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    You see... taxing is necessary to maintain infrastructure. The desire for it to exclusively maintain infrastructure is what I consider the main difference between Rs and Ds (at least it should be). It is what I will vote to support at every opportunity. In that case... EVs would till be taxed for road use... just like cars.


    So tax the people or privatization are the two speeds you have? You realize there are more ways to fund a government to address infrastructure issues that that, right?

    Donations? Service fees? Isn't a gas tax really just a service fee? Other than that, there is no other way to fund a government than taxation. Oh... wait... how about bonds who's returns are funded by TAXES. That is basically the definition of taxation. Just so you don't have to look it up (because you seem confused):

    1) a sum of money demanded by a government for its support or for specific facilities or services, levied upon incomes, property, sales, etc.

    2) a burdensome charge, obligation, duty, or demand.

    Wow... a few years late on Disney outrage, fishy. Going through every woke moment as if it were the end of the world is unnecessary. Some things speak for themselves or their writers. Maybe some Thelma outrage, too? Come on, fishy, there is just so much for you to throw in people's faces because that is the way to get things done, as this cartoon clearly demonstrates.

    No, I don't imagine it was a fit. I do believe that vouchers are a much better solution or the option to pay for private schools. With interstate commerce, you don't have options. With much of the infrastructure, you don't have options. Privatization would be no better than taxation.

    So... chanting a "no taxes" montra while trying to call someone on school-of choice issues is still nonsensical montra chanting.

    Sweet. That's the kinda logic that nonsense no-solution montras are mad of. There's NO way that the problem with modern politics is the forced application of ill thought out seldom applicable montras instead of reason. Nope. Nosiree

    A much simpler question: do you a single photo taken from water level to even 6 ft above the shoreline of someone standing 6 miles away across water where their feet are visible? 3 miles? 2 miles?

    It's OK fishy. You continue to look for blame. I don't know anyone who remotely fits that story but you keep pretending it's everyone that isn't as fucking crazy as you. You've been looking for people to blame for you for some time. I suggest you get a mirror.

    Scrutiny of facts is only possible in the presence of fact. That is science. It is why you are able to try to scrutinize these things. The reason nobody can scrutinize what you declare to be science is because it does not exist. That is not science. It is the opposite of science. It is stupidity.

    Please explain why none of these photos show a flat horizon when actually scrutinized beyond the lies printed on them.

    Please explain this picture if the earth is an infinite plane.

    I love it when a flat earther, who insists we never went to space, tries to use an image from space to prove a point <badly>. There is irony layered on irony.

    <pssst>that image shows the line closer on the right than lower left</pssst>

    Grav, there does not need to be a barrier. Things behave different with or without. That is why we have gas laws.

    What you clearly cannot explain is how pressure goes down as a function of altitude... and what happens if you go up higher and higher... even with no barrier. Pressure drops. Eventually it drops to near zero. No barrier needed. Gravity is the reason regardless of motion through space.