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    This whole thing seems to be leading towards the genetic modifications for a superior race.

    Or should I say "master" race?

    You already have a belief among some of the American people that Trump supporters are rabid revolutionary gun nuts- look at the hysteria that ensued after Nov. 6- how long before you are considered "dangerous" for your political POV and your rights are curbed?

    We've already established certain speech is now illegal- see where this is going?

    The problem we have is people refuse to see the potential implications of this kind of "tech." A simple eye scan, or blood test, or temperature reading can determine ones' propensity for breaking the law. There's already advocates of this tech who believe we should use it to predetermine ones' potential for "miscreant behavior."

    My issue with this, besides the obvious ones of presumed guilt vs. presumed innocence, is that more and more, science is guided by political agenda rather than objective observation.

    We already abort fetuses due to genetic imperfection- how big of a stretch is it before we abort fetuses based upon their potential for miscreant behavior? And, more crucially, at one point does the Government get involved and use this tech to be preemptive in its society building?

    Read the article... it is basically saying a blood test can predict potential anti social disorders. This is the start of the slide- if we can predict these disorders can we also prevent them through meds, and should the potential anti social person be restricted in movement and rights?

    Quiet afternoon at my favorite waterhole... hardly nobody there, I'm sipping an ice cold beer and I am baked.

    This guy comes in- obviously a bodybuilder- and he takes a stool a couple seats away, we nod, and we start shooting the shit about sports, weather, boating- and somehow the conversation goes to nutrition, and he says the only meat protein he eats is chicken... Cool, no biggie, but every time he says chicken his head bobs forward like he's almost sneezing, and he looked like- a chicken. Now admittedly I was baked- but even had I been straight it would have looked funny, so I kinda stifled a laugh the first time he said chicken. But the second time he said chicken I almost blew a snot bubble. This caused the chicken guy to look at me critically which made him look even more like a chicken and I fucking lost it- I could not help but ROTFLMAO, even if he was going to kick my ass.

    He was cool- I explained I was really stoned, so we quit talking about chicken but every time I see a chicken bobbing its head around I think of that guy.

    There's really no structure. The 25th is the day that we will meet at doran's house, but it doesn't mean it's a hard date for anything else. That's just the one day that we can zero in on to shoot for because that'll be one event that is set.

    Get up here a day early and we'll hit the river.

    Recycled from the bottom of the sea? I think not. Recycling costs more than dumping.

    Not for artificial reefs. First they have to pay the scrap price for the future reef- then they have to grease the palms of Coastal Commissions and environmentalists and then the future reef has to be decontaminated and cleaned thoroughly- then it has to be towed and sunk and that costs money. The benefit is really pretty colored fish that are good to eat. We aren't talking lutefish.

    We're watching the Night Stalker on Netflix right now and I was thinking... Ever notice how there's no serial killers anymore? The fall of serial killers almost perfectly coincides with the rise of the mass shooter... Are these the same people?

    Oh no... we're still out there. Hey, let the mass shooters have their day but it's the well planned serial killers who get the real body counts.

    I LOVE driving the F250 on the highway, we will take her Sport Trac tho, can't imagine what the gas bill for the 250 would be

    I love my One Fitty but my Corolla gets 37 MPG... you find a travel trailer yet? I'm in the market too and I'm looking at a Featherlite dual axle 21 foot and if I can finance it for like 25 years it's all good... it'll be like twelve dollars a month. If you get one and come out here I have a place you can park it provided Barb mows my lawn and you do my dishes. Hey, I'll provide the lawn mower- I'm not a dick.

    I am a slave but to my people.

    We are teachers to our people. Above all we teach.... we show them the pitfalls of life and how to avoid them. We show them the fun sides of life. We help them to avoid the mistakes we made and when they make the same mistakes we forgive and love them. You're Patron.

    We're all slaves, really.

    No we aren't- most of us are subjects. Which means we are subject to taxes, fees and regulations. In return we are allowed a degree of prosperity, but we have to grease the palms of our betters and occasionally cow tow to them.

    Slaves are those in the inner cities who would perish inside of a month should us subjects decide to just quit... however, they are a voting block who continues to vote despair and poverty for themselves at the expense of us subjects and the enrichment of our "leaders."

    My advice? Cheat the bastards where you can get away with it, fly below the radar and be a good subject but- the only true freedom is a Hello Kitty backpack and a Honda motorcycle.

    And the summertime.

    ....a solemn vow of ownership of the lost tribes of Africa...

    They aren't lost- they're relocated, and those that wish can remain on the plantation as long as they pledge allegiance to their new masters.

    We took the grand kids to the San Francisco zoo yesterday- the animals are well fed and cared for, but they're still living in a cage. Sometimes cages don't need bars....sometimes the best cages are those where the caged doesn't realize he's in a cage.