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    I know guys at the Casino in Oklahoma get nailed all the time coming in with a concealed handgun - they literally see the tell-tale bulge of a concealed handgun with their cameras - they have people watching very very closely who will check you out if they have the slightest suspicion. I actually know a guy who got busted for it and it cost him a small fortune to get out of it (he had to hire a native lawyer since it was on Indian land).

    I seriously do not know how you could sneak a rifle in to the indian casino in question, let alone a big money place like the one in Vegas with infinitely more resources.

    Yeah casino hotel with strict no weapon policy.... How does a guy get "10 rifles" in his room ? You know he had to pass over 100 cameras and had trained people watching his every move, as they do this in all casino facilities. WTF did he dress up like a roadie and have a guitar case that said "PEAVY" or whatever ?

    You know the lawsuit on the Mandelay/MGM or whatever is gonna be in the billions.

    This. Plus modifying an AK or AR variant to full auto is no great task, there are vids/docs all over on how to do it yourself, or it just costs $ to have someone do it for you if you know someone willing to break the NFA rules. AK+ lots of drums I would wager, I too heard some long bursts. AR belt fed uppers are around too as are various drums that have mixed results in terms of reliability for the AR platform.

    There is no solution or defense against lunatics. Certainly not more laws.

    G I'm guessing the guy had an AR-15 with a slide fire stock and a couple of beta mags. At that range (+/- 600 yards ?) I'm guessing he spitballed them in and most of the casualties were people getting trampled from the panic. Ironic Hillary used this moment to push anti-suppressor politics... I bet there would have been less casualties if people didn't hear the gunfire.

    Sneakers killed more than bullets I'm betting.

    Like I said I found the trick is to put the slightest amount of tension on the tension wrench as possible - and when you rake the lock, try it very slow and see if you can feel the pins going in and sticking (if you nail one, the others will go in the same way with a little patience). The other approach is to keep that light pressure, but then rake the fucking shit out of the pins very fast (kind of like how a lockpick gun does it). You can then try different picks (use the same two approaches). Generally, you will open the lock, but it may take a bit of work. Sometimes you have to pick the pins individually.

    Wafer locks are the absolute easiest and are a good first lock to learn on. Conventional padlocks are harder but not that hard. Cheap typical deadbolts are pretty easy too. The more expensive "high security" deadbolts that are pick resistant are very difficult, but you will get them given enough time.

    One other time I actually used the picks to good effect...

    There was a short time that I would go shooting at a local Bass Pro shop (at the time it was the closet range where I lived). They had this complex check in system where you had to declare your shooting bag at the front of the store, they would search it, and would put trigger locks on all the guns in your bag. You then went into the store proper with your shooting bag and locked up guns. At the range (deep inside), the guy there would unlock your guns and you'd shoot, then they'd lock them again when you left the range, and they'd check your bags again when you left and would unlock guns out the door.

    Well one time they fucked up and forgot to unlock one of my guns, so I found myself sitting at home, with a gun sporting a trigger lock.

    Rather than return to the store or fuck around with a drill, I pulled out the picks, and was able to pick it in about 1 second flat. I then tossed the lock in the trash and went about my day.

    Milo, I Know you want to suck someone's cock real bad, and I suggest talking up ThoughtyouwasaToad. He's pretty young and I'm relatively sure he's bi-curious. He'd probably be flattered to get attention from an older man.

    Oh and I was a fucking master at Karate Champ AND Karate Champ Player vs Player (that's two different games BTW).

    The original Karate Champ was player vs CPU only, and if you were good - you could play on one credit for over an hour, and reach 10 dan or better (I could). Very very difficult after 8th dan.

    Then you had the revised version 2 basically, Karate Champ PvP - which was much more common and had two pairs of controls, with a revised fighting engine.

    I could beat any fucker back in the day. One time I played this asshole and we got into a real actual fight over it (I ended up kicking him in the head to end the fight LOL)

    Yeah the arcade fighting games... man what an era that was....

    First time I went to an arcade was around 1978 or 1979 (Space Invaders was around), and I was a degenerate -/+ 1982-1992.

    There were a number of games i could play indefinitely - more than I can remember, but I remember being able to play track N field indefinitely, along with this wrestling game called "Exciting Hour". Could also play Armored Attack (think rat patrol in vector form) forever, as well as joust (without resorting to lame ass tricks).

    Street Fighter 2 I could finish the game with 1 quarter with any character. I got into playing those competitively... every town or city would have some off the beaten path shitty arcade where fighting gamers would congregate and see who the best guy in town was. I was pretty good at SF2 (good, but not Asian good), but the one that I could beat anyone at all, was a lesser known one called Time Killers. It was like Street Fighter II meets Mortal Kombat - with moves to decapitate other players or cut off their limbs one by one. Another one I was good at was Fighter's History (SFII rip off that was really well done and fun to play).

    Was really into the Neo Geo fighters as well - Fatal Fury I especially and Art of Fighting.

    I built my own arcade cabinet in 2001, and sadly I tossed it this year. It still worked perfectly, but after renovating I no longer had room for it, and given it's age, well I got my use and all the hardware was ancient. I didn't want to spend time & money keeping it alive, because what I want to build next is a tabletop model.

    I miss the oldschool arcades... I know they are making a comeback, and my ass needs to get out more.

    I got a nice set of picks from Southern Ordnance from about 15 years ago. I'm pretty decent at it, having fucked around with it for years on/off. I found the secret is a very very light touch with the tension bar.

    I got into it because I worked with this asshat back in the day who rage-quit his job - a sysadmin in a semi conductor manufacturing facility. He quit and they made me take over his job. Anyways, as part of his rage-quit sabotage, he locked every single cabinet in the computer room(s) (about 200 rackmount cabinets), took all the keys, and walked with them. Rather than fuck around with a locksmith, I bought a set of pics online and learned how to use them, then unlocked every single cabinet one after the other.

    It's a handy thing to know and easy to learn.

    Star Trek though... I still like the original series... TNG I watched when it was current - to me it was pretty cool back then, but it hasn't aged well for whatever reason (unlike the original). DS9 I never got into just because... the characters just got on my nerves for whatever reason. I could never get past the first 3-4 episodes and never watched it again.

    Voyager I thought was ok, but Space Tits did a lot for it... I tried watching the Enterprise one but it never did anything for me, so I don't think I've seen more than 3-4 episodes of it either.

    Spy Hunter - man that was a great arcade game... Unfortunately no emulator can do it justice as it absolutely requires the custom controls it came with. It's one of the arcade games that I was good enough at to play indefinitely. More than once I played it for 3 hours straight on one credit - leaving only because I had to go.