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    And then you too can say, Bai Felicia!!

    Flip a coin. Both great attack platforms.

    The greater capability of the A-6 is derived from not needing 15kft of runway.


    The A-7 is one of the best ground attack planes we ever built, accuracy while bombing was better than the Phantom until some of the Phantoms got the ARN-101 system.

    Whatever you build, you need lots of ram on both the video card and motherboard. Your drive containing DCS should be an SSD with at least 30 gig open.

    Others can chime in with more technical details.

    I need one of these to make stuff like this. In this case, the guy that made these put the same color in both end injectors and the blue in the middle. Golfer really likes one of the colors I came up with and a white pearl tail. Currently what I do is shoot the mold with white pearl, cut the tails off and replace them in the mold and then shoot it again with his favorite color. The only real issue with that method is that the tails can and do pull off at times, baits made like that are never as durable as those made in one shot.

    The only other option is a core shot. This time things are opposite, I first shoot the mold (with the rods in place) in Golfers favorite color, cut the tails off and put the rest of the bait back in the mold. I then shoot the white pearl as the core/tail. I have 3 molds designed to do core shots, a 5.25" stick bait, my Chub Grub and a 3" Ned. This method works pretty well as far as durability goes but the "tail portion" of each bait dents almost every single time and there is really nothing you can do about it. I've shot the core/tail at 350 degrees and still had dents and you really don't want to go higher than that in temps. The reason for the dents is simple, as the plastisol cools and turns into soft plastic it shrinks and draws on the hot sprue for more material. The core is only 1/8" in diameter and it cools/solidifies to fast for the tail portion and so it dents.

    A triple injector can also be used to shoot a Rainbow Trout pattern with green on the back, pink middle and a white belly and any other 3 color variation you can think of.


    Someone is doing the A-6 too. We'll eventually need a 60's/70's Vietnam terrain.

    Who doesn't want to fly a lone A-6 mission over Hanoi?

    We have MiG-19 and MiG-21. We have the A-4 and F-5E and with the A-6, A-7 (which can double for AF and Navy) and F-8 in development they really only need the F-111, F-105 and F-4 for the U.S. and the MiG-17 for North Vietnam and they'd have a pretty nice plane set for a 60's/70's Vietnam terrain.

    You ever taste any of those you make? ;)

    Sometimes I taste the plastic to see if it has salt in it. I'm not talking about the baits, I'm talking about the big plugs that come out of the bottom of the measuring cups. Usually you can see the salt across the bottom of the plug, but not always and it's then that I taste it to see. It's probably not healthy to do that but who wants to live forever?

    A week late due to me deleting the video thinking I had uploaded it to YouTube already and repeated "false starts" in shooting it again including 3 this morning. lol

    This week's video and I shot it w/o the camera woman. She got pissed when she found out but that isn't my problem. I've suggested several times that maybe she could watch some videos on how to shoot videos but she never did. Then I get a comment on one of my videos to get rid of the camera person, when I pointed that out and asked if she'd watched any videos she got mad and stormed out of my office. Again, her anger and refusal to improve are not my problem.

    I have a few things to improve on with this method of videography, but I'll get there soon enough.