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    How you gonna enforce this murder charge, Wrag? I have two questions that neither you nor anybody here has attempted to answer... preferring righteous rage instead.

    Let's say that a certain number of women out there are going to have an abortion no matter what we as a society do. Let's say they have their own reasons, and will never convince them to birth that baby of their own free will.

    1. Having said abortion of her own free will and despite all of society's efforts to the contrary... precisely what punishment would the woman deserve?

    2. Do you want the police to investigate suspicious miscarriages?

    You mean it matters when we treat allies like shit??…nada-trudeau-china-164969

    Trump's moves to hold medical supplies tip Trudeau to China

    Turning to China requires its own complicated political calculus for Canada.

    Justin Trudeau

    As Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau looks to places like China to buy medical supplies, he says Canadian officials are urging the Trump administration at many levels to keep critical goods and services flowing across the border. | Leon Neal/Getty Images


    04/04/2020 05:43 PM EDT

    Updated: 04/05/2020 12:11 PM EDT

    OTTAWA — The Trump administration’s moves to restrict the export of critical medical supplies are pushing Canada to turn to China.

    Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Saturday that Canada is set to receive millions of masks from China within the next 48 hours after U.S.-based manufacturer 3M said it got direction Friday from the Trump administration to stop exporting N95 respirators to Canada and Latin America.


    "The U.S. would be hurting itself as much as Canada will be hurting if we see an interruption of essential goods and services flow back and forth across the border,” Trudeau said, adding that his government is having "constructive discussions" with different levels within the Trump administration.

    President Donald Trump appeared to defend his decision at Saturday's White House briefing.

    "We're working now with 3M to see whether or not that all works out, but we want them to help our country, and I think it's going to be OK," he said. "We need the masks. We don't want other people getting it. ... If people don't give us what we need for our people, we're going to be very tough, and we've been very tough."

    Turning to China requires its own complicated political calculus for Canada: The two countries have faced severe bilateral tensions for more than a year, triggered by the December 2018 arrest of Huawei senior executive Meng Wanzhou in Vancouver on a U.S. extradition request. Chinese authorities detained Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor days later on allegations of endangering China’s national security.

    China has also taken trade actions against Canadian products, including agricultural exports such as canola seeds.

    But amid fierce international competition that has sent countries as well as individual American governors scourging the globe for suddenly precious equipment, Trudeau has dwindling options. The respirators have become critical tools for health professionals around the world in the fight against the coronavirus. And as Trudeau looks to places like China to buy medical supplies, he says Canadian officials are urging the Trump administration at many levels to keep critical goods and services flowing across the border.

    “We have an enormous number of products that are essential for the United States in their fight against Covid-19,” Trudeau told reporters Saturday, insisting he wanted to avoid an escalation.

    Trudeau said he’s planning to speak with Trump in the coming days about the matter. He said his message will include reminding the president that Canada supplies the U.S. with doctors and nurses, gloves, testing kits, and key ingredients for the N95 respirators themselves. Medical professionals from Canada have been crossing the border daily to work in the U.S., Trudeau said.

    “We are not looking at retaliatory measures or measures that are punitive. We know that it is in both of our interests to continue to work collaboratively and cooperatively to keep our citizens safe,” he said.


    The Surgeon General told states pleading for aid that they have to “be Rosie The Riveter" and “do your part.” Republican and Democratic governors alike pushed back.

    Confirmed U.S. Cases: 335,524 | U.S. Deaths: 9,562 (Source: Johns Hopkins University)
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    Over the medium term, Canada is trying to help its domestic manufacturers turn their production capacity toward generating medical equipment. But until the retooled assembly lines are up to speed, Trudeau is looking for immediate sources of supplies.

    “It is very important to keep global supply chains flowing,” Trudeau said. “We recognize there’s a pretty fierce global competition for all this necessary equipment. Everyone needs them.”


    Trudeau said Canada’s shipment of “millions of masks” from China will arrive via chartered cargo flights. His government, he added, has also leased a warehouse in China to help collect and distribute the items as quickly as possible.

    China has also launched a mission to burnish its image after being the first big epicenter of Covid-19 and has been offering its expertise and medical supplies to other parts of the world. On Saturday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo told reporters in a briefing that the Chinese government is sending the hard-hit state 1,000 ventilators.

    Dominic Barton, Canada's ambassador to China, told a parliamentary committee in February that the “chill is real” in the relationship. He recalled "shaking and anger" on both sides when he assumed the post late last year.

    China’s medical shipments to Canada in response to Covid-19 haven’t been the first sign of a thaw, and they follow Canadian efforts to help the Chinese respond to the virus.

