolls. If I don't like it I don't need to read it, and I damn sure don't need to comment on it. I do regret the us vs. them attitude, because they're as diverse as we are and some of them might fit right in if not for that, but I come here to keep up with my friends- hey, if I wanted to I could be a dick but really, I've retired from trolling.

    HS I did well if it was a sports season because they were strict on the academic requirements. Once I broke my arm- I was s a sophomore- so I had is sit out football season. I got D's. Basketball season started and I got B's.

    Every now and then I wake from a dream from a time I was younger. My head spins as I remember how old I am and catch up to my age.

    I got a 90 day early out at the end of my enlistment- it was a school cut. Only I didn't go to school right away- I bought a boat and went skiing.

    Then the dream started- the one where they discovered I hadn't gone to college when I said I was going to so they made me come back and do 90 days. That dream went on for years, and in the dream I was my current age, and it stopped when I was in my mid 50s, but at the end I was gray haired, trying to keep up with the young kids.