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    Yup, the kukri was one of my inspirations for this knife. But I wanted something straighter, and a lot lighter. The belly / bulge of the blade is cool, but it's already getting hard to grind around. Future versions may pick up a more pure bola shape.

    Pre-heat treat grind done:


    Perhaps for you, but not for me. I watch films for the visual storytelling and spectacle. Games, TV series, and books are different media that lend themselves to telling a story in different ways.

    This film tells the story of Paul Atreides. Everything else from the novel is peripheral, and expendable unless it directly affects the story of Paul. Compromises must be made.

    Story and plot trump graphics and visuals, everytime. Good story is why the Original Trilogy of Star Wars is better than the Prequels.

    And now that I'm thinking about it more, I realize that they've set themselves up for further failure in Part 2. At some point Gurney Halleck should show back up. And when he does, he still thinks that Jessica was the traitor. So he tries to kill her. But they never had the "Who's the traitor?" subplot in the movie. Which leaves 1 of 2 options. First, Gurney doesn't show up at all in Part 2. He's dead or disappeared, which affects Children of Dune in a major way. Or they're going to have to retcon the fuck out of their failures in Part 1 with BIG exposition dumps.

    Night Teeth, on Netflix. Decently fun movie. Basically a guy's kid brother takes a shift driving his "limo" to help him out, and gets drawn into a war of vampire vs. vampire vs. hunters. Nothing fancy, definitely borrows a lot from other classic movies (like Collateral), but it's fun so it's worth a halloween watch.

    Bite, on Amazon. Not as good. A girl visiting her brother in LA gets turned into a vampire. They have one simple rule: Men can't be trusted with power, so they must never become vampires. But in the end it turns out the head chick vampire was abusing her power the whole time. With a classic Hollywood fallacy they decided to tell us this at the end, rather than show us throughout the movie. Another example of how visuals trumping story and plot always dooms a movie.

    Another incredible song that you will never hear on the radio, by a great band.

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    ?! That's their most overplayed on the radio, and worst song.

    See here for a better MCR offering:

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    There are some inconsistencies in the original book you didn't mention but this isn't one of them. The Sardaukar did invade Arrakis in the book and it was obvious who they were. Blame Herbert for that, not the screen writers. So far as word getting out, remember the book was written in '65. There was no Galactic Internet.

    One hole in the story and I think it was in the book too but Duncan Idaho said the Fremen were great fighters and they prove that against the elite Sardaukar. Yet Paul and his mother handle them as if they are amateurs.

    When was the last time you read the books? Or saw the series? Because you are way off on everything.

    The Sardaukar invaded wearing Harkonnen uniforms. It was only by fighting them man to man were they able to figure out that they weren't real harkonnens. The series showed this by revealing a hidden mark that all sardaukar have. And because the series was written by competent people, this mark comes up again LATER.

    Word would get out because of all the smugglers. Another topic ignored by Villeneuve.

    Paul and his mother never come up against Sardaukar directly. They are captured by harkonnens after being drugged. The closest they come (so far) is when Idaho fights them and dies.

    Another thing dating the book was the lack of satellites orbiting Arrakis. The excuse for that in the book was that they were expensive and the cost wasn't justified. The reality was the Harkonnens wanted privacy for their brutality. Satellites were still a new thing in '65. If it were written today no one would use expense as a justification for not deploying communication and observation satellites.

    Wrong again. There were satellites over arrakis. Even satellites that could control the weather. But the Fremen bribed the spacing guild, who ran the satellites, to keep them away from the deep desert.

    Want more examples of bad writing? Yueh's betrayal in the book and series is a big fucking deal. A BIG DEAL. Throughout the lead up the characters are given a hint that there's a traitor in their mist. A good part of the story (which IS missing from the series) is the back and forth between Jessica, Halleck, Hawat, and Idaho about not trusting each other. Multiple times (and they do cover this in the series) they clearly state that it literally can't be Yueh because of his Suk Doctor Conditioning. It is a physical impossibility for Yueh to betray them, and / or harm them. But Baron Harkonnen figures out how to flip him. It's such an aberration that many believe that Yueh was never really a Suk Doctor.