    In early February, the Canadian government issued a statement announcing it was sending approximately 16 tonnes of personal protective equipment to China to help the country control the outbreak of the coronavirus.

    I wonder if they have video? No reason they couldn't.…b8XyaHSgKebOiliZlxnj4xzYk

    Trump reportedly dismissed January coronavirus warnings from Health Secretary Alex Azar as 'alarmist'

    Tom Porter
    13 hours ago

    Azar, TrumpSecretary of Health and Human Services Alex Azar listens as President Donald Trump talks to reporters during a signing of a spending bill to combat the Coronavirus, at the White House, Friday, March 6, 2020, in Washington.

    AP Photo/Evan Vucci

    President Donald Trump dismissed as "alarmist" warnings back in January from Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar about the threat posed by the novel coronavirus, reported The Washington Post Saturday. 

    In an investigation into the series of wasted opportunities in government agencies and the Trump administration to mitigate the impact of the outbreak, the Post reported that Azar called Trump back on January 18 while the president was staying at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida to brief him about the disease.

    According to the report, the president cut Azar off before he could begin to renew criticism of him over a botched federal vaping ban.

    At the time, the virus was rapidly spreading in China but Trump's attention was fixed on the ongoing impeachment trial being conducted in the US Senate.

    It was on January 18 that the US introduced screening procedures for people travelling from China who showed signs of the illness.

    The health secretary, who was involved in the federal government's response to 9/11 and the 2002 SARS outbreak, told several associates that the president believed his warnings were "alarmist," and asked one confidante for advice as he struggled to get the president to focus on the issue.

    Some officials told the Post that in retrospect Azar could've been more forceful in stressing the urgency of the threat facing the US.

    The HHS declined to comment.

    In a statement to the Post, White House spokesman Judson Deere said: "While the media would rather speculate about outrageous claims of palace intrigue, President Trump and this Administration remain completely focused on the health and safety of the American people with around the clock work to slow the spread of the virus, expand testing, and expedite vaccine development."

    The US now has more than 200,000 recorded cases, the highest number in the world, and hospitals are struggling to obtain crucial equipment to treat victims and protect front-line health workers from infection.

    At this point, how many of them will have the extra coin to buy a beater? Even if they did, none of them will have anywhere to park said beater. These are people who live in areas where they have to pay an extra hundred bucks a month for a parking spot and in order to get a spot they have to go on a waiting list.

    Not everyone is going to be fortunate enough to do what you are doing.

    Why are you shitting on MNN here? He's making a living, helping people, not depending on your tax dollars.

    Why is this a problem?

    It's like I'm reading a prayer :laughing

    simply not true. Not even close to true.

    which part?

    The part where people cash out their 401k's to pay the mortgage, medical bills, etc. when they lose their job? It happens every day, even in 'good' times.

    Or the part where people with more money buy up those stocks... because that's how stock markets work.

    Which part of that isn't true?

    Well you're quoting a core believing leftist. The kind that rejoices in the misery of the peasantry.

    Lockstep lemming true believing walking plague as they all are.

    Calm down Storch. A man your age should be mindful of getting too worked up. You won't find it on Breitbart or the like, but the Fed and Goldman Sachs have some opinions on what's going down:…nomy-will-boom-again.html…tatus/1244869793653678080

    Now I'm not predicting perpetual gloom and doom. There will be a recovery, and it may be quick... but there's going to be some serious turmoil before that happens.

    Odds are that you and I will be fine. But millions won't be.

    The stock market is the biggest shell game in history. I would rather play poker than invest in it.

    I don't entirely disagree with you.

    But millions upon millions of Americans have been forced into that casino if they want to have any retirement at all. That was Republicans' doing. Whether or not *you* have money in the market, you're gonna be affected when it crashes.

    And IMO we haven't seen the crash yet. There's a lot of shit in motion right now that hasn't really hit people yet. That $1200 check that Trumpers were *screaming* for? It might delay the inevitable for a couple weeks. But we've just had 6 or 7 MILLION Americans laid off.

    If that continues to snowball, we're all in for some serious economic pain. I'm sure you've seen the projections for unemployment numbers.

    If the smart got richer what happened to the cuntbecile?

    He thinks he's smart.

    Been smart enough to get by pretty well so far. But in times like these it's honestly a roll of the dice.

    You may not remember it... maybe you don't run in crowds where people have 401k's. But I remember... a LOT of people sold close to the bottom in 2008. And then missed the recovery when people with money bought those stocks at bargain-basement prices.

    Our system is *designed* to milk the vulnerable for every penny. We all come up with our own ways to avoid that built-in feature of our system. Some are more successful than others.

    I always try to keep in mind that for every problem under the sun... there exists a simple solution that won't work :laughing