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    We did smoked brisket... was damn good. Creamed corn, green bean casserole, great cheeses and salamis... Spent time with the kids, watched a little football, and actually lasted until 7:30 and slept all night....

    I'm so impressed with my wife- she's a wonderful hostess. Now we're chilling- her cat was traumatized by the event and they're both comfy in a recliner.

    Deer tracks,,, and fresh ones. I'm guessing he's four years old and is a three point buck. He's been eating well too... look at the color of those buck berries! You can make tea out of those.

    Hell Thruster, you don't need a trail cam- you have me.

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    Those obviously aren't Ninja coyotes.

    The carcass is a young deer- a Doe, less than a year old. She was killed by a coyote (you can tell the way her bones were fractured) and then savaged by other smaller predators, mostly crows and rats. You can tell that by the rat turds in the picture.

    I got to hang out in Mombassa, Kenya for about a week.... beautiful place with a Portugese history going back to 1550. I found some Africans who were selling weed so I had a cool method for getting contraband on board- I'd take a full garbage can, go to the dumpster, and put weed in the otherwise now emptied can and bring it back on board and they never checked them coming back-

    But the Africans did not like the American Blacks and refused to serve them... it was weird.

    Your job requires talent- mine is like a Pavlov's Dog life that requires experience, not talent. I've done better these past 36 years than if I worked for someone but I'm not special and realize I could be replaced, so it was a matter of finding the right boss and I did- it was me.

    Mrs Trigg loved my mom and her a flan de leche. By extension us kids.

    Happy times in Old Hialeah.

    God Damn Jack... You reminded of this old Eastern European woman I knew back when I was in 3rd-6th grade. She made great desserts, and even though we couldn't understand each other she had these old pics of men in military uniforms and she'd cry, but I'd bring her shelled English walnuts and she'd make remarkable treats.

    I was thinking about really old stuff today- I remembered some of my early bicycle builds and those were cool then later dropping a 389 in a 57 Chevy with no brakes and brakes didn't matter anyway because only pussies used brakes right?

    It'll be a cold day in hell when I let my car drive itself.

    Seriously man... my truck drove itself into a lake one time and that really sucked. Tell your cars not to go driving without you. And hide the keys.

    But.... we do have an interesting point here. Is there a right to drive yourself about freely or are there so many restrictions on car safety we've already established the legal precedent of Government to establish these rules?

    If so then how far away are we from the day we insult our cars and they refuse to give us a ride? LOL, Dann arguing with his car- "I"M driving." Dan's Car- "I'm sorry Dann but your hostility levels are elevated and you may be an aggressive driver. Your vehicle access is restricted to the back seat."

    Dann- "This is my car, you bitch!" slapping drivers window "Let me in and let me drive you bitch!"

    Car- "I'm sorry Dann but your blood pressure is elevated and and the Health Police have advised you need to take your blood thinner and go on a long walk." (Car drives off)

    Dann- "Fuck." Takes pill. Starts walking after the car.

    So, selling unintoxicated engine starts is going to be a thing ehh?

    My Brother the Labor Lawyer got too many DUIs and had a breath installed on his car... he ran out of booze so he tried to get his wife, who doesn't drink, into either blowing into the tube or giving him a ride to the store and she refused.

    He freaked out, she called the police- the popos offered him his car keys and access to it but he'd have ended up in jail so he refused.

    They said he's a flight risk- like they'd let that nut on an airplane?

    They said he's a flight risk- like they'd let that nut on an airplane?

    Snorkel included?

    Seriously, right? Nah man, just the Soccermom edition. But I've been preaching to them about saving money for a house and they sign on for a rapidly depreciating asset when they should be banking bucks and I see a lack of sacrifice in them... I built my first home, out of sod. And I drove a Yugo. And we had a paper route and Steph rode on the hood of the car, tossing papers and this is the American dream- we upgraded to a house made of straw, sold it and bought a house made of sticks, and then traded that in for a house made of bricks... and THAT is the American Dream.

    My daughter just bought a 2019 4 runner. Nice one- 3rd row seating. But looking at where she is in life I'm like why are you renting a house and buying such an expensive car? Pisses me off- I'd give her my One Fitty and she could save some coin.

    They started to gain traction here in 1913.

    My German ancestors came here right after WW1. They believed in neutrality and were Nazis, no doubt.

    Interesting thing about Flight of the Phoenix- In the story the engineer who built the plane built model airplanes, not full sized ones. The pilot about shit when he found out-