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    Did you give her a pitbull with AIDs?

    Nah, she got a Pitty mix. We don't call them pitbulls because that's bad for business- they're mixed breeds. Anyway she's OK- her and my daughter have become friends, and she's going to take a dog walking class and volunteer at our shelter and she apologized to my daughter I got fucked over by their lust for revenue, so I have no hard feelings.

    I blame when you drowned in hobo lake. Everything went straight upside your your fucking head.

    This fucking cartoon. He ain't got a UTI. He don't fuck nothing.

    I wasn't even in the truck- I was about a mile away on the lake. Chillin with my grand kids, inflating water toys, finding tunes on the stereo---- oh, and getting out my binoculars to check out the bikinis on other boats. Anyway I paid my fine, and I still have 25 hours of community service to do and we'll do six or seven tomorrow at the Humane Society putting in sun shelters over some kennels... funny thing is the head ranger adopted one of our dogs and she's actually pretty cool. She knows she cooked the books on me and wanted to get me weekends in jail, and she's sorry now, for the most part, so I have no hard feelings- she adopted a cool pup my daughter fostered, so she's cool.

    Fanta against Coke. My ass.

    We fought for national survival here. Germans killed 8 million servicemen and almost 20 million civilians. National gratefullness allowed Germans to survive. After what they did here - German had to be a dead language like Hebrew or Latin. They deserved it.

    Yup... they stacked against the Eastern Front because they knew there would be retribution.

    Take it from me.. having to shove a tube up your own dick every four hours for a couple months is really really really. not fucking fun.


    I don't see how you could do that. I couldn't even look at the catheter, and when the PI tried to give me a play by play I told her to shut up, I don't need to hear it. When they did my Scope a couple of weeks ago the Dr. commented my feet were shaking.... I asked him if that was OK, and he said no, not really- it made his job harder and might result in more discomfort for me after the procedure was done.

    At that point I froze- and held my breath for the next twelve minutes. I hadn't been this still and- well, lifeless- since my vasectomy.

    Couldn't have been his daughter.

    Nah, it was- Michigan State grad, All American cheerleader and an all around great kid.

    He's got two great kids and a fantastic wife... of course the downside is the Bread cover tunes and the Honduh. If he played Steppenwolf and rode a Harley he'd be king of this place.

    Actually Ford and Coca Cola were among businesses who continued dealing with Hitler after the invasion of Poland, Czechoslovakia, France- But to put it in perspective, we were a Nation of largely European immigrants and didn't really have a particular bond with any one European State. One branch of my family were from Germany and they were outspoken American Nazis who felt we should, at worst, remain neutral or, at best, ally with Germany.

    It's easy to stay neutral when you haven't been attacked but when the Nazis bombed Pearl Harbor American sentiment shifted, and we found ourselves all alone in a knife fight against Japan, Italy, Germany and many smaller actors, like Finland. We were able to supply Russia with weaponry and discipline that enabled them to evolve from drunken Cossacks raping the goats of poor peasants into a modern Army, and American auto plants shifted production from Model T's to T-72s and IL-2s and Yaks and the Russians were able to hold off the Nazis in the East while we conquered the West.

    One thing that made the war more bearable for our bomber crews in Britain was British women were whores, and would blow a GI for the pull tab on a beer can. The Brits themselves were good at having parades, but that's about it. Of course the French women were even bigger whores, and after we liberated France we lost more GI's to secondary syphilis than we did to the Nazis.

    So... Boroda is right, only the Germans bottled Fanta instead of Coca-Cola due to our trade embargo. Other than that we agree on our history.

    Hey, I got accused of faking cancer- so next I'm going to fake getting incurable syphilis. I'm stepping up here mother fuckers- step up you shits. Of course blindness caused by secondary syphilis would make posting difficult but- hey, I squint.

    Airhead, I'll get myself an SKS to protect our lifestyle. No rainbow guys are going to explain me how i should live. So it goes. We, Russians, have an experience to disagree.

    Motherfuckers stole a rainbow.

    I still smile when i see a rainbow. It's my personal atmospheric phenomenon. We disagree, bayonets auf. В штыки.

    We don't need guns- we need dialogue and understanding. You can stand for your flag and I can stand for my flag and we don't have to butcher each other. Like I said, you are my friend. And I know I'm your friend. Fuck man- we're Barney the Dinosaur.

    Give me a big hug, you Commie. :)

    I am Pavel. Paul. Pavlos in Greek, a small one LOL.

    I don't know anyone called Arkadiy. Popular name in 1930s, not my generation. My hiking Boss was Valeriy Arkadievich. You are probably too stupid to understand 33 letters of Russian ABC, so it goes.

