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    I was trying to find something to watch on Netflix and stumbled across "Medical Police". I saw the title and thought, "WTF?" It prompted me to watch the trailer for it. I ended up binging the whole first season yesterday. I have to give them credit for hooking me with the ridiculousness of the title.

    I have a 5" GP100 I bought in new 2002 for $396.78. They're running $750 new now. Very solid gun. I have no complaints. At the time, it was easily the most bang for the buck. Now... it's not so clear.

    You cannot remove context, elfie. You're asking specific questions to get a rise and ignore the whole scenario. You cannot dissect these thing like that. You cannot remove context, perspective and everything else to make your claims. It just doesn't work.

    A murderer fleeing from police is a VERY high risk to murder again. You must always factor that in. If you can't accept that... then ask yourself what would happen if the police let a murderer go that they were pursuing because they feared for their safety and everyone else's and they proceeded to murder someone else?

    Mufflers are legal aren't they?


    Hillary went after them in the wake of the Las Vegas shootings. Her reasoning was on how much worse it would have been if he'd used a "silencer".

    The "Hearing Protection Act" was due to go up before committee the day the Bernie Sander's volunteer shot up the Republican softball practice.

    I think the last truly great innovation was perfecting the cartridge. After that, it's just a matter of engineering. I see the leap to automatic weapons as inevitable once you remove the need for hand loading. Lever action, bolt action and auto actions are just a progression. The cartridge made all of that possible.

    I'm more curious about what the next innovation will be that moves weapons to the next level.

    I was explaining "Selective Service" draft registration to a female co-worker who is from Colombia. I explained that men have to register after they turn 18. I also explained that some men were suing the government claiming the Selective Service was sexist by not requiring women to register for the draft too. I also explained how odd it was that the ACLU wasn't supporting that lawsuit.

    They found his body still strapped in to the seat where they located the aircraft 120ft down. This is also the first time I've heard of the crash being "mysterious".

    The first person shot was the head of security for the church. The second person shot was drawing as he was shot. The next farthest away was the man who ended the shooting. It does highlight how difficult it is to prevent a shooting simply by being armed when someone has intention and you just have suspicion. I think if we were to ask the deceased if they thought their security was successful, they'd say yes.

    This is a victory for those that feel a place of worship should be protected. It is a victory for those who feel that carrying a weapon gives you a chance (at the very least). It is a victory for the 2nd amendment and the notion of concealed carry. It just comes at such a high cost.