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    The problem with Obama is that his (and Hillary's) mentors should have been executed for treason and terrorism. And I'm not saying that figuratively. I mean that they actively FOUGHT against the United States Government and planted bombs to kill federal agents.

    But the government did nothing. They allowed these people to keep their necks.

    And now we're starting to get people like Hillary, Obama, and the new District Attorney for San Francisco named Chesa Boudin. When Chesa's parents were arrested for MURDER for taking part in the Weather Underground bombings, his adoptive parents became Ayers and Dohrn, ALSO convicted murderers and traitors.

    And now Chesa is saying that not only is it OK to shit in the streets of San Francisco. Go ahead and take a piss, too, while you're at it.

    I called one of the guys from his shop last night because he works on cars. My front wheel bearing is about to freeze up. Grinding pretty bad. He was really concerned about me and was bending over backward to be sweet to me. I never even mentioned my dad. He said "don't you worry about anything. I'm going to take care of it for you. " The way he was talking made me think my dad probably told all of them not to let me set foot on the property - which is something he would do.

    Javi was so nice and was so concerned . I told him I have the money to pay him, and I will, but he kept telling me he was going to do it all. It will probably cost $100 for the part and I guess he needs to have the bearing pressed on. I asked if the wheel can fall off and he said no, but it will lock up. He told me not to drive it but I have to drive it today and tomorrow. Probably 100 miles each day.

    How was it grinding? I ask because on my truck, the front left gets a grinding noise when I make a slight right. Straight is fine, big right is fine. But maybe 10-15 degrees on the wheel...

    Can’t recall. Seriously, can’t recall why. Now I’ve got to go back and watch it.


    They were never very clear on that... something about suspecting he could get information in regards to the tantalum stash. I think the leap of thinking the assassination of a US senator would somehow draw less scrutiny than his investigation is lazy writing. The notion of keeping political foes in a detainment camp was also lazy writing. There's absolutely zero reason to do this.

    Yup. That was my point. I finished episode 7 (of 8) and sat there wondering if they ever explained why it happened. Why that guy needed to be killed. And they didn't. They never gave any kind of justification.

    And after I realized that, the entire season's writing fell apart.

    Like, what does the bad guy lose if people learn the secret? (Hint: Nothing.) Why are they hounding the bad guy if (except for the reason-less bad guy stuff that he does as a reaction) the actions he's taking are perfectly legal and justified? (Imagine if Britain went to Germany and basically over threw the government because Angela Merkel was mining for gold IN Germany...) There's no reason why MOST of what happens in the show happened. It's not lazy writing. It's bad writing.

    They could have talked about the Socialist State collapsing in Venezuela. They could have translated the source material's destination of Columbia into Mexico to keep up with modern affairs. But they didn't.

    Jack Ryan Season 2 was pretty good.

    Jack Ryan season 2 was awful. Fucking awful. Some of the worst writing I've seen in ANY TV show. And before you bounce back, I can prove it. (Let's ignore how they apparently never even read the book for the moment.)

    Why was the Senator (Jack Ryan's buddy) killed? Think about it...

    Well I may have to check it out. Rouge One is definitely the best of the "new ones" so far anyway.

    Spectacle does not a good movie make. Rogue One wasn't that good of a movie. Granted, next to steaming piles of runny cat shit, a polished dog turd may look great. But on its own, next to the originals and basically any other non-star wars movie, it just wasn't that good.

    "The Spy who Dumped Me" on Amazon Prime currently. Basically about a do-nothing 30 year old who gets drawn unwittingly into her boyfriend's spygames, and brings her best friend along for the ride.

    I hadn't even heard of this one, but my sister convinced me to watch it. It's definitely more like chick humor, but it still had some great laughs.