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    Romans were an occupational administration, like US in Germany and South Korea now, Jews didn't have any authority for death penalty.

    Don't forget to add like the Soviet Union in East Germany, Estonia, Ukraine, Belorussia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, etc.

    No doubt a dickless little twerp would go begging for a favor. I'm not some self absorbed nigger constantly begging for special consideration. If you weren't such an asshole, I'd feel sorry for you.

    You're the one that came to the boards crying about a game like a little pussy and now you're crying about what I called you. A true pussy.

    No one capable of walking on water and raising the dead could have been killed by anyone had they not intended and allowed it to be so.

    I'd like to see him try to walk on water with those holes in his feet. Probably sink like a rock.

    It also begs a question, if Jesus did come back, wouldn't a cross be the last thing he'd want to see?

    The rates of infection among the young are going up because they HAVEN'T been social distancing or wearing masks. They also have made up a large majority of the protesters in the streets of major blue cities.

    The point he was making about testing was, slowly now, that we are doing more testing than any other nation, which is skewing the numbers to favor foreign nations. China has one of the lowest rates of infections....but who can trust their data? Or condone the dictatorial measures they have taken to control it. Do you really want us to follow that path?

    The point he was making about the testing was crying about how it makes him look personally. Same reason why he didn't want those stuck on cruise ships to enter the country, he was afraid the increase number of infected would make him look bad.

    If you want to be one of those assholes that puts people at risk because you won't social distance or take preventative measures like wearing a mask, it's your right but you'll still be an asshole putting others around you at risk.

    Yup and it is not just in the NYC area but all across the country where the temperatures are HOT. Didn't Teflon Donnie also say the virus would disappear with hotter temperatures?

    He also said if we didn't test so much, we wouldn't have the large number of infected that we do. :laughter

    San Francisco is seeing a large surge, forcing the city to pause re-opening plans.…co-pauses-reopening-plans

    With 2.5 million confirmed infections and 5 straight days of single day records, it's pretty much still is a highly infectious virus. With more people dying of COVID-19 than the past 3 years of the flu season in Los Angeles County alone, COVID-19 is a deadly disease. Younger people, who were thought to be low risk for the virus, are being infected in higher numbers than in the Spring. The death rate, (both Global and in the US) is higher than the Spanish Flu and the Spanish Flu was from 1918 to 1920 and if occurred today, wouldn't have been as deadly as it was in 1918.

    I know the facts run contrary to what your Orange colored God claims but the facts are the facts. The virus is no way over with or diminished and we currently do not have an effective medical treatment. The hydro drug your Village Idiot claimed was a miracle drug has turned out to be really nothing more than snake oil, as have the other treatments that have been touted. Practicing social distancing and staying at home so far have been the most effective way to slow down the spread until a vaccine is developed.

    I'd say they would go through a ton of zip discs and grinding wheels.

    Also battery powered grinders aren't exactly worth a fuck when it comes to doing something quick.

    In the San Diego breaches, BP was surprised how easy the smugglers were able to cut through the wall using inexpensive cutting tools. BP also saw an increase in tunnel construction.

    typical spaz, ignores the facts in the report from the government. As I said in a previous thread, he will ignore the facts and then try to deflect and then cry like a drunken fat chick on a Friday night.