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    Anyone recall above ground testing?

    Yup and it was a controlled setting,not exactly like the debris that would be tossed around from a city like Moscow or NYC.

    But like I said,I'm used to cold and we have plenty of deep holes to hide out in and polar bears to keep us warm.

    OK all you need to test the theory is to toss a few nukes around,I'm not opposed to a glass parking lot in the middle east,just take the whole thing out.

    But then I'm acclimatized to cold weather.:seriouslee

    Na. None of that. Those are the same statisticians that said I'd be swimming now.

    Maybe but this little blowup called Krakatoa caused a year long winter and that was just some tiny island that kicked dirt into someones face.

    Done. I'm already working on the long side. Just waiting on the calls to become reasonably cheaper. We're keeping ten shorts that I don't care if we lose.

    Good for you! We got hurt because I wouldnt let my banker take us out of Canuk banks,it's only a short term hurt and not really a real hurt as we;re still way ahead and it only cut into profits. We both have a few years before we reach that magic number and need to cash out/move stuff around and when I do turn 65 I get a huge balloon payment that will more than cover all the profit lost in this situation.

    We both have tax free savings accounts and we're thinking of taking some of it and likely going into housing,if the prices do as I expect. I also think luxury cars are gonna flood the market soon and it may be time to get a new to me car.

    It's slowing again now. A state sponsored attack on our comm infrastructure is an act of war. Especially in a time like this.

    Well rusty,go nuke the damn dirty russians,you're all for a good nuking so get to it. It might just solve the virus problem too! Sort of like 2 birds with one stone,or nuke as the case may be.

    KGB,NSA TSA,FBI,CIA,etc. etc. They're the bomb I tell you,the bomb!

    Watch it slow now........:tremble

    Wrag,if thats what you want for your country,do something about it and dont bitch to me about it. My country has different rights and laws and in my country it's noneofmybusiness what others do or dont do so long as it doesnt affect me,quite simple.

    If you think things should be different,fine it's a free world but do give me that goody good bullshit.

    When you were gunning from a door,did you shoot at people? Maybe kill a few? How is that any different,cause you were at war..... ? You see I dont care if you did or didnt,same as I dont care if someone want to abort a baby or not,it's not my decision and not my problem. And if you dont want to pay for it,then dont! Make a sign and go protest all the baby killers. Ya you remember that term dont you?

    Sometime it doesnt make sense to me,you want your guns,to kill if needed,it's your right so you say,but if someone wants to abort,to kill they dont have the right? And what about rape or child abuse,does the woman have to carry that burden because "YOU" dont like the idea of someone having control over their body.

    You cant have it both ways,but I get it do as I say and not as I do,thats the christian way. I know I was raised and schooled in that hypocrisy.


    If you can find an old treadle sewing machine that might do the trick. I've used those "chissels" before I found the wheel easier to use,it's basically a pizza cutter with a toothed wheel and ya you still need to punch the holes but they are nice and even.

    Still your stitching has improved and will only get better with practice.

    I have an uncle who did shoe designs,back in the 70's it was cool to patch your jeans to get that "hippy" look so I would get all sorts of leather samples and make patches out of them. I used braided fishing line to sew them up. Only problem was you couldnt wash the jeans as the water would shrink the leather and it would tear up the jeans.

    It's noneofmybusiness what anyone else does! Unless it affects me I dont care what others do,simple as that.

    If it bothers you then instead of bitching about it do something about it,thats your choice or not.

    Removing a child from the womb before it is matured is an act of violence.

    Ya and who said anything about that? I get it some of you are against abortion,cool now shut up and keep it to yourself. It's none of your or my business what someone else does or doesnt do,are you paying for it? And dont hand me anything about taxpayers money shit,exactly how much would it cost you,2 cents,if you get upset about that well call your .gov and give them shit over it.....Cause I dont care.:seriouslee

    A bow needs wood that has 2 properties,flex and compression thats why yew is so treasured and osage orange as well.Oak is ok for some flex but it withstands compression well. Thats the reason I backed the bow with paper,so if it breaks under flex I wont get splinters in the face. It's also why I want to lower the draw weight to around 50/60#,the limbs are long enough that it shouldnt explode but every wooden bow is just one draw away from breaking.

    Traditionally,my people made bows from ironwood,maple and ash,some were made from mulberry and some were made with a combination of woods. One unusual design is the penobscot bow,it's short but powerful do to it's design.

    2 different woods were used,one for flex the other for compression.

    If I cared the third trimester is when a baby can be viable,so remove it from the womb and it can live. That would be why there are some rules in place to protect both the doc and the mom/father. However if you want or need to abort it can be done and it doesnt matter what anyone else thinks as it's noneofyabusiness.

    Spaz you can spin it however the fuck you want...... I dont care.:dismissed

    I laminated 1/4 in oak boards together,IIRC I used 4 for the overall length and then stacked another 4 or 5 at the handle area,then broke out some hand tools and went to work removing what wasnt needed. A couple hand saws,chisels, planes and a spoke shave. Then I used some files and rasps and even a couple carving knives.

    I suppose I could have used a belt sander and jigsaw to speed things up but I wanted to make it without any power tools. I did cheat and used a work mate and wood vice but I did that so I wouldnt cut myself and to clamp the wood while the glue dried.

    You can make a form and use real thin strips of wood,like 16th and laminate a re-curve bow,you can even fiberglass it if thats what you want. I've seen a homemade form that uses a bicycle tube that you inflate to keep pressure on the laminations while it dries.

    Hopefully when things calm down I can get a nice ironwood tree off a friend,I hope to start another selfbow,this time a real long one like 6 ft or so.