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    Guns don't kill people. People kill people. They can use bombs, cars, trucks, planes, knives, machete's, poison etc. If they want to kill, they likely will. One must ask why these people commit these shootings? What has changed in society that more and more people commit these acts? If people don't have a desire to do these things, then they wouldn't take place.

    Most people that commit these acts are on SRI's (serotonin reuptake inhibitor's). Why doesn't the media discuss these things? Big Pharma should be the focus. Why don't they take away the SRI's to stop the shootings? Do you know what SRI's do to the brain?

    Can you explain why no other industrialized country has regular mass-slaughter of children in school... on any scale remotely close to ours?

    I mean, other than the obvious: Effective Gun Control.

    And if you're honest enough to see that occasional child-sacrifice IS the price we pay for American-style gun rights in today's world... is that price worth it?

    How about GFY. Does that ring a bell?

    Thanks for the vote of confidence MF.

    PLEASE don't go: 2

    Leave me alone TWAT: 3

    This is a nail-biter :!:

    Now, how long should this referendum run? A certain number of votes? A certain number of days? I'm open to suggestions.

    I am not going to vote, at least for now. I don't really have any idea who you are even though you have been here 7 years. So, I just went and read through some of your posts to get a little insight into who you are and what you believe. After reading a few a few of your posts I think you should probably stick around for your own well being. I really think you could learn some things. For example lets take your views on gun control. They are not rational. So I would suggest you try and debate your position here. Through that sort of process you could potentially see the light if you have an open unbiased mind.

    Big Corporations and the media promote new gun laws to influence sentiment and deceive the masses. They essentially put the piece of cheese in the mouse trap. They know exactly how many they need to deceive. A study of history tells us all we need to know about what happens when they take the guns. It is us and them, not left versus right, although the left are mostly the ones that take the cheese. Maybe not the best analogy but you get the point hopefully.

    It is easy to take freedom for granted when you are born in a country like America. Once freedoms are taken, they are rarely ever returned. It is not a perfect world. Freedom has a cost. Don't eat the cheese!

    I appreciate the post... I know you mean well. But keep in mind that I spent the first couple decades of my adult life supporting gun rights. I no longer care about that, and you'd be bored outta your mind if I explained why.

    Please vote your conscience.

    As Laz said, you don't need a FFL to own a FA legally. And outside the law, a quick google search, a hacksaw blade, Dremel and couple hours and you can make any A R a FA. There's a reason they aren't used in mass shooting and it ain't because of the availability. Honestly, some one with a high capacity shotgun and buckshot would more than likely have a much higher bodycount.

    Sorry, not buying it.

    1. I don't care about the technicalities of an FFL. My point is that the vast majority of Americans don't have them. Therefore those guns are rarely available to criminals.

    2. I don't care whether or not full-auto is the most effective way to slaughter children. If full auto was readily available, these sick murderfacers would be using it.

    3. They don't. Because of effective gun control.


    Do the letters F O mean anything to you?

    Thanks for contributing to Democracy Bronko. Your vote has been counted!

    So far we've got two votes practically begging me to stay, and two snowflakes whining that I should leave them alone.

    Choose wisely folks... there won't be a re-count.

    I like you in general, would probably have a cafe foam latte with you were I in your town. That being said, you rarely argue/debate, you just snipe like most leftists. You rarely if ever espouse a serious opinion, because then you would have to defend it. You remind me somewhat of a departed member, RPM

    Thanks BJ. I'd have a Venti Mocha with you :)

    Fact is that conservatives are just more fun to argue with than liberals.