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    I'd bang her for a twenty. Someone would need to keep those tits outta the way.

    I'd bang her for free. Those big ass titties are to die for...

    And she's naturally natural...

    Kelsey Berneray

    You can see from the OG clips from way back when (including in the OP video) that she's got a pair of bolt ons. She even got temporarily banned from YT for basically leaning her fake breasts into every video in an obvious manner.

    And you'd all strike out on trying to pick her up because you're 2 tits and a vagina away from being her ideal partner.

    As for the content, she leans into the viking BS, which works well for her, but IMO the "damascus" stuff is way overplayed. Introducing potential points of failure into your work isn't wise, and is ultimately very wasteful because you can't forge a knife into shape. You're just hammering a bar, and grinding it into shape.

    Probably not, but knowing how shitty their missiles are, they sure are playing with fire by even shooting in the general direction of a NATO country.

    Don't attribute it to mal-intent when it's much more likely that it was incompetence.

    The constellations have changed.

    It's the difference between skin and structure.

    Russians have soldiers out in civilian clothes?

    I think we need to start 3D printing these planes. Print up the spars, design a reasonably generic, but powerful engine and put the whole thing together.

    Or, they manufacture intel that says the Ukes have some and pop one on themselves to make their using them more justifiable. Bang bang bang they smoke the uke army march back into and take all of Ukraine and plant a few nukes to "find" to support their story.

    No one cares about justification, but retribution. The ukrainians having nukes hidden wouldn't be justification for nuking them, but that Moscow would disappear in a flash if the russians struck first.

    Film that shit. How many btu?

    I have no idea. I was actually talking to a retired thermal engineer (forget the proper term) who designed and built industrial burners. He offered to build me a very high BTU burner for ~$800.

    And while I'm sure it would be a great one, I told him that it's a lot simpler than that. I pump the propane in, light it on fire, and then stick the metal in. When the metal's hot enough, I take it out. No idea the BTU's needed or used. And I probably built my burner for $100.

    It's raining here today. I'll probably spend the time finishing the hand polish on the brothers of the 2 knives I finished for a commission.

    A thought just occurred to me.

    It makes 100% logical sense for Russia to use a nuke. Putin's head is on the chopping block for getting all these conscripts killed. He loses very little for not doing it.

    That is, unless...

    Russia has *REAL* intel that Ukraine has a few Soviet Nukes squirreled away somewhere. In which case the russians can't use them. Or at least can't strike first.

    txmom Another spectacular video breaking down one of Netflix's biggest (recent) successes vs. one of Amazon's biggest failures, and why.

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