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    That Honda is about the only regret I have. My MazdaSpeed6 was a money pit. Too heavy to track, too expensive to thrash, not nice enough to keep. Resale value on those are still garbage and you'll probably never find one that someone's son did stuff a cold air intake on and neglect.

    I still have 87 Silverado, which was my first car and my grandpa's truck. I actually put in a shop back in the states while I was living here in Japan. They Swapped in a Vortec 6000 and a 4L80E with a dakota digital dash. It's getting repainted right now. I could have bought a newer car for that...but why drive a soulless shit box when I can have a 400HP Radwood cruiser haha

    I've been thinking about getting into this. I'd have to build an external graphics card set up for my XPS, but that's not a huge deal. I reallllllllllly though they were going to get the flight modeling for the blackhawk so it could be flyable. I'd give my left nut for an HH-60G mod for this game. I've watched my friends play it, looks cool!

    What graphics cards are you guys running?

    Haha, I'm riding a 50CC yamaha Jog painted to look like a Pavehawk around base. It can do the speed limit on the flightline and thats about it haha. I miss my CB750

    Surfaced and submerged, that's funny. Yeah I'll probably duck back down into meme stream again for another few years at some point. -gg- is there anyway to get my only login back with all the posts and what not? Those probably got wiped out with all the server/forum moves huh?

    How have all you old assholes been?

    Back to the states finally! My wife and I have been living in Japan, really Okinawa, for the last 2 years. Calling this place Japan is like calling Guam America. It made use miss the states so much we are moving to New Mexico. I cant wait to drive over 100km/h and see real mountains, go camping, shoot my guns my family has been storing for me, and generally be american again.

    Whats new here? I'd be lying if I said I wasn't making a deliberate attempt not to be on this site while I was here haha. Also, I really appreciate you guys keeping my account open. Thats some good stuff. I appreciate that.

    BTW I never found excel when I went to New Zealand

    How can you possibly be 100% sure that a vote in the US is for who you think it's for? That's doubly true in a world where hacking a power grid or something is the way to go. The one downside to a free country is that it's flayed wide open for some one to exploit if they know their craft. if the people in that country aren't ready to accept that responsibility they'll get destroyed.

    By that, they'll be divided along arbitrary lines, the country weakened, then taken over. It's so easy when looked at from a homogeneous to non-" " viewpoint. God, its so easy to divide us right now it breaks my heart. I'm here so US citizens can disagree with 0 fear of reprisal against anything. why can't the population understand that? The US military exists first to annihilate any fear from a free domestic system, second to protect the sovereign land of the USA, and third to protect it's international trade holdings.

    The day the US military is levraged against citizens will be a sad one on so many levels.

    Oh and to reply to Lazs, It's never not worth it to know how bad guys have to deal with their shit...If you can fuck with that, do it. No one wants to walk into a shitter and have to contend with wiping or flushing as a zero sum game ;).

    Hey there, fellow friends. Two things. First, nothing is too expensive if it means killing something with near nuclear level force without nukes. Second, in a democracy, if a moral victory is possible no price is too high.

    As the number one economic power in the world (at the moment) you can hedge your bets. If you put things upwind now (wind-gage) while you're number one, they'll still be there if you're number three (lee-gage) to use later on. Space is great.

    -Your resident man in the machine. Have some faith that the rule of law can prevail. 20 mil solutions while we have the 20 mil to play with

    Tried to play tonight, but It only have 128 mg ofvideo mem apparently, despite having a GeFroce 960M or something. It says I only have 128 MB, but I have 4 GB per DXDIAG, but I a cant get above 15 FPS which sucks.... I dont get it, my comp has an I7, 8gb ram, and 4 gb biveo memory. WTF?

    Is Chair still around?

    I didn't get a chance to dive in the PI. I was too busy flying, teaching classes to the the PAF, and making sure our maintainers didn't drown themselves falling into the infinity pool.

    PI is a great country, but man...the poverty.

    Whats up losers, I'm back. Living in Japan like I said like...a year ago. I'm going through my Masters degree in correspondence and about to be a flight lead. Me and the Mrs are enjoying it out here, aside from the crushing work load and knee jerk reactions of overseas military leadership any time China decides to throw some shade or NK cancels a talk. We've gotten our dive certs, hit up some sweet reefs, I've been on trips to the Philippines to do military stuff, its a pretty sweet spot. Got a trip planned to New Zealand soon. Gunna go do some skiing. Is Excel still around?? I'm terrified to say this but it'd be a hoot to have a cold one with him.

    Just thought I'd say hi. I needed a bit of a distraction from the crushing workload and lack of squadron morale. Oh I've also started playing around with Linux. I put a light build on a shitty laptop I found second hand. Celeron M, 256MB ram, 64Mb ATI graphics card. I'm planning on using it to play me some Mech Warrior2, and Star Trek Armada. Oh I also downloaded Aces High III or whatever. So if yall are up lemme know.

    I'm sure that if I ever run for office someone will dig up my log in to this site...

    Dudes dumb, too. Aside from having a plastic gun. That shifter wont do anything while the car's moving. It all goes through computer logic module that goes "beep beep boop, speed above X, therefore no shift" then it flashes the light at you.