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    I heard a letter read from one of the Generals about the Civil War Secession attempt. He said the original 13 colonies purchased the states that wanted to secede and therefore had vested interest in those states. The only ones that could secede were the original 13 colonies under the articles of confederation.

    I'm going from memory here so it may not be exact. Personally, I believe they had the right to concede.

    C'mon. you're smarter than that. It's "succeed" and no, no State may do so.

    Heavy cream and salt.

    Half of whatever size Mason jar with cream and two dashes of salt. Shake it until you feel it start separating. Once you see a clearish liquid and butter mixture forming in the middle, it has turned to butter. The liquid left over is buttermilk you can use in a variety of recipes. Most delicious butter ever! - MF's Wife

    Actually I really like butter milk, especially with a bowl of split pea soup.

    Q'd up a Tri Tip last night- got a nice bark, then smothered it in Stilton blue cheese, and it was perfect... Not as rare as I'd like, but the leftovers will make great sandwiches.

    Stilson blue cheese is great for cooking- it makes a crust. Hard to find though- there's a shop in Williams that carries it. It's the best thing to come out of GB since the Beatles.

    you could be a victim.

    Not me- I'm a victimizer, not a victimizee.

    I depend on me and only me to look out for my welfare- nobody pays my bills. I'm fortunate my client base numbers about 1000 California doctors, dentists, vets, clinics, hospitals and health centers. We're going to expand our line to include envelopes and appointment cards and I need to hire a web guy or gal. I have a web site but I need it to be interactive, so if anyone has any ideas let me know- I spent 1500 on an asshole that took my money and vanished but I do have a Go Daddy site.

    New poll says that 71% of Americans think we are headed for a revolution. That is not good.


    Not gonna happen- I'm busy at work and have jobs that have to ship Monday. Tuesday I have to go to the dentist, and Wednesday is our date nite. Plus we're vasatly outgunned by the US Military... Tell ya what, let's pool our money and buy an M1 Abrams tank. It might not defeat the US Military but we could damn sure take over Canada.

    That's cool about your Son In Law though. I really hate to see it when old tools are neglected and love it when I see them renewed and back to work.

    He's hippie dippie but he has a respect for the old... we do fantastic camp grounds complete with a hot water shower and solar lighting throughout... he gave me a plastic step that sits in front of the toilet and when you rest your feet on it your colon is aligned to give you a perfect dump. That's hippie dippie right there man.

    Just took the old #6 out of the oven. Couple more cycles and she should be ready for some work.

    We have some cast iron and my son in law "rescues" distressed cast iron. We have a couple of Dutch ovens we bake with... nothing better than scratch baked biscuits in a Dutch oven cooked in a campfire.

    The Trump Admin has printed 22% of all dollars ever printed. In 2020 alone.

    So fuckit. It's all monopoly-money. Let's print as much as we want :thumbsup

    Damn Twat... you do realize you're taking that out of perspective, right? Paper gets worn out, and the Federal Reserve pulls worn bills and replaces them with crisp new ones. I believe this became even more necessary during four years of a booming economy under Trump where money was exchanging hands so fast it was getting worn out.