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    Honestly none of that would be uncommon in other industries.

    That's just American corporate culture these days. Everything is run by spreadsheet, per a schedule that's rarely if ever met. Every project enters a phase of blame and panic as the next unrealistic deadline approaches.

    I don't have a fix for this except:

    Cover your ass and make hay while the sun is shining. There is no adult at the helm :thumbsup

    In certain cases it already is. But a big problem is the lack of experience in the engineering dept. in ALL of these new car companies. There will be big problems with many of them. The way I see it is that all these newbs are running and scrambling to catch Tesla. And Tesla in turn is running to try to stay ahead.

    A real engineer with some mechanical background (Like Twat) would be worth their weight in gold.

    Thing is that at most companies, decisions are made via spreadsheet. Millennial engineers straight out of college don't cost as much as an experienced engineer. And they can put out a lot of work... in terms of number of 'completed' designs, documents, HR goals, etc. Things might be different if management was able to distinguish between quantity and quality.

    That's not easy to put on a spreadsheet though. Quantity is very easy to prove. Numbers that are provable and defensible win the day. That's decidedly *not* the same thing as sound judgment. But that's not the goal either.

    It's all about covering one's ass and making hay while the sun is shining. Project viability beyond the next deadline is usually an afterthought... if it's a thought at all.

    I still wonder about that earthquake.

    It's like that explosion in China that came just a few days after the NYSE was hacked, if my shitty memory serves. They said a shipping container exploded. I can't help but wonder if there's a lot more to that story.

    I've learned a lot, toad. I wasn't aware of all the orange dick around me, and all I need to do to get your opinion is goggle.

    I'm seeing so clearly that I'm joining you in a bote for the Indian squaw. Mayba a madeoman foreign policy is what we need. Hopefully her emotional stability will create a market where teepees can be great again


    I know that seismologists can discern between nuclear and natural seismic waves. Treaties have been policed by this technique for decades.

    I know that too.

    I also know that such information is tightly controlled. For obvious reasons.

    But sure, go ahead and take this at face value. Even if you're wrong, we likely won't know about it for years or decades.

    Clearly, Trump is a has a madman foreign policy.

    It's on Google. Look it up.


    If you weren't so busy gobbling that orange cock, you'd realize that 'mad-man foreign policy' isn't necessarily a criticism... so much as an observation.

    Nobody really knows what the fuck Trump is gonna do at any moment. If used correctly, that can be a powerful thing.

    In China in April 1999 seismic waves were detected originating from 29 km below the surface. They originated so deep within the Earth that they could, therefore, only be from an earthquake. On the other hand in May 1998, an Indian nuclear test resulted in 72 different seismic signals at stations around the world. On the same day there were 57 other seismic events which scientists were able to distinguish from the nuclear test.

    Do you believe everything you're told?

    I bring that up because many lefties apparently think that the precision strike against the terrorist was unprovoked. For some reason.

    You'll have to take that argument up with them. That's not how I see it.

    I'm not entirely sure that I agree with Trump's strategery so far. But there's a lot of shit that we peasants don't know... and won't know for years if ever.

    Trump's got every reason to try and produce a favorable outcome for the U.S. here. And in that I wish him luck :thumbsup

    If this thing turns into an actual war, I support whatever the fuck produces good outcomes for Merica. Even if that benefits the likes of Trump.

    Few on the Right ever gave Obama even that much support. They've made it clear via both rhetoric and policy that they'd rather watch our country burn than give the Left credit for *anything*.

    They attacked our embassy.

    Which is why I haven't had any particular complaints about Trump's response so far. That could change as we learn more of course. But for now- taken at face value- I think Tinyhands has done a decent job with this confrontation.

    He may be a piece of shit, but as long as he remains *our* piece of shit, I'm giving him some benefit of the doubt.

    That could change as we learn more... I've been wrong before :laughing

    More it goes the more it looks like the Iranians fired some impotent token blank shots. Basically tough talk from the bunker shit just to save face internally.

    I hope you're right. And I hope Trump's mad-man approach to foreign policy is effective. :thumbsup

    I'm not saying it should be tolerated. That's not up to me. I'm just saying that I think this non-fatal attack was designed to *allow* a face-saving de-escalation. What Trump chooses to do with that... I wouldn't attempt to guess.

    But here's the question that kept me awake last night: that earthquake yesterday. Was that an underground nuclear test?

    Did Iran detonate an underground nuke *while* attacking a U. S. base... AND shoot down a 737 (possibly with someone important aboard). All in one evening?

    If that's what happened, then I think we're already at war.

    Yeah, those oil field attacks pretty well show that the Iranians could have killed American troops here, but chose not to.

    I think that's a good sign from several angles.

    If Iran didn't in fact kill any Americans, that shows one of two things IMO:

    Either they are incompetent.

    Or they have deliberately left a path toward face-saving de-escalation open.