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    I talked with Molly this morning. I really wish I was going with you guys.

    You could if you really wanted to. You got people up here that love you Gina- these are the people you should hang with.

    Anyway my wife's brother blew off her birthday and I'm really pissed off right now- he's a Viet Vet and he was a dental tech in Da Nang and he never saw more action than an abscessed tooth and his car has more shit on it than a fucking Jitney. You'd think he was William Westmoreland and he's a fucking poser who never did shit and he broke my wife's heart and I really should kick his ass but- you know, if I do that it makes it worse.

    BTW- a big shout out to Murder Face, we had a great talk today and he's a good guy. Just saying.

    I never had sex with my Mama San- not ever. We lived together and slept in the same bed when I was there when I wasn't on the river because we only had one bed but it was business, and by not having sex we had a trust... she handled cigarette sales, procured the weed I sold, and took care of our place. She was Mama San of the commune, and she handled the girls and did all kinds of business and she was great... she was the Boss.

    It was sad when I had to leave... I would have stayed, given the opportunity, but I have no doubt she had lots of cash thanks to our dealings and she was smart and landed on her feet I hope. But damn man, that was living... talking on the Internet? Not so much man... no smells, no sight, no sounds.

    I'd rather hang out with Storch than live like this. At least he's living life now...

    I hate war stories but here's a good one- a friend of mine was a cook on his third deployment. He was married to a VN gal and they had a baby- he applied for permission to marry her and was turned down. Tried to extend his enlistment but it was early 70s and we were withdrawing so he was turned down again. He deserted- just left one day. They picked him up, returned him and he was restricted to base awaiting a trial for AWOL.

    Then, one day, he just vanished. Rumor has it he was buried in a can of garbage and got smuggled off the base... they never really checked garbage cans, coming or going, so I believe it. He told me after they brought him back the first time that if he could get away again he'd run to his wife's home town in the Central Highlands and since we were bugging out I don't think they looked for him too terribly hard... I'd like to think he made it, and I'd like to think he's still alive today and doing well. I do know he had a couple of cartons of Salems with him, which was a better currency that Piasters, so... I think about him occasionally and hope he's living well... hearing, smelling, and seeing and living life well.

    You'd love Cuba

    Yeah I would. People get confused about what quality of life is- you can go through it and exist, where you don't hear, don't see, and don't smell or you can go through it where you see everything, hear everything, and smell everything... to me that's quality of life.

    Black marketing was big when I was in Korea in the early 90's. Crown was not on the list. The two items the commissary and class 6 store could not keep in stock were ox tails and Chivas Regal.

    Our big black market stuff were cigarettes- 25 cents a pack for filtered, 17 cents a pack for non filtered our price. They were rationed but they sold locally for up to 4.50 a pack for Salems, so if you knew non smokers you could always get them to buy you their two carton per week allotment and smuggle them off base. Of course they searched you coming on and off base so you had to be creative- and I was. They knew I was smuggling cigarettes so they searched me daily, and they never figured out how I was doing it-

    OK, since the statute of limitations has expired.... The base contracted with a VN business that removed garbage from the base. They had a truck or a boat they'd load up with garbage cans and they'd remove it. Of course I knew the VN guy who removed the cans- he was my Mama San's relative- and I smuggled the cartons of cigarettes out in the garbage cans and nobody ever checked.

    When he'd bring the empty cans back one would be stuffed with weed- it was great. The issue was all money transfers were closely monitored so if you sent home more money than you were making you'd run up a red flag, and I did which meant I was subject to searches every time I came or went so you had to pay people who spent their money to transfer money out to your relatives. Crazy times.

    I had a communal hooch with my Mama San- about eight, nine small huts around a water source with an outhouse that drained into the river, eventually... of course it was forbidden to spend the night off base which is why I did it. Most of the residents of my commune were poor people and prostitutes, and there were lots of kids and I was smuggling more cigarettes I could account for so they all benefited from my largess... monetarily I was maxed out on what I could send home, and if a hooker could quit hooking and make more selling cigarettes it was great by me- I really did adapt to the people.

    Another big smuggling option were electric fans- we were allowed to buy two every six months, and I'd smuggle them off base and gift them....they were highly coveted.

