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    That movie about Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King was pretty damn good- it actually got the characters down right. LOL, Bobby Riggs hustling a guy at tennis while holding two dogs on leashes was classic... He was quite a hustler.

    I think what makes a movie like that entertaining is remembering when it happened... I recommend it.

    Spitbull.. Shut the fuck up about shit you don't know anything about (everything). Wheel hubs can roar for a thousand miles before they fail. And the wheel certainly CAN seperate from the vehicle. What year is this death trap? Front or rear?

    Sluggo is not wrong on this- traveling across the UP to do Bread cover band shows they hear the failure of suspensions quite often, no doubt.
    Oh, and it's separate, not seperate. Not to be a dick here- but- well, yeah I am.

    I forgot,my CRV was making a grinding noise,wife was out and called,I could hear the noise over the phone!

    Turned out it was a stupid walnut,a squirrel had left it in the strut,it fell down into the caliper and got caught against the rotor and caliper,made a hell of a racket but was a simple fix. Use a screw driver to pry the nut out and bob's your uncle.

    Did you eat the nut? :)

    Yeah yeah Gina.... (waves hand dismissively) Estrogen kills brain cells.

    Not judging, I "saw" a few things when I was younger that may or may not have been real.

    The shit I saw was real man- yes, I was stoned but now I'm straight and I see the same stuff- fuckin little grey skinned aliens whispering in my ear- they go "whooo whoo" and they want to probe me.

    Shit is fuckin real man- they come back to visit me often and my dog barks at them but they pet my cat so it's all good-

    The reason you don't see them is because Michigan is a shithole and any self respecting Alien prefers the better climate in California. Even aliens from Venus think you guys are fucked up. And Aliens from Venus are like- from Detroit.

    To be fair, you were stoned for like 4 decades straight.

    Oh, OK Redwing... when I reported the UFO sighting the first time I did fail the drug test. Likewise they dismissed my Big Foot encounter for the same reasons but FUCK man, why do you have to be sober to see what is real? Why did that disqualify me? I SEEN it man- it was a pyramid that flew right over the top of me. Yeah, I was wasted, but- I saw what I saw.

    It should have simply been ignored. Regulation only adds value to something- pot shouldn't be regulated any more than the tomatoes you grow in your garden.

    It's this regulation that's caused the adverse results we're dealing with today- pot, in and of itself, is simply a weed.

    Old news... the hypocrisy is the so called hippies use pesticides that would make Monsanto ashamed. Add in the crime associated with it and it's been a real devastation for our community. Of course if you say this out loud you'll get pushback from those who profit on it-

    Tell that egghead professor to fuck off- no N Ca pot for that ingrate piece of shit.

    Me, I'd retreat up North an hour or so... there's old ancient trails that go all the way to the Coast, and plenty of deer and turkeys to live on and lots of fish and Abalone in the water... I'd harvest kelp and shellfish and sell Sushi to the surviving Asians. I just need a recipe for Wasabi- get that and I'm all good.

    I talked with Molly this morning. I really wish I was going with you guys.

    You could if you really wanted to. You got people up here that love you Gina- these are the people you should hang with.

    Anyway my wife's brother blew off her birthday and I'm really pissed off right now- he's a Viet Vet and he was a dental tech in Da Nang and he never saw more action than an abscessed tooth and his car has more shit on it than a fucking Jitney. You'd think he was William Westmoreland and he's a fucking poser who never did shit and he broke my wife's heart and I really should kick his ass but- you know, if I do that it makes it worse.

    BTW- a big shout out to Murder Face, we had a great talk today and he's a good guy. Just saying.

    I never had sex with my Mama San- not ever. We lived together and slept in the same bed when I was there when I wasn't on the river because we only had one bed but it was business, and by not having sex we had a trust... she handled cigarette sales, procured the weed I sold, and took care of our place. She was Mama San of the commune, and she handled the girls and did all kinds of business and she was great... she was the Boss.

    It was sad when I had to leave... I would have stayed, given the opportunity, but I have no doubt she had lots of cash thanks to our dealings and she was smart and landed on her feet I hope. But damn man, that was living... talking on the Internet? Not so much man... no smells, no sight, no sounds.

    I'd rather hang out with Storch than live like this. At least he's living life now...

    I hate war stories but here's a good one- a friend of mine was a cook on his third deployment. He was married to a VN gal and they had a baby- he applied for permission to marry her and was turned down. Tried to extend his enlistment but it was early 70s and we were withdrawing so he was turned down again. He deserted- just left one day. They picked him up, returned him and he was restricted to base awaiting a trial for AWOL.

    Then, one day, he just vanished. Rumor has it he was buried in a can of garbage and got smuggled off the base... they never really checked garbage cans, coming or going, so I believe it. He told me after they brought him back the first time that if he could get away again he'd run to his wife's home town in the Central Highlands and since we were bugging out I don't think they looked for him too terribly hard... I'd like to think he made it, and I'd like to think he's still alive today and doing well. I do know he had a couple of cartons of Salems with him, which was a better currency that Piasters, so... I think about him occasionally and hope he's living well... hearing, smelling, and seeing and living life well.