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    That Pro 400 has a nice a great wireless interface and if you opt for that field pro feeder you get a good mig pulse suitcase.

    One of the guys that does balcony highrises on the beach has that rig. It probably set him back $40k but he claims he made that back in his first month.

    With as many high end condos being scrutinized after the collapse on Surfside remote aluminum in place work is in high demand

    I have the arc reach feeder for mine. The feeder you speak of costs 5k ish, I was looking into buying one and opted to go with the regular arc reach feeder instead. The next machine I will get will be the pro 400, exact same machine as the pipe pro, costs less. Only real difference is a temp gauge, engine choices, and the tin. Everything else is the same, same software.

    I had issues with rotors in the generator flying apart on the lincolns.

    One gouged the rotor and fried every wire in the machine.

    I just ordered another Lincoln hood. The 3350 Viking.

    The reason is availability of screens the auto adjust technology and the clarity of vision.

    I'm just a big red fan.

    I used to be die hard lincoln untill I had three brand new machines in a row grenade.

    Borodler @ 3:26

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    At what, 2 foot? It's forty bucks 10' shallow. OutfuckingRAGEous. I haven't needed deep in a awhile. Because I can do it shallow or 2x4.

    Just in case you didn't see it bronk :D . These monuments that I am quoting, I can't get them down below 3k, maybe If I drop my labor rate a touch, that wont happen though fuel cost too much these days.

    I'm pricing a job right now, weld on fittings and pipe are through the roof. It is unreal. Three years ago a 6" weld on fitting cost me $50.00, it is now $160 bucks a fitting. It is all going way up and out of sight. I wonder when the crash will be.

    I've been utilizing a really old felt Jackson yesterday. I've forgotten what it was like twenty years ago, prior to auto darken.

    I won't be able to get into a welding supply until overmorrow.

    if it is a 2x4 you can put an auto darken on it. As for the optrels I think you will like it. I had the e684, super light weight, visual clarity was un real I have yet to see something that matched it. Only downside is that it has oddball clear lenses that were sold 3 to a pack.

    Murder I like that pancake a lot, great for the shop and field alike. Only thing that sucks, when I use the sugar scoop for a while then go back to the pancake..... you forget to not do the head nod and end up with a sore nose. Running into stuff with it hurts too.

    I need a new hood. My ten + yr old Lincoln split. There are so many to choose from that I thought I'd ask. I don't care about cost my criteria is light, tight and good auto darken.

    What say you astromech?

    Fibre metal pipeliner or a pancake. 2x4 auto lenses are cheap and so are the clear lenses. If you dont want something like that, optrel makes a nice hood.

    As for the 2x4 lenses, lincoln makes a nice one and the super singles are nice too.