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    Actually the Celt likes the one on the left best

    Left one is 6-3/4" blade. Middle is 7.5" blade. Right is 8.5" blade.

    You buy multiple, I'll give you a discount. I had planned to play around with hamons on several of the blades. I.E. Claying the spine, and polishing it up til you can see the line between hard and soft steel.

    I don't know if it'll "show" on the left side blade. That one has a lot of nickel in it. But I want to find out anyway.

    God spun the dreidel. He created the universe. He set the rules. He gave it a mighty spin.

    It is easy to see what is Natural Law (doing things a certain way almost guarantee success, and vice versa). Only children look for planned patterns when life is set free.

    Someday the dreidel will fall.

    But it is not this day.

    storch One of the troubles with smithing this stuff out is that you need to get your hands on it to see all the faults. Or you can forge it really thick and grind it down.

    So I sent one of the pair back to be touched up at the forge so I don't lose too much grinding.

    ^Your knife plus 2 more I had forged previously.

    Upgrade, on Peacock.

    A man and his wife are attacked in the near future. She's killed, he's paralyzed. So an acquaintance / client of his offers to give him an experimental chip to bypass his severed spinal chord. But there's a problem... The computer chip begins talking to him.

    Very good! Enjoyable. Though it occasionally delves into hardcore gore seemingly out of nowhere. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it goes from 0 -> 100 -> 0 real quick.

    Here's an odd video for you:

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    Sally is my aunt. She's basically Water Skiing royalty. She got so good that she became a professional water skiier at a time when EVERYONE went boating for vacations and for fun. She was so good that she got commercials. That she was a stand-in for the water skiing Bond Girl in an actual Bond film (Octupussy, IIRC?). She even dated the king of Jordan for a while.

    Anyway, an interesting video about an arcane skill that's dying off, even when you consider wakeboarding, and kneeboarding as practically the same thing.

    That is a decent observation. Why we tolerate you. 10 lines of horseshit are worth cleaning our shoes for 1 that's rather wise.

    Anyone take you up on the spatula?

    I think I'm going to do it. But I've got a handful of commissions I've got to finish. One for Storch. One for Astro (these steel / copper billets are test pieces). And then on top of those custom knives, I've got 3 more kitchen knives to grind, and another camp knife. And heat treating it all.

    The 2 copper billets, with the tangs forged out.

    2 kitchen knives forged out.

    Lastly, built a sliding door for my forge:

    Don't look too closely. I had a plan, it was working. Then the "steel" rollers I bought turned out to NOT be steel, and I had to improvise.

    I think you should check around with different suppliers. Check with a local fab shop that does a lot of structural fabrication. Generally they tend to do water jet, plasma tables, and laser cutting. You might find that you can do a one off and see how it does.

    I have a local shop like that that I farm out the cutting of signs to. Works out great for me, keeps the costs greatly reduced.

    That's a decent idea. But I'm not talking about just regular steel. My first batch would be aimed at 15N20, a high nickel saw blade steel. One of my favorites for kitchen knives.

    Last night I eyed up getting a different steel, like maybe 4140, but a quick eyeball says the prices aren't much different. And then I'd have to deal with shipping the sheet metal, with a new waterjetting service... My current distributor would jet their own steel and then ship the much smaller pieces.

    I take a good putty knife. Cut off the handle. I take a craftsman flat slot screw driver and heat the tip. I bend that to the desired angle.

    I TIG the rig and off to the skillets.

    In widths from 3" to 6"

    And would your time and materials be worth more or less than me making something better with better materials? And would most people understand this, and / or care?

    I don't disagree with that. The kids have a different perspective, and it's a perspective that often produces libruls. Not the same kind of librul that I am, and not the same kind you'll find in the ghetto. Trust fund babies are the elite class of libruls.

    They know how good they have it compared to a lot of people. They know that they didn't do anything in particular to deserve their cushy life. They're not going to voluntarily give up their cushy life, but they're also not on board with cuntservative ideology that wants to rig everything in favor of the wealthy. They know that everything is already rigged in their favor, so they're not pushing to rig it more. They know that they aren't better than poor people, just luckier.

    I'm not saying that trust fund libruls are perfect. I can criticise them if you'd like. But I know quite a few of them, and I'm pretty sure that's how they see things.

    But you're wrong again. Modern education teaches that this "wealth" is inherently evil, and must be purged. Even to their own detriment.

    Don't confuse iron-clad lasting trust funds as the same thing as intelligence and wisdom on behalf of the trust fund babies.