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    LOL.. the fake mexican soy boy is shouting in my face and being aggressive? What are your favorite rap stars little 'man'?


    I don't listen to rap or hip-hop, not my flavor of music.

    Anyway, like the typical fucktard you are, you refused to answer my question. Other than your dumbshit ass, who gives a flying fuck what she listens to?

    Turned out to be bullshit. The local station that reported it, retracted the story and apologized.

    LOl... this is as bad as it gets. The fake media showed his press conference with hispanics where he danced to a song that actually meant forget it.

    Sooo as usual there were like ten people there.. all paid or in his staff. What do you do? if you are the fake media you show the audience all cheering and several thousand of em.... uh... except they showed Trumps crowd.


    The song was Despacito and doesn't mean "forget it". Despacito basically means "slow down" or "go slow", but the song is about a sexual relationship. Kind of makes Biden's dance even more creepy.

    Just upgraded the engine and electronics of my new RC car. Stock, top speed was 35mph, now after the new engine and ESC, along with more powerful batteries, the speed topped out at 72mph. After 20 minutes 9f driving at high speeds, I needed new tires. Forgot to upgrade to more efficient tires for high speed pavement use. Since all the RC tracks are shut down in LA, going to desert area to test it out off road and see how fast I can get it on dirt and see what its like to jump at those high speeds. I have a feeling I am going to be buying a replacement car afterwards.

    Industry can't even get a 1980's airframe-based tanker to work (KC-46) and the F-35 is still not problem-free after 15 or 20 years of development. I don't see this as being significantly different.

    One of the primary part of the development was to stream line the production process. Because the USAAF was able to do that, the new fighter can enter production without the issues that plagued the F-35 program.

    You do realize a DNA test will not show if anyone is a Mexican or not. It will show that I am Hispanic and DNA will show that you're just a piece of shit.

    As for speaking Spanish, that is actually my first language, learned the language before I learned to speak English.

    I don't remember how many times I've been to Mexico, but as a child, I lived in Mexico City for a year and in Monterrey for 6 months. I also traveled extensively throughout Mexico. Also, every year we would go each summer either to visit my mother's family in Monterrey or my father's in Mexico City. I also lived in San Diego for 25 years, crossing into Baja was usually a weekly thing, either going to see shows at Iguanas, hitting the clubs or going to my mother's iron factory and helping her deliver stuff to her clients in LA and Phoenix.

    So, I guess I should have taken your bet since I would have won. 9n the other hand, would it have been ethical of me to accept a bet from an obvious retarded person?

    I never said the shooter was not a negro.

    Darth.. he is a fake mexican cause he is white as you and me... he claims mexican cause his ancestors had a spanish land grant in mexico.


    I am of Mexican descent not because a relative was given a land grant for service to the Spanish Crown, I am of Mexican descent because that is where my grandparents are from, where my mother is from and a shitload load of family for generations is from.

    Now, I know you are not smart to realize it but being "Mexican" is not a race, it is a nationality. Nor is being Hispanic. Hispanic is an ethnic/cultural label, not a race. There are Hispanics that are black, caucasian, native Indian, etc.

    Post #17 is when you claimed the shooter looked like a 5 foot mexican.

    Maybe you need one of those cognitive tests because no one can be as retarded as you appear to be in these forums.

    No, just curious. Im still trying to figure out who is who when Laz is calling people by "Number 6" or whatever the hell

    You'll soon learn that laz rarely knows what he speaks of and the majority of the time just posts bullshit he thinks is "reality" but it ends up all in his mind.

    ack-ack is handle I've been using in online flight sim forums for the last 25+ years. Since a number of us in played Aces High, I use the handle here. The avatar I think was from gg, after she got upset after I deleted the last one as I didn't feel like taking part in the "avatar switch" that happens in here from time to time.

    Fake mexican. we all seen the vid. There are things around the guy like the cop car to give perspective. why did the 'fish lens' not shrink anything but the little mexican in the vid?

