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    I haven't read the Koran. Though my deeply fundamentalist mom did, just to find out if the shit people say about it is true. She says it is, and that Muslims are of the devil or some such shit.

    And I don't doubt that there's some nasty ideas in there. Ever read the Old Testament? I have, and I've been podcasting it lately. Progress is slow but I'm into Deuteronomy now. Those Isrealites were badass back then... damn good at genociding entire peoples, and taking their cattle and/or their young virgins for themselves. Or just slaughtering everything that moves, specifically including bashing babies' brains in... depending on what God told them to do.

    Does that render the Bible some kind of irredeemable filth? I used to think so- but I've changed my mind lately. Lately I do some serious praying on the weekends. Generally I ask God to bless my friends and family, and bless my enemies. I name them out sometimes, and nobody here is among my enemies. I ask Him give me the strength, courage, and wisdom I'll need to get my family through these strange times- He knows damn well that I'm lacking in all of the above. Usually I confess the sins that are laid upon my heart, ask forgiveness, and ask Him to show me his will. In Jesus name, Amen. And you wouldn't believe some of the shit he's told me. I scarcely believe some of the shit I've seen :D

    I was out at the ranch the other day hanging out under the stars up on the hill above the crick. After fixing fences and visiting with family all day. The weather was awesome all weekend, and I could see the Milky Way plain as day. Which is nothing for people out here... but a rare sight if possible at all back East. I can't tell you how blessed I felt for the people in my life and for this land. I thanked God and sat there in our Polaris Ranger and cried like a little bitch for a while ;( :)

    But I look out at those stars in the Milky Way, and I know that every one of them is a solar system that's far beyond anything I can comprehend. And they're like grains of sand, just in our own galaxy. Galaxies like the Milky Way are as numerous as grains of sand. Compared to the universe, we're not even bacteria. And you wanna tell me that you can contain God in one particular book written and selected by men?

    Fuck off, Brother Wrag :S We're just as wrong, just as misguided, and just as insignificant as the Moose-Limbs.

    Hmm, i'm free to tell em "take this job and shove it"... you?

    More free than you'd guess.

    And yet you're still jumping when Massa cracks the whip, and demanding that others do the same.

    We ain't all thirsty bitches like you :)

    In America, those of us with political power play a different role. Sure we're expected to work, but not like the immigrants.

    Our Betters need political legitimacy. I eat goods and services and I shit manufactured consent :D

    you mean by pumping in millions of illegals to force labor costs down... right?

    Among other things yes.

    Our betters want a legally enforced underclass that's willing and able to work. Democrats and Republicans collude to provide exactly that.

    And while there are drawbacks to flooding the market with illegal and legal foreign labor (both are legally enforced underclasses), it's not necessarily the worst option. If that wasn't available, they'd find ways to make guys like yourself work harder.

    When businesses collude with government to keep wages low and keep their fellow Americans desperate, they're not 'making'. They're taking.

    And they can fuck right off :)

    It was speculation based on current patient diagnosis. His current patients having heart trouble. What caused it. Will that affect others? How can it not?

    There are concerns by legitimate doctors about heart problems being caused when they accidentally inject into a blood vessel rather than just muscle tissue. Not sure if this is related to 'microclotting' but seems like it could be.

    This is an easy fix though. Aspirate the needle, which is not currently standard practice for *these* shots.

    The doc in this video said the effect of reduced lung capability will have a cumulative effect on the heart.

    Time will tell.

    Sounds like speculation. Is there any evidence that this is a wide spread problem? Any info on what age groups are more or less affected?

    Did you see the video with the doc explaining that this was observed in his patients? The vaccine moves into the circulatory system causing micro clotting which blocks and thus destroys capillaries in the lungs, permanently. This effect may be small in some, large in others. But if the vaccine causes this micro clotting as he observed then it isn't a "rare" event. The rarity may be in sufficiency to cause immediate effect while less effect much more common, there nonetheless.

    Has there been any problems with long term effects from blood clotting? To my knowledge these have been only short term effects.

    One big problem IMO is that it's been standard procedure to *not* aspirate the needle when administering these shots. Most of the time that's not a problem. But once in a while they hit a small vein and the shot goes into the circulatory system, and that's a problem.

    Lots of credible doctors have become aware of this issue, but the wheels of beaurocracy turn slowly. I likely won't be interested in a third jab unless they're willing to aspirate.

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    Thing is that no vaccine has *ever* shown negative effects that showed up beyond about 6 weeks. Granted these MRNA vaccines are different animal, but you'd have to at least propose a mechanism to say that they're an exception. And the fact is that they'rd long gone by the 6 week mark, including the spike proteins.

    But I know ya'll aren't interested in facts. This is driven by ideological butthurt.