    If you've never experienced it- being stoned, the whir of your fan, and the people you live with talking and they sound like water flowing over a brook- and you're half dozing off, Mama San going out to pick us up some food, the laughter of the kids- it's a contentment and an inner peace that's a once in a lifetime opportunity, something I'll never have again.

    What is it with Americans and crown royal,ya'll know thats just bar whiskey up here right?

    Try some walkers antique,not johnny walker but walkers,it's a nice 12yo rye,or better yet some gibsons finest another 12yo rye.

    Did you know the crown you get down there is bottled in the US and not "real"canuk rye? If you're gonna drink that shit you may as well just get CC/Canadian club,another bar whiskey.

    For me Crown Royal is a tradition of going to Raiders games, having a prime rib sandwich at our tailgate, chasing CR with Coke and smoking a fine cigar and tossing a football around.

    I have family in Cor D'Elaine. If you go there in the winter time DO NOT leave a 6 pack of Coca Cola in your car overnight... they will explode, and freeze to the ceiling, and when you turn your heater they'll defrost and rain Coke on you.

    Better get out before we have to nuke the place from orbit.

    Idaho's actually pretty nice this time of year if you don't mind the toxic pancake syrup spills.

    Having to stop at the intersection next to our latest homeless shelter because their "guests" are dancing in the streets infuriates me... and knowing it's my tax money that supports them makes it even worse. If I ever get diagnosed with a terminal illness and am left with little to lose there will be a reckoning... I should do a Go Fund Me for an AR. When your kids can't play ball in the park because the druggies have laid claim to it shows me how we've lost our way as a society... had a druggie screamed at me like they did to our friend's kid my Dad would have beat the crap out of him. Do that today and not only do you go to jail but Social Services hires the "victim" an attorney to sue your ass.

    I've got to get out of here before I lose my sanity.

    How bout Sunday, the 17th of November, 1:00 at Swabby's? That'll give us time to check Lazs out of his care home and get him dressed in his Hannibal Lechter mask so he doesn't bite anybody, but he's a bro in spite of his extreme flatulence and I have a deviated septum so it all works out.

    Really... pissed... off. Yesterday they opened a new homeless shelter, and the deselects staged an impromptu celebration and blocked the streets. It was only a five minute delay but it was bullshit- it pissed me off. I mean, I'm glad you have a place to sleep and it's a Government funded non profit that pays the director 100k a year, but get out of the fucking road,OK?

    Today Steph's hairdresser told her the homeless bums at the ballpark encampment killed her pet pig- then they threatened her 11 year old son and told him they'll harm him if he and his friends return to use the playground. I'm really pissed off. She called the poo poos but they did nothing, other than to tell her to watch for used hypodermic needles there- this is a baseball field less than a block away from her house and the homeless derelicts have moved into the dugouts.

    On a positive note a house in my neighborhood just went on the market for 675k so we might be able to abandon this shithole soon, but right now I'm really pissed off because the bums killed her pet pig and then threatened her son out of the playground and the po pos say they can do nothing about it.

    It just pisses me off... kids can't even play ball in a public park. You can't camp at the lake. You can't drive down the street. We've allowed the inmates to run the asylum. We've turned a beautiful State into a shithole... it's maddening.

    I'd love to buy you and Mister Blue lunch. I offered before and you blew me off but I'll offer once more- I think there's a roadhouse in Loomis we used to go to, way back when... if not then Swabby's for a burger, or Old Sac or wherever you want.

    Anyway you have an offer- wherever you want, I'll buy lunch and bring Lazs along even.... I think it'd be fun to break bread with you, and I think you'd get along famously with my wife. Just ignore Lazs- he rambles. But I love the guy, so there is that.

    The volleyball ran off with a whale. Tom Hanks got rescued, went home and found out his girl was getting gangbanged by the entire FedEx corporation. Distraught over her pussy's resemblance to a catcher's mitt, he was last seen on the way to rape and murder some random chick whose address he got from a box that washed ashore on his island.

    Fucking weird man.

    Damn... I woulda kept watching it if I'd known it was gonna get good.