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    My mother was a teachers aid in Portland. My father worked for UPS as a feeder driver (18 wheel hub-2-hub trailering). Mom retired with PERS Tier 1 and dad retired with 47 years as a Teamster. Both are set for life. Their retirement accounts dwarf anything people currently working in those jobs will get. The stupidity of the 70s is the primary reason most school systems are struggling. PERS pension payments are the main state expense.

    I'll easily be a millionaire when I retire, but I'll not get anything like the pension the baby-boomers are currently drawing.

    And he hasn't cooperated because he is guilty.

    I don't think you know what the word guilty means. You obviously missed the tongue-in-cheek angle to that post and rose to the occasion as one must assume you'll do. You don't understand reasonable cause, due process or burden of proof. But it's ok to ignore those things if you really hate Trump.

    Some of my favorite films are independent films and non-American films. Actually I struggle to think of a Hollyweird film from the last 10 years I really liked.

    There are some really good ones out there... you just have to wade through so much shit to get to them. The main problem these days is that movie reviewers are more concerned with messages than film quality... so finding the good ones must be done by other means. A couple of recent movies that were really well done are "Wind River" and "The Art of Self Defense". They're both well written compelling stories, well cast, well directed and well acted.

    I can't stand looking at the Academy Award nominations anymore. It has to be about either Hollywood or homosexuality to stand a chance... and they're willing to skimp on story/acting to meet that criteria.

    he MUST be guilty WHY else would we investigate him?

    You have it backwards... they need to investigate him to find out what he's guilty of. They only reason they haven't brought charges against him is because he hasn't cooperated with them.

    The irony of you only showing up in this thread to stalk me while calling me "diminutive" is not lost on me. You must not have a single mirror in your house.

    47 Ronin

    Love Guru


    Cloud Atlas

    That's just a few of the "tried to go big" failures. You guys haven't even come close due to omission of movies like:

    Juwana Mann

    Jack and Jill (and a number of other Sandler movies)

    Any Tyler Perry movie

    Now I need to offset those with some hidden gems:

    Tucker and Dale vs Evil

    Big Trouble (with Tim Allen)


    Grosse Pointe Blank


    I recently watched "Above the Law" again. Holy crap... that movie has the absolute worst of the 70's and 80s in it. It is almost spectacular to behold.

    An interesting observation in regards to the shitty old Friday night drive-in movies that Tarantino tried to pay tribute to with Grindhouse and Deathproof: They sucked because Quentin just couldn't help but get artsy with them. Later I saw a movie called "Drive Angry" with Nicolas Cage. That movie was a shitting Friday night drive-in movie and captured them down to its very essence for one simple reason: It seemed as if it were made by porn producers. Damn... that movie is craptacular too.

    ESCAPE FROM LA! There was no surfing in Escape from NY

    And you DARE put roadhouse on that list? It's like you made the list just to piss me off... except for the Rambo movies. Those are just painful to try and watch any more.

    Wow... I didn't know there were 10 S-64's in existence.

    And for the record... what the fuck is an arm crane?

    Ah... that's just what I call em.

    This is when we built Mod2 a few years ago. The yellow are the sky cranes. The only one I'd consider an "arm" crane is the blue one that's being built. That's the 4th biggest crane in the world (one of the Lampsons). It set a record by picking up a 1,000,000 lb span and setting it in place 400 yards from where it picked it up. When we get going on a project, we really get moving.

    germany is closing all of its nuclear plants and now warming hoaxers are planning to 'occupy' coal mines... how do y'all plan to keep the lights on, vlads oil?

    Imports. You see, it's OK to get your energy from countries that use coal and nuclear power... you just can't make the evil stuff yourself.

    This is what a bad day looks like.

    Hah! That was taken where I work. We have considerable amount of construction on the west side of the campus (parking garage and 3rd phase of our last factory). That was an abandoned sprinkler system. It sucked all of that up in a matter of a few seconds. They had to cut it all off with torches. It cost them a day. I drove by right after it happened.

    We had an even funnier story from there last month... We have about 10 sky cranes up and then a bunch of arm cranes. The arm cranes are still very tall, but when they shut down the crane at night, they rest the wrist on the ground leaving the elbow up about 40' in the air (shoulder is attached to the crane body). Someone driving by saw this and called the local media to report that we had several cranes collapse.

    .. than other country in the word. americans cause more death and misery in the world than any other country.

    it's money not right and wrong. the uninted states is rapidly loosinng the morale high ground. trump is seeing to that. 320 million of you and you can't find an honest man to lead you. you are pathetic

    Wow... I'm not quite sure where you get your information or how you come to this conclusion.

    I'll help you understand some things you seem extremely confused about:

    "United States Exports More Weapons..." doesn't mean what you think it means.


    The United States supplies arms to at least 98 nations, and it is the largest supplier to 20 of the 40 largest arms importers in the world. These arms include ammunition such as missiles, various aircraft, submarines, surface ships, anti-submarine weaponry, tanks, armoured vehicles, as well as electronics such as radar, sonar, and guiding systems.


    This increase, however, is largely due to deliveries, mainly of F-35 combat jets, over the past five years, said Aude Fleurant, director of the arms and military expenditure programme with SIPRI, in an email to 24/7 Wall St. While the United States will almost certainly remain the dominant exporter of weapons, the large increase in arms exports was due primarily to the nature of cycles and transfers.

    It's the big ticket items that get us up there in the rankings. As Iron has pointed out, no weapon is sold (by volume) more than the AK. I simple comparison of what countries are buying which weapons would also help you to understand why your outrage is so misguided just a little better.

    Hell... Australia is our #2 biggest weapons buyer.

    That sure comes off like stuart smiley and friends' morning self-affirmation ritual

    Says the one who refuses to look at the Cheetos business practices.:(

    So... now you're having to go back in history in hopes of finding something. It is the end result of failing to dig up anything while he is in office. The Clinton Global Initiative was running while Hillary was Secretary of State. Hell... this isn't even getting into the shit the Clintons pulled while in the governor's mansion in Arkansas.

    A lifetime in politics will always win the "who is worse" contest... as you yourself have eluded to. Yet here you are failing to understand that Trump is not a politician and siding with the puppets you claim to despise for corruption. It's beyond ironic... it's pathetic.

    The Clinton Global Initiative is all you need to know about how corrupt Hillary and Barack were. Every scandal during Barack's tenure that ended with the FBI saying, "Their hard drives are damaged beyond recovery, so we've concluded they did nothing wrong." should tell you everything you need to know about how corrupt Hillary and Barack were.

    As for ridiculing the Obama birth certificate and his "Islamic" background folk... please realize that Hillary started all of that on the campaign trail in 2008.