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    This coming from CNN of all places... Private health care and US owned/operated hospitals on the rise in the UK:

    In all fairness... the US hospital wait times has increased, too. Hospitals and medical groups are doing whatever they can to shoot off whatever is left of their foot. The COVID paranoia still runs rampant. Doctors won't see people. Nurses are still getting fired for not Vaxxing. The whole thing has gone sideways.

    Grav says that then refuses to admit that pressure drops as a function of altitude. Upon occasion, grav accidently admits that pressure drops as a function of altitude but still insists it can only happen within a container. Holden is simply pointing out that those two statements are not compatible.

    not like they also served collard greens, purple koolaid and bbq

    Not quite sure what would have been wrong with that, either.

    It's not like it is some kind of insult to the community. Even though Chicken and Waffles violates my sweet and savory rules, I can recognize it as an iconic taste of the south... much like collard ("It's pronounced, 'colored'. "Collard" greens doesn't make any sense." - Michael Scott) greens and bbq. It would probably be one of the better meals they'd get from that group of food nazi teacher's unions.

    On the lucky side... I ordered the vehicle in October and it was delivered in April. In July or August, legislation was passed that restricted the $7500 tax rebate for EV purchase to vehicles manufactured in the US. They made it effective the date the legislation was passed. I slipped in under the wire for a $7500 score. Thankyou, everyone, for your contribution to my vehicle purchase.

    Here's a chart of my power costs and effective MPG. Notice the Miles/kWh drop with average temperature.

      Miles kWh M/kWh PWR Cost Eff MPG
    2022 April 1041 254 4.10 $18.26 258.79
    2022 May 1975 308 3.03 $22.15 191.48
    2022 June 2554 194 2.98 $13.95 199.25
    2022 July 3554 303 3.30 $21.79 238.69
    2022 August 4618 335 3.18 $24.09 229.71
    2022 September 5650 302 3.42 $21.71 237.64
    2022 October 6282 201 3.14 $14.45 209.91
    2022 November 6670 145 2.68 $10.43 189.80
    2022 December 7228 218 2.56 $15.67 143.11
    2023 January 7757 189 2.80 $13.59 151.82

    You don't understand what you're typing. That is the only excuse for how you are so far off on everything.

    Scientists from all over the world have come to the same conclusions about the earth, its rotation, its orbit and our solar system. This has occurred in different areas during different millennia. That is what Holden has referenced and continues to reference. That you plug your ears and close your eyes doesn't make it any less so.

    No scientists are supporting flat earth with any actual science. You'd know this if you actually understood how science works. You show a picture across Lake Michigan and pretend it shows something completely different than what it actually shows. You can't even look at a picture and form a reasonable conclusion. This is because you are devoid of the ability to reason. It is why you post other people's memes as proof when you obviously can't even process what they're saying and what you're looking at.

    The irony in your posts know no bounds.

    You've not supplied a single shred of evidence that proves your point. Everything you've posted actually suggest the exact opposite of what you assert. Yet here you are blaming others for not believing a meme is evidence.

    If you believe the salt flats are flat along a single plane then find some proof. Simply stating it does not make it so.

    I'd check with any short order cooks you might know. They'd know the value of one. Of course, you could also charge whatever the hell you want for them and hope you find people who know a $50 spatula is probably better than the $5 one they have at home even though they'll never really understand why as they don't use either.

    Well under the new Holden rules you need to provide proof for every single claim made in a meme or any dissenting opinions related to said meme.

    I wish I was joking.

    Ah... you're talking about the "certain subject" memes that Holden feels righteous indignation from. I'm sure he applies the same rigor to all memes when requiring proof. It's not like he's bickering the difference between inference, coincidence and anecdotal as opposed to correcting something that's simply wrong.

    I didn't. I don't have to. At what point in history has there not been a government of some sort dictating:

    Property ownership

    Water rights



    And in the US in the last 125:

    Starting a business

    getting a marriage license

    building a home

    Most of the rest I simply don't have the time to look up and verify. These, though, have been around since the constitution was signed in the US... with the top being a staple of any government well preceding the US. I'd venture they were the main source of wars between Indian tribes at the time.

    Sure thing, 69. Fishy says all the things that land in your wheelhouse. The fact that you're batshit crazy without his help speaks volumes as to his landing pads.

    The simple fact that Fishy believes we should all rationally discuss how the Jews are running the world says enough. The fact that it falls in line with your council of 13 shit says enough.

    Fishy pretends he's just analytical and information based. There's no motivation or emotion behind his views. He does this because admitting how pathetic his obsession and arguments are would make him look weak. He firmly believes this is what a better man should do and he firmly believes he is a better man... than pretty much everyone.

    I eagerly await his "YOU DON'T KNOW WHAT I BELIEVE!!!!" defense. That he has to use it so much belies his complete lack of self awareness.