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    I love my explorer. I'd never take an older f150 in its place. I love my heated seats and steering wheel. :sleeping:

    That's why everyone borrows my 150 if they have something to move.

    This GN may be the coolest build yet...his pickup was cool too. I like the small motors now- they're easier to work on.

    Yes, but it's eras- and the vintage. And the cool factor. If I had time and money I'd be looking for a Kharmen Ghia- the lines are so cool, or an Opel.

    Steph says the GN is kinda boxy and- well- ugly but I think if you get a car you like and your wife doesn't like she won't want to drive it.

    We almost got a Tbird Turbo Coupe from that era but she really liked the car- too much, so I bought an old 78 Nova.

    69 ZL-1 Camaro or a Dodge SuperBee with a 426 Hemi or maybe a 69 Plymouth SuperBird with the Hemi.

    Yeah those would be nice but it's not in the budget- Mini D does projects like this and he does them well, so this Grand National will be cool.

    The Tomb and the changing of the guard was emotional... it's the promise we'll honor those who have passed before us and those who pass after us. It was honoring. I highly recommend it if you're ever in Dee Cee.

    Of course why Lucid is interested in this is beyond me... the only manly bone he's ever had in his body was from an anonymous donor at a Macy's restroom.

    Damn, we got another Mixie the Chin up in here- see what happens when single women try to raise men? You get sniveling little milksops like Lucid.

    My SIL has two sons, single Mom- the kids were getting all pussied out. couldn't play ball- so I moved them in with us and we had a pool and a boat and baseball gloves and it was a lot of fun- this was in East Sacramento and these guys blossomed. They got licenses and they fucked around with cars and the older one loved hunting and now they're in their 40s-50s with kids of their own.

    Deer tracks,,, and fresh ones. I'm guessing he's four years old and is a three point buck. He's been eating well too... look at the color of those buck berries! You can make tea out of those.

    Hell Thruster, you don't need a trail cam- you have me.

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    Those obviously aren't Ninja coyotes.

    The carcass is a young deer- a Doe, less than a year old. She was killed by a coyote (you can tell the way her bones were fractured) and then savaged by other smaller predators, mostly crows and rats. You can tell that by the rat turds in the picture.

    I got to hang out in Mombassa, Kenya for about a week.... beautiful place with a Portugese history going back to 1550. I found some Africans who were selling weed so I had a cool method for getting contraband on board- I'd take a full garbage can, go to the dumpster, and put weed in the otherwise now emptied can and bring it back on board and they never checked them coming back-

    But the Africans did not like the American Blacks and refused to serve them... it was weird.