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    I just wanted to add my thoughts to the idea of what Toady was saying about all the rights am enjoying, thanks to liberals.

    I feel that laws are decided by society and they're based on society's accepted norms. I've said it MANY times before. ANY law is designed to enforce a society's accepted norms . Laws are not there to ensure every single person can just do or behave how they want. You can't just go screw in public, for instance, no matter how badly you want to.

    Laws are made for the society as a whole, not for individuals.

    So if our society passes a law that say a biological male can NEVER use a woman's bathroom, so what? I don't have a god-given right to use a woman's bathroom. I don't have a right to force someone to make a gay wedding cake either.

    Now If there was a law that says I could never use a woman's bathroom, I'd feel uncomfortable as hell using a men's bathroom. I wouldn't do it. Well, I might if I REALLY had to and if that was the law. Otherwise I'd deal with the all gender bathrooms or wait . That's an inconvenience to me, but if it's for the greater good, I'm all for it. I understand the reasoning for the backlash.... and the reasons are valid. I'm realistic and sane.

    you have no idea how good that makes me feel nuke. I really love Janice and it has been somewhat painful to see this thing play out. what I tell her is all the good things you say about her but it is so cool that you guys cleared the air and can be brother and sister or .. I don't know.. i just know she loves you and both of you are going through some sorta kinda rough times. I hope u guys relationship grows. We all have our faults but Janice is a very nice person. I look forward to seeing her next week.. I am pretty much a pile of shit but I do have my good points. Janice told me at one point that she would share makeup and clothes.. She honestly does not have a mean bone in her body.


    Oh, I didn't know you were going to see her next week! Is she coming out here?
    Janice is an amazing person. We talked a long time on the phone and she had to beg to get me to shit up. LOL.

    The person who uploaded that has the USA blocked from viewing it.

    Yes, I'm a musician

    Here's a song we just released. I used an older pic

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    Hardware wise, iPhones, no matter the region, are the same. The excuse Apple gave the DoJ when asked to decrypt the San Berdoo shooter's phone was pure bullshit since there was nothing technical preventing Apple for providing the encryption keys, which they readily provided to the Chinese government.

    They only handed it to the Chinks so they could sell phones there probably. I'm glad they didn't cooperate with the US Gov., but fuck them for giving it to the yellow menace.

    As far as pushing someone's tolerance, I get it.

    I don't like it when people are dressed like drag queens or are all flamboyant or in my face with anything. I don't like loud people either. But as far as someone being gay or transgender? "They" don't bother me if they behave like normal people.

    I'm a Lyft driver and I only started last Sunday. I was super nervous about driving as a woman, but just like when I started going out to stores and the malls, my passengers have treated me completely normally... and I've instantly clicked in conversation with most of them. I've given 47 rides so far and gotten a lot of tips. I have a 4.8 out of 5 rating. It was 4.9 but I got dinged by two people because of directions. One girl got pissed off when I pulled over to where she entered the pin on the map, but it was a block away from where she wanted to go. Before I could even say anything, she said "I'll just get out here!" in a bitchy voice. lol
    I've had a couple of kind of scary dudes too, and even the black guy chatted with me and gave me a tip.

    My point is that I am pretty normal. I actually think more people engage me now , with smiles, than ever happened before.

    I just go about my life and I don't hassle people. I'm a nice, friendly person. I have a good sense of humor and I can talk with anyone from any background easily. The last thing I'd ever do is cop an attitude or get in someone's face over how I am.

    I think I'll be fine.

    I was thinking the exact same thing, Lazs. I'll bet Toady and the Goat totally expected you guys to be hostile towards me. I knew you guys wouldn't be.

    I pegged nuke for a little bitch a decade ago. Just because he/she has made it official doesn't change a thing.

    It's RP's life to live however RP wants... None of my concern.

    Best of luck to you in your thing... Just be careful out there. Seriously... it's a dangerous world for your type. I say that with your best intentions in mind.


    I think where most people like me get killed and beat up is when they try to trick guys. I'd never do that and I'd never be in a situation that would even come close to that kind of thing. I'm not noticeable just walking around out in the world, so one's going to target me just for how I look.

    I say I get to determine what's offensive and what's not when it comes to what I call myself.

    My beautiful sister in law is Eskimo too. I affectionately call her Moe sometimes. :)

    She has a lot of family in Alaska and they are very traditional and in touch with their history and culture. The nicest and most humble people you'll ever meet.