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    "The Spy who Dumped Me" on Amazon Prime currently. Basically about a do-nothing 30 year old who gets drawn unwittingly into her boyfriend's spygames, and brings her best friend along for the ride.

    I hadn't even heard of this one, but my sister convinced me to watch it. It's definitely more like chick humor, but it still had some great laughs.

    Is Bolton the "We need to use the nukes Mr. President" from every action film ever?

    Basically. Bolton has a good knack for pushing the UN's buttons, and telling them like it is, but he was always looking for the next Korea / Vietnam / Afghanistan / Iraq / Afghanistan to start.

    Why spend the time when the cases are a waste of time.

    Oh, I agree.

    Did Remington market their guns to mental cases who aren't allowed to own guns? If no, case over and every single judge who allowed it to continue is financially responsible for the costs of allowing the case to move forward.

    The problem is that they didn't market to the perpetrator of this crime. The perpetrator was not allowed to own guns, and literally had to commit murder to even get his hands on the rifle.

    But logic and facts are anathema to liberals.

    The article is poorly written. There are two supreme courts involved here, state and US. The article does not clarify. I looked elsewhere. It is the SCOTUS that pushed it back as implied in the article.

    The biggest problem here is that the USA Supreme Court gets to choose which cases it hears. That's the largest scam in the process...

    Cities will self-destruct if their supply lines are cut. Or, just do nothing and wait.

    I once walked an acquaintance through the ENTIRE process required to put a Coca Cola in his hands. He was stunned at how large and frail the supply-chain is. Couple that with being in a large urban concrete environment that is incapable of growing a single tomato for itself...

    I really believe she is the only one that has a shot at beating Trump. Enough to be scary.

    She was an ancient and decrepit cunt that couldn't even stand up straight. What does she think an extra 4 years will do for her "figure"?

    "Fighting with my Family." It's about a family of Wrestling ultra-fans who start up a professional wrestling circuit in England, and get a tryout for their adult children with the WWE. It's a true story, and the movie was great.

    "Overlord." American Paratroopers in the invasion of Normandy are tasked with blowing up a radio tower pre-beach invasion. But they discover Nazi medical experiments beneath the tower, where the Nazi scientists are creating zombies. This one isn't a true story, but was a lot of fun to watch.

    "Anna and the Apocalypse." A musical about High Schoolers in England singing about their problems. And then the Zombie Apocalypse begins. This one isn't literally true, but it's a metaphor for the muslim invasion of England. Cute movie, but it seemed to be missing the stuff that would make it great like Shaun of the Dead.

    What policies of Trump do you disagree with? AND, what OTHER republicans running would have initiated any of them?

    Liberals / Leftists hate it when you ask for specifics. It's like duct taping a piece of kryptonite to their faces.

    Pretty sure even the American 76mm gun was outclassed by the German 88 in terms of range. Tigers could kill almost any allied tank (including Shermans) at 2000 meters or more and the Shermans endured horrendous losses as they tried to close the distance for a kill shot.

    Range, yes. But the point was that with the 76mm + 17 pounder, the Tiger 1 was no longer nigh invulnerable.

    Hell, the Tiger 1 couldn't kill the Jumbo Sherman from the front itself with the short 88...

    No but you bitch about the pollution there.

    No, we laugh about the pollution there. You wouldn't understand that because you'd sooner get a monkey to understand algebra than to find a liberal with a sense of humor.