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    My '68 3/4 ton Chebby had a 25 gallon tank behind the bench seat in the cab and a 10 gallon saddle tank under the cab on the drivers side. I used to fill both tanks and run off the saddle tank until the engine started sputtering (no fuel gauge for that tank) and then use the manual valve under the left front of the seat to switch over to the main tank. If I was quick enough the engine wouldn't actually die, it would just sputter a few times and then start running smoothly again.

    He had almost everything there to go simulator. He went heavy on the game-mode because it's a bigger draw for potential players.

    No he didn't to the first part and tell that to Eagle Dynamics for the second part. There are DCS YouTube creaters that are pushing 300,000 subscribers.

    In DCS 99% of cockpit switches are clickable (FC3 aircraft not so much). You can use an autostart/stop feature or start the aircraft yourself, and not just by hitting the "E" key. You operate/manage every one of the aircraft systems. In Warbirds, you don't just pull the trigger to fire your guns, you have to arm them first. Etc, etc, etc...

    If you haven't tried DCS you should, the game is a free download and comes with the SU-25T Frogfoot and the T-51 (trainer version of the Mustang). You can also try out any/all aircraft for two weeks every 6 months. For example, you can try the P-47D for two weeks and 6 months later do it again. They have sales often enough that you don't ever need to pay full price for any aircraft, terrain or campaign.

    Except elfie and I

    I once solo defended a base from a squad of 10-12 players(?) for several hours. I'd up in a Spit, Churri or a Ki-84 to kill fighters, then re-up in a La-Cheesy to hunt their goons. When they finally called squad night every one of them game me a <S>.

    Then there was that time in the AvA where we held off a horde for how long?

    Good times.

    I'd say that Hitech didn't learn any lesson from what happened with his changes, except that He wasn't looking for one. He was simply gimping income. And from what I heard, AH wasn't his only gig, he's got other things that bring in money, so he's not hurting enough to try to do anything with the game. It's a shame, because apart from Jane's, it was a pretty fun, and somewhat realistic, simulator-game.

    I should add this, though. Certain factions of the playerbase helped to ruin it. The play-only-to-win-the-map types mainly did that. They're the ones that helped convince hitech to make the changes, by "gaming through the loopholes", so to speak.

    Aces High was never a simulator. It was merely a game, very fun and addictive but still just a game.

    If you want a simulator, check out DCS. It has all the stuff people claimed to want on the AH forums. :)

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    I'm all for peaceful protests but these fucks are not peaceful.

    At the risk of arousing the strutting pigeon I'll say that they need to be dealt with in a violent manner.


    Fascism: a political system headed by a dictator in which the government controls business and labor and opposition is not permitted.

    The first part is a side effect of the last part.

    I want to fight the second part and in your mind that makes me a fascist. You’re a joke.

    You’re the pigeon strutting around, shitting everywhere while cooing about how wrong everyone else is.