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    Thank you, Mike.

    For me, I'm not looking for any acceptance from anyone and I don't expect it. That's not why I told you guys. I told you guys because I didn't feel right sort of living a lie over here and being myself on the other forum. I also wanted everyone to know why I haven't been so involved over here for a long time. I just wanted you to know, but I was also pretty sneaky because I was hoping it would get back to my sister and I wouldn't have to tell her myself, and that's exactly what happened. Afterwards I was able to call her with the difficult part out of the way and we talked for a long time about mostly other things. I had some laughs with her about how shitty I was art hiding the way I looked too. lol.

    Today I went to my dad's shop Christmas party. Probably at least 40 people who know me, including people from other shops and even the FedEx guy. I was just being me and not one person avoided me or treated me any differently. The people who always used to give me shit sill gave me shit, and I fuicked with them all right back. I'm still me, but I'm a whole lot happier. One of the UPS guys asked my friend the other day, "didn't she used to be a guy?" but they still treat me like a female because that's what I register to people as. I'm not ugly either, so that helps.

    My point is just that I really don't care much what anyone else thinks, but that I haven't had to deal with any negatives so far. I have been pleasantly surprised at how "normal" everyone treats me though. I'm sure if I looked like a football player things would not be so smooth - and probably never would be.

    So, Razer, you're basically saying that you did whatever it took to be happy. Same here.

    It still it still doesn't change my question though just because you suffered from it. You're basically saying that someone with a mental illness..... Well, that you don't agree with it. What does that even mean?

    If your friend is a pyromaniac you don't loan him a can of gas and a book of matches.

    Maybe. Depends on what he wants to do with them.

    On the flip side, would you tell someone with clinical depression that they're a freak and that you disagree with their lifestyle? Or that you don;t agree with their depression?

    Just fucking with you, but it's kind of what you seem to be arguing.

    Yeah, it's a true compliment. You're a damn good man, there for family and friends. Yeah, we're petrified old shits but we have values- we don't disgrace ourselves by being less than the men we are. Even though we've never met I already know I can trust you because you have honor and integrity, and when we have a sleepover at Laz's living room I will put my sleeping bag next to yours. I don't wanna cuddle but holding hands as we drift off into slumberlanderland might be nice.

    But his name is Jack.


    I'll check, but I haven't changed anything in forever. The game section is public, and the two public sub forums are public. It's been that way forever. You should not be able to get into any of the threads, but you can see the thread titles.

    Could could I suggest having your nuts removed? It'll really calm you down.

    No, seriously you going to make it because you're very smart and you know how to get by. The decision you made is the right one to about not living just to work and then work some more. Fuck that that's not what life should be about. I mean we all have to eat but some people are just ridiculous in how they view their careers and the point of life itself.