    You are such a left wing little twat that you will make any excuse.


    Why don't you ask the LASD Sheriff himself? He is the one in the press conference at the hospital that said the only description they can get from the video is that the suspect was dark skinned because of the fish eye lense. Are you trying to peddle yet more bullshit by claiming you're a video expert and can accurately guess the height of the suspect when law enforcement can't?

    As for the race of the suspect, the shooter was black, wearing dark clothing, possibly late twenties to early thirties and seen fleeing in a black sedan. Are you gonna call the LASD liars?

    Honestly, why do you math? obvious bullshit up? Is it some sort of mental defect caused by all those years of doing meth?

    The LASD never claimed the suspect was Hispanic, nor said any other description other than a "dark skinned" individual. The LASD also said because the security cameras that recorded the shooting used a fish lense, it is almost impossible to extract more fine details such as the height of the suspect.

    Why do you insist on posting bullshit?

    As you can see Escape, the usual dick chomping Trumptards will make up any excuse to deflect or change subject. Even going as far as claiming the Boogaloo Boys are a part or affiliated with ANTIFA.

    These shit heads do this a lot when confronted with examples of extreme right wing violence. You should see the retarded mental gymnastics they do when you point out that Timothy McVeigh was a right wing extremist.

    Seems like a bit of a misstep, did they dub it into English or did they subtitle it?

    Apparantly its on the UK netflix service which is wired as we will send you to jail even if you look at a one of those japanese hentas where the girls look underage, despite it being a drawing.

    Movie originally produced in French with various subtitles for the international market. I guess it was either a winner or honorable mention at the Sundance Festival.

    Apparantly it was supposed to be about child sexual exploitation in hollywood or some such.

    But looks like that message was lost in production.

    I don't think so. It was supposed to be marketed as a "coming to age" story of a French-African young girl that gets interested in some competition dance troupe, at least that's what the description for the original Sundance release described it as. The movie studio and director are claiming Netflix marketed it incorrectly, but from the original trailer I saw, it was a just more than a tad sexualized than what the studio and director claimed. I found it distasteful myself, just like I find children beauty pageants distasteful for the sexualization of children in those competitions as well.

    I hope it does help. One of my prescriptions costs $1,315 for a 30 day supply and another $3,678 for a 90 day supply. I also have a prescription for only 8 pills that costs $550 for each pill. I am lucky that my company's insurance program takes care of most of it and I am only responsible for the co-pay, which for these three prescriptions is $100, $125 and $85. But for those without insurance or on some sort of Medicare, they're screwed if they can't afford it.

    Downplay? He shut down travel from China while Pelosi was downplaying it and inviting everyone to her party in Chinatown.

    Dude. Stop.

    He shut the front door and left the back and side doors wide open. How many thousands of Chinese and citizens from other infected countries that entered from Europe during that time?

    Its been almost three years since North Korea tested a nuclear weapon or launched an icbm.


    The only reason why NK hasn't tested any nukes is not anything Trump has done. I think it was around 2017 or 2018, the mountain where the main nuclear testing facility had collapsed due to shocks caused by the repeated nuclear testing.

    March 02, 2020 - NK launched two KN-25 short-range ballistic missiles

    March 09, 2020 - NK launched two KN-25 short-range ballistic missiles

    March 21, 2020 - NK launched two KN-24 missile short ranged ballistic missiles

    I know it pains you do admit it that the Village Idiot's policy towards NK has been a failure but it is what it is. You cannot deny that the Village Idiot has failed to reign in NK and got nothing for any concessions the Idiot gave NK and Little Kim. NK still has nukes, still is developing nukes, still has long, medium and short range ballistic missiles and continues to develop and produce new ones. In addition, NK has also undergoing modernization of its military. Now, please explain how the Village Idiot has been successful in dealing with NK?

    Maybe you should stop reading Cosmo for your news.