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    7.19 cents at all times, here. EV really makes a lot of sense when hydro is readily available.

    I agree, Lazs... It should be about cost points, savings and cost of ownership. Some of the electric options are actually very good. The key is understanding the pros and cons and getting out the calculator.

    Of course, it is also important to remember that anything that circumvents a tax will be "fixed" by the government... so add that in, too. I'm thinking of gasoline/road taxes.

    There isn't a single building where the bottom is visible. According to what you've said, we should be able to see them all. You continue to post things that don't show what you claim they do and only prove you have no idea how to put two ideas together to support an argument.

    You can't help but post memes that disprove everything you say.. I particularly like the quarter on the countertop. I don't suppose it occurred to you that you aren't looking at the top of the counter, but rather the front edge (from below). It is hilarious that you don't know that.

    Of course the first meme is as unscientific as it gets. Kinda hard to measure the glare as part of the sun. It needs to be done under a lens that would reduce the sun to the source. Well... at least it does if you want to be scientific. I would, however, like to know what "the sun traverses above the earth illuminating locally" means. This is a nonsensical statement.

    I sold my mini EV 3 weeks ago. The MSRP was $29,900 last year and I got $25,000 for it. I did get a $7500 rebate so I consider it a win, overall. I bought it with the express intent of saving $$$ on fuel. That I did... spending $176 to go 7,757 miles. In comparison... my Buick Encore got 28mpg and cost me $1009 ovser the same distance with gas averaging $3.30 per gallon (ish). With an average of 15k miles per year, the savings are $1650 over an excellent MPG car. Over 8 years, that would be $13,200 in savings (more if gas went up... less if gas went down). The cost of ownership on everything else is actually less. No oil changes. Brakes last forever and no more transmission worries. It makes complete fiscal sense...

    Then you spend 3 hours one afternoon trying to get home from work because the battery was low and you could not find a recharge station that would charge faster than 6 miles of travel time per hour. That's all it takes to ruin the whole experience. I didn't have to stop at a gas station for it for nearly a year. The one time I need a charge, though, there's none to be found or it will take forever.

    Teslas have a better network, but I went to Target last week to get an iPad cover for my wife and noticed the 10 Tesla stations they had there were full with another 20 Teslas waiting in the parking lot around them.

    It has to make fiscal sense and be practical.

    The reason my mini resold for 20% less after 1 year was because the fed decided to discontinue the tax rebate for imported cars after August of last year. The mini dealer said that of the 10 cars they had on order, 5 orders were immediately dropped (adding to their inventory). Now they're having trouble moving them.

    The government doesn't give a fuck about people using EVs. The government cares about getting leverage over petroleum based fuels. That is all. Everything else is simply a smoke screen used to get the voters on their side.

    Grav hasn't really answered anything. Grav can't explain why, with an infinite plane, the sun appears to drop below it nor why if it's simply getting farther away down the infinite plane it doesn't change size. You don't need to back memes or lunacy up with anything to get some folks to believe it.

    A little known acceptance from Dems in regards to Trump's "tax cuts for the wealthy": Itemization was brutalized. The standard deduction went up but itemization became almost worthless. This impacted home owners the most. Kissing that mortgage interest deduction goodbye doesn't really hurt for people with homes under $200k... but those McMansions lost their tax deduction big time.

    LOL! Did you just admit the sun was 93 million miles away? OK... chalk one up to the shit you don't even realize you're saying.

    At 93 million miles away... how far would the sun have to move to go from infinitely small on one "horizon" to infinitely small on the other? Aren't you the one ranting about the impossibility of how fast the earth would have to travel to complete an orbit around the sun?

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    Mustangs and Camaros were slumming at 200hp with over 15s quarter mile times into the mid 80s. Foxbodies got a reputation for being good to modify but they never really beat out the GN and they never really solved their handling problems. I remember our State Patrol abandoning them as pursuit vehicles due to the fact they couldn't keep the rear end behind them if the road did anything abnormal... especially when trying to cross medians.

    The 80s has many examples of lost opportunities. The GN is an example of an opportunity seized.

    I respect it’s ability and like them more now than I used to. To me they look to plain to be a muscle car and yet not a luxury car either. In the context of the 80s, lots of cars looked like this. Out of the 80s it looks better.

    Other than it being blacked out, the looks weren't necessarily the point. In the 80s, it was faster than most exotics. With a few bolt-on modifications, it was faster than anything. This in an era where performance was no longer a consideration. It kinda swung the pendulum back towards power for US coupes.

    Here's a 1985 (ish) Buick Regal T-Type (dunno if it's a Grand National) breaking 7.5s:

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    You can't explain very simple things:

    1) Sunrise / Sunset

    2) Why you can't see the base of any buildings from across Lake Michigan

    3) Why air pressure drops as a function of altitude

    4) Why air pressure wouldn't drop to vacuum as you go up in altitude

    5) Why the southern hemisphere is warmer than the northern hemisphere

    6) Why a horizon is visible from high altitude when an infinite plane should continue on forever with no horizon.

    7) Why something spinning at .00005 RPM would have more centrifugal force than something spinning at 50 RPM. Afterall... centrifuges are about RPM, not size.

    You have ignored every one of these things... often posting memes that support them without even realizing it.