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    about nato anyway, it is far from what it's original and intended purpose now than when it was created. just one example . turkey a

    nato member can not be trusted with the f35, cause their purchase of the s400. i agree with that. my point is nat0 have no enemy anymore . but they trying to

    NATO is as much about keeping the member nations from killing each other as it is about defending against an outside threat.

    You are only a child for so long. Why do all the bitter childless lefties want to ruin that?

    It's not just the childless ones:

    Greta Thunberg to world leaders: 'How dare you – you have stolen my dreams  and my childhood' - YouTube

    They can't allow anyone, even their own children, to be happier than the self-inflicted misery they endure every day.

    It's possible I'll get a lot of custom orders from people talking to me. I always get a few saying that they're interested, but these people seemed engaged and knowledgeable.

    Looks like you had your card out on the table? I know it isn't the same, but the Mrs. likes to go to art/craft fairs and almost never purchases anything that's more than 10 bucks while she's there. But she takes cards from the people whose stuff she likes and then visits their websites when she feels like her purse is too heavy. You may not know it for a bit but guessing you'll get a few new purchases in the near future if your cards have been getting picked up.

    At any rate, don't get discouraged, you're smart enough to know it wasn't a get rich quick scheme. Keep doing it because you enjoy it.

    At my former job it was always quite the spectacle when the sirens went off, getting 200+ employees off the floor, security out of the gatehouses, and the drop lot drivers out of their trucks and crammed into the concrete-walled breakroom/storm shelter. But they did it. And when the warning was over, it was equally a spectacle trying to get everyone to get back out after their 20-45 minute forced break.

    Since you used an ice storm as an example earlier, I'm going to ask you to be very specific about what you mean by severe storm.

    Are you telling me that, three hours into an 8 or 12 hour shift, if there is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or Tornado Warning, your employer sends you all home?

    Are you telling me that, during a school day, if there is a Severe Thunderstorm Warning or Tornado Warning, your schools call up the buses and send all the kids home?

    Are you telling me that at 8am if the weather says conditions are correct that possible severe thunderstorms may develop by the afternoon (typically we call that a "watch"), that your area just shuts down and no one does anything productive that day?

    Schools and offices around here absolutely will make calls like this due to safety for expected snow/ice events, but not for rain.

    My firsthand information is living in a Tornado prone area.

    So, what's an ice storm have to do with a tornado warning?

    Yes, long track supercells get attention -- that's why warnings are issued. And when you are under a warning, you get in shelter, not your car and drive around. This shouldn't be at all controversial.

    Is it? Let people be responsible for their own safety. Holding people until the last minute is bullshit.

    There was nothing about "holding them to the last minute." They were in the middle of their shift. There were warnings earlier in the evening, through which they sheltered, and then returned to work when the warning passed. Another warning came, and they were told to go to the shelter areas in the building. All of this is standard in any severe weather scenario, in any employer, anywhere.

    "Hey, bud, severe weather on the way, you better get in your car/truck/bicycle and drive home and hope you get there before the hail/wind/tornado gets you" said no responsible manager, ever. I have never worked anywhere that told employees they should leave the premises if they received a severe weather warning. It isn't done, period. Every one of them has a shelter area where the employees are to hunker down until the severe weather is passed. That is standard procedure anywhere.

    What I hear is a lot of people looking to blame someone because it is more satisfying to blame than to understand and accept that sometimes bad things happen to good people for no reason they control.

    Exactly, telling people they're fired if they leave is bullshit. And from what I have read (and know second hand) Amazon doesn't give a rats ass about workers safety or Americans in general.

    What does Amazon have to do with the candle factory?

    Or did you just get Onioned?

    I hope they get their asses sued for this shit.

    For what, exactly? It isn't as if they had some special knowledge they were about to take a direct hit from a tornado moving at 50MPH.

    In normal circumstances, you are in more danger in your car during severe weather vs. remaining indoors. Telling the employees to stay put and not risk themselves by going to their cars and driving in a severe storm is acting in their best interests.

    Terrible that the outcome was that the building took a direct hit. Saying the managers did something wrong is just the worst form of Monday quarterbacking.

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    I like this version better.

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    I don't think the Bible mentions witches even once. Hovever, mediums, necromancers, sorcerers, and unicorns are mentioned. That's "high fantasy" stuff right there...

    Unicorns? :/

    Anyhoo, I don't seem to have a translation that actually refers to Necromancers per se. That particular Hebrew word is translated "fortune teller" in the version I use most, so my guess would be a specific form of fortune-telling by inquiring of the dead. "Witch" as iron refers to is wizard or sorcerer. Also see translations that refer to conjurers, "hath a familiar spirit" and "spirit of an oracle" in different places. Regardless of the colloquialism used, one gets the idea that dealing with magic is frowned upon to say the least.

    No, I use a twenty two inch. I was referring to the twenty six inch. Buddy has one at his camp, but it rarely gets used to capacity.

    Better to have capacity you don't need than to need capacity you don't have.

    Unless you're planning to outsource to China?

    Razer, thanks for sharing. I can see how if one already believes in Trinity that those would be supportive of that belief. But if you aren't already starting there, I'm very hard pressed to see how these are indicating they are one being. Just one example, but basically similar in all of them:

    4. Luke 3:22

    “And the Holy Spirit descended upon Him [Jesus] in bodily form like a dove, and a voice came out of heaven, “You are My [the Father’s] beloved Son, in You I am well-pleased.”

    If the Holy Spirit descended upon Jesus, it clearly must be separate from Jesus.

    If Jesus is God, who is speaking out of heaven? Someone who is not Jesus.

    A human Father and a Son are different people, are they not? Why would the terms be used any differently when relating to the spiritual realm?

    So to me, the viewpoint that these scriptures refer to three different "people" appears just as valid. When coupled with other examples, a few of which I've already provided, in my view we're back to the A vs. B logical argument, and "B" seems more correct.

    Sidenote, the way Holy Spirit is talked about often makes it sound more like a force rather than a personality. "Spirit of God" as God's power, if you will. Also consider that unlike the Father and the Son, the Holy Spirit appears to have no proper name (Father and Son being Jehovah and Jesus).

    I understand you may not agree. But I believe it is healthy for one to examine his spiritual health from time to time.

    2 Corinthians 13:5a "Keep testing whether you are in the faith; keep proving what you yourselves are."