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    If you decide to take your server down, let me know so we can make arrangements to copy the world.

    Mic volume adjusted. I'm going to have to extend my ledge by raising up the ground with my hoe, or start a new ledge. I'll probably end up doing both eventually.

    I put up a kiln and a smelter tonight in addition to putting up a stockade fence around most of my base.

    I did a pair of burial chambers tonight also and they weren't bad at all. I'll do more dungeons so I can set up at least one more kiln and smelter. Made my first tin bars tonight also.

    I need to be able to make spiked stake defenses so I can put my plan to trap the trolls into action. Soon.

    I saw your base last night, pretty cool.

    Mind if I use your smelters and kilns? I'll keep them full of coal/wood.

    I finally have my main/first building up but no defenses yet. It has 8 firepits in the center for cooking lots of meat really fast.

    I'm getting around to replacing all my chests with reinforced chests. 24 slots vs only 10. The chests require 2 iron and 10 fine wood to make. I have loads of iron but have to frequently go find and chop down birch and oak for fine wood. I have an offline world I named StorageWorld with a small camp I use only for storing stuff.

    Dang, and here I am just trying to find out what I need to upgrade my workbench to level four. lol

    I haven't used any mods yet but there is one I read about that is tempting me. It's a chest that has icons on the front showing what and how much of each item is in the chest.

    Ooooooo nice!

    Like I told my grandson, don't chop down the trees within the walls of my "big house".

    I'll send you the login to my hosted server. Take what you want but don't skip too much of the game.

    I'll check it out in just a bit.

    Looks like dungeons could be a rough go solo unless the difficulty scales based on how many characters are involved.

    I'm guessing I'd show up on your server with everything in my personal inventory and I'd have to rebuild all my buildings?

    I have a full set of Troll leather now. Trolls are getting pretty easy to kill. Fire as many shots as you can while sneaking, I usually get 3 in before I have to run but the damage modifier on those first few shots is pretty awesome.


    Pay no attention to the whimsical arrow pointing to Nvidia. Greenshot is the screen capture program (apps are for mobiles) I use.

    I have no idea how to get those types of apps to work in a game.

    I just got my 3rd piece of Troll leather. Two more kills to get the cape and I'll have a full set.

    I have Tin ore now but I need to go underground to get something else, I forget what, in order to smelt it. I need a smelter too and I suppose the recipe will unlock once I get the material.