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    Doesn't help matters when the president of the country is in the pockets of one of the big cartels and tries to buddy up to them at every opportunity.

    Obrador removed the most effective and fearsome tool at his disposal, the Mexican Marines and supporting naval units. The marine and naval units were extremely effective, the cartels were scared of them but when Orbador took office, he sent them back to their bases in favor of the newly created National Guard, which gave been jokingly ineffective.

    This isn't new, it has been like this since the PRI relinquished power in the late 1980's and allowed more open elections and and allowed more political parties to take part.

    Every big blue shithole (redundant, I know) has a DA just like that, and not by coincidence. Houston popo arrested a guy for stealing cars THREE TIMES IN ONE DAY. DA office cut him loose with an appearance ticket each time. They've had some 94 people in the last year murdered by similar punks who were cut loose awaiting the trial that would likely never happen

    The LA County DA used to be the DA in San Francisco and moved down here because his buddy, that used to be SF's mayor and now governor, asked him to run against the old DA.

    Leftists are unaffected by fact. To leftist truth is subjective.

    You are the one that believes in the nutter election stolen conspiracy. I posted facts that you nor the others have been able to dispute or counter. Sounds like I am not the one with an aversion to the truth.

    Now go run along little Chihuahua.

    What does CloudFlare have to do with Cyber Ninjas incapable of doing an impartial and independent audit? What does that have to do with the AZ Senate President, that can't remember how she did it, but she somehow stumbled on a random Florida based cybersecurity firm that has never been contracted to do a vote counting/monitoring, auditing or any sort of training. Cyber Ninjas scored, an easy $150k and not having to disclose how much private funding they get.

    Your question is baseless. For some reason you actually think your opinions somehow matter or any response to them would even be considered. No one is bothering to waste their time answering your opinions with reasoning since that reasoning would not influence your opinions. You will continue to repeatedly rant the same few lines over and over again on this subject regardless of the facts or other opinions. You are a waste of time. I'm sure Iron will respond though. Because... Iron...

    In other words, you can't answer the question, not that you won't.

    Run along sniveling little pussy, think it's time for you to give storchita that reach around you promised him.

    None of you sniveling pussies have answered my question about how Doug Logan could carry out an impartial and independent audit when the only qualification he seemed to have for the contract was he is an ardent Trump supporter and Venezuela/China conspiracy enthusiast.

    It's not like the AZ Senate President didn't have any other firms with decades or over a hundred years experience in vote counting and auditing to choose from.

    At first it was thought the shooter was the asshole that has been driving on the 91, 22, I-5 or the 55 freeways and shooting out car windows on the freeway with a BB gun or pellet gun these last few weeks. According to the news, CHP was able to determine that it wasn't the serial freeway shooter because around the same time the 6 year old was shot, the freeway shooter had shot out another car's window on the 91 freeway. The fear was that the shooter had escalated and was now using a real gun.

    Sadly though, as long as LA County has that new DA, the mother won't see any justice for the murder of her child. Wish recall procedures could have started after Gascón was elected the county DA.

    Democrats are incompetent but also liars and thieves. America was ripened over 60 years for the taking and the commies made their move. The next move is up to the rest of us.

    Other than crying and stomping your feet, what is the next move?

    Pancho vanilla is just parroting. If they did not use some outfit that had done dozens of forensic audits in the past and worked for MSN... well... Oh wait... no one has experience doing such an audit cause.... there never has been one on this scale done before.

    Then he says they have found nothing!!!! how would he know? They have not released any findings yet. Then he says they keep moving the date for release? well... duh.... give em as much time as they need. what is there to be afraid of?


    No private firm in this country has experiencing in conducting an audit for voter fraud? Better call Keir Holeman, the VP of Clear Ballot Group, who's Boston based firm has over 13 years of experience and more than 200 audits. Or maybe call Honest Ballot, a firm that has been doing this since 1909.

    Give Cyber Ninjas more time? There has been time enough for any evidence to have come to light, keeping this charade going does nothing but erode the confidence of the American people in our electoral process, which is what you and the other sniveling pussies would really like to see. You have no interest in having any sort of fair elections. If you and the other sniveling pussies did, you would wipe the tears from your face and pull up those big girl pants and face the reality that the majority that voted in November did so in overwhelming numbers to kick Trump out of office.

    There can't be many companies that have experience doing forensic audits on election ballots because this sort of thing isn't the norm, yet.

    There are a quite a few private firms that specialize in it and have years, even decades worth of experience conducting election audits and vote counting.

    Still no proof from the Cyber Ninjas, but do you really expect the Cyber Ninjas to find anything?

    None of the Trump teat suckers have been able to explain how the CEO of Cyber Ninjas, Doug Logan, who is on record as a very vocal Trump supporter and also on record advancing the "Venezuela" and "Chinese" voter fraud conspiracies and with absolutely ZERO experiencing in audits of this kind be "impartial and independent".

    It is interesting of all the cyber security contractors, Fann, the AZ Senate President, can't remember how she found Logan's firm and yet some how found the one firm with the only apparent qualification needed to get the contract was to be an ardent Trump ass kisser and fraud conspiracy promoter.