    But what do we see in the movie?

    The "handsy" family medic turns off all the shields. Why would they give the medic the ability to control any of the shields or defenses? That's just stupid.

    Now, the new movie wasn't a complete waste. Villeneuve's use of different languages and sign languages was very cool to see. It's something that the OG movie and the series never really covered.

    The current movie wisely just didn't address satellites. Or filmbooks.

    Except for the filmbook at the start of the movie, you mean.

    That stuff belongs in a (mini) series, not a film. In a film (even two) there's only time for exploring the core story/conflict of a novel, especially one with such extensive worldbuilding as Dune. Everything peripheral can only be hinted at or briefly referenced in dialog.

    I agree that I'd much prefer if Denis Villeneuve had done a Peter Jackson and made three "films" which really are three three-hour episodes of the same novel, equivalent to 9 one-hour TV episodes.

    We get two films, and they must be made like proper films: a visual spectacle.

    Like I said, we get useless, time wasting things that have no effect on the story, and cut out the important stuff.

    Example: They spent time in the beginning showing us how the fremen "walk", then show Paul and Jessica do it later, but the fremen never actually do it at any point in the movie.

    Another: They waste MINUTES with Paul wandering off to the fucking spice harvester and just sitting there in a trance, and they reveal the things he's learned to his mother in a separate scene, ***AND*** they still have the scene in the tent near the end as they are escaping, ***BUT*** don't include necessary reveals of important information. The whole thing would have been simpler, quicker, more lean and more impactful had they done it like the book / series. I would have thought that someone like you who enjoys video games would have understood that story and content trumps visuals, everytime.

    On top of that, we have shitty writing. Example: The emperor's involvement is supposed to be secret, so he sends his elite troops in their own blatantly obvious armor. Anyone with a video camera would bust this "ruse" and send the empire into civil war.

    I'm currently watching Dune, and so far I'm not impressed. Things that NEED to happen to explain the story just don't happen. And inane nonsense is inserted that has nothing to do with the story and is just wasting screen time.

    Better than the 80's film (so far), but the Mini Series is turning out to be the superior effort by a lot.

    Not really, Indian tribes have the final say regarding who they consider their tribe. I’m cool with that.

    IMO, this half-in, half-out shit with the indians isn't working. If I were President, I'd let them pick whether they were in or out. Full in gives them full private ownership of their lands to be divvied up how they see fit. Full out means we wall off their reservations because they are separate countries and can do as they want. Inside the walls.

    One of the senior pranks back in HS was that the audio-visual kids edited porn into the middle of the morning announcements. And then they locked the door on the way out of the room.

    In homeroom we could hear other teachers dive through the rooms, knocking over desks and kids to shut off the TV. However my homeroom was the "Health" teacher, so he just laughed uproariously, and let the whole thing play.

    I think they ultimately had to throw the breaker to get the thing to shut down.

    I wonder if these unofficial mods can be used in multiplayer?

    Yes, but everyone who joins the server must have it already downloaded.

    And from what I understand, Eagle can't even auto-load in good mods, like the A-4, because it means they are tacitly responsible for copyright uses. I've suggested this before because of the MP implications of trying to get everyone to download the same thing.

    Though... If someone were to make a single third party app that would keep GOOD mods auto-updated all the time, it would solve a lot of problems regarding this. Mod Digital Combat Simulator. MDCS. Only pre-approved mods created for quality and kept up to date, synced up with server mods...

    Then it would be feasible.

    Why are civilian bureaucrats given military ranks? Do they just like to cosplay in uniforms?

    I knew that theoretically the Surgeon General was an actual general, but I'd still laugh in their face if they demanded I called them general.

    Rimming an asshole and reaming an asshole are two entirely separate things...

    99% of those reality shows are 100% fake. Kinda detracts from em. I liked Pawn stars just because they put a value on things.


    That's why I can't stand to watch Forged in Fire. I *know* the contestants are set up to fail. And I can't do anything to save them from behind the TV screen.