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    DO NOT get in my face you pussies. Do not tell me I am a pussy...


    I call you a sniveling pussy, because you're a sniveling pussy. There are some people like you that are just naturally born that way. Which is why each time you open your mouth to speak, it sounds like a queef.

    Even tho saying I am a white male on applications was... and still is... a disadvantage. I still do it. I will not pretend to be trans or indian or negro or mexican.


    I always check "white/caucasian" on applications because that's the race I am, if there is a selection to select ethnicity, I select Hispanic, because even a simple retard is smart enough to know Hispanic is an ethnicity and culture, not a race.

    MurderFace is another of those who is all show and no go.

    Shuckens Deux is another of those who is all show and no go.

    Guys like Shuckens, Arrow, and Violater can't go. Their tin foil hats are too big to fit through the door and they are too afraid to take them off.

    spaz talks a good show but his yellow stripe comes out when it is time to put up or shut up and bring himself and his guns to Sacramento.

    All of the resident Trumptards are this way. Just a bunch if hysterical sniveling little pussies.

    Finally pulled the trigger and ordered the T-50CM3 and retire my Pro Throttle after 25 years of use. It's on back order but received an email that it will be about 3 weeks until it ships.

    The house is OUR property. Black cop shoots unarmed white woman who was a threat to no one? thats ok? She was not even warned... not commanded to do anything like..... "do not move.. put your hands over your head or you will be shot" no warning at all .. just.. bang bang.

    Anyone ok with this is a disgusting POS


    It is sad she died, it is even sadder she died because she drank too much of the Trumpardian and QAnon kool-aid.

    Have they said exactly what killed the officer? Read somewhere he was hit with a fire extinguisher. (ALSO heard he had a heart attack)

    The officer was struck repeatedly over the head the extinguisher and then later died at the hospital from a stroke caused by the injuries.

    The fact that they are not really saying anything is telling.


    They already said how he died, a stroke as a result of the injuries he suffered.

    And the chick that was shot...she wasn't cruising the hallways all innocent like. She was one of the traitors that broke down a barricaded door leading to an area where the members of Congress had taken shelter. She was warned repeatedly to stop, refused and got her traitorous shot for her stupidity.

    Does that mean you won't help me with welfare fraud like you do the homeless leaches?

    You've never been able to show how I am involved in some sort of fraud, other than being a fucktatd and screaming it.

    However, with your fawning adulation of Trump, I have been able to prove your a seditious piece of shit and a major fuckin' retard like spazzy.

    With A TRACK ball, you don't need a fucking mouse pad, don't need to set aside area on the fucking table for fucking mouse movement, don't even need to have the mouse ON the table.

    In summary, trackballs rule

    Suck for gaming though.

    Spaz and the other Trumptards leave out the Capital Police officer that was repeatedly hit with a fire extinguisher and later died from his injuries. 50 Capital Police officers were also injured by the seditious mob, so much for the mob being peaceful.

    You should go back to wiping homeless asses and helping them with their welfare fraud.

    Cause you really suck at trolling outside of your safe space at NK.

    You should stop being an un-American seditious piece of shit.

    I did not say that at all.. I said there was no reason to shoot her.


    She tried to enter an area that members of Congress were taking shelter in. And, yes, the officer died related to injuries suffered during the attempted coup.

    Only un-American fucks think what happened is okay and will do whatever mental gymnastics to justify it or explain it away. We know what side you fall in.

    But .. but... the Trump rioters.... they BROKE A WINDOW... they scared our sacred politicians and sat in their chairs!!!! we need to call in the army!!


    More than a window was broken, some offices were looted and a Capital Police officer was killed. Every one of the Trumptardian fucks should be charged with sedition.