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    Fort Bragg for dinner on Sunday? We're 45 minutes from there- and I have desserts covered. :)

    The Fishin' Musician. This is back when Joe Walsh hadn't done too many drugs yet.

    Actually went to Santa Cruz on a "work" about 7 years ago. And I know it's a drive but Shelter cove is looking pretty cool. I'd like for the wife to see the real redwoods and stay on the ocean for a few days.

    Unless you know of a better area, definitely let me know.

    Sorry 7, I thought you were talking about someplace else- Shelter Cove is excellent. There's a lot to see up there... Ferndale has great turn of the century before last Victorians that are cool- Avenue of the Giants- small towns, dive bars-

    From laz's place I'd go up 505 , hit I5, cross over 20 to 101 if you're in a hurry- if not catch Hwy 12 through the wine country to 101. If you drive straight from Lazs' place it's three hours.

    Redway is the North entrance to the Lost Coast Trail, and it's gorgeous. Usal Beach is the South entrance-

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    I wouldn't recommend Usal Beach though- that's just how the coast is up here.

    7, if you land in Reno to see Tahoe cool, but two days- one night up there you'll see it all. From there visit Lazs, party, hang out, and a cool place to visit that's much nicer is the Santa Cruz beach boardwalk. Lassen is a long ways away and it's natural forest so there's not a lot of enmities.

    That's part of the plan. I have a pic somewhere of me and grandma and grandpa in the car driving thru one about 40 years ago. I'd like to get another one of me and the wife driving thru it now.

    Drive Thru Tree in Leggett is one but it's a bit of a drive- not to mention the tree isn't all that big for a redwood. For that matter everything's a drive- You still coming out on the train?

    We need to set a firm date for Doran's party so people can plan around that day- if you take the train I'd get off at Tahoe for the night. Ixnay on Shelter Cove... unless you just want to stay there for a few days.

    Lassen Volcanic National Park is vast- and it'll take time to get there. I stayed a summer there when I was a kid and my Uncle's construction company put in new roads for campgrounds and the park was closed to the public- we were at Butte Lake and with the park closed me and two cousins had a row boat and we killed the local trout population. We were by Cindercone-…t/hiking_cinder_cone2.htm

    Right now it's on fire, and it's a ways up there- check out Burney Falls, it's next on our weekend list.

    Here's a trivia for Gman- Who and where, and by whom, was the only United States General killed by Natives in North America?

    But I digress- My issue is travel time. Get off in Tahoe, rent a car and check out the Sierras there, and get a cheap room or sleep in your rental car- that's how I rolled back in The Day- I don't mind a long drive but there's so many cool things to see out here and from Tahoe to Crescent City is about eight hours, not counting stops. I mean, you are a fruit fly- you don't want to spend half your life time flying about.

    We stayed at Stateline in South Lake Tahoe- there's gambling, it's kinda spendy and glitzy with Hard Rocks so now so if you don't want to gamble I'd pick North Shore, Incline Village. Beautiful, more quaint.…u7E_42W2TnUEaAmSVEALw_wcB

    and again less driving, and if your wife wants a water adventure Truckee is close by. :)

    Truckee is actually a fun stop- good food and drink. And it is right on I80, which is maybe about two hours from Doran's place.

    So, to recap- Stop in Tahoe, check out the lake- if you like casinos then South Lake Tahoe is cool to visit, if you like rustic North Late Tahoe. Get a room, relax- get a rental, or maybe steal a car, whatever- but that's Day one.

    Day two, relax and explore- they have so much to offer there. Look into Tahoe Wine Cruises, Dixie MV.... check out Virginia City just for the history of the place. Or come down the grade to Sac. But- check it out.

    Pack up and head on down to Sac to Doran's place- you can either stay in Sac (Recommend... Embassy Suites, of course. Mealta (Andy Mazur) Turned me on to Embassy Suites- if you tip a twenty on your first drink at Happy Hour

    you'd get drunk as monkeys.

    LOL, we partied in Chino with Andy, MT, Funkedup, Ramsey- I ended up drinking to non controllable excess- that's the thin amber line... being able to walk or you have to crawl- so they walked me like a dog to my room and then they- along with my wife- went swimming in the water feature in the lobby and created some consternation for their staff.. But Andy got me hooked on Embassy Suites. Fucker comes here from Poland and totally kicked it man- what an inspiration.

    But I digress. Spend a night in Tahoe, check it out locally and maybe two nights in Tahoe but then again I don't know your schedule- how many days you got?

    At any rate you'll end up at Doran's, and that's always been a cool place for me from the very first time I stopped by- it's so comfortable. It's just... Doran's. I show up with donuts, we shoot BB guns and we hang out. For me hanging out there is like bio feedback... I know there is a loaded firearm under every couch cushion and every kitchen cabinet so it's just about the safest place in all of California. Janice and Steph sit on the porch swing and- hang out. He has a screen door and beautiful weather- and we'll have great food and, at the end of the evening, we'll auction off Gina's virginity. I'm willing to kick in a couple of C Notes on behalf of MF's kid but Razer already bid five hundred dollars on the Internet so I don't know man... Anyway I'm going to get a room in Dixon because a ride in Uber is much cheaper than a ride in apolice car and in the long run the tab from County Jail is more expensive than a motel room so- I'll get a room and Uber.

    So- you've been out here one or two days and we're at Lazs' place and you survived the night and didn't shoot your eye out with a BB Gun? Cool-

    Get up in the morning, go up Hwy 12 and hit some wineries- there's some cool ones but head west to the coast. We could stop at our place and get baked but over here. I'd spend the day wine tasting and cruising.

