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    Do do you think it could be that your tastes have just changed? I don't see any difference in those pizzas myself but how can you actually remember a taste?

    Then again I'm not a very picky eater and I will eat any kind of pizza pretty much. Little Caesars Pizza for five bucks is pretty good considering the price and I will eat that all day long

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    I really like those kind of country licks and that tone. Country music has some of the best guitar sounds.

    October 6th is not my birthday- can you change it please? It's October 14th. I had just put a check for five dollars in an envelope for you but I noticed your error so I tore it up, taking care to preserve the stamp. Eight days might not seem like much to you but that is four generations to a fruit fly.

    Fix it.

    LOL! Yeah, I'll fix it. haha!


    I read an article today that said Germany was worried because they think that now a lot of jobs and money investment is going to be transferring to the United States from Europe because of this..

    Those idiot Democrats always say that tax cuts are for the rich. They're such idiots


    people are more worried about how they themselves look/ feel and are not concerned what You think or look like.

    knowing that I am able to talk with people in high positions and power. For you, knowing this you should be able to walk around knowing that people only care about themselves and don’t care what you dress like.

    Thank you. That's pretty much what I figure.

    Sure he can...the right is not the issue. The mentality however, that's definitely debatable. I suspect abuse and self-loathing. If the mind isn't right all the physical "manipulation" in the world won't solve the underlying problems.

    you'd be incorrect. No self loathing, no abuse. not even close. I'm not going to pull my hair out trying to explain myself to anyone though, let alone some anonymous person.

    Physical pain and disability are a totally different matter. What you have is incredible willpower, both mental and physical. You don't accept defeat or just give up and feel hopeless in pretty scary situations. You're a very strong person, but like you've even said before, maybe not as tough as what everyone sees on the outside. You're a good guy, Lazs, and you really think about things past the surface. I've always liked that about you. You're honest and blunt too.

    Damn nuke.. downplay it all you want but I really can't imagine I would have the guts to do something like that. Course.. . I would make one of the worlds ugliest women so there is that....


    Well, I'm kind of past being afraid and hiding now. One of the things I used to think in order to get ready for this was that it's really not a big deal from an outside perspective. If I could step outside of myself, I'd not think it was a big deal at all.

    Ego and sense of self is an amazing inhibitor in our lives if you think about it. And fear of what people will think is all ego.

    And... I can not even imagine what it took to come out as a woman to people you have worked with for many years.


    regarding the company Christmas thing...

    I was a little nervous, but not much. I figured if I am living this way in front of strangers every day, why all of the sudden get all afraid in front of my friends? The craziest thing to me was the FedEx guy. He stopped by to get some food and I ran into him in the hall. He's the only person who had the guts to ask about the changes in me directly. He said "so, are you happy?" and we talked. He even hugged me. But everyone treated me normally.

    There a ton of kids running around. Kids are a good test for passing because they don't have any filters. Not one kid looked at me funny.

    So I was nervous, but I did it and now I have even more confidence.

    Like I keep saying, I would never have the guts to go outside as a woman if I thought I didn't look like one. I would never want to be seen as a freak, and that's pretty much what these big dudes are seen as. I feel very sorry for them.