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    The government does that because said corporations donate SHITloads of money to their campaigns. Not really a new thing

    Sure. But this is done at such a scale that it's become part of the basic infrastructure of our economy. And I don't see that changing now that SCOTUS has enshrined $$$$=speech.

    It's become a sort of de facto socialism where the welfare payments go directly to large corporations. And trickle down to individual workers. With the cream skimmed of lf the top at every level.

    It's not exactly socialism, but it's not free market capitalism either.

    No, I meant when Venezuela created ever more government freebies both corrupting the people and ultimately destroying their economy. Hyper inflation. Your money's worth nothing and your chicks all flee.

    I know what you meant. My point is that you're stupid and that's a bad example.

    There have been plans in the work for years to supplant the Dollar as the world's reserve currency. I expect that it'll happen eventually, but probably not in our lifetimes.

    Some folks say that the Petrodollar is why we're always fucking around in the Middle East. I don't think they're entirely wrong.

    Germany's Weimar Republic tried that. The mark became so worthless that it was only good for wall-papering houses.

    We've already been over this. The Weimar Republic was an ad-hoc 'democracy' thrown together in a country with no such inclination at the time. Defeated in WWII, saddled with war reparations and an entire class of Royalists who literally wanted it to fail.

    Not saying runaway inflation couldn't happen here... just saying that the Weimar Republic was an utterly different situation than what we're in now. The fact that you don't have a better example kinda shows how empty your claim is.

    So did Argentina and Venezuela.

    We aren't too big to fail and the vultures are eagerly watching.

    I don't know about Argentina. But Venezuela? Are you saying that the U.S. is gonna be subject to an engineered commodities crash and crippling sanctions from massively larger hostile foreign powers?

    Yeah, I know you didn't mean that. You just meant SOSHALIZM BAD!!

    Just ignore the fact that they just increased the money supply without any industrial production to back it.

    Regardless of the reason, when you increase the money supply and the output of the nation does not keep pace, inflation is the result.

    Quick! find some neat meme to respond showing you do not understand!

    As long as we have the world's reserve currency, we will run the printing presses as fast as it suits the Powers that Be. And we'll all benefit from it.

    We do our socialism a little differently in the U.S. Fact is that there are millions upon millions of corporate jobs out there that wouldn't exist without generous government contracts, subsidies, mandatory pension fund investments, etc. We don't call that 'socialism' but the net effect is much the same.

    They don’t care, the narrative is all that matters. The programmed malcontents are like children who don’t understand the danger of playing in the street or on the tracks. Even when confronted by irrefutable facts they will still believe what they want.

    They THINK they want socialism because they don’t know what real socialism is.

    You're partly right, but it's not just that people 'want' socialism.

    We already *have* socialism. And we'll get more if capitalism doesn't offer a better alternative.

    He wore a mask for the better part of a year before he quit. Said he got another job which may be true... but knowing the guy I think it's also very possible that he got a DUI and was kindly asked to resign. I didn't pry because it's not my business.

    My point is that he's a blowhard to put on his mask like a proper worker drone... despite his little tantrum.

    Well I'm glad to hear that your Olds are protected. Mine are too :)

    I used to work with a guy who was pretty decent despite being a rabid Trumptard. Last Spring he announced to everybody that he would NOT wear a mask at work. He was wrong about that :laughing