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    Drinking wife's Glenfiddich right now, my shitty $12 Scotch waaayyyyy outside in truck

    When I was 13 or 14 my father took me aside. He took out a bottle of scotch, and a bottle of water.

    He poured the water into one glass, and the scotch into another.

    Then he took out an earthworm. He dropped it into the water, and it wriggled around. He fished it out and then dropped it into the scotch. It convulsed, shook and died.

    He said to me, "Do you understand the lesson here?"

    I've had a few grinding belts explode on me. That's always terrifying. A loud CRACK and sometimes it smacks you in the face. And if you're grinding correctly, you're basically hugging the platten on the grinder. Thankfully the fabric often loses speed the moment it detaches from the grinder. And with the safety glasses, breathing mask, and ball cap, I've never had too much damage from it.

    Other than that, the only big problem I have is the scale coming off of the forging. Tits McGee from the other thread is a braver smith than I. The scale hurts like a MOFO when it lands on your skin. I'd not be brave enough to lean my cleavage down into the shot while hammering hot metal. Hell, a lot of smiths won't use gloves when forging, and I use a forge glove for my tong hand, and just a simple glove for my hammer hand.

    What did they do before grinders were invented?

    Basically they used manually powered circular grind stones. And before that they used whet stones to manually grind. And before that they basically used rocks on the cast bronze weapons which were easier to work.

    I watched the whole Justified series without realizing his partner was the blond kid from Euro Road Trip.

    The new season just has to have Olyphant, Carter and Goggins. It wouldn't be the same without any of those folks.

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    R or D ? Just different cars in the same gravy train. If you'll excuse the expression, alligence to the party that gets them the seat trumps duty to the country . The problem isn't the system, it's us. We keep electing the same motherfuckers who sell the power of their position to the highest bidder so they can do it all again the next time their seat is up for the next election. They count on people not knowing their name until it's time to put up the billboards and hand out bumper stckers. Then it's back to quietly loafing in luxury on someone elses money. They insulate themselves and their financiers from legal and economic stress while piling more regulation and taxes on us, the common rabble. All because we allow it , because we are to afraid to lose what little security we have. This is the greatest country in all of history, it could be so much more. Arguing the practicality of voting for a party is just a mealy mouthed excuse for cowerdice. And before you take shots at my high horse know that I am fully aware that I have been guilty on this count as the next guy. If we don't wake up soon one day we will wake up in a totaltarian state as bad as any now or before.

    2 problems with that. First is that Senators were never supposed to represent the people. Fixing that would solve a LOT of problems.

    Second is that at the founding of the republic, one US representative represented something like 65,000 people. Currently they represent 750,000 people.

    We need to TRIPLE the amount of representatives. And we need to hard code in a minimum ratio to be updated every 20 years. Say 1/300,000 people. Or 1/200,000. That'll give us 1,100 representatives, or 1650 respectively.

    So why do you do so much grinding on knives instead of forging?

    It's one of those "open secrets" about knife / sword making. If you watch forged in fire, and keep an eye on the timer, you'll see long portions of missing time as the contestants spend MOST of their first 3 hours (assuming they're not foisting a BS impossible challenge on them) at the grinder.

    But even if you watch YT vids, most of the vids is spent on grinding, polishing and fit, even then they are cutting out a lot of time on the grind.

    I could explain why in greater detail, but there's a saying: "Forge thick, grind thin."

    Jeffrey Donovan's got one note, but he plays it well.

    They've done 3 Psych Movies. I want a fucking Burn Notice movie. Or maybe a new season so many years later.

    Still my favorite TV show ever.

    Defending them means all the old warbirds that can still fly will end up piles of scrap aluminum. Fuck those guys . Too old, too much ego to be safe and allow capable people to opporate them without piling them up.

    It's unavoidable unless you stick them in a museum. Fuck that.

    So the only solution is MY solution. Build new ones. I think we can leverage 3D printing of aluminum parts to do it.

    Moral of the story, don't leave your crypto on exchanges.

    From what I understand of the FTX collapse, no one ever actually had any crypto. People gave money to FTX, and they promised to buy crypto with it. But never did.

    There are limits to the amount of Scotch that the makers can make. So sometimes when they have a banner year and have too much, they'll either offer their stuff up for other's blended scotch, or they'll sell it under an "off-brand" label no one has ever heard of.

    For YEARS Dewars was selling their extra scotch under the "Whitehorse" label. For a decent discount, too.

    You said Generations - Coolidge was THE reason the roaring 20's roared... He came damn close to paying off the national debt. That prosperity would have continued had hoover, a progressive, not 'felt guilty' about all of the success... Reagan was only 1 generation ago, Coolidge, 3.

    I just checked rather than winging it. Coolidge was 7 of the popular generations ago, taking into account someone needs to be 18+ to vote. Reagan was 4.

    If you take it literally at ~25 years, and that you need to be 18+ to vote, Reagan was ~3 generations ago. Coolidge was 5.

    Either way you cut it, I am right and you are wrong. GENERATIONS.

    Reagan didn't cause the party to lose three successive elections by running his fat stupid mouth. Good job, Tinyhands.

    But he did. At no point in Reagan's tenure did he hold BOTH houses of congress. And with the exception of 84, he didn't pick up one house for the republicans.

    Trump has ONLY divided the party between those who want success and those who want to be complacent.

    There is a SIGNIFICANT contingent of the Republican Party, you included, who'd rather be the well liked lap dogs, than the disliked accomplished. You'd rather be a Romney, who capitulates on everything that matters, but wins every election, than someone who has actual principles.