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    Fine, whatever.

    I'd say that my opening post was one of those 'temporary epiphanies'. Which is not to say that it's of no value... but I don't literally believe a lot of it. I probably did at the time- more or less. But it wouldn't be an unreasonable guess at Tinyhand's strategery should 2020 be a repeat of 2008.

    You fascists are stupid and spiteful enough for it to work. But do you have the ballz?

    that's pretty far out. you have got to defend yourself but i have always belived the united states has a morale strength . i know of it's tortued past, i lived through some of it. i'm critical of your muppet poloticians but i am always a friend.

    Damn right you are.

    You'll *all* be friends when you come to know that a Rod From God may smite you should you displease us.

    It's best to just embrace the germs and let your immune system do its job. Seriously, our immune systems have evolved for nastier conditions than most of us have ever seen. It needs exercise to stay in shape... and if it gets bored it might just bite you.

    The latest polls show Buttigieg strongly leading Warren in both Iowa and NH, so Twat, you may have backed the wrong horse.

    Could be- it's way too early to tell.

    Ideologically, there's a lot I like about Warren. I dunno how much socialism we need in this country, but we need more than we got. Plus she cuts the banks no slack.

    But as a practical matter... it's gonna suck in the short term at least if she's elected. Wall Street will fucking panic and sell as soon as they grasp that her win is very possible. Just like they did with Obummer. It'll be 2008 all over again... if we're lucky.

    A lot of the rate spreads have just inverted again. The Next Recession will begin within a year. It may have already begun, and we won't know about it til the numbers are revised. The stock market crash tends to lag the GDP definition of recession, though if I knew by how much I'd be a billionaire. But this is deha vu. Not the same of course, but this looks an awful lot like Nov. 2007.

    In the long run, we *have* to deal with the financialization of our economy and government. If we don't push back, we're gonna be Mexico in another generation or two. But that push-back is gonna be painful. And you cowards are living proof that most Americans don't have the stomach for it.

    And frankly that could be ok for my particular situation. I'm an Evil White Male and getting older by the minute. I have a decent career and enough investments that I won't be hungry in retirement. We can muddle along in our current peasant-consumer form for the rest of my life, and odds are I'll be ok.

    But goddamn. For those of you with kids, I don't know how you can look them in the eye. With what you've done to this country. Your kids and/or grandkids already owe their souls to the company store. And you blame them for the systematic financial rape that your generation put in place.

    But you're welcome for the geezer-welfare :thumbsup

    We've been waning in relative power for a long time. Longer than I've been alive. It's not really a multi-polar world yet, but we're headed in that direction. That trend won't change without some major geo-political changes.

    If we have a monopoly- more or less- on weaponized Earth orbit, that could totally reverse the trend. Cause, you know, that's a major geopolitical change.

    If the Dems by some fucking miracle managed to remove Trump... well that's great. But that's not the goal of this operation.

    They're making Tinyhands into a fucking criminal spectacle who can't get shit done except sign papers. Not to minimize his rubber-stamp... it's changing history as I vape. But there will be *no* legislation of any significance. Every single fucking rubber stamped document will be fight a battle of attrition in the courts.

    Maybe your media-obsessed man-child will be goaded into doing something stupid. And even if he isn't, people are going to be so sick of his criminal bullshit that he'll join Carter and GHWB in their little electoral-regret club.

    But yeah, it'll be interesting :thumbsup

    That senior officials in the Trump administration were plotting a coup. she has no love for the president as she was fired as ambassador but.. she claims he was fair and she could go to him and speak her mind. they had a falling out over policy but she respect him... she said that the architects of the coup like Sessions and Kelly were working behind the scenes to remove Trump "for Americans own good" even tho no one elected them and they had every chance to speak to the duly elected POTUS and voice their views and resign if they could not convince him.. instead? they acted like sneaky little bitches. They should be branded as traitors to the American people as she says in her book..


    Nikki Haley could very well be our First Cis-Gendered, female-identifying, gender-binary, hopefully able, South Asian, neurotypical President Of Colour.

    In the first-world, not having a data-plan makes *you* the oddball. If you're not old, you're being watched.

    It's something I learned real quick when I crawled out from under my rock in Southern Appalachia and went to Houston: There's freedom in anonymity. In today's world it's the only real freedom available to us non-billionaires.

    That's not a new thing of course. But it was new to me at the time. One of the first important things I learned as an adult.

    I really must be an optimist on some level, though that's not how I'd usually be. But I can see a serious up-side to either an extension of the Tinyhands Regime, or President Pocahontas' imPlausible Plutocracy.

    I wonder what the Millennials will do if Trump remains in office. More of the same is my guess- and that wouldn't be entertaining. But what if they grew some balls and did something else? People tend to do that as they get older.

    I know what you dipshits will do if President Pocahontas Prevails. I've seen it twice already.

    The real goal is to have as many such events as one can stand to bear, without breaking. The world is a place of unending horrors, and the only way most people can live in blissful ignorance is when men and women of good conscience step up to bear the burden of defending the civilized world.

    They don't see it.

    I'm not saying it'll work... I have no idea. But if it does, they won't see it coming. :myfuck

    Now wait a god damn minute here pal, you've said it over and over, body count is all that matters. You have never allowed the reasons for the body counts without regard to the validity of said reasons, so, you don't get to start now.

    Quote me, liar.