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    Yes, stay away from Illinois.

    Rai and Jira at Lungha. Rai of Lowani. Lowani under two moons.

    Jiri of Ubaya. Ubaya of crossroads, and Lungha. Lungha, her sky gray.

    Still, if I say your belief is a fairy tale and ignorant and naive as a child... That's still a far cry from I hope you burn in hell, suffering in everlasting damnation.

    And yes that reply is kinda childish.

    I never said it was a one-way street. :)

    But I also know that after having learned for myself what is in the Bible, and deciding to do my best to live my life by it, I have never told anyone I hope they burn in hell. First off, it isn't scriptural to begin with, and second, it goes against Jesus' teachings to be kind even to your enemies.

    And yet, if I bring up faith, I get automatically lumped into the "you're going to tell me I'm going to burn in hell" train of thought, and therefore you have just sent your volley on the wrong court. :wink

    Yeah... Because saying "I don't believe in the supernatural" is on the same level of hostility as "you're gonna burn in hell..."

    Some times you guys are like fucking muslims, just saying.

    In fairness, you ridiculed "belief' by referring to it as a "fairy tail," implying one can only have belief if one is as ignorant or naive as a child. You shouldn't be overly surprised at Iron's mildly hostile return volley (referring to tennis, not gunfire).

    Likely wasn't your intent, but there it is. Perceived hostility, whether intentional or not, tends to put up barriers to communication. And this is a fairly hostile environment in general. I've always welcomed the opportunity to discuss my beliefs with anyone who is interested. But this certainly isn't a conducive environment for it. More's the pity.

    Oh, seriously. There's this BBQ place up here that does great brisket sandwiches but I bring my own horseradish since they don't have any... other guys got care packages from home that had cookies and fudge and I was like "Send me horseradish, and some ice cubes so I can chill my beer" and they sent me horseradish and baggies full of warm water.…dish-capital-of-the-worl/

    "Another fascinating fact about horseradish: Sixty to 80 percent of it is grown in Madison, St. Clair, and Monroe counties. Why? Well, it’s part nature, part culture, and part…pollution."

    It should be an ad campaign slogan:

    Pollution. It's what makes Illinois' horseradish special!

    I think there is not a hell. I think that if you don't accept God, you will just not exist anymore. I think that's hell.

    We have a winner! At least in this one respect. ;)

    The concept that a sinner is tortured forever is not scriptural, even though it is taught by most Christian religions.

    Roman's 6:23 states plainly that the wages sin pays is death. And Revelation 21:8 "But as for the cowards and those without faith and those who are disgusting in their filth and murderers and the sexually immoral and those practicing spiritism and idolaters and all the liars, their portion will be in the lake that burns with fire and sulfur. This means the second death." When something is burned, it is utterly destroyed. Thus the burning in the lake of fire, as it states very plainly, is the second death, eternal destruction . . . not eternal torment.

    Original sin is the imperfect condition mankind inherited from Adam. Romans 5:12, "That is why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and so death spread to all men because they had all sinned." and 14 ". . .death ruled as king from Adam down to Moses, even over those who had not sinned in the same way that Adam transgressed . . ."

    And 5:19 "For just as through the disobedience of the one man many were made sinners, so also through the obedience of the one person many will be made righteous." Christ, by doing God's will, never sinning, and remaining loyal to God even when being unjustly put to death, vindicated God's creation of Mankind and proved mankind could be reconciled to God.

    First of all, it's not mentioned anywhere in the bible.

    Not true. Among others:

    Genesis 2:19: "and he began bringing them to the man to see what he would call each one; and whatever the man would call each living creature, that became its name." -- Adam chose the names, not God.

    Exodus 19:8: "After that all the people answered unanimously: “All that Jehovah has spoken, we are willing to do.”"

    Deuteronomy 30:19: "I take the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you today that I have put life and death before you, the blessing and the curse; and you must choose life so that you may live,"

    Joshua 24:15 "Now if it seems bad to you to serve Jehovah, choose for yourselves today whom you will serve . . .

    Isaiah 48:18: "If only you would pay attention to my commandments! Then your peace would become just like a river And your righteousness like the waves of the sea." Ignoring or listening is a choice.

    The Bible is replete with examples of choices people made, and whether it worked out for them or did not.

    Second, if god made Free Will™ with his magic, then he is ultimately responsible for whatever decisions that Free Will™ chooses. Because Free Will™ can only work as designed by god. In other words, Free Will™ isn't even a coherent concept.

    Of course it is a coherent concept. I give you the keys to my car so you can go to the store and buy ice cream, or cake, or any good thing. You choose to take my car to DC and run over Trump. I did not cause you to run over Trump. You chose to misuse the gift you were given. Free will itself isn't a difficult concept.

    In Genesis 1:26 when God says "Let us make Man in our own image, according to our likeness," it can not mean the physical likeness of God since God has no physical form. But rather, that is where he designated Man would have free agency. What man chose to do after that is entirely his own doing, not God's. He gave us the keys to the car.


    Escapegoat has a point in that too many "preachers" of almost every kind of religion have misused the power of religion and misrepresented God for their own power and benefit. For that, they should be rightly condemned. What Escapegoat doesn't see is that his hatred has simply made him the other side of that coin. He condemns everyone for any sort of honestly-held belief, but at the same time continues their pattern of misrepresenting God.

    God's word teaches why mankind is in the state he is in, and what the hope of the future is . . . if one has the inclination to find out. And that's where I'll leave this, because I expect nothing but more mudslinging to follow.

    Taxes have two equal purposes.. one is to raise money for vital government services (or so they say) the other is to modify the way people act either to increase the economy or to promote behavior that is beneficial to all.

    IMHO, it's a dangerous thing to allow the government to modify people's behavior beyond preventing the people from infringing on the rights of their fellow citizens. Stealing is an example of a behavior the government should try to modify. Home ownership, when and how large a family, what brand of sneaker to buy, are all personal decisions a citizen should make on their own given their means and desires.

    Otherwise, once you've ceded the government the right to influence other behaviors, then you've also ceded the decision as to what kinds of behavior to modify and to what end. Tax policy is a much a softer touch than forced indoctrination, but can be used for means just as nefarious.

    I'm with No Name on this one. Flat rate from dollar one could not be more "fair" if you are going to do it at all.