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    Molly..... alas... Janice is gone again. Probly for the best since my heart could probly not take much more anyway.


    Hey, it was good to see her. I'm glad her and Steph hung out, and I'm glad they're friends.

    But yeah, you looked kinda shaky... I suggest chicken soup and bed rest until she returns. I mean, I'd say "Stay down Rocky" but that ain't you, you go fifteen rounds. Old school bro.

    Bad Times at El Royale was good- I visited that place once upon a time. John Wick 3 was a video game, and an easy one at that. Boring after ten minutes. Hellboy was stupid... I lasted eight minutes.

    One I saw recently I liked was The Lucky Ones- not too bad. It was about transitions, and was actually pretty good.

    I have Netflix and Medical Police will be on my watch list based upon MiniD's recommendation.

    Oh- I saw a couple episodes of Warriors on Cinemax. Looked good if you like westerns- I thought it was good.

    Mom, I have a great idea for your next project- do an episode of Trailer Park boys where two new people move into the park- an English prince and his American wife who have renounced their nobility. The prince details cars for a living and his wife has an outcall massage service.

    There was something about that blonde hair blowing in the breeze, top down on the Healey, doing four wheel drifts in the turns, on the way to Barryessa to camp for the weekend- only woman who ever rode in my car when I was acting really stupid who urged me to be even more stupid and go faster.

    We never did make love- we fucked. She'd slap me, really hard- she liked being on top. I couldn't trust her to give me a blow job because she was a biter... she went down on me one time and I thought I was going to have to get stitches on my penis.

    Bitch was crazy... but damn man, she was georgious. We'd camp and she'd come crawling out of our tent with her hair all tousled, wearing a halter top and Daisy Dukes, and everyone envied me and I was like "No you don't." She finally broke up with me, and I was as relieved as if the IRS sent me a letter cancelling my audit.

    I never did figure out which of us was a schizophrenic psycho.

    That's a great live version.

    Yeah, Stephen Stills is great- his work on Manannas is wonderful. I like this song and dedicated it to Wrag because heli pilots had to fly at treetop level and the lower you flew the less the bad guys had a shot at you. Your natural instinct is if you get shot at you pull up, but that only exposes you to more enemy fire. Another natural instinct is when a bullet whizzes by your head you hit the deck, but that just makes you a bigger target.

    I admire Wrag because he had the toughest job in that war in that he had to stay low and fast, and remain standing or sitting on his helmet. He's a man.

    Anyway Manassas-

    I got home in 1974 after 4 years, and all of it but a few months were spent overseas. and I had an Austin Healey 3000- a 63 model, straight six- and a buddy of mine had a pickup so I bought a boat and he'd pull it for me and we were regulars at Lake Berryessa. I had a really smoking hot looking girlfriend with long blonde hair who loved sex- unfortunately, with just about anyone- but we'd put the top down on the Healey, crank up Manassas on the cassette player and camp at Berryessa for the weekend.

    Unfortunately my girlfriend was batshit crazy, but I still loved her, kinda- and I tried- so, to her-


    here you go try this... the only Stephens (name on the walnut crates) in this list isn't them...

    That's probably who they're selling their walnuts to. They look like they're located in the Sierra foothills, in the Yuba City area (Razer's home town) or maybe above Chico, guessing by the photos of their view of the canyons. Whatever, they aren't in the mountains- and they aren't 100 miles from the nearest town.

    You notice all the nut companies around Chico? It used to be all English walnuts there, then the urban sprawl gave every home a couple of walnut trees in their front yard. I used to rake peoples' yards for free, and keep the walnuts. We could get eleven dollars a gunny sack for them and Tri Co nut company (now renamed or out of business) would buy partial sacks of them. Half a sack would earn me five dollars or so, and back then the going rate for raking a lawn was maybe 50 cents, a dollar- I'd rake, and my brother would gather and bag the walnuts. We'd do four or five lawns a day, and on a good day we'd make 20 dollars easy- sometimes more. That was big money in 1962 for a 10-11 year old kid.

    Dickhead. Like velveeta on a chicken sandwish.

    Kiss my ass, kiss his ass. koss her ass. Melty.

    Every time you delete your account you lose your like points man. WTF, don't you care what we think?

    Well, back to the bullshit Girls Off The Grid- The only place in California you can settle that is 100 miles from the nearest town is in like Death Valley.

    Let's see a picture of their hay barn- horses, goats and sheep would need a semi truck load of good hay, and it has to be covered. Also that greenhouse they pretended to build by throwing ropes over the top looks like it was professionally done- the ribs were too far apart, just saying. Finished it looked better.

    I think what bugs me the most is that skinny fucking hippie pushing that wheelbarrow of dirt up the hill- like, I filled up all these beds- and the only thing growing in them are weeds. I'd like to kick his pansy ass.

    Oh, and that burrito in their video? That's Taco Bell right there- they just took off the wrapper and staged it, like "Yeah, we make burritos."

    Their weed though- spindly assed little four foot plants? Maybe two ounces per plant? That makes me want to kill that skinny hippie after I beat his ass. Choke him to death on shake.

    Find out where they are Gina- I think I know, but I'm not sure....

    That is funny right there.

    Jack, if there really is a Hell yours will be having to orally please those rotten ass skanks. Think about that man- them go to confession. A thousand Hail Marys are better than having to lick one rotten crotch.

    Repent brother, lest your tongue fall off.

    I don't know why you're saying such mean things about my friends

    Your friends are all whores. Their garden is barren and their weed is spindly- plus they don't practice hygiene. Could you imagine the stench emulating from their home once they all start cycling together?

    OK, I watched the video and the first thing I noticed was the time of year- judging by their dress it had to be June. The second thing I noticed was the deplorable condition of their garden- they weren't raising enough produce to feed a jackrabbit. I mean, by that time of year they should have had a thriving garden, and it looked like most of it had been fallow for over a year.

    Oh, and the skinny hippie pushing the wheelbarrow of dirt? For the amount of unkept raised beds they had it would take about a thousand wheelbarrows of dirt to fill them all. You telling me that skinny ass hippie filled those beds one wheelbarrows load of dirt at a time? You got pickups man- fill those up and drive it up that hill.

    Then- livestock. Horses are useless on a farm. I had horses- four of them at once- and they are expensive to keep unless they're in a pasture, and their horses were in a corral. That means hay, and nobody was riding one so- what's the point of having horses as pets on a farm?

    And that pig- that is not a meat pig... well, unless you're a ravenous black bear and their garbage can was empty- that is a pot bellied pig and if you ate a pork chop off that sucker you'd suffer a heart attack right away. You don't eat meat off an animal that looks like that.

    Goats? Great for weed abatement and if prepared right pretty tasty. I'd like to see a video of the girls shooting one of their goats with an AR and then field dressing it- that'd impress me.

    Chickens- We saw the eggs but never saw the chickens. If you have a garden with raised beds the way to do it is have what they call a chicken tractor.

    Here's an example-…PgtJIvEbOVa0aAr4zEALw_wcB

    The way it works is as you weed your raised beds and work down the rows you toss weeds, bugs, whatever in the path of the chicken tractor and you pull the chicken tractor between the raided beds over the weeds, bugs or whatever and the chickens eat it. They go nuts- pull the tractor down once a half hour or so.

    In closing I must say they look like typical wake and bake people to me. Roll out of their rack at ten AM. get baked, and accomplish nothing all day. I've seen this shit all the time- just not on the Intardnet.