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    When he opens up with that 45-70... DAMN!

    I watched the "Run, Hide, Fight" movie last night. Having a Daily Wire subscription is a good thing. I give it a B. Aspects were great, others somewhat contrived... in particular the later police (SWAT) response and the father's response. They also played very loose with the opening engagement in regards to nobody hearing anything. Overall... it was well made and well acted.

    I will say it wasn't quite what I was expecting (knowing absolutely nothing about it).

    4 different GMs. I definitely understand the issue. Fortunately, no key location issues. Just push button start, push button shifter, shift on the column, auto on the floor, manual on the floor and that one that you need a key for. Lights and wipers seem to be on the "how do we make this different" agenda for every model year. About the only thing that is consistent is the high/low beam location and turn signals.

    When we got our Tahoe, it took a few minutes to figure out where the radio volume knob was. I was a little embarrassed until my wife drove it and the first thing she says the next day was, "I couldn't find the radio knob." I pointed to a location four inches below the radio and politely explained that it took me a few minutes to find it, myself. We both had a good laugh and then cried on the inside.

    has the next season come up yet?

    According to Wiki... 3rd season is to be released on Hulu late 2021. To be honest... it's better than most of the star trek stuff that gets released. It deals with issues in a much less cosmetic way. They don't focus on the "all male" race and homosexuality as much as they treat them exactly the same as everyone else with the same kind of problems. It really comes off as "Startship meets real life".

    First episode was pretty kickass. I don't mind it not running chronologically but I can see how someone unfamiliar with the story might be confused.

    I don't get why they're doing it at all. Maybe it will make sense later, but now it just seems unnecessary and more than a bit of a spoiler.

    The king of Sweden also admitted their country's response to the pandemic was also the wrong choice. He said trying to create a herd immunity response did more damage to his subjects and economy than requiring them to wear masks, stay at home and practice social distancing.

    He said that. I bet he's changing his tune now. Turns out that as most European countries see record deaths on the second bump... Sweden saw a minor bump that has already receded. Same with NY. Those hit hard up front have an entirely different trend than those who didn't. All the countries that were touting their initial response statistics are very quiet now as reality sets in.

    I think that is perceptive for us in the west mini. The rest of the country would not give a fuck

    I worry if the red states leave... will my cars extended warranty that the blue states sold me still be valid?


    The blue states' economy and citizens would be severely impacted by that. You seem to think that somehow that wouldn't affect anyone else. I would call that short-sighted. It would start a war. Every state would have to choose sides.

    Did you establish you can be just as retarded when things don't go your way: Yes

    Another question: Did you support states voting to disregard their own vote and go with US popular vote "in certain circumstances"?

    How about: Did you support Co electoral voters insisting they could vote against the popular state vote in 2016?

    How about: Did you support states voting (by party) to reduce validation requirements on votes?

    Or...: Did you support reducing voter registration restrictions for out of state voters?

    The 2016 election wasn't as close. Hillary still regrets not pushing harder for validation in swing states. There was a concerted effort to bypass the sanctity of swing state votes. This is all dems acting like fucking idiots while you waive their flag.