    We are the last ones. Join us.

    You're my friend man- we've talked, and I like you. I would never, ever want to harm you- I'm sorry that our leadership is at odds but me, I don't feel it man. You're my friend Pavel- if you and me hang out we'll laugh, maybe get drunk, and laugh some more and at the end of the day we'll discover we're much more alike than we are different. If ordinary guys like you and me could hang out and get to know each other there wouldn't be any wars- it's a shame the powers that be treat us as pawns in a game of global chess. I could never harm you, knowing you as I do and I doubt you could ever harm me.

    Maybe the Internet will allow us to get to know each other and find that common ground... that we're all humans, and dying for an ideology or a flag is stupid. You aren't evil, and I'm not evil... we're just human bro. If you lived next door to me we'd be friends. Seriously, would you wish harm on me? I don't think you would.

    Well, can't speak for everyone else, but I've never had a tube shoved up my dick, So there's that.

    I DID have a cold last fall, it was BRUTAL

    Actually the catheter isn't all that bad- there's three bands of muscle in most penises, and that's the part that hurts, especially because I have five bands of sphincter in mine. . A lot of it depends on who's doing the procedure.... more shameless than crying like a bitch here was begging for drugs. I told the Docs I have an incredibly small penis, and one doc said that's OK, we have an incredibly small catheter. They gave me Valium for the scopes, but that was it.

    urinary tract infection.

    glad you're feeling good hopefully they'll kick you to the curb soon,usually takes 5 years but that depends.

    Thanks... they told me three years. TBH I do feel like a boob for talking about it because so many others here have put up with more serious shit than what I did- yeah, I kinda panicked and cried like a bitch.

    yup. I tell folks that the minute you set foot into the ocean you're in the wild.

    Its no place for the weak and unprepared.

    True that...I was always really comfortable in the water. Up here it's very cold, bad visibility, and rocky cliffs so you have to wear a wetsuit and weight belt. But the main thing is you have to be comfortable and not prone to panic if a sleeper wave nails you or the current is troubling. I was more comfortable in the ocean with a mask snorkel and fins than I was in a smooth, calm lake with nothing on.

    Out of all the things I'm now too old to do diving is second on the list, right behind sex. When ab diving you have a float tube, and you can rest your head on that and hear the waves and seagulls and the swell almost rocks you to sleep. It's zen like. When you dive down the visibility makes it dark, but when you find the bottom the sand illuminates everything and you're in a kelp forest. Remember those Sea Hunt shows? Don't strap a diving knife to your ankle- it could get you hung up on kelp. And never, ever panic.

    Hey, he's OK- I'll balance a doggie treat on his nose because I'm good that way. He's just wrong is all- I wouldn't expect him to admit he's wrong because that would be manning up. To man up you have to be a man.

    We're good Jack. You can keep your pet but if he poops in the floor you have to clean it up.

    Mike... I can't wait for the pinky scroats tearfull "my wife left me and will not give me visitation rights" post. We can all laugh about that right?


    Nah man... I hope Finger does well and parenthood makes him man up. I doubt he'll ever be as happy as we are, or enjoy life as much as we do, but have you ever met a happy liberal? I mean, unless they hung out at Jeffrey Epstein's place and diddled a child? Other than that, no. Shooting cool guns with historical significance doesn't make them happy... red lining the tac and doing a burnout in a hot rod doesn't make them happy either. Seeing their kids get up on a wakeboard for the very first time will only make them weep for the African kids living in doo doo huts and wearing donated t shirts of "World Championship" shirts from teams that didn't win the big one... nope, they have no joy, no hope, no fun.

    But still, he'll quit because- quitting is in his nature. I just feel bad for Storch, man- He's had lots of pets but his python ate his wife's cat so she served snake for dinner and his pet Armadillo got kicked to death when his grandkids couldn't find their soccer ball so all he has left is Little Digit- and he's not potty trained, tends to bite, and can't be trained. But he can balance a doggie treat on his nose and wait for the command to get it.

    LOL, making up a bungee accident is one thing, especially if you claim to weigh 400 pounds but you lied to the bungee jumping staff and told them you only weighed 200 pounds so they didn't put enough bungees on your harness and you bounced like a paddle ball- I mean, that's kinda funny- but getting stuff shoved down your dick? There's nothing funny about that.

    Yes, I'm twisted and warped but God Damn man, there's humor and there's torture and getting a camera stuffed in your dick isn't funny- it's the Inquisition meets Modern Medicine.