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    Yeah, you aren't getting an honorable discharge after pissing hot.

    He probably got a medical under general conditions. Usually though if you piss positive you're given the opportunity to take a general or get your shit together... there's always a follow up drug test just in case they made a mistake. What pissed me off was while I was awaiting my discharge at Treasure Island I had to do clerical work, and the only BCD I saw was against a guy who deliberately ran over his NCO. Everybody else was getting generals and medicals and it was horse shit- that means some shit bird who got tossed out for being a druggie or a thief gets full VA benefits.

    Now admittedly I was no angel and smoked dope on three continents, but it never occurred to me to take the easy way out. If you sign up for four you do four. You also keep your shit together and do your job. Hunter Biden got a reserve billet in an attempt to make him grow up, and in fact he was a shit bird I would have never respected.

    You think his Daddy didn't use his influence? Guys like Hunter Biden that are push button officers are a fucking joke- a minimal OCS training, rich Daddy, a soft cush job in a Stateside billet- fuck him, and for that matter fuck the Trump kids too- if the Trump White House were a reality show Don Jr. would play the part of Chumley.

    BTW, that debate was a joke- it made me feel bad for our political system. Trump bitch slapped Biden at will and all Biden had was "Mama! Donnie's picking on me!" If I were on a road trip and my kids started acting like that I'd beat both their asses.

    It doesn't have to be natural resorce based.

    A huge industry in Deleware is credit card based, because they have (or had) happy laws for CC Companies.

    It's possible but... the only real tangible asset would be water, and that's all under contract.

    I want to come see you guys again soon. Maybe I can come up to you next time.

    That'd be cool- we could pick you up at SFO. Hopefully stuff will be opening up soon so we can have a decent lunch. We got lucky on Friday and got a table right away at Original Joe's but if you prefer seafood we could dine at the Wharf, maybe Alioto's. We'll plan it on a nice weather weekend.

    wow. You still have to deal with those fires?

    Nah, this is a new one on the Silverado Trail in Napa- Sonoma. It's burning up 100 year old vineyards and wineries... in the spring time Hwy 12 is a great road trip... lots of wineries. Next time you're up here we'll check out what hasn't burned yet- should be good.

    A ton of industry as soon as an industry friendly government is established.

    Doing what? Lumber? Maybe commercial fishing? Look at the communities you'd inherit- they're at the bottom economically. Mostly rural and mostly poor, they're the communities who suffer most extremely to economic ripples.

    That said not having California's stranglehold on almost everything would create opportunity... but it's not on a transportation hub and outside of timber there's no resources.

    I'm for it. Better yet the State of Jefferson.

    There's no economic viability for a State of Jefferson- there's no industry. The only thing that would make it work would be to establish a State free of timber restrictions, but... that's attractive for a lot of us. Fill up those lots at Lake Shastina with retirees from LA. Raise cattle, grow hay.

    A guy up here ran off Hwy 101 at a sharp turn on his motorcycle... the responders came out and it was dark and the mangled motorcycle was there but they couldn't find the guy. It was a steep hillside, and they called in searchlights and searched all night and never found the guy.

    The next morning they found the guy's body wedged between branches of a fir tree, up about fifteen feet- he stuck the landing.

    It was beautiful today... 70 degrees, sunshine and not too much smoke and haze...

    We got up at seven and Steph said it was going to be a great day and I said it's never a great day when they're going to stuff a camera up your dick. But it wasn't that bad, other than they had three new RNs who were observing but believe me, it wasn't like a Tug Club video.

    We got done at the VA and I have to do three more weekly injections of radioactive penis injections, and the only cool thing about that is if I bone down Steph after a treatment her pussy will glow for a week and we don't need to use the night light.

    For lunch we stopped at Original Joe's- outdoor seating only but it was seventy degrees and beautiful. As usual food was superb- I loved living in San Francisco- I miss it now that I'm older and less tolerant of extreme temperature. But it was good... I complimented a busser on how quickly they clean up a table and he said if they don't the derelicts will steal the plates and silverware- especially the spoons.

    Then it was three hours to get home in bad traffic. We passed a couple of places we used to stop at that are closed now, probably never to reopen. Shit's changing us, but we are adapting.

    I hope you have clean dick

    That's kinda funny Jack. I lufa sponge my junk to the point it's shiny, and I Turtle Wax my balls. Steph got me a Manscaper for our anniversary, but yeah, it's a fine line between acting like this is a Tender date or a urology exam.

    Anyway I'll post a pic of my newly manscaped junk in the NSFW forum- you can decide if it's a bit much or not. Steph says I look like a snapping turtle with dew claws. You can decide.

    I've yet to see this addressed, but it sounds like he was using her as a human shield

    Well, fuckin DUH, BJ! I took Thug Life 101 at BLM State and dating a big woman like Brianna is advantageous in the event of police shootouts. How many times did the cops shoot? 43, at which point her boyfriend could no longer hold up her lifeless body, so he dropped her and his own gun when he surrendered?

    Storch is a race car & youve got him in the red. Im just sayin its dangerous to have a race car in the red. He could blow.

    Storch don't do oral... not for men or women. He's funny that way.

    Anyway opening it all up again- I don't agree with putting people in harm's way, and we're already seeing spikes in students and teachers where schools have reopened so me, personally, I'll continue chilling at home. But damn man, we had shitty restaurants up here to begin with and this Covid19 shit is causing many to shut down, so the new normal might be we no longer have fine dining.

    Anyway the VA wants to shove a camera down my dick tomorrow morning to look for more bad spots so I might treat Steph to lunch at one of my favorites- either Salito's in Sausalito or Original Joe's in San Francisco. Both offer outdoor seating- Salito's is cool because seating is on the water and it's already over the Golden Gate so if we linger over an extra glass of Chardonnay we're not in rush hour traffic, but Original Joe's is iconic and has great Italian food, and Sweetbreads Sauteed with Mushrooms is my go to... Steph loves the Veal Parmesan.

    Salitos, seating on the dock of the bay, pigging out on Calamari, crab and Chard -…e-and-prime-rib-sausalito

    or Original Joe's - which is pretty much closed. Too bad.... it's an icon.