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    I'm sure you are... I still want you to agree to the Communist flag being a symbol of evil on par with, or worse, than the Nazi and Confederate flag. If you don't then any further communication between us is irrelevant... And I'll gladly climb into that firebomb-laden Lancaster bound for your home town.

    Is somebody tearing down Communist monuments in the U.S.?

    Add the hammer and sickle flag to that you twat. In fact the Confederate battle flag is the least offensive of the lot. They all used slave labor, but at least in the Confederate States part of the population were free...

    I'm confused. I thought we were talking about the bat-disease in this thread. How does that tie in with my lack of support for any non-white Confederate flag?

    White Flags Matter.

    See. Now this is why I end up slamming you like you are an idiot. All I was doing was trying to have an intelligent conversation with you on this subject. Read it again. I didn't slap at you, put your or your opinion down, or call you anything even remotely derogatory. All I did was provide another point of view for discussion.

    I even used your own web search.

    And this is what you contribute.

    As a neutral third party, I gotta ask: Why do you think Dredlock is coming at you with that post? Looks to me like he provided a few links to read if you're interested. and politely provided his opinion.

    Why the drama?

    The spike protein is all the talk of the biologists right now... well at least some biologists that I follow on Youtube. But Bret Weinstein who you may remember from the Evergreen College fiasco- he's been talking about reasons why COVID-19 could have come from that Wuhan lab. Long story short... and I understand it with no biology background whatsoever:

    For certain types of virus research, viruses are commonly made more contageous. Like if you want a bat virus to survive in humans so that you can study it... you have to bottle-feed it and keep it alive in human cells for a while. Give it time to learn how to spread between human cells- let evolution work its magic, which for a virus doesn't really take that long. This is done so that they can study how this virus will jump to humans *if* it happens to cross species.

    In other words, they're setting off tiny nukes in a petri-dish, so that they can study how a full-scale nuke works. Figuratively speaking, that is.

    A lot of that is probably wrong, but I'll let Weinstein explain it:

    The Left, who are more racist than the Right, would have you believe it is illegal to be racist. Lucky for them it isn't.

    I can see that you're reasonably concerned with this point. And of course it's not illegal to be racist. Feel free.

    It's similarly legal for me to say so... if I reckon that somebody is racist. Like- for instance- people who defends monuments made (1) of racists, (2) by racists and (3) for demonstrably racist reasons.

    If *that* out of all the problems under the sun is the cause that sets your little Southern Heart a'flutterin'. If that's the thing that you choose to defend... out of all the other things you could do with your time, energy, and influence.

    Then yeah, I'm just going to assume you're a racist. Sorry it makes you uncomfortable when I point that out. You need not care about *my* opinion :dunno

    Just a reminder, it's not illegal to be racist. The only morals the government is allowed to dictate or enforce are laws.

    Yeah, as far as I know it's perfectly legal to be racist. Now to *act on* that sin is an another matter... depending on what you're doing. But sure, keep it in the closet and nobody can hold it against you.

    That may change of course- who can tell the future? I mean, who thought the world would look like this a year ago? So if our 21st Century Cultural Revolution marches on... who the fuck knows where we'll be next summer? I think they'll be merciful though to those like yourself who confess their sins.

    Did you see how the Dems are contorting to deny the Dems birthed the KKK? How the Dems kept slaves? HOW the DEMS fired upon Ft Sumter and HOW THE DEMS assassinated St Abe the Repub?

    Then why the fuck are you defending DEMOCRAT monuments? Democrats put them up... Democrats will take them down.

    Your approval isn't just unnecessary- it's unwanted.

    This virus, like all it's predecessors, WILL run it's course. We can slow that course, prolong the inevitable if you will, but to what end?

    Look how much economic damage was done by the first lockdown. Well into the $trillions$ How many more $trillions$ is a second lockdown gonna cost?

    It's coming. The scale and duration will depend on how capable we are of acting like adults and practicing good hygiene. Now you'd *think* that the people who are screaming to re-open the economy would be on board with simple measures (like masks) to facilitate that.

    But millions of trumptards seem bound and determined to *perpetuate* the same plague that will take out their Dear Dotard one way or another. They can't help themselves, and he can't either :laughing