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    They kept their restaurants open. They kept their venues open. They kept their schools open.

    This is not about Sweden being more obedient. It is about government not being allowed to be more restrictive because they arbitrarily declare an emergency.

    Sweden is rethinking its strategy as it appears to be getting its second wave

    "Sweden is moving away from its no-lockdown strategy and preparing strict new rules amid rising coronavirus cases"…wing-case-numbers-2020-10

    LOL! That is such a not accurate quote. I love the way media twists things. I encourage you to read the article. At no point did the Swedish representative suggest lockdowns of any kind. It's kind of hard to move a way from a no lockdown strategy if you're not going to lock anything down. They change their recommendations. They don't make them requirements and they don't criminalize people who choose not to follow them.

    I think the initial lockdowns were a decent idea to keep from overwhelming the hospitals with a disease that we had no fucking clue about.


    They were a good idea. They were supposed to last 3 weeks. The main point was to be slowing the spread so our medical system wouldn't get overwhelmed. At some point politicians started thinking this was preventing the disease, not slowing it. The disease will continue to spread. There is no preventing that.

    Of course, this is counter to the democrat narrative that this could have all been prevented if Trump had only done something different sometime in the past.

    I finally watched the new "Perry Mason" series done by HBO. Portions of it are well done... but Hollywood just can't help but go full Hollywood in the end.

    Paint peeled on the original hood. I replaced it with a hood off of a 2001 2500HD truck ($200 for the hood). They are beefier up front. It's a bit hard to tell from that pic... but it really blocks up the front end whereas the original softens the edges.

    You gotta be careful with blanket censorship- for there to be a crime there has to be a victim, and I don't know that there is one here... like Jeros was saying, looking at a drawing will land you in prison, so you can see how far beyond we've gone over "protecting children."

    This isn't about protecting viewers. Child pornography never is. It is about what is involved in creating these films. The laws are very clear and it seams this film crossed the line.

    I don't know how much more he could have done. I think he had like 10 consecutive platinum selling albums over at least a couple of decades. That's as good a run as any.

    It's not easy for any band or artist to stay relevant. I'm not sure how much more he had in him.

    Last couple of decades? Maybe 1.


    “This threat is still very real and the sad irony is on the day that the president was admitted to the hospital with the very virus he called a hoax, the Supreme Court in Michigan undermined my emergency rule, my emergency orders that I’ve had to enact that puts us in the same state as all other states in this nation, to save lives,” Whitmer said on CNN's "State of the Union" on Sunday.

    She is a bit confused about governor not being the same as supreme ruler.

    Most game animals you have to cut with pork/pork fat because the meat is too lean to make a good hamburger without it.

    True story. We either go to the bitch or the park...

    Yay! We're burning!

    A friend is really into glam camping. There are quite a few folding stainless options not too far from that except they have legs. It takes a little practice to get the coal right and also learn to get the right cuts (thin is better) for it and the steaks come out awesome. I haven't done fish on one, yet... which is ironic given we fire it up when we go fishing. I guess that's why I don't give fishing advice much.

    Who the fuck puts lighter fluid on charcoal anymore? Sure way to ruin a good cut of meat. Get a fricking chimney.