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    I always thought it was the military stuff. I clearly remember posting something like 'it's like watching my parents argue' when you two were going at it.

    I just thought we were having an intense argument. I never got personal and I was just getting as nasty as he was with me. I'd never think that we were not still friends though.

    He could have said something if he felt I was going too far with anything and I would have apologized that he was such a girl.

    Actually the timing kinda bothered me. I was running a troll at the time about my neighbor using a treble hook to catch coyotes about the time he left, had murderface foaming at the mouth over it. To be clear, we did no such thing, we took down 3 with his 22-250. I've often wondered if he thought I was serious. I saw him return to HTC boards a few months back. Replied to something he said but never saw a response.


    I do wonder why Toad just up and left. I even saw his buddy in AH several months ago and asked about Toad, but he just said Toad was fine.

    I don't know if he knew I was joking about being a traitor by joining in on the government's side by being in the military, but I totally was and I was having fun with that.…ty-in-babysitter-sex-case


    MERRILL (WAOW) - A 52-year-old father accused of having sex with the 15-year-old babysitter of his four children pleaded guilty to one felony Wednesday, according to online Lincoln County court records.

    In a plea bargain, Steven E. Bailey of Rhinelander was convicted of second-degree sexual assault of a child and two other counts were dismissed for the July 30, 2015, incident at his former home in Tomahawk, court records said. He is to be sentenced July 25.

    The girl told investigators she had babysat for Bailey and his wife for about a week before the father helped her take off her clothes in a basement bedroom and had sex with her, according to the criminal complaint.

    The girl said the family's two sons were upstairs at the time while two daughters were with their mother at Wal-Mart, the complaint said.

    "Steven told her she could take a shower. She took a shower at Steven's residence and then left a short time later," the complaint said.

    The next day, while the distraught girl was with police detailing her allegations, she received two text messages from Bailey, asking why she didn't come to the home to babysit at 2 p.m. and if she could babysit that night "while he and his wife went out to dinner and movie," the complaint said.

    Shortly after the last message, police arrived at Bailey's home with a search warrant and he was arrested, investigators said.

    The girl told investigators that she had shared "some things had had happened in her past" with Bailey and when she went to his home July 30 she thought it was to watch his children "and it ended up being something different," the complaint said.

    The girl said that in the basement bedroom "she did not know what was going on at the time and she was not thinking straight," the complaint said. "She said she did not really want to do what she did."

    Steve is in prison right now in Wisconsin.

    He never mentioned one thing about any of this to me and my brother just texted me last night to tell me.…-for-sex-with-babysitter/

    Man Gets One Year in Jail for Sex with Babysitter

    Tuesday, July 25, 2017 3:31 p.m. CDT

    A mugshot of Steven Bailey from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department

    A mugshot of Steven Bailey from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department

    RHINELANDER, WI (WSAU-WAOW) -- A man convicted of having sex with the teen who was babysitting for him was sentenced on Tuesday.

    54-year-old Steven Bailey of Rhinelander was sentenced to one year in jail and 15 years probation. He pled guilty to second-degree sexual assault of a child after having sex with the 15-year-old babysitter in 2015 at his former home in Tomahawk.

    Bailey and his wife testified on his behalf at the sentencing on Tuesday. The teenaged victim was not present.

    Bailey's sentence is set to begin on July 31st. He is allowed to be released to work during his year in jail.

    Should it be it's own forum below the gun forum, of a sub forum like it is now? The only difference is the way it displays.

    As a sub forum, like it is now, it will display on top of the gun forum but you need to be in the gun forum to see it. mostly.

    The Avatar settings are weird though. 128x128 minimum (not maximum), but max at 1 megabyte. I had to scrounge to get one that actually worked. I'll have to cook up one of my classics so it'll pass muster.

    Well, you just need one that's at least 128x128 in physical size.

    The reason I set the file size to 1 MB is so people can use animated gifs. Some of those can be large.

    Looks like shit. The title bar needs to be dressed up. The old look with iconic images was good.

    Also, all Shitbags members should have different status than "Beginner".

    Also, don't be an illiterate dumbass, it's embarrassing. In the rules, "Cite" not "Site", and "NSFW" not "NSW". Get it right or go home.

    haha! Thanks.

    You can put whatever title you want under your name. Just go to your profile and change it.