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    One thing that I find odd about Natural Selection is we don't seem to find fossils that are outrageous random mistakes of evolution.

    The old adage is that Natural Selection is random changes, and that successful changes "fit" the environment better and lead to longer term survival and reproduction. If true, the fossil record should be absolutely littered with ridiculous mistakes (and it is not).

    The other side of this is that certain organisms stop evolving once they are very successful. These are known as "living fossils". I've often wondered if there's a form of cellular level intelligence that we don't comprehend - that can evaluate environment and intelligently change to fit better to it (not just luck into success).

    Good point about natural selection.

    Genetic creation and/or manipulation makes more sense. A previous period in time where science was more advanced such that they could create and manipulate biological organisms. This might explain why Africans have Ape DNA and share certain characteristics. Maybe they were part of genetic breeding program. By crossing their human DNA with Apes, they had skin that would allow them to work in agriculture out in the hot summer fields. Maybe a slave breeding program of sorts.

    Or maybe it was aliens? It is a great mystery none the less.

    You should be taking the trial a little more seriously. At its very core it is the unsubstantiated word of a woman claiming victimhood vs the substantiated claims of a man who says she's lying and she was the actual abuser. It's the wrath of the me-too movement vs reality. Can your wife end your career by simply saying something that isn't true?

    I agree 100%

    Lawyers call this this new reality job security.

    Someone couldn't make a meeting this morning and it was cancelled last minute. I meet with these 4 people in a voice or voice/video meeting for a crypto business once a week. The other 4 people are in other parts of the world. One of the guys is in France. Anyhow, I ended up having what turned out to be a long conversation with the guy from France. Normally we mostly discuss business but this morning since we were already online waiting for the meeting, we ended up talking about non business stuff. We talked briefly about the election along with politics and the economy to start. I was really interesting to get his persective on things. He also told me a bit about himself. He recently retired from the military and he lives on 10,000 Hecta acres which is about 25,000 acres. He said his grandfather said that over 100 years ago food back then cost at least 60% of people's income. So his father and him aquired lots of land over the years because you can always grow food among other things.

    He was definitely conservative and complained about Macron and the radical agenda. One interesting thing I didn't know is that Macron has been and will continue to privitize everything. Things like the Lottery, roads and railroads. He said France has really gone down hill the over the last 40 years as far as the standard of living goes. There is way more poverty and homelessness.

    Anyhow, I thought I would post this after reading the previous post in this thread which said the French have things pretty good. Maybe the grass isn't greener in France.

    Former federal prosecutors say evidence is mounting of criminal conduct by Donald Trump that may yield charges against the ex- president for obstructing an official proceeding of Congress on 6 January or defrauding the US government, stemming from his weeks-long drive with top allies to thwart Joe Biden’s election by pushing false claims of fraud. A recent court filing by the House January 6 panel implicated Trump in a “criminal conspiracy” to block Congress from certifying Biden’s win, and Trump faces legal threats from justice department investigations under way into a “false electors” ploy, and seditious conspiracy charges filed against Oath Keepers who attacked the Capitol.

    The filing stated that the panel has “a good-faith basis for concluding that the president and members of his campaign engaged in a criminal conspiracy to defraud the United States.” Federal and state investigations, including those into potential election rigging in Michigan, New Mexico, and Georgia, could gain momentum given the House panel’s allegations that Trump and his campaign engaged in a criminal conspiracy to block Biden from taking office. Some ex-prosecutors say the panel’s detailed allegations could lead to a criminal referral to the justice department that prosecutors would probably examine seriously.…ising-say-ex-prosecutors/

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    They had a shrimp fountain at the end of the movie "Castaway". When Tom Hanks was rescued and brought back to Florida I think it was, they were celebrating with all kinds of food.