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    Lee, Jefferson and others associated with the Confederacy were more American that you will ever be.

    By virtue of their treasonous actions, that can't possibly be true. But then those that sympathize with traitors will do mental gymnastics to try and say anything to justify treason.

    If only Sherman didn't stop at burning down the South...

    You need to check your sources.

    I don't need to, my source is the official US report, Formal Investigation into the Circumstances Surrounding the Downing of Iran Air Flight 655 on 3 July 1988.

    Of the 3 USN ships involved, 2 of them correctly identified Flight 655 as a civilian passenger airliner.

    Pancho vanilla surely you see why right? I know she is a rap singer.... I know she is stupid as fuck and yet one more hysterical entertainer that is threatening to leave. The fact that I don't care makes it even more amusing.

    Spittingbull gay people and lefties always justify any behavior of their idols by saying that "you don't have their money so you must be wrong" This is laughable. Storch said it best... you don't need money to be happy.


    Claiming you don't care and then go running to this board to post about it just makes you look like a fucktard, I guess an amused one but still a fucktard nonetheless.

    At the time Iran had been attacking US ships with small fast boats. The ship picked up a radar contact coming off the mainland heading for the ship, plane was not sending any IFF signals, it also did not answer repeated radio calls on all channels to divert or identify. The captain of the ship waited until the last few seconds before firing. In my opinion was a deliberate attempt to cause a international incident.

    It is not unknown for terrorists to sacrifice a plane load of civilians to allah.

    USS Vincennes was in Iranian waters when it shot down Flight 655. The Iranian airliner was also squawking the correct IFF mode and was in the correct commercial flight profile and air corridor. This was corroborated by the AEGIS data from the Vincennes and USS Sides. As for the radio calls, most commercial airliners aren't equipped to hear or respond on military radio channels and calls on the civilian channels were not directed to the Iranian airliner.

    Can't you just buy a new license and a new hard drive and do a fresh install?

    I have tried using a new license. It's a known MS bug. Our IT guys at work had same issue, had to put in a new motherboard to resolve it.

    I think it was unintentional. I think we had something to do with their confusion.

    I think so too. I think we had jammed their command and control network and their SAM defenses. IMO, this caused whoever was in control of the air defenses to panic and had a couple of SAM missiles launched at what they thought was an incoming bandit. Some of Iran's most important military bases are close by.

    Regardless if it was an accident, Iran is still to blame.


    I even turned it over to the techs at Microsoft to sort out and they couldn't do it either.

    Same here. MS tech told me that I would have to buy a completely new system to have W10. MS authentication bug is what is preventing me from being able to upgrade to W10. System got bugged when I added a 1080Ti a few years ago.

    I didn't like their live shows. Their live performances (the twice I saw them) felt sterile, devoid of any life. They sounded great, just like you were listening to a studio album.

    America planned to send napalm-bats to japan to burn down their mostly wood structures. The bats escaped and burned down an american town.

    A town wasn't burned down. When the project first started under army control, a small number escaped at the USAAF auxiliary base the testing was being done at. The bats never left the base, they roosted above some fuel tanks and the napalm ignited the fuel. The project then switched to USN control and then to USMC control which after evaluation considered it to be effective but was cancelled after it was determined the bat bombs wouldn't be ready before end of war.

    This is just like when Regan took over from Jimmy Carter all over again - Iran fucking caved and they'll cave again.

    Weakness is never a good policy anytime, anyplace.

    Iran didn't cave, Iran was bought off during the '80 election and later during the Iran-Contra debacle.

    Couple things... FOX actually did show the gleeful parades in Iraq.


    Some of trump's biggest detractors have been from Fox like Tucker Carlson. He has been very vocal about his opposition on the attack.