    Anyway I'll talk about this tomorrow... it's been a long day today. We were up early, we went to Ess Eff and that was at six AM and after labs and all that shit I did a couple hours of aggressive chemo therapy. They were telling me these doom and gloom stories of all the side effects but frankly it got me pleasantly fucked up... really.


    Maybe the power too. ;)

    OK Debbie Downer, but if the power goes out we got candle making hippies and I'm personally in negotiations with the Chinese Government to purchase human ear wax candles. Up until now the ear canal is nothing but a byproduct of Chinese organ harvesting of political prisoners so I'm going all in on gook ears.

    It's awful when your kids betray you with gray hair.

    Ah man... You just made me cry.

    A tiny little oak is born from an acorn... He gets shade from the harsh sun from his parent. He is protected from stormy weather by His parent... His parent's leaves make the compost necessary for His survival.

    Eventually that young oak tree grows, and then the old oak tree has one more task- and that is to fall so the sapling has the sunshine it takes to grow and thrive...

    And the sapling thrives. He becomes a mighty oak, and then one day....

    He drops an acorn and a tiny little oak is born. And he protects him from the rain, and the sun...

    Dam, I see there's whitewater rafting near Sacramento. The wife's been wanting to do that, I might have to surprise her with it.

    By late September that white water will be a trickling stream of green algae sludge- wear good hiking boots and prepare to drag your raft over the rocks. In good year, you ride raft- in bad year, raft ride you.

    Watch out for Birds.

    Good knowledge. Bodega Bay is nice- they have some B&Bs there that are nice, and a great restaurant called River's End that is pretty good. We stayed there one weekend but the B&B didn't have Internet, phone or a TV and it got boring after five minutes. Now it'd be boring after a minute cause my dick is broke.

    Anyway what I'd do in MF's situation- I'd fly into Ess Eff, meet me at the airport. Do a quick drive through of Ess Eff, and stop at Salito's Crab Shack in Saucalito for lunch. That way you cross the Golden Gate.

    From there I'd head to Dixon/Sac- it's about three hours, four if the bars are open. I'd spend the night there- not at a Motel Six, it's not like you're an old biker doing something illegal- I prefer Embassy Suites.…nto-riverfront-promenade/

    Right on the river, close to Old Town- plus you only need one suite, and happy hour- great place. Check out Fanny Ann's saloon for a chili dog.

    The next day I'd drive up Hwy 50 past Tahoe, and visit Virginia City. Reno is a dump now, so avoid it- but Virginia City is cool.

    That's a pretty cool day trip and you see the prettiest of California. Drive back 80 if it's late- it's a great vista coming down the hill.

    Then- the Lazs BBQ. I suggest you check out of Embassy Suites and get a cheap room in Dixon, since you'll probably be passing out... if you survive. Me and Steph, we'll make a bed in the back of our pickup and your son can sleep underneath our truck. BJ will have his trailer there, and Gina will pitch a tent.... It'll be fun.


    If you survive Lazs the next day I'd head to the Coast, going through the wine country. You'll be passing my place and there's a couple of hidden gems up here you should see... if the wine country takes too long you can stay in Ukiah and hit it fresh the next day. It's close enough you can see all the beaches, and the redwoods- and Silver's at the Wharf is the best seafood in California.…oceanview-restaurant-bar/

    Like Razer said, traffic is a bitch so if I have a plane to catch I like checking my rental in and staying at the airport the night before... less stress. But in four days you can see the best of NoCal.

    Doran is in Dixon, Ca... just so you guys know. Check google maps for drive times.

    You're right Gina- if I were MF I'd do a day in Sac-Dixon, next day go through the wine country and find a place at the coast, and that's a long ways.

    I'm sure we can find a place for MF but right now even the homeless encampments are booked solid.

    Bullshit. Employers like to make sure their minions are wearing the proper costume with the proper amount of flair. They like to listen in to make sure they're using the proper adjectives and phrases. They like to stand with one hand on their hip as they look at their watch as the workers scurry towards the time clock.

    You just don't get your money's worth when they're working from home.

    Damn Sluggo- there is no way you can work the takeout window for Mickey D's from your home. Just show up, shut up and make sure my fries are crispy.

    Well Wife says that the Beachcomber is booked up. Of course we'll keep checking in hopes of a cancelation, but gonna need a backup plan anyway.

    You guys know of any good resorts in the Northern California area? It doesn't have to be right on the beach, but that would be preferable.

    How many rooms, what days?

    I was charitable.

    Not understanding the difference between offering some poor soul help and having the poor soul expecting your help is part of the problem with you socialists.

    Did you ever pay Gina five dollars? I did.

    So? If you can move to follow the game, what's a short walk every once in a while?

    If you can walk a few days to where the fishing is better and easily live there for a year, why develop technology?

    Yup.... technology is driven by the need to survive the environment or dominate others. If you're living on an idyllic island and fishing is good and you have plenty of Poi then you'll tend to spend your days masturbating.

    Gross pay amount doesn't matter. What matters is how much the government robs out of your paycheck every month. On top that, how much the government robs businesses just for putting someone on the payroll. My business last year paid about 90K a year just on employer payroll taxes to have someone on the payroll. Ie, a business pays taxes on their employees labor. Incentivize businesses to hire illegals under the table for cheap and because of employer payroll taxes. This is what happens. It's all about Incentivizing businesses to hire citizens. You dont do that with taxes on your employees labor.

    Violator, you are so right on. A very significant part of overhead is the cost to hire employees.. A few years ago I was talking to a guy who owned a car transport business out of Long Beach. He had several trucks but the market was dominated by the fly by nighters with a pickup and a fifth wheel that could carry 2, 3 cars.