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    Thank you for all the kind words and thoughts, Mike. I know you really mean all of what you say. I appreciate it very much. I really love that you, and the rest of you guys and gal, know me well enough to joke with me about it, because that's really great fro me too. I love that. I love that you guys are just treating me the same.

    The one thing that people have told me if that they can tell I'm way happier. That's another one of those things that I can't get my head around though, because I never considered myself to be an unhappy person. But everyone that knows me has pretty much told me the same things.

    I really am very happy though. I feel content and at peace with myself.

    I'm also not stupid and I know that none of this is "normal" behavior. I know that I'm not really a woman, but looking like one and living like one is good enough for me. I don't have any delusions about anything and I certainly don't expect anyone to just pretend that it's just all normal.

    One thing I really had trouble with was using the ladies restroom. I would never think about doing that and I'd rather piss my pants than make anyone feel uncomfortable by me going in there. Luckily for me, I ended up passing no problem - 100% of the time. I was even half going out as a guy still and was automatically directly to the woman's dressing room (and restroom) when shopping - and I purposely was keeping the clothes I had with me folded up so no one could tell what they were. So that all made me feel very relieved. I mean, there's just no way I could try to go into a men's room.

    To make double sure, I even recently went up to the counter at JC Penny's and asked were the restroom was. The guy didn't blink an eye and said "the ladies room is up the escalator and to the left"

    BY the way, I'm still in bed txmom. Lazy day today.

    txmom , you should re sign up at ICOM. I think you really got a totally wrong impression of it. We can exchange tips there! There's an upgraded member area too that I'm giving all you guys.

    I was really proud to have you there and I thought you would be great there. I understand if it's not your thing though, but those girls are tough and they're not anything like any pussy hat wearers. LOL. No feminists at all.

    One thing she pointed out was totally obvious. I've never had a girlfriend, but I'm not gay. She knew I was not gay. It's really strange to me, but now I'm out trying to meet chicks. So maybe now I would be considered to be one of the gays. LOL.

    But something has been unlocked within my deep subconscious and now I able to even think about stuff like that.

    what do you use on your skin?


    Well a lot of people comment and tell me I have nice skin... and one of my friends even took pictures of me and she said it glows, lol. It's just the hormones. I only keep it clean, but I don't use soap. I use a cleanser. I can go see what it is and tell you if you want.

    Oh.... I totally forgot. I have a derma roller I've used once and am going to use again. Look them up... they're cheap and as effective as laser treatments. I have a .5mm and a .25mm

    She has actually been asking me since I have known her. I am usually pretty non committal but she will show stuff from facebook or some such thing I don't get those things. I told her that there were hints on here for the last year or so and she should get on here and make up her own mind. when you linked the other site.. several things all came to a head at once and I told her that maybe she should just go over to that site and read some of it.

    I am glad you talked to her... it is not that fun dancing around the subject. I realize that it is still a tough conversation to have tho.. . I have not spoken to her since you talked to her... I hope it went well... and am confident that it did.


    I was amazed that she picked up on it a long time ago. She actually laughed when she asked "so, you really don't understand how I could tell??" and when I said no, she gave that famous laugh! LOL.

    The conversation wasn't hard at all! I never expected that it would be. All of my friends and all of my family are the best people ever.

    I asked about my mom and Janice said she told her a long time ago that something was up. And here I though I was hiding everything so well. LOL. Janice said she could tell by my face and smooth skin the last time she was out here, plus my picture on Facebook. I was truly shocked that anyone could tell.... and that really amused her.

    It was a good conversation. She's such an amazing person, as you know.