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    Secret decoder ring not needed.

    Not my fault you fucks are too stupid to make coin,I earned everything I've gotten so far. I went without a bunch of shit I didnt really need to be in the position I'm in.And I know you fucks will be real upset once I get my inheritance in a month or 2.

    Ahhh poor spaz is upset about something yet again. You play it like you care about the little guy but in reality it's all about you. You like to call me selfish but you have no idea,doesnt surprise me though as you're a small minded fool.

    I bet I'm way more charitable than you are,hows that house for the kids coming??

    We are on a month long lock down,ya it can be inconvenient like I cant get a hair cut but I havent been to the barber in 20 years. All the important stuff is still open though,you can get your beer and all the weed shops are open as are the grocery stores and you can even order and get curbside pickup from hardware and lumber stores..

    I get it though they are infringing on my right to spend like an idiot,but hey cant I shop on amazon from home,in the wee hours of the morning?

    In welding class they showed a video of a guy that worked in the filling plant spinning 4 tanks at once. One in each hand and 1 inside each elbow. Crazy shit.

    Ya back in the good old days when you werent a real man unless you really fucked yourself up.

    And people scoffed at me when I said meatbombs were a thing of the past and drones would be the new chairforce! There's almost no limit to the G's they can pull,certainly well beyond what any human could endure,F35's hahahaha a few billion dollars wasted on paper weights.

    My buddy that runs a construction crew (mostly pole barns, concrete and moderate renovation) is booked into next year. And he's turning business away left and right because he can't find any help and he pays very well.

    Yup,have a few friends in the same position,but that says more about the people who dont want to work than any payments .gov gives. Lazy is as lazy does. Hey maybe I can start a Ubube channel and make it rich.

    I say how about you get off your ass and make it that way. I'm fortunate that I dont need to make any more coin,I'm in a position that my coin works for me and not the other way around,I do have to thank my wife for that otherwise I'd still be putting in kitchens and working 60+hours a week still.

    I heard some wannabe kardashian made like a million bucks in 6 hours on some website,you know the type that you sit back and watch some chick diddle herself while you do the same....I just dont fucking get that. But hey it's legal cause she just turned 18 a few weeks ago....fucking pedo pervs.

    You know how we move them in the shop right? Spinning them with your foot while letting the cap rotate in your hand. We used to have to spin them about 150ft from storage to our welding area. My uncle dropped an empty one in the middle of the shop once. Everyone was ducking.

    Ya I've seen that done a million times,personally I would use a cart but thats just me. Spinning them is a compensation case just looking for a victim.

    Even a so-called MT one can do it's own thing if the valve cracks!

    But your little gif did make me laugh at the memory.......:thumbsup

    This is the truth the media won't talk about.

    I know that if I wanted to I could get about 3 or 4 jobs just around my neighborhood. So many people are renovating,putting in pools and hot tubs,decks,new fencing and that doesnt even cover all the inside work.

    Just a few weeks ago I bought about a grands worth of sticks and put in new baseboards in a couple of rooms that we replaced the floors with new hardwood. Fucking prices on softwood are through the roof!

    Russia testing it's advanced ICBM propulsion design.

    I saw an O2 tank go off like that,some idiot moved a full tank without the safety cap on,supposedly he thought it was empty. It didnt go in a straight line like your little gif,mostly spun around in circles but it did manage to hit a loading door and put a large dent in the lower panel.

    I just jumped into a block walled room where they stored all the explosive shit,figured it was the safest place to be.:tremble

    LOL range...... Like about as far as a team of horses can go without a rest! Or are you talking about the mostly nonexistent roads? Cars and trucks were used mostly in cities and some towns so if you could get 20 miles range you were good,it's not like there were gas stations on every corner like today. Trolley cars were either horse powered or electric.

    In fact the first "car" ever built was an electric french "car" more like a buggy with an electric motor put into it.This was like about 20 years before Benz built his petrol powered 3 wheeler.

    What made the Owens special was the electric tranny/break.