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    Cool. You have the right to bear arms. But buying/selling firearms will range from illegal to prohibitively expensive.

    Funny you bring that up. The right to keep and bear arms is Constitutionally guaranteed in this country. There's an amendment that specifically relates to it. So to fall under the same legal framework, you can propose a Constitutional amendment to guarantee this "right" . . . but right now, there isn't one. That is your strictly legal recourse if you want a one-size-fits-all approach handed down from DC. Without it, it falls under the 10th and is left to the States.

    This is a good argument. Maybe the only sincere one I've come across here, and thanks for that.

    But what you're arguing here is a de facto denial of womens' bodily autonomy.

    You're welcome, But your second comment is incorrect. A woman has and maintains autonomy over her body. She has every right to choose to either engage in a behavior that may result in pregnancy, take measures to make a pregnancy extremely unlikely, or not engage in the behavior at all.

    Restricting a practicing physician from performing a medical procedure that can cause harm has nothing to do with the woman's autonomy.

    Why not simply avoid moralistic reasoning entirely and stick with the easier to define legalistic standpoint. If a woman miscarries or does something to herself that causes her to "spontaneously abort" like throw herself down a flight of stairs, she shouldn't be held liable. Whether her body acting on its own (which happens in an appallingly large number of cases), or by harming herself, that remains in the legal realm of having dominion over one's own body. Same goes if I wish to refuse a blood transfusion or what could be a life-saving procedure of some kind. That's dominion over my body, too.

    Government can and does regulate / limit what people do to each other, even if they are "consenting." I can tell the world that I want to die, but if my wife pulls the trigger, she will absolutely be in legal trouble. I can sign a paper with my doctor asking for the fifteen pound growth on my neck be removed, and we can give it a fancy sounding name like "cranial amputation." Perhaps even convince some idiot PhD somewhere to write a paper that people who experience this procedure experience the most euphoric bliss and so it's a kindness to allow it. But it is still murder on the doctor's part if he does it as it is completely known no one survives the procedure.

    So, a government making it illegal for a doctor to perform a procedure that will result in the death of a human is perfectly sound from a legal standpoint. Whether that person is in utero or on their deathbed doesn't change that.

    2 Tim 4:3: "For there will be a period of time when they will not put up with the wholesome teaching, but according to their own desires, they will surround themselves with teachers to have their ears tickled."

    By 'free', I mean something along the lines of what MOST industrialized countries provide for their citizens. There are literally dozens of examples for you to ignore :thumbup:

    It's more along the lines of "pick your poison." US system presently allows anyone who wants to go to university to pay for it and go (debt trap that it is for many). In Germany, the state decides for you at a fairly young age that you are going to Schule or Gymnasium. It would be overstating to say that you are then absolutely locked into trade vs. university, but that's the gist. State decides you don't qualify for Gymnasium, you most likely aren't going to University. Even if you go to Gymnasium, you have the added pressure of taking the entrance exams. While in the US, if you do poorly in the SAT, ACT, whateverT, you may not qualify for some of the higher performing Universities, but if you pay your money you can usually find one somewhere to take you. Blow your entrance exams in Germany or Brazil, you don't get in. You can try somewhere else, but blow that, you also don't get in.

    So, which poison do you prefer? One where you can be locked out entirely, but you know those who go "qualify"? Or one where anyone, regardless of qualifications, can get it as long as they are willing to sacrifice enough financially for it?

    Is there a country on Earth other than ours, where people can just show the fuck up and pronounce themselves citizens?

    Apparently not the UK . . . at least, not anymore:…-draws-criticism-84075683

    Britain announced a deal with Rwanda on Thursday to send some asylum-seekers thousands of miles to the East African country — a plan it said would stop people-smugglers sending desperate migrants on treacherous journeys across the English Channel . . . .

    The plan would see some people who arrive in Britain as stowaways on trucks or in small boats picked up by the U.K. government and flown 4,000 miles (6,400 kilometers) to Rwanda, apparently for good.

    The study's authors who started the study with a per-conceived notion and then "surprisingly" found their study confirmed their per-conceived notions say that their per-conceived notions are true and undeniable despite the fact they never actually tested if their per-conceived notions were, indeed, true.

    So, interesting that they started from a viewpoint that Fox News viewers were the manipulated ones and having exposure to CNN would "cure" them.

    Gee, I wonder how things would have been different if they had started from the assumption that CNN viewers were manipulated and expose them to Fox News?

    Just a guess, but probably something like, "They processed that information. They took it in. They became more knowledgeable about what was really going on in the United States."

    But one would have to start from an unbiased position in the first place to know for sure. That isn't happening in today's world.

    This version of Moby Dick was filmed seven decades ago. The latest version, even with modern graphics, can't hold a candle to it. Superbly acted by all....and Gregory Peck was the BEST Captain Ahab to ever play the role.

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    I actually just watched it earlier this week. Followed right after with a documentary on the story of the whaler Essex and her crew.

    From a certain point of view, one could claim the crew in the Moby Dick story got off easy.

    You aim at Communism - but shoot at Russia.

    Now the masks are off. You don't want us to exist. We are a strange nuisance in Western agenda - a nation that wants to live their own way, no BLM, no LGBT, with justice, fairness as a national idea. Regardless to the colour of skin, faith and religion. When Chechen Muslims, Buryat Buddhists and Russian-Ukrainian-Belorus-etc Orthodox fight nazis. Ukraine uber alles my ass. Украина понад усе. You support your fellow-nazis.

    "Regardless of religion"?? You mean as long as they are Orthodox and contribute to your ruling party, right?

    I asked you months ago about what you thought about Russia's systematic illegal confiscation of properties owned by Jehovah's Witnesses, and you said you didn't care. So don't pretend that you have any idea what religious freedom actually means.


    "Russia remains a country where freedom of religion or belief is severely restricted. The state’s prosecution of and discrimination against religious minorities, actions that deprive believers of their basic religious rights (such as the right to practice religion freely or use their properties for religious purposes), as well as the stigmatization of religious minority believers in the media, including state-controlled media, are widespread."

    You guys are usually nice and naive, but mostly pathetically misinformed. Like young Japanese who seriously think it was USSR that dropped atomic bombs.

    Russian paranoia on full display. The kind of nonsense you tell your children so they think everyone is out to get them.

    I work for a Japanese company and so both know a few Japanese people personally and conversed with other Americans who have had far more in depth conversations with them about the topic than I. I guarantee you, the Japanese, no matter their age, are fully aware of who dropped the atomic bombs.