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    I have 6 more videos beyond this one already shot, some edited and uploaded already and some not. You won't see an improvement in the sound until after those release.

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    Powder painting jigs is proving to be a bit tougher than it looks. I'm going to build a fluid bed to help paint those things evenly and with less paint. In future jig videos you'll see me using racks to hold them upright while they bake in the toaster oven, an idea and design I borrowed from another YouTuber that prevents excess paint from running down the head and "drooping". Now any excess paint runs down the shank of the hook. I'll be building my fluid bed based on another of his designs.

    Bj229r How's the Juggerbolt coming along?

    I was learning start up, taxi and takeoff procedures in the 109 this evening. Moving the 109 around on the ground is pretty challenging because the only way to steer it is to use the wheel brakes. I have the brakes mapped to a hat switch on my stick but I'm sure it would be loads better to map them to the toe brakes on rudder pedals.

    I made it off the ground once, I was really close two other times and I had some pretty spectacular crashes as well. Heck, once my 109 broke into pieces and then exploded. lol

    I'm making checklists for various tasks, like start up and how to arm the guns. My goal is to get the checklists onto the kneeboard ingame.

    Once I get the 109 done I'll do the Butcher Bird.

    Look.. if you want to? you could say that I called you my negro while you were here. It would make me sound bad but you are the one who actually said you would be my negro for chores while you were here

    I thought that was kinda funny.

    In my opinion? knowing you? you do not want that for me. You are probly sad that I choose the path I am on? is that correct?


    It is my wish that I get to see every one of you in the Afterlife but I do not believe that will be the case, there will be some who simply don't/refuse to believe and yes, that makes me sad.

    What if sincere apologies were made on both sides?

    Doran, you've likely crossed the line a few times in your posts regarding Iron.

    Lynn, you've likely crossed the line a few times in this thread alone.

    I count both of you as my friend and I'd rather not see either of you leave. I'd just as soon you both buried the hatchet and shook hands w/o trying to break the other guys hand. ;)

    elfie. thank you for your input on this. I was not trying to put you on the spot.

    You're welcome and I didn't take it that way.

    He.... and you... are saying I am going to hell because we do not believe what you believe? is that accurate?

    According to the Bible there are only two options. If you don't accept Option A, then option B applies.

    That said, I think there is a clear difference between pointing out that in order to get into Heaven you need to accept Jesus Christ as your savior and leaving it at that, and some assbag preaching to you that you're going to hell because you didn't accept Option A. The former allows me to talk about my faith to others without acting like a whole bag of dicks about it. It also let's you come to your own conclusion what the other option is and it's far better to let you realize it for yourself than for me to shove it in your face.

    So no, I'm not saying it, I'm letting you come to your own conclusion about it. (The latter part is done out of love for my "neighbor".)

    Iron has been gently chided for some of his ideas

    Gently chided? That's an understatement imo.

    The things being said about me are actually pretty vile. For sure nothing anyone would say to my face.... the things I am saying are funny FW shit that I would..............and do.... say to people in person. Ask the people who have come to my house. Maybe it comes off better in person.. no idea. Everyone has a chance to meet me.... MANY have. Do me the courtesy of having an open mind.

    What gun was I holding when I told you when my birthday is? Your response? "Nobody gives a fuck when your birthday is!'. And we all laughed. I still laugh when I think about it.

    One thing we ALL tend to forget (I'm holding up a mirror and looking in it) is that 90% of what we say doesn't come out of our mouths. That 90% is in our facial expressions, tone of voice and body language, all of which are impossible to portray via mere text. What we see here is that 10% that comes out of our mouths (or off our keyboards in this case) and that's why I use smilies/pics/gifs in my posts many times.

    I also use .gifs specifically for comedic effect many times for certain posters.

    Again, no. That is not what I said. When you do it intentionally it is lying.

    And I mean you. You changed what I said into something I did not say. that is lying.

    Technically it's gas lighting.

    Dude, you can't like the three stooges and not Abbot and Costello. Jery Lewis, yeah no thanks but A &C day be da bomb.

    Nothing but love for ya bro but I HAD to give a thumbs down on this shit.

    When I was 11 or 12 we would watch Abbott and Costello every Saturday morning like clockwork, that's all my friends and I will talk about the rest of the day

    Just when you think you know someone...

    Does Barbalicious know about this? Double serious question here.

    Now see? that was just uncalled for.


    I can't stand Jerry "I'm a fucktard" Lewis or Abbot and Costello. Even as a kid I couldn't stand any of them.

    The Three Stooges? Those guys were hilarious.

    Elfie. is there a hell? will those who do not accept jesus christ as their savior go there? Serious question. One that maybe most do not understand.


    I believe there is. I also believe that only those who have accepted Jesus Christ as their personal lord and savior will make it through the pearly gates and yes, the only other place you could go is to hell. Why do I believe these things? They are basic tenets of the Christian faith, along with forgiveness, love for your neighbor and that we are all flawed and need God in our lives to make us complete. (There are others as well.)

    Accepting Christ into your life is the step needed to become a Christian. Once I did that I started trying to live as Christ did, to follow His example and being flawed I fail daily but that doesn't stop me from asking for forgiveness and continually trying to do better.

    Another tenet of the Christian faith is that the Bible is the divinely inspired written word of God. You seem to have difficulty with folks quoting what God has said in the Bible, well, for Christians that's where we go to see what God has to say on various subjects.

    Do I struggle with my faith sometimes? I damn sure do especially when I try to reconcile how a loving, just, God can let people like my wife continually wreck other people's lives w/o consequence to themselves. I look to the Bible for my answer and the only thing I come up with is that God will never give us trials that we cannot handle. Of course I sometimes find myself wondering....but why THIS issue? And WHY me? I don't have answers for those questions but when I finally get to meet my Maker face to face I plan on asking why it was necessary for me to go through this pain.