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    I've been wanting a 357 magnum revolver in the collection for a long time now. Was seriously considering a Combat Magnum, or a beefier 686 with a 3in barrel... Then the Python had to come back to complicate matters.

    Well, I'm going to wait a couple years for a Python, but I might still get a Smith in 357 in the meantime.

    If the new Pythons come out in numbers the old Pythons will drop in price no matter what - because all these potential old python buyers will be getting the new one and the itch will be scratched. Lower demand etc. etc.

    Will always be a "Cadillac" premium gun tho, and we'll never see them for $800 like we did 10-12 years ago.

    they shot it down because they are on a war footing and have a hair trigger

    it's trumps fault he is playing political games with other peoples lives

    iran is no match for the the might of the u.s. the united states has become a bully of self interest

    So what causes you go sling whiskey ? The Bottle of Self Interest ?

    Ok I'm gonna preface this with I've never "gotten" Rush. I realize Peart was one of the best rock drummers alive, but I never cared much for any of their music (but his solos were entertaining). Didn't love 'em, didn't hate em.

    Now, one thing for sure - they were 10,000x the band that The Tragically Hip was. The Hip sucked ass. But when their singer died about 2 years ago, it was like fucking 12 months of national mourning, with all these fucking idiots on social media grieving for months on end - like status updates like "Oh GORD how will we get on without you !?!?!!?!" BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH etc. Even Justine Trudeau got in on the act.

    Anyways, it was fucking embarrassing. One of the most vulgar mass emotional displays I've ever seen (as a canuck). It was worse bandwagon shit than we say in the US with the Seahawks - it was THAT bad.

    So Neil Peart dies of basically the same fucking disease, and CRICKETS. He was just a small footnote as far as Canadians were concerned I guess. Anyways that pissed me off.

    There's a LOT of bands much better than the fucking Hip from Canada - even April Wine is much better than the hip - Hell Loverboy is better than the fucking Hip.

    Ok so about 2 hours after I wrote this his video came out. Everything was going fine but in the final 5 mins, the gun started malfunctioning like crazy.

    Several people are having the same issue on the internet it seems.

    Hickok got the new one just now I'm sure he'll be making a video soon. I got the distinct impression he's not a big fan of it. There's reports of messed up crowns and reliability problems on the first batch out. Typical stuff though, which is why I like to wait 2 years on any new model.

    So apparently six planes had just taken off from that runway before the one that got hit with 2 missiles. Things were very quiet at the time, the Iranian missile launch on Iraq was hours earlier.

    That one was chosen because they had citizens of countries that would put international pressure on Trump to cease and desist.

    I think you'll find that the more it goes, the more their latest little story won't hold water.

    They were lying and only changed their story when video was produced that showed the missiles striking. They are still lying, merely trying to find the path of least resistance to get out of the mess.

    Iran does nothing but lie and kill innocent civilians.