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    They'll listen, alright, for some dipshit leaking operational status info that should have rightly been classified.

    His little stunt put one of our carrier battlegroups out of action, by the side of the quay.

    In addition, the Chicom Navy now knows that it's little bio-weapon "oops" is effective enough to use in the future, maybe get all of our response forces away from the south china sea altogether, so that they can make a relatively in-interrupted roll-over of Taiwan. Or South Korea.


    Democrats blew a winnable election to the race-baiting populism of Richard Nixon, the first of many election losses to come before the baby boomers finally consolidated control of the party under Bill Clinton.

    Now history is repeating itself, as Marx warned, as farce,

    That's where I quit reading. Told me everything about this article, right there.

    It's not spreading fast in rural communities because it got there later. Less time elapsed between the arrival of the virus and our current state of semi-lockdown. Rural people, being the hillbillies they are, don't understand what's going on and they will be the first to clamor to end the lockdown and get back to normal. That's gonna be a big problem for them. Unlike the cities, they haven't built any herd immunity. When the hillbillies get out and about again, the virus will spread fast. Just look at what happened in rural Georgia after that funeral a week or two ago. That's gonna happen all over.

    They don't know how fast it's spreading. They don't even know if it's ALREADY spread, and is now actually on the way out, because of the fact that testing is only being done on people that are either showing symptoms, or are in positions that have to be monitored (first responders, Hospital staff, etc.) And at the current time, they can't get the results back in a timely enough manner to actually monitor the spread. I mean c'mon, 5 days??? There was a guy here in Bakersfield that tested, on March 16th, started feeling symptoms 4 days later, and STILL didn't get his results back for 12 days. The four days before his test, he'd been to Costco. It's absurd.

    The chinese have the molecular code. They released it the fucking second they cracked it. Enough with bomb China.

    Sadly, the answer is not fish tank cleaner.

    They probably always had it, they just didn't want to get in a hurry to pass it along.

    I don't have an agenda here.

    Then why did you post this?


    Updated: A 17-year-old whose death was initially linked to the novel coronavirus despite not having any previously reported health conditions was denied treatment at a California medical facility over his lack of insurance, according to the mayor.

    That was from this link that you posted earlier.

    There are a lot of private urgent-cares opened here in the U.S. now. They are just like normal clinics, except that they are open in odd hours, and can handle more severe cases than a normal doctor's clinic. They ARE NOT hospital emergency rooms, therefore, they can turn patients away that can't pay. That kid's father should have known enough to take his kid to the actual hospital emergency room, not a private place that he didn't have coverage for.…rus/article241478371.html

    They are backtracking on that one.

    More cases than China now.

    The Chinese are releasing whatever numbers that they wish to the media.

    And the media believes them.

    The media believes the same Chinese government that disappeared the doctor from Wuhan that discovered the virus in what could have been patient zero.

    They believe the same Chinese government that was welding shut doors on apartment buildings to force tenants to stay in quarantine.

    You believe the MSM, but you align with their agenda, so being an industrial-strength dipshit comes more naturally for you. That's okay, we understand.

    Legalizing pot and selling it on the open market might...just...settle...everyone.......down.

    From what I can tell, the democratic party of the current age doesn't want calm, they want masked asshats dressed in black violently assaulting white people in the 50-85 age bracket. And they're doing so at the behest of Maxine Waters and her cohorts.

    Trump's problem may be that his VP is a hardcore anti-pot zealot.

    More likely that pot legalization fell almost completely off of the priority list due to the obstructionism and jackassery perpetrated by the left ever since his election. The farcical impeachment attempt by the dem majority in the house is, while being doomed to fail, simply a delaying tactic. President Trump is still trying to build the wall, bring jobs back, clean out illegal aliens whenever he can get cooperation, deal with an Iran that was strengthened and emboldened by his immediate predecessor, He has to clean all the agenda-driven leftists out of judicial appointments that they never even should have been considered for, let alone held, and on top of it all he has to deal with little bitch governors like Newsom or Northam that abuse states' rights by making laws that contravene the bill of rights in the constitution, and literally tax the citizenry into poverty.

    Why any dipshit right now should even consider marijuana legalization as a key issue when America could be on the brink of not only mass disturbance, but outright civil war, is asinine at the very least.

    As I understand it the National Guard are the states' own military while the U.S. military is under federal command. A state's own National Guard can be deployed in that state, but the Feds cannot... But as someone already corrected me the President can declare martial law and deploy the U.S. military, like during hurricane Katrina if my memory serves me.

    The guard units are a part of the U.S. Military, getting their funding from the pentagon. As they are embedded in individual states, they are available to governors in emergency situations (hurricane Katrina, for example) but ultimately, final authority rests with the POTUS.

    This is why you see guard units deploying overseas in places like Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Oh, it's there alright.…ney-hid-carter-page-cia-/


    The FBI’s four wiretap affidavits to a federal judge in 2016-17 deliberately hid a part of Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page’s professional life that would have revealed his patriotic role as a CIA informant instead of the bureau’s nefarious depiction, the Justice Department inspector general’s report shows.

    The 476-page history of how the FBI targeted the Trump campaign contains over a dozen instances in which the FBI violated its own rules by including inaccuracies in the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) applications or omitting exculpatory evidence.

    Perhaps none was more damaging than the actions of FBI attorney Kevin Clinesmith, whose social media posts revealed a deep dislike for President Trump.