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    You know... if you are going to, at least find something that has been shopped better than what my cat can do... that is the worst photo shopped photo I have seen in a long time

    this isn't... but it is a picture with some funny writing poking fun out an obvious point which makes it humourous

    so way closer than a lot of you people are getting


    The scariest thing about this virus, is the speed it can and has mutated.... getting a vaccine for the original string will be great... but this thing is going to be here for some time and it has already shown how it changes, to in effect... fix it's weaknesses....

    And when I first started reading about Hydro I thought and said.. that as a preventative it would be a game changer for some.... That is why I keep bringing up that millions who take it for other things do not seem to get the covid. Dred and others her are writing novels for posts on how it is USELESS!!!! DANGEROUS!!! Almost like they were ignorant or agenda driven.... or both


    Could it not be due to them staying the fuck away from other people?... If I had a immune deficiency and I was told there was a virus that attacked every part of me that was weak I know I would stay away from people ... Fuck I did it knowing full well that I stood a good chance of not being too affected by it... but I stayed my distance from all the dirty fuckers out there....

    Hmmm ... come to think of it..... that is pretty much how I live on a day to day basis

    But there is also that fact that.... Do you really believe who how and why people have died is being reported correctly.... I sure don't ... this whole thing is a cluster fuck.... our rate is this...oh hang on do we need to include those that died outside of hospitals... nah... oh...shit maybe we better... oh those numbers suck.... oh hang on ....ok now maybe we should have taken note of what people acyually died from and not just called it a covid death... oh fuck ...oh fuck... ah well... lets just attck someone elses way of doing things... yeah...that'll get em off our backs hahahaha.... on and on it goes....

    It has been trialed .. by two centers in your country and also in other countries... all the test came to the same conclusion... it is neither good or bad as a covid treatment .... it made no difference to outcomes.... there was only the possible added side effects all medicines have... some get the side effects... some use the fact that there are written on the box, side effects and claim to have them to get out of work and shit like that... then there are some who crush it up and try get high with it... and then there's the mosts... that wonder what all the fuss is

    Ahh fuck ...I just realized why it is fine for me.... I live in NZ... so it of course it's the right way up for me Duh hahahah