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    So Antifapot who are you?

    So when a lefty get's his ass handed to him in an argument, he calls in friends-or makes them up, which is what I believe the case to be here.

    Aces High was never a simulator. It was merely a game, very fun and addictive but still just a game.

    If you want a simulator, check out DCS. It has all the stuff people claimed to want on the AH forums. :)

    He had almost everything there to go simulator. He went heavy on the game-mode because it's a bigger draw for potential players.

    I'd say that Hitech didn't learn any lesson from what happened with his changes, except that He wasn't looking for one. He was simply gimping income. And from what I heard, AH wasn't his only gig, he's got other things that bring in money, so he's not hurting enough to try to do anything with the game. It's a shame, because apart from Jane's, it was a pretty fun, and somewhat realistic, simulator-game.

    I should add this, though. Certain factions of the playerbase helped to ruin it. The play-only-to-win-the-map types mainly did that. They're the ones that helped convince hitech to make the changes, by "gaming through the loopholes", so to speak.

    It's quite the opposite of truth, just because the left gets a wide audience when they spew shit like this in order to undermine society and take advantage of the chaos does not make it true.

    It's true because conservatives (or conservatism, whichever way one chooses to put it) has let itself be put into the position of fighting off of the back foot, so to speak. It began when mainstream americans began making exceptions to morality. That began in the late 1950's, I'd say, when the concept of "hip" and "cool" became the driving social dogma among our youth, and led them more and more to first espouse, then reject, traditional social mores. It gained momentum during the Vietnam period, to where it's become an unstoppable avalanche today. In a sense, we're victims of our own success. I say this because the generations' born after WW II, basically the "baby boomer's" and up, haven't ever known any real hardship. Not but a few of the oldest population can remember what it was like living in the great depression, and not many more can actually really relate even the rationing, or the general urgency, to fight and win WWII. Korea and Vietnam, for all of the men that had to both serve there, and for all of those that were lost, didn't affect every household in the country directly. Vietnam came close, thanks to it's duration but It became political theatre that no conservatives were ready to host. In this, conservatism (and it's morals) lost a huge battle. And those results are snowballing downhill all the way through to today.

    I didn't know that he had any life-shortening or life-threatening health issues, but that said I'm not here often enough to catch on to any that he might have had.

    Integrity should be the cornerstone of any good man. That being said... we all need to understand that we are not only flawed but we are constantly evolving. aaaaaad that so are those around us.


    Lazs, One man's integrity can very well be seen by another as a flaw.

    Actually they already had so many handgun laws that you could not use one for defending yourself anyway. And if somehow you did? It would be worse for you than the criminal.


    Kinda like California?

    You sound ok with this, Lazs.

    In that video, what are we seeing? Was it blown up from the inside or hit on the outside?

    They stated that there is roughly a 50 meter section of the pipe that is completely removed. That's something like 160 ft. blown completely out. The edges that you see, are stress tears.

    3/4, 5/8 inch thickness pipe?

    At around 20 inches or so diameter, if it's sch. 40, pipe wall would be something like that. Don't know what their working pressure was, couldn't have been too much over 1500 psi or so.

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    I'm sorry that Americans aren't rolling over and allowing a minority of dipshits to impose their cousin-fucking, bible-thumping, billionaire-worshiping, genital-regulating bullshit on the majority who want nothing to do with it. Maybe you can get Jebus to zap the mean old Dems with his magic.

    Here's the thing; It's a simple minority that tell YOU that it's the majorities' wish. A minority that not only has no compulsion to tell YOU the truth, but apparently isn't, either.

    Biden shouldn't get much credit. I think Bidens hand was forced. I don't believe it was something the administration ever intended to do.

    This may be correct. Because...

    Bidenus Pervertus can't fuck with the Chinks too much. They have too much dirt on him.

    This. I'd wager that Bidet's handler's are truly the ones behind this move. Now, Why? This answer is conjecture, but this might be to allow the PRC's takeover of Taiwan. Or, more so, to give quasi-legitimate grounds for the Chinese to move on them, without U.S. interference or intervention.

    Do you mean working the same shift for two different companies or simply working two separate jobs on different shifts?

    I see no reason to fire someone for working a 2nd job on their own time. If they're trying to work both jobs on the same shift then I think that's a different matter altogether.

    If even on their own time, if that second job is for a competitor, and you suspect that proprietary trade secrets are involved, It's a damn good reason, especially if your employee is fucking you over.