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    Holly fuck, creamer... you're all over the place. Business is business. Freedom of speech rules simply don't apply. That you bring them in here as if you know what you're talking about kinda highlights you don't have a fucking clue. This isn't about being able to say what you want where you want and about who you want anytime you want.

    It's about how hate speech is defined and applied. It's about how political parties can identify certain things that aren't allowed to be discussed (only agreed upon). It's about having a voice to say no in a public forum. Your insistence on absolute freedom of speech at all times is not anywhere near reality. It's not Elon that's missing the point, it's you.

    Damn MiniD... your put together thoughts like you are mixing a bowl of Jello. Try and put at least a little critical thinking skills into your posts. This isn't about worshipping someone for telling you what you want to hear. It isn't about just selecting the information that supports your own views while ignoring contrary information. You play stupid games with your brain, win stupid prizes.

    Musk not only voted for Biden, he heavily influenced a number of people to vote for Biden. It is not Elon that is missing the point. it is you MIniD.

    Feed your brain something beyond your own bias.

    I don't give a fuck how he runs his business. That's not where the 1st amendment means squat. I don't give a fuck if he fires one of his employees for criticizing him. You play stupid games and win stupid prizes.

    I care that he considers something like Twitter a town square where all voices are welcome as long as they aren't violent. I wish Facebook would do the same. If they do, it will be because Twitter showed them it wasn't suicide.

    You seem to thing it's some kind of popularity contest.

    I don’t give a fuck that you like gay porn and find your lust for Musket unquenchable. That shouldn’t be your most important aspect of the 1st amendment. Stupid is as stupid does the saying goes.

    Twatter is THUS FAR improved from what it was but as we all know things can and do change. Your statement that all voices are welcome as long as they are not violent is not true. That is what you have convinced yourself it is, but your thoughts are not in touch with reality. The truth is that some voices that are not violent are also not welcome there. I know certain people cannot handle the truth, so this is likely hard for you to digest.

    No, not about a popularity contest little-D. It is about freedom of speech and the first amendment. Don’t let your Narcissism and Ego continue to control your mind and dictate your thoughts. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

    I will give you some examples.

    Under Musket's leadership, when they lay off employees, they always ask them to sign seperation agreements including a strong non-disparagment clause with no end date. The document including not sharing any details of the work seperation with friends or co-workers.

    Muskets companies also requires signing arbitration agreements upon employment. This of course prevents them from speaking freely in court.

    Musket asks reporters to sign NDA's and show drafts (written or video) that must be altered by Musket until he approves prior to them being published. He doesn't just do interviews willy nilly as they seem like in his video above. He is fully in control and gets to alter the product until it is how he wants it to be published. He likely even gives the questions to the reporter doing the interview.

    Tesla used to require customers to sign NDA's when having their vehicles repaired. Think about that for a moment if you support free speech.

    There is more I could post, but to keep it brief, I believe Musket likes free speach. But, his mantra should be free speeech for me but not for thee. Things are not always as they seem though.

    That being said, based on what we the people see, who wouldn't want to sit down and have a few beers with the guy.

    I don't care what Elon Musk's view on gun control is. It is a view. I do care how the 1st is applied. You see, having a different opinion is different than stifling dissenting opinions.

    I 100% agree with you that having a different opinion is different than stifling dissenting opinions.

    I also care about how the 1st is applied.

    Musket's actions speak louder than his words though. Not so much Tweeker though as it is still very early, but other prior companies. I look at what decisions has he made that impact the 1st. Were they pro first or damaging to the 1st? The devil is always in the details.

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    He sure does babble. Only the last 15 seconds or so was good and he made a great point. A huge portion of the national debt is due to bailing out too big to fail banks and corporations. Trillions and Trillions. He asks why don't we make them do something for the tax payer in return for all this money they have been given for free.