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    Shop doggy approves. Should be dried in by the weekend!

    If it's a garage, it's too small. If it's a shop, figure out how much lighting you need and double it. Also... finish the inside. It helps a ton for lighting. Or... do none of this and ignore an old man.

    I didn't say it couldn't be done. It's just not easy. Sure... swapping out your steering box is easy. And a new AC compressor setup should be absolutely no problem. Re-designing the water cooling system would also be really really easy. I imagine a new brake system would also be available and SUPER easy to install.

    It is basically re-building the front portion of your vehicle including all of the monitoring and controls that go with it. That's all.

    The knock was on the word "easy". It is not. Not even close.

    I do love those "easy swap" electric motors.

    No more vacuum

    No more belts

    No more power steering pump

    No more AC

    No more hot water for heat

    Yes... a very easy swap.

    The son's books are OK, but you can definitely tell they were written by amateurs. Now that he and his co-writer are more experienced, I wish they would go back through and either fix them, or rewrite them.

    Stephen King jumped the shark the moment he became a character in his own book.

    He jumped the shark when he got hit by the minivan. That was when his gunslinger series took a serious turn. The first ones were great. They went downhill fast after the accident. I do recall reading and thinking, "Don't do it... don't add yourself as a character... damn!" The whole thing came off as narcissism after that.

    Two mules for sister sarah? I hated that one. Paint your wagon also sucked balls. His every which way but loose movies don't really stand the test of time either. The Dirty Harry stuff is also a bit painful to watch, but not as bad as those previously listed.

    There is a fairy at the bird feeder that Will kills with a broom. The movie isn't in your face and it's not looking for guilt trips. Firefly is a good comparison. Watch it, if you haven't.

    Bright got panned by Hollywood for not doing enough to address racial issues. It wasn't enough of a direct parallel to today's problems. It is a component of the film, but not really the driving force behind it. They actually handled it according to the story rather than some hollywood fantasy. It was well done.

    Tesla Plaids in the hands of ordinary drivers:…to-house-killing-2-people

    One of the stupidest things done in the auto industry as of late. The Tesla Plaid will demonstrate why traction control is needed for virtually every car driven on the road today.

    It reminds me of a quote from an F1 driver who test drove a 1000hp Bugatti: "You would have to be insane to turn off traction control on that."

    There was a movie on Netflix that I still re-watch occasionally called "Bright". Will Smith partners up with an Orc. I enjoy the hell out of that movie.

    I get the basics of it. The execution was just awful and self aggrandizing. I don't see it as a setup for her to become a villain, but rather coping with the loss. The whole enslaving the village aspect of it was just stupid.

    I just sold my 2001 Tahoe on Facebook. I listed it both on Craigslist and Facebook. Craigslist charged $5 and I got no responses for a month before it expired. Facebook was free and the listing didn't expire. It did sit for a while, but suddenly took off with about 15 responses this week (listed in late July). I found the right buyer and he found the right Tahoe. It worked out nice in the end.

    That said... The average buyer on facebook is slightly better than the average Craigslist robber. Hell, my last sale on Craigslist was a Lincoln Power Mig 180C 230V welder that I had never used. I paid $720 for it new and had a cart, tank and gear to go with it. I listed it for $500 and had lots of people tell me I wouldn't get over $200 for it and I was stupid for asking that and would I take $300 for it. They are so used to desperate sellers and lowballing that it was almost brutal. I sold it to the right buyer for $500. He saw what he was getting and considered the price fair for both of us. The average craigslist buyer is not of that mindset.

    Facebook is seeing a much larger audience and the communication is already set up and easy. It will crush the Craigslist.

    Both of them have effectively killed affordability of any restoration project. Everyone now thinks their 1971 chevy that is rusted and dented in every panel is worth $4000. Those were $200 vehicles 15 years ago and shouldn't have climbed much higher.

    I have a 2019 Camaro SS 1LE with the direct injection 6.2l and a Tremec 6spd (one of the new ones). It is a monster. The GN won't even come close.

    I'm friends with the guy that has it in his barn, but it is owned by his brother's estate of which he is not the executor. His brother's children have agreed to sell it, we're just trying to figure out how the title transfer would work. I'm about 70% sure that it will go through.

    That said... it's been in his shop and barn for 12 years. His brother did some work on it as it looks like he installed an intercooler on it it (It's an 85 which were hot-air setups). He's also done some work no the electrical system which is going to be a bigger pain. I have to figure out how to remove the burglar alarm he installed. It's preventing the car from turning over. After that... it's gut it and clean it time.

    The price seems about right. I love these cars. So... we'll see.

    I didn't get Wandavision at all. It was some kind of hollywood self love fest. It was pointless.

    I liked Loki. I thought it was well done.

    Black Widow was another pointless one. Scarlet is definitely easy on the eyes, though.

    tRump`s date was in May.

    You hold on to that. The date is not the issue but rather the assessment, planning and execution of the withdraw. These were all fucked up by Biden and Biden alone. You can pretend that Trump would have arbitrarily honored that date and left Americans hanging all you want. You've already demonstrated a complete disregard for history and fact as it is.

    Starting one month ago... every decision Trump made in the past would indicate the withdraw of Americans would have actually been a priority with military threat being a clear and present response. Biden seemed afraid to do anything or respond to anything.