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    Twat.... lol... other than the fake twisted stats..... sprinkled in with unprovable opinion.... there are some facts that creep out in the article. The most pertinent being that .................... The more negros you have in one place and the less whites..... the more violent that place is. But.... who is to blame you say? Well.... white people leaving shitholes. Business fleeing high taxes and crime and looting and burning. probly them little asian bastards that move out instead of paying their fair penance and reparations.

    Basically the article says that negros are not the dumbest and most violent race on the planet..... it is just facts that make them appear to be. Like math and video cameras.... facts are racist.


    I'm sorry that you actually read that article. I didn't :laughing

    naturally occurring??? not so sure... things are starting to point to a wuhan lab release on purpose or accidental...

    that said... the NEW latest strain may be lab made... depends on who your asking...

    there are some science/doctor types want MORE of something...???

    I don't think you're following, Wrag.

    The original Wuflu likely came from an abandoned copper mine. It was taken to the Wuhan lab where they fucked with it via 'gain of function research'. Then it escaped. Subsequent mutations have been naturally occurring. Natural mutations in a virus that was modified in a lab and then escaped.

    That's my best guess anyway. It'll change over time :thumbsup

    They're going thru a shitload of stuff, and haven't finished yet. They will issue a report it will either have incontrovertible evidence, or it won't.

    Thus far, the only real audit that I know of which has been done, was in montana, and it found it six and a half percent of ballots should never have been counted

    Was that one sponsored by Q-Anon and the Pillow Guy too?

    The chinks are tweaking it to get the desired effect. And as far as low tech delivery method. You mean like when the Chinks sent that team to Europe to ensure the virus tool off...

    No, the new strains are naturally occurring. That much isn't controversial.

    But we don't know why a particular strain goes wild in a particular place. And as far as I know, there's no technical barrier to the virus spread being 'facilitated' should some organized group want to do that. That might explain the seemingly random ebb and flow of infection rates that don't seem to be tied to conventional virus behavior.

    It's also possible that that's natural behavior that we just don't fully grasp yet.

    Honestly Wrag I've wondered along the same lines.

    The India version is a new strain- we know that much for sure because they're tracking the genetics of this thing. Which is not to say that they couldn't lie... but they'd have to keep an awful lot of people quiet for a long time to pull off that particular lie.

    But these COVID flare-ups like we're currently seeing in India (and we've seen here, and other parts of the world) are happening for reasons that even our top scientists don't fully understand. Dr. Osterholms straight up says that much. It's not being caused by seasonality- there are plenty of counterexamples to that. It's not being caused strictly by crowded conditions- otherwise why did it take India a year to catch fire while first-world countries were having far worse problems? Why were things so much worse in Europe earlier in the Spring than here, even though they were far more locked down?

    Here's what I've wondered: Let's say some organization wanted to spread the Rona. I'm not speculating on who that would be... just let's say that some group wants to spread Rona in one particular country or another. What's to stop them from sending a few (and it wouldn't have to be many) infected agents to blow their nose onto their hands, and start using doorknobs at crowded events? Or some similar, simple, low-tech method.

    I'm not saying that's what's happening. But if that was happening... would it not look an awful lot like what we're seeing?

    The lab-leak hypothesis is becoming mainstream now that Trump is out of the picture. I think a lot of institutional players were quick to dismiss the idea early on because they didn't want Trump to try and start shit with China over it.

    Now if Trump had been a competent president, *his* CDC would've backed this theory from day 1. Covid-19 could've been a boon to Trumpism, but he was too stupid and self-absorbed to take advantage of the opportunity.

    Thing about the China-Virus is that it will never go away. It has the ability to mutate and to flare up on a massive scale for no obvious reason- even in areas that were largely unaffected for a long time. India is the easy example at the moment, but there are plenty of others.

    The rona-hysteria will be resurrected as needed. But it's not needed right now.

    Biden voters are rolling over in their graves. Even controlling both houses he can't get his radial agenda passed.


    Democrats are incompetent- it's just who they are :dunno

    And a majority of Americans clearly prefer incompetence over whateverthefuck Trump was.

    The Left proved there is nothing at which they will stop to take control. They proved how stupid their minions are. They proved the rest of us are sheep. So far.

    I tend to think that results speak for themselves. Trump is done, but the GOP just can't quit him :rolling